Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 867

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Even, I dare not arbitrarily test the other party, for fear of directly causing a war here, it is not easy to end.

“Perhaps, this is also a powerful ruler?” Ye Yang speculated.

At this time, I heard the dark silhouette saying: “Will you allow new sources to form?”

The translucent white skirt woman looked at the depths of the vastly condensed area without looking away, indifferently said: “If the new Grand Dao Source is not formed, how can I wait to become the source, how to become a new avenue?”

Dark Ruler smiled: “If a new avenue is formed, I am afraid that it will be impossible for me to become the source and the new avenue.”

The woman said nothing.

Ye Yang sweated slightly on his forehead.

What dumb puzzles are these two guys playing?

It seems to be talking about a very important big secret.

Ye Yang is listening here, won’t he be killed?

Trifling an incarnation, Ye Yang is not afraid of being extinguished.

Moreover, it is not polite to say that even if there is no blessing ruled by the “solidification rule”, without the help of Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao, Ye Yang is enough to ensure that this Dark Ruler will not kill him.

The main body is the ancient palace at the beginning, and Divine Kingdom and incarnation on the other side are hidden in chaos. The rule governs Zainiu and can only kill other gods in seconds. It is useless for Ye Yang and other special existences.

Even more how, Yuan Hao will secretly protect the ancient palace, which is much stronger than before.

So, don’t be afraid to get rid of this incarnation.

When it is killed, it will be recorded and spread.

Then, the prestige that was swept out before was facing a crisis.

“Mysterious and powerful, the only chaotic creature in Yu… This kind of design, such a definition, must not collapse. It involves my promotion to the future.”

Ye Yang has a decision in mind. Once these two guys started, they would immediately take out Yuan Hao’s power, even if Yuan Hao was exposed.

At this time, near the void, Ye Yang secretly left a ray of chaos, these will form his incarnation at any time. Moreover, this trace of chaos sucks the surrounding matter and power and transforms other matter and power into chaos.

The rate of phagocytosis is only 10%, or even lower.

The rate of phagocytosis is not better than the principle of phagocytosis, but it is much higher than the conversion efficiency of many creatures.

Therefore, the growth rate is not slow.

His small movements, then Dark Ruler seemed to perceive, and a darkly silhouetted silhouette looked towards him: “Can you cover this area with chaos?”

Ye Yang has a heart.

Does Dark Ruler regard Ye Yang incarnation as the powerhouse of the same level? So there is business? Not in a hurry?

Just about to speak aloud, another woman came not far away, the whole body was translucent. However, the white rays of light are intense and not dazzling.

“Hmph, I can meet you wherever I go.” The woman stared at Dark Ruler.

“The Lord of Light, this deity came here first,” Dark Ruler said.

“The new Grand Dao Source is about to be created. Where do the masters stay unmoved? Who do masters know nothing about? The movers will all come here. Why bother to argue about this?” A god with a raging flame from far away Come around.

Ye Yang can’t recognize, is this the flame master, or is the Fire God’s mutated deity, or other masters disguised as flame masters?

“Two players can fight, but don’t completely ruin this place.” Another silhouette came.

This new silhouette is shrouded in a gray fog. At first glance, I thought it was a chaotic creature, but in fact, it was just using the stars in the universe to cover up and falsify itself.

“It seems that there are many masters gathered here.” Another voice came, and another incarnation came.

“What’s the situation?” Ye Yang thought inwardly shiver, and quickly asked Yuan Hao in the ancient palace.

“The facts are very clear, and the rules of the universe today are very clear to the rulers. The universe is already overwhelmed, and they want to be promoted to one of the new cosmic avenues, it is not easy.”

“If there is a problem with the universe, will it be difficult for them to be promoted?”

“Yes, if you want to be promoted to a avenue, not only will these laws themselves be transformed and strengthened, but also the universe will be empowered to give power to these laws, and it will be regarded as a new avenue. If the origin of the universe is dissipated and lost, promotion will be difficult. “Yuan Hao said.”

“So, are they going to take the source here?”

“Well, that’s right. With the new Grand Dao Source, melting into itself, melting into the laws they control, they must become a new cosmic avenue. But if this new Grand Dao Source rises Now, they have no time to capture and suppress refining, then the new avenue may obtain the authority to manipulate the universe and directly control everything in the universe. They want to seize and swallow the Grand Dao Source. They can’t do it. They want to be promoted to the new avenue. , Even more so.” Yuan Hao explained.

“Sounds very contradictory.” Ye Yang said.

“It’s quite contradictory. I want the Grand Dao Source here to generate and then pick the Dao Guo, but I’m worried that accidentally it will get out of control.” Yuan Hao said.

“If there is no newly created Grand Dao Source here, can the rulers here become a new cosmic avenue?”

“It’s difficult, it’s just very difficult. But if you kill other masters and force other masters to sleep. Then you can seize huge powers and interfere with the operation of the universe. You can become a new cosmic avenue. But there are shortcuts here, they are disabled to bear.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang gradually understood.

These masters want to wait for the “Grand Dao Source” to be generated here, and then quickly snatch it. Can be promoted in an instant.

However, more than one ruler has this idea. Many masters came with the same idea, and the competition must be strong.

Moreover, the masters are competing with each other, maybe it is possible to get rid of the new Grand Dao Source here, which will make them all fail. At that time, it will be very dangerous.

“You, at this time, are arguing, which is quite unfavorable. Why not seal this area of ​​suppression first?” a silhouette said.

Looking at the powerhouse. A controller suspected of a mutation rule is not like a ruler. But in terms of strength, no weaker than the rulers on the spot, there will definitely be a hole card.

“If the seal is suppressed here, the great source is in it, and we are too late to notice it immediately. And, once He was born, it was with no difficulty to break the surrounding ban. So, here is the heavy ban, right It’s good and harmless, and it’s not good for us. Where do you stand?” the god burning the flame said.

The previous deity said: “When the deity’s proposal, temporarily seal this place, then remove all obstacles around, and then unlock the seal here.”


The powerhouse noticed some taste.

“Are you going to remove other possible obstacles? It takes time for the new Grand Dao Source to congeal. Clean up other things before condensing…”

With that said, the masters of the Fa’s horoscopes turned their heads to look at the violent and disordered energy around them, huge pieces.

But at this moment, the surrounding debris, a variety of different energy, quickly gathered to form a huge ominous beast.

There are giant dragon form, tiger form, Qilin form, giant wolf form, 8-claw fish form sincerity, ape form, half-ape form, etc.

They rushed over in anger.

However, in terms of strength, most are not as good as ordinary gods. Only some ominous beasts contain some special rules, special power fragments, that’s more powerful that’s all.

Moreover, there are some “avenue afterimages” hidden in it. one after another The afterimage of Dadao is not weak.

They quickly moved towards those rulers who threw them.

A deity with a lightning in its entire body, gently snapped its fingers, and there were many ominous beasts killed and turned into fly ash.

Those residual images of the avenue, the strength is not weak, can actually forcibly rush forward, swing the claw and shoot down, Tearing the Void, causing a strong Law Power impact.

However, the rule of law is, after all, the rule of law. When they started a little, these ominous beasts were scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

In the next moment, these ruined things quickly gathered together in the sky and returned to their original state, as if they had not been destroyed at all.

In the next moment, they were destroyed again.

But in the next moment, they quickly recovered and moved towards here.


“It’s a place that is indestructible. The non-hybrid nature here is brought to the extreme, so that these things can be restored so quickly.”

The rule of the majority ruled each other and looked at each other. Many did not do it, only 2 did it. With just a slight wave, Hao Chenzhong showed Space Crack, sending these ominous beasts to the outside and into the depths of the universe.

However, the residual image of the nearby avenue could not be transported away, and was recovered after being wiped out. After a wave, the void channel was in shape, and the transported ominous beasts were transported back.

“Try to get into chaos?” The Dark Ruler suddenly said.

There was only one ominous beast shuttling through the void, which was knocked into chaos, and then the portal was closed again.

It seems that they are really affected by chaos, and they will not be sent back for the time being.

I saw the turbulent flow of energy nearby, and the fragments of the indestructible land were transported out of thin air.

Ye Yang incarnation moved a little and quickly retreated.

There will surely be a big fight here, and He is involved in it, unwise. The strength is temporarily insufficient.

Moreover, when it is really necessary to mix hands, it is not too late to start.

He is now attracted by things in chaos.

Not too far away from his territory, the Chaos Butterfly clan patrolled the close area, a large number of floating islands, pieces of land debris, and clumps of energy blocks from the vast world, floating in chaos.

But what surprised Ye Yang is that these energies and fragments are slowly gathering and closing together.

At first glance, it is because of the squeezing force brought about by the surrounding chaos that caused them to gather together.

If you look at any other deity, even if it is ruled by the law, it will be considered a natural phenomenon. After all, chaos is heavy. Here, the deities with insufficient strength will be crushed and crushed easily, or crushed flat, or crushed into each and everyone pellets.

It is normal to suppress foreign objects.

But in the eyes of Ye Yang, the masters of Chaos, something was wrong.

“These fragments, the energy from the vast world…”

Squinting, you can see some Law Fragment working.

The ridiculously shattered laws allow these substances and energies to follow certain laws of movement. It’s just that the law is very chaotic.

And those floating islands.

“It seems that there is a certain command of consciousness in the midst of meditation… Interesting, is it possible that, is Golden Cicada shelling?”

Ye Yang’s thoughts turned and asked Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao.

Yuan Hao said: “It’s unclear for the time being, but the probability is quite large. But false, as long as it’s true, that’s interesting.”

“It’s really interesting.” Ye Yang looked weird.

If these things are controlled by a consciousness, what is consciousness?

Was it the vague will? Or the true core secret of the indestructible land?

This is the place where the indestructible is reunited. Will it recreate the Grand Dao Source here?

If the new Grand Dao Source is condensed here, what is the world over there?

A fake? A bait deliberately used to attract masters?

As Ye Yang guessed this way, Ye Die also flew to the edge of this chaotic territory.

She didn’t dare to leave Ye Yang’s realm beyond the scope of chaos. She couldn’t cope with the chaotic gods outside.

On the back, two beautiful butterfly wings fluttered lightly. In addition to the close-fitting apron, there were dozens more layers of translucent chaotic gray yarn, but the dozens of layers added up like a gauze dress in a mortal palace Similarly, not at all can cover up too much. Instead, it attracts the attention of Ye Yang.

She stared at the huge pieces that were slowly gathering, and suddenly said: “There seems to be something in it.”

Ye Yang flew over, looked at it and asked, “What is there?”

“Just now I seemed to see a ray of purple light.”


Ye Yang did not see it.

Just listen to Ye Die again: “There seems to be a silhouette of a deity in the purple light.”

“Project this part of the memory, or share it with me using divine sense.” Ye Yang said anxiously.

With a wave of Ye Die’s hand, a light purple light appeared in the sky. There is a rather familiar silhouette inside.


Ye Yang remembered the Heaven and Earth consciousness of the vast world.

I saw it in the ruins of the vast world before, a translucent silhouette. Didn’t expect, I would actually see it here.

“Does this mean that the guy, who didn’t leave the vast world, just pretended to leave. Now he really left, and ran into this Chaos World? Is it really the Golden Cicada shelling trick?”

Surprised, Yuan Hao divided the incarnation in the ancient palace at the beginning of the year and secretly reminded Ye Yang: “If necessary, you can try to incorporate those fragments and energy into your chaotic territory.”

Ye Yang moved: “Is there any use?”

“Let everything be in control as much as possible… well, if there is a rule governing the situation of spying on chaos outside, not letting them spy, or simply consciously guide.”

“Well, okay… I’m just worried about the indestructible pieces here, what will happen if the new Grand Dao Source is really formed?”

“Unclear.” Yuan Hao said.

“…” Ye Yang was speechless.

“I haven’t seen this deity yet, but I guess it’s either going to be swallowed by chaos, or to control chaos in reverse, and create a new Small World, but no matter what, put this thing under control first. Let’s not let them It is outside. It cannot be taken away by other chaotic deities.”


Ye Yang is also very excited and curious.

If, in the end, those rulers find that the road remains in the vast world, what is the core of the indestructible land, what is the new Grand Dao Source, it is just fake. The core of the real world is disguised as the material and energy of the broken ruins, and they are sent away by them, and the solemn Controller still glances…what will be the expression and mood when the time comes?

“I look forward to it.” Ye Yang smirked.

He was also absolutely unexpected, mountain road twists around each new peak, things would actually have such a change.

And just when he was proud, he suddenly heard the bell ringing, seemingly ringing in Primal Chaos Abyss, but when he listened carefully, it was circulated in the universe and was deeply introduced into chaos.

“This sound seems a bit wrong?” Ye Yang frowned.

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