Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 868

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“Not good, listen to this… Primal Chaos Bell seems to be born?” Yuan Hao frowns saying.

“Primal Chaos Bell?” Ye Yang said: “A familiar name.”

“It is also known as one of the most powerful defenses of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.” Yuan Hao said.

“The strongest defense?” Ye Yang naturally remembered the ancient palace at the beginning.

“Yes, when the universe was born at the beginning of the chaos, Primal Chaos Bell’s defense strength was stronger than that of the ancient palace. In the past, the real defense of Supreme Treasure was Primal Chaos Bell, not the ancient palace. “Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang was startled: “What happened later? Why did it change?”

“In the event of a change, Primal Chaos Bell divides into ten, cuts each other, devours each other, and then is seriously injured, sleeping in the universe. However, after countless years, Primal Chaos Bell not only restores the old concept, but it is more powerful than before. .just……”

“What is it?”

“It is no longer the real Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, but the master of defense!” Yuan Hao said.

“Defense domination?” Ye Yang’s pupils contracted slightly.

“At the beginning of the universe, the ancient palace was not formed. After the universe was opened, the ancient palace was really formed, but I don’t know how to form it. And it has been staying in the chaos, becoming very strong, and the defense has been It is more powerful than Primal Chaos Bell before it was not damaged. What is more rare is that it can gather the will of all sentient beings to strengthen the defense. After an extremely long period of time, in the last space war, the ancient palace collided with Primal Chaos Bell , Slightly better than Primal Chaos Bell.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said: “So, Primal Chaos Bell has become the ruler, and in the beginning the ancient palace is still Supreme Treasure?”

Yuan Hao said: “According to the old man, the ancient palace used to have Artifact Spirit, Primal Chaos Bell is the same, but there is a little bit different. The Artifact Spirit of ancient palace wanted to transform, failed, collapsed, ancient palace became ancient It is a masterless object. The detailed process, old man is not clear.

“And the Artifact Spirit embedded in Primal Chaos Bell has successfully transformed into a ruler, and then in turn made Primal Chaos Bell into his body, which has absorbed Primal Chaos Bell in reverse. Therefore, Primal Chaos Bell has already different.”

Ye Yang said: “Is it very strong? The defensive rules dominate, or the former strongest defense is Supreme Treasure.”

“Extremely strong, and offensive and defensive integration, can release powerful sound waves, resulting in changes in Space Law and Time Law. However, after all, the Artifact Spirit inside has transformed, just like humans made Primordial Spirit and Divine Soul, which will in turn suck up. The cultivation base of the body, and that body becomes weak. The same is true with Primal Chaos Bell. Moreover, in the last space war, it was surrounded by many Divine Emperor Divine Emperor, severely damaged.” Yuan Hao said.

“Can God Emperor Level’s powerhouse hurt Primal Chaos Bell?” Ye Yang asked.

“It is suspected that there are laws governing the shot, including the ancient palace in the early days. However, it is not clear how the ancient palace was damaged in the early days. The same is true of Primal Chaos Bell. Some battles are located in chaos, or in the space-time interlayer and dimension of the universe. In the mezzanine, located in the high-dimensional high-dimensional time and space, what has happened in the end, there are still many mysteries. There are attacks by Divine Emperor and Divine Emperor, and other Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure shots, such as Duanyu Sword once hit hard I have passed Primal Chaos Bell. It is completely unclear whether there is a law secretly dominating the shot…After all, the original battle was not short in duration, the heavens were disordered, and the inner situation was complicated.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang pondered for a moment, and it became clear.

In the early days, when ancient palaces were injured and recovered, it is hard to say whether the defensive ability of today can be compared with that of Primal Chaos Bell. It may be stronger or weaker.

Supreme Treasure, the strongest defense, belonged to Primal Chaos Bell when the universe was not born before. After the universe was developed until now, it belongs to the ancient palace of the early days, but it will not change in the future, it is hard to say.

For example, Yuan Hao’s turtle shell is ridiculously powerful. It is not impossible to evolve further and become stronger than the ancient palace at the beginning.

Of course, in the beginning, the ancient palace was supported by Ye Yang, and it is still being restored and strengthened. What will change in the future, it is not easy to say, it is not easy to predict.

“Primal Chaos Bell has the law of defense. This is the law of the day after tomorrow. It should be no stronger than your law of solidification.” Ye Yang said.

Yuan Hao faintly sighed: “But there are many similarities in authority. The rules of this method of solidifying and strengthening defense, whether it is the solidification rule or the defense rule, all work together.

“And if it is publicized, the world may not necessarily focus on the law of defense.”

More importantly, he didn’t say it, Ye Yang knew it too.

If it is only the defense law, Yuan Hao is not afraid at all, and the solidification law is a congenital law. The performance is not as powerful as the “solid state” law, but it has the characteristics that the “solid state” law does not. All kinds of substances can be converted into a solid state, without Law Power. Both substances and energy in nature have such characteristics.

With the solidification law alone, the defense law is slammed. The former is far broader than the latter.

And the law of defense is extremely difficult to give birth to, and it is extremely difficult to generate consciousness. After all, it is an acquired law.

But what if the defense law dominates, Primal Chaos Bell’s Artifact Spirit?

The Artifact Spirit of Supreme Treasure of Innate Chaos Defense is transformed into the rule of defense. The strength above the rule alone is probably not weaker than Yuan Hao.

“However, Primal Chaos Bell has a shocking attribute and a powerful attack power. The integration of Artifact Spirit and the defense law is not very strong. His shocking innate talent, time and Space Power innate talent, failed to play out. Any creature and Artifact Spirit’s sky posture is limited. 100% sky posture has 15% temporal characteristics, 20% spatial characteristics, 30% shock characteristics, and only 30% 5 defensive characteristics remain.

“Innate talent can only play 30% 5. How does it compare with Artifact Spirit that other innate talents play 100% of the innate Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?

“The old man is not afraid to resist it. But after all, it is trouble. Primal Chaos Bell has many changes now, and the true state and strength have been unclear.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded.

The sudden emergence of Primal Chaos Bell may affect Yuan Hao’s road of “Proof Dao”, which may become a major obstacle.

“The source of the bell must be found.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts moved slightly, let Yuan Hao calculate, and his incarnation was also dispatched.

At the same time, in the vast world, one-bit rule ruled and turned to look deep into the universe.

Just about to be attracted, suddenly, in the depths of the vast world, a ray of purple light emerged again. A wave of Source Power waves emerged.

This Source Power is very similar to Ye Yang’s previous World Source, which has the characteristics of Inextinguishable Immortal.

But there are some very special fluctuations.

The law of the majority dominates thoughts move, without leaving, still staring at this area. But, in the universe, their other incarnations appeared. Or some mortal and divine creatures favored by the law, one after another moved towards the direction of the bell.

It’s just that the bells are loud and violent in the time and space of layers and levels, making people unable to hear from which direction they came.

Bells that can be transmitted in a vacuum, bells that can ring across space and dimensionality, bells that even the power of time can make the time of a large area of ​​the universe slightly faster or slightly slower, and sometimes let some fragile universe collapse Extinct bell.

In the universe, the galaxies in which the members of the Butterfly family are located have collapsed. A large number of butterflies have been taken away by Ye Yang’s incarnation, but many of them have been annihilated.

In the vast universe, some gods flew in the void for a while, and were suddenly swept by the bells and waves, some were safe and sound, but some were just restrained, with the body power out of control, and they burst into flames.

There are also galaxies that suddenly oscillate with countless stars, resonating with the sound of Primal Chaos Bell and buzzing all the time. Fortunately, these planets are often solid and solid, so they resonate, so there are no creatures on them. However, the turbulence of these stars, the generated gravitational waves, and the magnetic turbulence of the space-time will cause a very strong surface impact on the other habitable stars in these galaxies, and the environment will be made very bad.

The impact of Primal Chaos Bell is too great, the game player characters of countless universe adventures, the gods incarnation in countless ancient palaces, or the prophet, or the detectors created by various Divine Item builders, and There are some newly emerged Divine Crystal biological teams, all affected.

There are even some Divine Crystal creatures that are agitated, Divine Soul disintegrates, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, and the body explodes. There are also some Divine Crystal creatures whose consciousness is stimulated to quickly generate new ideas, derive spirits, and derive Divine Soul to become powerful individuals.

The entire universe, countless creatures, are searching for the source of the bells.

But weirdly, it is difficult to locate.

In the realm of the world, Ye Yang, an incarnation, retreats calmly far away, and sees that the rules of the rule are still here, and many broken boulders, giant rocks, giant mountains and energy fragments around it are still being thrown away. Ye Yang’s incarnation also gradually disappeared and was hidden.

“These guys haven’t left now. To be sure, there must be something in the depths of the vast world.

“In the chaos, there are avenue fragments, but there must still be a very small amount here to attract these rulers.”

At the same time, in the chaos, Ye Yang’s field expanded. The huge debris around, and the strange and chaotic flow of energy, were sucked into Ye Yang’s realm.

Even some translucent palaces have been sucked in.

At the beginning, when Ye Yang’s strength was not strong, he was trapped in these mazes and trapped in that strange city. Now the city that appears here is not an entity, the illusion of energy condensing, also one after another is sucked to the side of Ye Yang’s chaotic area and is blocked.

Ye Die looked at it and suddenly said: “It’s strange, these things, the fragments of the road, are a bit familiar.”

Ye Yang said: “Are you talking about this?”

A purple light emerged from the fingertips, purple with gold, translucent and hazy, exuding an obscure prestige.

“This is… the origin?” Ye Die recognized: “I have seen it in your memory.”

2 The spirit has been combined many times, and the degree of intimacy is not worse than that of some cultivation systems called Dao Companion. Although there is no real physical integration like mortals, it is generally not bad. When the mental parts are merged, the memory has been partially leaked, and all of them have spied on the other party’s memory. Therefore, Ye Die knows this thing.

“Yes, it is the origin of the vast world. Before I became a god, I had obtained in the vast world… Grand Dao Source of the vast world.

“It’s just absolutely unexpected that Grand Dao Source of the vast world is actually part of the universe’s avenue fragments…or that some of the universe’s avenue fragments are absorbed by the vast world, with the source of the universe. Branding of fragments.”

The avenue of a world on one side is different from the avenue of a universe.

A universe can have galaxies from 1000 100000000 to 10000 100000000, and a galaxy can have stars from 1000 100000000 to 10000 100000000. How does the avenue above a planet compare to the avenue of a galaxy or even the universe?

I used to think that the vast world is just a side world, the so-called vast will, the heaven and earth will of the vast world, but it is equivalent to the Gaia consciousness of a planet like Earth.

But the vast world contains many refuges in the solar system. It is not an exaggeration to regard the vast world as the existence of a Star Domain same level.

Knowing that the vast world is known as the indestructible land, that regards the vast world as the same level existence of a galaxy, and even regards the heavenly will of the vast world as the common Heaven and Earth will of a large number of galaxies composed of star clusters. idea. The origin of the indestructible land is very attractive.

It was only absolutely unexpected that this source actually contained the fragment of the universe’s avenue, or the brand of the former avenue.

“No wonder they feel very familiar.” Ye Yang muttered.

The vast world, known as the indestructible land, the universe is extinct and the vastness is immortal… Isn’t the vast world also including the characteristics of “chaos”?

The universe is not born and chaos has existed, the universe is destroyed and chaos is still there.

The indestructible land, not only has the road fragments of the universe, but also has the characteristics of chaos?

If such a guess is correct, then, Ye once obtained the origin of the vast world, then copied and merged it with his core of Divine Soul, the power of the Holy Grail and the law of destiny, and the origin of Divine Kingdom. The core of Yang’s consciousness, the origin of the group of Ye Yang… When he was promoted to God, he had the potential to control Primal Chaos Law. It also has the potential to comprehend the Avenue of the Universe. Eligible to become a mutated god or ruler in the universe.

However, the equivalent to a descendant of Divine Dragon only has 0.1% or even thinner Bloodline.

Ye Yang has the power of destiny, turning around, the chance of a little 0.1% or even 1/10000th has become 100%, and he has control of Primal Chaos Law…but at the same time he has lost the law of being a mutant god and the universe. The chance to dominate is only the chance of promotion to Primal Chaos Law.

“It’s really amazing, many things make sense.”

Ye Yang stared at the pile of wreckage in front of him, and then said to Ye Die: “You and I will work together to extract the source of these wreckages, how?”

“If you don’t do it, they will slowly condense and regenerate a new Grand Dao Source?” Ye Diedao said.

Ye Yang said: “But I don’t want to be one of the avenues in the universe, and I have no chance. It’s Chaos God.”

“If you wait until this source condenses, and if you will give Yuan Hao Senior then, can you make the law under his control more easily promoted to Cosmic Avenue?” Ye Diedao said.

Ye Yang pondered for a while: “I want to think about it.”

Should we take the initiative to extract this vast source, or wait for the power here to condense automatically to form a new Grand Dao Source and then pick the fruit?

2 Both have benefits, but all have risks. For example, waiting for the avenue fragments here to condense to form a new Grand Dao Source, it may bring a great crisis to Ye Yang. It seems to attract other powerhouses. It seems that this avenue suddenly produces consciousness. It seems that the previous consciousness may not be dead. It may be reborn through this place, etc.

But there are benefits, even if it is not given to Yuan Hao, that thing is also useful for Ye Yang.

Ye Yang hesitated and didn’t want to fully disclose the matter to Yuan Hao and asked his opinion.

Suddenly, a message came: “Found… Primal Chaos Bell appeared!!! Its whereabouts were found by the gods.”

Ye Yang reacted.

Other incarnations quickly flew to the center of the universe according to the news.

As you can see, there is also a great hall, the Fiendgod law temple that was once exploded, and now it has recovered.

A huge dark golden ancient bell, suspended above the great hall, exudes Primal Chaos Qi and other different colors, covering the entire temple of law.

And, there was a booming sound. From before to now, the eight-nine seventy two bell sounded and continued.

“This stuff… Unleash the power of chaos?” Ye Yang complexion sank.

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