Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 869

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Peer is a family.

Even more how, Ye Yang has made clear the idea of ​​driving away other chaotic creatures in Yu.

Even if there are chaotic creatures, they must not be famous within the universe, otherwise they will be killed.

Now, what is the temple of Fiendgod’s law, actually appeared, and deliberately exude this Chaos Aura?

A cold murderous intention appeared on Ye Yang’s face.

“This is forcing the deity to have to start.”

took a deep breath, repressed temporarily without any hands.

Because there must be a certainty of victory, it is best to win beautiful, otherwise, it is useless to break Primal Chaos Bell or to break down here. If you destroy the chaotic things that are released here, but you are seriously injured or convicted of this incarnation, what should you do? The prestige is gone.

Ye Yang’s thoughts moved slightly, a chaotic vortex formed in his palm, and a strange force of engulfment was produced, but disappeared instantly.

“No, this is not a chaotic area outside of the universe. I use the hollow beads here. Although the formidable power is powerful, it is easy to be seen and seen.

“I can’t prejudice my identity too early. This vest named “Chaos” cannot be directly related to the name of “Ye Yang” too early. It will be exposed later if necessary.

“So, you can only try a particular operation that you have considered.”

Ye Yang takes a deep breath again, inside this incarnation, the chaotic vortex rotates.

An invisible wave of space emanates from Him uncontrollably.

Normal deities can perceive that there is room for power to flow around his body.

It’s just that the deity, who is not powerful enough, doesn’t know where his space power is connected.

According to Ye Yang’s current ability, if he doesn’t make a big shot, even if it is ruled by law, he may not be able to see through the mystery of his within the body.

“Chaos… I feel the power has increased.”

Primal Chaos Qi gush out from within the body continuously.

Because, within the body, he has opened a tiny chaotic vortex connected to Chaos World, Primal Chaos Qi continues to traverse Space Transmission.

However, it is quite difficult to do this.

Prerequisite 1: Ye Yang is at least Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level.

Condition 2, Ye Yang’s laws in this universe must not be suppressed too strongly.

The above two conditions ensure that Ye Yang’s consciousness can be freely invested in any chaos in the universe. As long as there is a sufficient amount of chaos, it can be instantly sensed, and projection consciousness passes, forming an incarnation.

With this prerequisite, and then the third condition, there must be a relatively broad and fully controllable Absolute Domain in chaos.

The fourth condition, Absolute Domain over there must have other incarnations of Ye Yang.

The fifth condition, Ye Yang must have a very deep understanding of Space Law, and a considerable degree of understanding of Space Array.

The fifth condition was originally not satisfied. This is extremely demanding. After all, the vast universe is very vast and distant, and it is very difficult to put the distance of material transmission very far, which is that’s all.

Even if the normal Law Power is used, Ye Yang is not enough to lock a certain point in the vast universe for ultra-long-distance transmission. With a distance of more than 200000000 million light years, it is impossible to keep the accuracy within the range of one meter without deviation, let alone accurately locked to the incarnation within the body.

Moreover, Ye Yang uses Primal Chaos Law, which contains chaos, making it more difficult to accurately deliver power.

Unless it is a huge formation laid out here, the accuracy of the chaotic forces thrown is not high. But now there is no huge situation, and high accuracy is not difficult.

Fortunately, Yuan Hao provided some technical support, and his perception of the law. In particular, Yuan Hao’s turtle shell has a great auxiliary effect on the power of the prophecy system.

With the help of Divine Tortoise, Ye Yang cooperated with the law of fate and Law Power, which he is good at, and with the help provided by Ye Yan, Ye Yang successfully located this side at the cost of consuming Primal Chaos Qi.

There are still deviations in the transmission, but the deviation does not exceed ten centimeters. Be careful. It is not in battle. Usually, the deviation can not exceed 5 centimeters.

At the cost of consuming a lot of Primal Chaos Qi, cover the cause and effect.

Then, at the expense of a large amount of Primal Chaos Qi, pass a small amount of Primal Chaos Qi over.

It can be said that Primal Chaos Qi with a thousand copies, various consumption of 7 miscellaneous and 8 miscellaneous, finally successfully passed Primal Chaos Qi successfully, but only about one.

This transmission efficiency is too bad and too scum, it is terrible.

However, Primal Chaos Qi in the chaotic area is endless and almost inexhaustible. Ye Yang extracts chaos in the edge region of his Absolute Domain without worrying about loss.

In this case, the chaos inherent in the incarnation here increases rapidly, and it uses its own power to compress those chaos and condense it into the skeleton of the incarnation, the Meridian trick.

There are even some special spaces opened up inside the Qiaokong, which store the chaotic liquid after compression and refining, which can be used at any time.

Ye Yang, the incarnation set to stand here, the cultivation base quickly became extremely strong.

“Next, I want to release a share of Primal Chaos Qi in the vicinity, and then try my best to attack the Primal Chaos Bell. At the cost of this incarnation loss, Primal Chaos Bell cannot temporarily release Chaos Energy. It should be almost the same.

“Then, just use the Primal Chaos Qi just released to condense into a new incarnation, and then pretend to force it, you can perfectly disguise, showing a very easy to win.

“However, incarnation can’t run too fast. If you win immediately, if you don’t win completely, let incarnation disappear, you will be doubted. Well, you can consider delaying the time, and then let the new incarnation generate chaotic space-time vortex, Send the chaos again. It will gradually return to a stronger state, which is perfect.”

Ye Yang’s mind turned, and soon there was another way. Maybe you can try to use all the power of this incarnation to build a super strong Transmission Array potential, and transfer that Primal Chaos Bell to the chaos?

But the consumption will be huge. The chaos contained in the incarnation here may not be strong enough.


He stood in the void like this, staring at the Primal Chaos Bell, with countless thoughts and thoughts in his heart. In fact, it only took a few seconds outside, and the chaos transmitted within the body increased only a few percent, far from doubling. .

And at this moment, in the sky, a voice full of majesty came out: “from now on, the temple of Fiendgod law, reappearing in the world.

“My sect, my sect, is called the Temple Sect.

“Primal Chaos Bell is the Supreme Treasure of the Temple Night Town! 4 party powerhouse, if you are not satisfied, welcome to come to challenge!”

The words fell, and the bell rang loudly.

The gods who were close together, and those with insufficient strength, felt that the body had been shaken loose. The incarnation here has reduced a lot of battle strength.

“It’s amazing!” a god complex slightly changed.

“Is the temple of Fiendgod’s Law still open?” came a voice.

But a Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse came from the air.

“It’s still open, but those who come in and out must pay divine force for crystallization, or pay for their own law perception. Entering the temple, depending on how much knowledge is available, the time you can browse inside is also different.” Voice from that Fiendgod The law came out of the temple.

At this time, the bells continued, and the gods saw that the temple of Fiendgod’s Law projected into the void, translucent.

Pieces of stone tablets, still as they were, record a large number of different laws and feelings.

However, there are also some new stone tablets. The chaos above is filled, the nebula is circulating, and there seems to be some illusory shadow phantoms passing by.

“Huh? These stone tablets…”

Suddenly a deity said: “You use divine sense to sense it, or focus on magnifying, better stone tablet not simple.”

Another god said: “Well, I see, this seems to be a historical scene.”

“Is it possible that, those stone tablets, highlight the historical scenes that have happened in the past?”

“That would be terrific, too terrifying. The boundless shell, countless years, how many Dianshun can be recorded? Look at these history… Well, you said, will you see what happened in the past history?” Another god said.

At this time, a god emperor came out of the air.

She wore a clean white as snow robe with cloak and fluffy edges. The whole person looked like the clothes of Mord World’s eldest young ladies who were behind the cold weapon era in the cold and snowy weather.

However, she still holds a weird scepter slightly higher than humans, blooming vast divine might. A mutated divine force blooms in the round golden ring at the end of the rod.

“The deity doubts, you a few are trustees.” The god emperor came, no expression on her beautiful and cold face, only Zhu Lips.

The gods were stunned. The gods who had spoken before were shy, but they dared not speak out against the Goddess immediately.

Emperor Goddess looked at the temple of Fiendgod’s law and said, “A great temple can actually capture the memories and traces in the long river of the universe time. It can be revealed here no matter what secrets may be found. .

“But it’s a pity that it can only be done theoretically. In today’s world, the astronomical disorder in the universe, even the gods in the world at that time, can’t guarantee that they can see through the distance, let alone enter the temple of Fiendgod’s law Time goes by? As far as we know, there must be more fog shrouded in it.”

The gods suddenly.

“However, through the long river of time, watching some secrets in the past, observing changes in the world, maybe comprehend some special secret laws. Mystery is to go in and see if this temple of Fiendgod law can really do this.”

Emperor Goddess said, Quanduan pointed: “Open the door.”

The temple of Fiendgod’s Law seemed to hesitate for a moment, and then the flowing Primal Chaos Qi slowly moved to the left and right sides, revealing an entrance for the gods to enter and exit the gate of the temple.

And at this moment, in the sky a few laughter came.

“The deity is also curious. Are there any laws on the inscriptions of the deities written on the inscriptions of the deities here? Is there any other rule domination in it?”

a God came over.

All the gods clearly felt that those gods all possessed the mutated Law Power. However, this is superficial. Like Ye Yang and some gods, I guess these guys who seem to be mutated gods may be within the body and have already settled in the incarnation ruled by the law, maybe.

The sound of Primal Chaos Bell stopped.

81 The sound resounded, and there was no more resounding sound.

Silently suspended above the temple.

Primal Chaos Qi, which had fallen down, wrapped the whole temple like a serpentine dragon-shaped air column, leaving only one entrance.

“The deity also came to see?” Ye Yang smiled and stepped forward.

The entrance to the temple was slightly turbulent: “On the level of the god emperor, only each and everyone can enter.”

“It’s so unattractive,” the emperors said, and flew towards them quickly.

each and everyone rushed to the entrance.

However, before rushing into it, the emperors started to work together.

The violent force exploded.

Ye Yang waved his hand, forcibly tearing the turbulent chaos into a huge gap.

A god quickly shot at the temple and Primal Chaos Bell.

Primal Chaos Bell’s reputation is very loud, and I can’t guarantee it can be broken. But it is still possible to separate the Primal Chaos Bell from the Fiendgod Temple.

In an instant, various Law Power bursts nearby, and various energies and laws rolled and surged.

What’s more amazing is that a dazzling glow of light came from in the sky.

Bang!! !

Duan Yujian suddenly appeared, a sword moved towards the illusory shadow of the temple of Fiendgod Law. The stone tablets from the projection are all broken, and Jianwei traces the cause and effect to the temple. At the same time, Divine Sword’s attack slammed into the temple.

Several powerhouses chasing Duan Yujian, shot away from the air, instead of patting Duan Yujian, but blasting towards the Primal Chaos Bell.

when! !! !!

With a loud noise, Primal Chaos Bell shook, and the temple of Fiendgod’s Law was cut with a long gap.

Many powerhouses haven’t snatched Duan Yujian for the time being, but they dare not stay and immediately escape away.

At this time, too early ancient palace appeared out of thin air, with a bang, fiercely hit the Primal Chaos Bell.

2 Both are violently turbulent.

“Ye Yang Your Majesty, didn’t the ancient palace stay neutral in the beginning?” An angry voice came.

“Fiendgod’s Temple of Law collects divine force as an entry fee, and announces various laws here. This is a copy of ~ attacking the ancient palace in the early days. This is a provocation against the ancient palace in the early days. The dispute is not to participate in the dispute between the gods.” Ye Yang’s voice came out.

The gods are speechless.

This too early ancient palace is a rhetoric.

If it had been said before, it would surely attract the gods to refute, all kinds of insults, saying that the ancient palace was untrustworthy. But at the beginning of the ancient palace, the prestige has risen recently, and its strength is strong. In addition, the Fiendgod rule temple was besieged by the powerhouses. At the beginning, the ancient palace found an excuse to do it for a while. Although it will be a bit down, it has little impact.

In today’s harsh environment, the gods want to find a place to save their lives, the first choice is still the ancient palace.

Moreover, in order to achieve the rule of law, it is also necessary to sacrifice ancient palace at the beginning.

“The deity took a shot, and it was revealed.”

In the beginning, ancient palace escaped after a blow, no longer entangled.

However, the attacks of powerhouses continued, and Primal Chaos Bell dong dong dong roared continuously.

Ye Yang incarnation stroked his hands, Primal Chaos Qi, who was attacked here and thrown out, was crazy sucked by his incarnation. Primal Chaos Bell now distributes any Primal Chaos Qi that cannot be controlled by Primal Chaos Bell. As soon as they were released, they would be disrupted and disorganized, and then Ye Yang would seize control right after a while.

This huge Primal Chaos Bell can only become bigger again, fiercely pressed down, and wrapped the entire temple of Fiendgod law, and dare not use Primal Chaos Qi to protect the temple.

All powerhouse 2 don’t say anything, continue to attack.

At this time, Ye Yang sneered on his face: “You guys, help the deity to slap it, exile it to Primal Chaos Abyss!”

The gods are hesitant, some want to be banished, but some are indifferent.

At this time, Ye Yang has gradually constructed a super huge Chaos Transmission Great Array.

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