Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 870

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“Primal Chaos Bell, let this deity mix into chaos!!”

The huge array of Ye Yang’s operations began to run, and it became more and more solid, and the overflowing chaos continued to increase.

“Slow!” a deity said.

“Any objections?” Ye Yang said.

“Hmph, if you send Primal Chaos Bell away, wouldn’t you put the dragon into the sea? It was born in chaos, wandering in chaos, even if you were injured before, you can easily recover…”

“Impossible. If it is good to be in chaos, he has long returned to the cultivation of chaos. It must have been staying in this universe for too long, affected by the penetration of rules in the universe, and has been out of step with chaos. And, it Can adapt to chaos, how can the Temple of Fiendgod’s Law adapt to chaos?”

“But what about 10000 it adapts to chaos? This is a rare opportunity for us to reinvent it. Many powerhouses join forces to break Primal Chaos Bell. You can’t let it easily leave here.” The god said.

Ye Yang said: “Since this is the case, you continue to shoot. Whoever wants to expel this Primal Chaos Bell will provide power to this situation. Give more Space Law Power to come in, and other powers are not needed.”

But the gods ignored it and attacked Primal Chaos Bell, and continued to attack, hesitating, still hesitating.

At this moment, Ye Yang’s huge formation slowly moved closer to the Primal Chaos Bell and the shrouded Fiendgod Temple.

“Dare you? Go back!!!” Several mutant gods yelled loudly.

“Don’t mess up.” A ruler also said.

But many of the rules dominated the face with strange looks, and no sound.

All of a sudden, a dark mass of chaos flew out of that huge formation.

Fiercely bombarded the Primal Chaos Bell, and then suddenly exploded, turning into a gray and heavy chaos, and Law Fragment and Primal Chaos Qi, which were countless broken shots.

Dong!! !

The loud noise echoed between Heaven and Earth, and echoed in the universe.

But in the next moment, another compressed chaotic mass flew out.


That Primal Chaos Bell was smashed again.

2 groups of chaotic energy groups, the difference is only 1000000 100000000 one second of time. With the eyes of mortals, even with the eyes of ordinary gods, these two groups of energy can be treated as if they were released at the same time.

Then, a mass of chaotic energy flew, which contained a powerful Power of Primal Chaos, a powerful Primal Chaos Law and many Law Fragments. It also contained deliberate blessings of malicious Evil Thought and negative emotions condensed into it.

There are simulated evil living thoughts of innumerable living beings, as well as malicious and murderous intentions from countless chaotic creatures of chaos, various wills.

These chaotic groups smashed on the Primal Chaos Bell, dong dong dong made a loud noise, Primal Chaos Bell and the shrouded Temple of Fiendgod Law were retreating, retreating again and again.


“Sinister cunning kid!!”

These gods finally understood.

Ye Yang claimed that he wanted to banish Primal Chaos Bell. It seemed that he would deploy a very large Transmission Array to force Primal Chaos Bell to forcibly transfer away. come.

That battle was about to banish Primal Chaos Bell. The consumption must be extremely huge to get rid of this Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, so the battle was huge. Moreover, when the battle began to condense, communicate with Chaos World, a large number of Primal Chaos Qi was sent from there, blessed on the battle, strengthened and solidified the battle, made the battle stronger, and the contained Space Law stronger… These all seem to Very reasonable.

It seems to be prepared to banish Primal Chaos Bell.

But in fact, it was prepared for the rapid and massive transmission of chaotic power.

The position here is strong enough to make it easier to teleport.

On the other side of Chaos, the same huge formation was laid, and a large amount of Chaos was transmitted.

There is Ye Yang’s incarnation over there, divided into many, desperately gathering chaos, condensing and compressing into a powerful chaotic energy group, with everything added.

Ye Yang, as the Chaos Divine Emperor, extracts the power of chaos very fast, but no matter how fast it is, it can instantly gather a group of such powerful chaotic energy groups that are enough to injure and even kill Killing Divine Sovereign.

So, just extract the chaos of his “Absolute Domain” range.

The chaos in the entire vast territory seemed to become thinner.

Just like mortals pumping the sea water, pumping too hard will cause the sea level in some calm and tranquil areas to drop. After drawing the water of the Great Lakes, the water level of the Wulang Lake has dropped.

The chaos that can be used in Ye Yang’s realm will be reduced, and here, the power he can mobilize is reduced, and his strength is weakened, causing many Chaos Divine Demon in the chaos to stare over here.

However, the power contained in this field is too much and too strong, and chaos has been extracted as a reserve before.

Therefore, even though the Power of Primal Chaos that is being lost is tens of times or more than the body of the Chaos God Emperor, but compared to the chaos in the entire field, it has been reduced by less than 1%.

Moreover, this is the area of ​​Ye Yang. You can absolutely control all Power of Primal Chaos in a single thought. If other powerhouses are rushed in, they will still be suppressed, and the joint team is not enough to defeat Ye Yang.

Therefore, just glare like a tiger watching his prey, waiting for the opportunity, but not directly rushed over.

“If this kid dares to reduce the chaos within the territory by 10%…and all the chaotic gods dare to join forces and shoot together, then it is still possible to explode his Primal Chaos Domain. Kid is not difficult.

“But if you don’t want to do your best, if you have wary of each other, or if the number of chaotic emperors recruited is not enough, then you have to wait until the chaos in this kid’s domain is reduced to below 40%… Now pay attention first, look at He.”

a Chaos Divine Demon, staring at Ye Yang, communicating in secret.

If the communication goes smoothly, even if the strength of Ye Yang is reduced by 10%, it is dangerous.

It seems that 10% is not much, but during the battle, the enemy will continue to be weakened, and this territory will continue to extract the chaos of the outside world and constantly add. If the chaos here is reduced by 10%, and only 90% is left, when a large group of chaotic god emperors join forces to attack, the recovery speed is not as fast as the consumption speed.

And to maintain 100% of the situation, unless there is more chaos god emperor coming, otherwise it will not be able to supplement Ye Yang.

With the passage of time, there are more and more reserves here, more and more chaotic emperors need to join forces, and powerhouses farther away are not as good as to convene. This is due to the safety of Ye Yang’s territory.

But now, the nearly self-destructive city wall is desperately consumed, so these Chaos Divine Demon see the opportunity, each and everyone staring here, maneuvering while waiting.

Ye Yang, unconsciously, constantly induces chaos, constantly compresses, and constantly strikes.

The attack released here was shuttling through the void, teleported to the Primal Chaos Bell, and smashed continuously. The muffled noise of dong dong dong continued. It’s just bombardment.

This ultra-long-distance transmission is quite expensive, but the effect is also amazing. The temples of Primal Chaos Bell and Fiendgod have been repelled.

Although Primal Chaos Bell is extremely strong, this strikes can’t hurt it, but it is also constantly destroying the power, and the chaos sucked outside can’t compensate for the speed of recovery. Can’t release the chaotic attack anymore, the damage of the generated sound waves is weaker than before, obviously it is full defense,

Moreover, there are many gods in the vicinity to shoot, long-range attacks, and some rules dominate around behind Primal Chaos Bell. In the rear strikes, the chaotic master is gradually weakened even if he is not injured or damaged.

“Be careful not to throw it on our heads.”

Several rules dominated by the chaotic energy cluster, and they were very determined.

“It’s Primal Chaos Bell’s rotation and rotation, which is like Tai Chi to move this chaotic energy group. You should be careful.” Ye Yang reminded.

Primal Chaos Bell is really spinning now.

There was a godly curse: “Damn, can’t you use less chaos, or consume more of it? Can’t you use too much chaos?”

It is because there is too much chaos, so Primal Chaos Bell rotates, so that the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi also rotates, forming a vortex, which draws the chaotic energy group.

As it advances and retreats, the chaotic energy cluster is partially pulled and smashed towards other gods.

A Divinity Sovereign Level deity has to retreat, and God Emperor Level deity is also retreating. Only the Divine King level variation rule controller, or the Divine King level variation rule controller, or the rule of the masters can stand in battle. Middle zone.

However, they were unwilling to be confused by these attacks, and each and everyone frowned.

“It seems that Primal Chaos Bell is precarious, but in fact, it can support and absorb the chaos. There is more and more chaos here. For the time being, Primal Chaos Bell is almost injured, suppressed, and in a disadvantageous state, but for a long time. It’s good for Primal Chaos Bell.”

“Yes, we will be affected by chaotic interference, and then the joint attack effect will be weakened, and Primal Chaos Bell can suck up chaotic supplements…”

“Retreat first and let the boy stop.”

The one-bit rule ruled his face unhappy and stepped aside.

Of course, not to retreat for retreat, but to take advantage of this opportunity to deploy different Law Power around the void.

The laws interfere with each other. For example, Flame Power is so powerful that it can burn even the void. Normal flames can’t be done, but the powerful Fire Law can ignite space forces. That powerful Fire Law dominated the power, enough to make the surrounding Space Law subject to strong interference or even failure, so that the space force could hardly be transmitted.

Law Power is similar. The one-bit rule governs the enchantment under the surrounding cloth, the formation, and the protective layer, just do not want Primal Chaos Bell to escape.

What exile? Let me hurt Primal Chaos Bell first. Every powerhouse is confident that it can hurt it and even have a chance to explode.

However, when the rulers of the law just retreated a little, and just under the enchantment, before the area was completely closed, Primal Chaos Bell exploded.

Primal Chaos Bell abruptly stagnate from its spin state, then rotates in the reverse direction, and a strong bell sounds. Time Law and Space Law Power bloomed, the chaotic energy clusters released by Ye Yang exploded, and the vortex just formed by Primal Chaos Bell exploded.

Nearby, chaotic pole disorder, various energy fluctuations, and various spiritual fluctuations are very disordered. Even the Divine Emperor is not enough to see things beyond 100 meters. Divine sense is not enough to sense conditions beyond 1000 meters.

Even if it is the rule of law, where their Law Power cannot be extended, it is similar to the Divine Emperor, and it is not even comparable to Divine King. Only in the area where their laws extend to cover the real master.

But here, all kinds of powers and laws are chaotic, here is full of chaos, mixed with the power of Primal Chaos Bell, which will lead to many rulers also confusing the specific situation here.


Ye Yang is almost impossible to bear.

Explode Primal Chaos Bell?

The difficulty is quite large.

Although all the laws dominate, they do not do their best.

What’s more, if the rules dominate Yemal if he breaks this Primal Chaos Bell? Can’t brush prestige.

What Ye Yang wants is to stand up in the name of chaos. Primal Chaos Bell uses chaos, and then he will be blasted and cracked by Him. Or be repelled by Him.

At the very least, in this siege of Primal Chaos Bell, he caused the most movement, the most striking, and made people think that he played the strongest role.

This is the key.

If Primal Chaos Bell did not use the power of chaos, Ye Yang wouldn’t want to make it so troublesome, just hit soy sauce. He declared that he did not want to do anything. But Primal Chaos Bell uses chaos, Ye Yang wants to monopolize the name of chaos, and wants to retain the prestige of the strongest chaotic emperor, that must be done.

Therefore, the various layouts have just been made to fill the chaos here, and many powerhouses can’t see clearly, so he can cover up some things, and he can rest assured to do his best.

At this moment, Ye Yang’s Chaos Transmission Great Array is also shrouded in chaos, showing a huge silhouette in it.

Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao! !

The chaotic clock is also the ruler of the solidification law in the universe, and has the authority of some defense laws.

To deal with other deities, Yuan Hao is a defensive ability that is far superior to attacking ability. It can crush the god emperor deity, suppress the Ordinary Law master, and deal with the powerful law master is to prevent more than enough attack.

It can deal with Primal Chaos Bell, which is dominated by the defense rules. The rules controlled by the two are exactly the same, and the powers are partially superimposed, which is different.

Yuan Hao came out, did not turn into a human form, but turned into a smaller dark gold Divine Tortoise, flying above Primal Chaos Bell, spinning. One after another Invisible Law Power shrouded down, the Primal Chaos Bell buzzed continuously.

“What’s going on?” exclaimed from the temple of Fiendgod’s Law.

I don’t know if it’s Primal Chaos Bell’s Artifact Spirit or Fiendgod’s Temple Artifact Spirit.

Ye Yang saw it and smiled.

This is Yuan Hao and Primal Chaos Bell snatching the power of defense and other rules to snatch control.

Yuan Hao can snatch other rules to win, but he can’t grab Primal Chaos Bell.

But it can be used as a pull-in effect, allowing some of Primal Chaos Bell’s Law Power to temporarily weaken.

At this moment, the gods can’t see here, Ye Yang’s many incarnation shuttling through the void merge into this body, Ye Yang’s main spirit willpower condenses here. At this moment, incarnation is stronger than the body, although it is only temporary.

Moreover, the hollow bead shuttled over and held it in his hand.

Dong!! !

fiercely hit Primal Chaos Bell.

Divine Tortoise rotates, Ye Yang’s empty beads continue to hit, and continue to rotate around Primal Chaos Bell.

Each and everyone spells a piece of Divine Item thrown away, a variety of Divine Item extracted defense Law Power …… can absorb the defense law into a one-time release of the defense shield Divine Item, this is Yuan Hao passed the cultivation technique and The method of creating Divine Item. Throw it out at this time, you can extract the Law Power of the surrounding and Primal Chaos Bell’s Law Power to weaken it.

one after another strength stacks.

In addition, the hollow beads continue to smash.

There are also dozens of chaotic energy clusters compressed, which were prepared before and smashed at once at this moment.

Bang!! !

In the loud noise, Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao was shocked by the powerful force, the dignified law ruler was lifted off, and Ye was also swept down by the violent force, but instantly cast a disguised bead into a meteorite ball.

Primal Chaos Bell was smashed by the Chaos Energy Group in front of the blast, and then was smashed by the hollow bead.

The hollow bead made a clicking sound, blooming a slight crack, which was the source of the hollow bead that consumed and smashed with injury.

Primal Chaos Bell was instantly lifted by violent forces.

Ye Yang’s figure was stagnant in the void, and Divine Tortoise’s power blessed him, and he instantly shuttled through chaos.

As the chaotic emperor, “chaos escape” is with no difficulty.

Shuttle to the bottom where Primal Chaos Bell was lifted, and the hollow beads smashed and banged through the temple of Fiendgod Law with weak protection. Fiercely hit the inner wall of Primal Chaos Bell.

During the internal and external attacks, Primal Chaos Bell burst into a slight crack.

In terms of strength, Primal Chaos Bell is at the same level as Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao. Ye Yang’s hands-on plus the Chaos Energy Group, the injury is sooner or later, not to mention it will also disperse the power Guardian God Magic is the temple? Only under normal circumstances, the time will be delayed for a long time before it is damaged. Now, while Primal Chaos Bell is governed by many rules and has not fully recovered its stability, Ye Yang is struggling to destroy the empty beads and a wave of violent strikes, so that chaos burst.

Yuan Hao suddenly came down and became huge, and turtle’s back fiercely smashed on Primal Chaos Bell.


Primal Chaos Bell buzzed, and Fiendgod’s law shouted in shock at the temple, in an instant, violently spinning, Primal Chaos Bell escaped and broke out of this area to stay away.

Ye Yang has quickly let Divine Tortoise send it away, and empty the beads to send it away.

Hands behind ones back, standing in the chaos, the coat is moving in the wind, and it looks very high: “hmph, dare to move with the deity? act recklessly!”

The words did not fall, and the surrounding chaos scattered a little before the gods saw the situation here.

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