Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 871

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“Actually… Actually repelled Primal Chaos Bell?”

“Not only did he repel, but it also seemed to have injured Primal Chaos Bell.”

“Just now… it seems that the rulers of the law have retreated, the imperial gods Imperial Capital have retreated, and the mutant gods have also retired. Only the mysterious powerhouse who claimed to be “chaos” broke in, and 3 2 worked hard to let Primal Chaos Bell hit hard?”

“Obviously, there is a secret in him, a big secret… This powerhouse that controls the Power of Primal Chaos is very strong and very mysterious!”

Can it be compared with the rule of law?

The gods cannot judge.

But surely, this “mysterious powerhouse” must be stronger than the normal powerhouse at the peak level of the emperor. It’s not easy to say what cards are there. Will it be enough to fight either the fish dies or the net splits with the ruler?

mysterious, not to be trifled with.

Very good at chaotic power, very powerful control of chaotic power.

This label is marked on this “mysterious powerhouse”. The gods remember him deeply.

Ye Yang is now in the fog of Chaos Energy, and the shape is suspected of being a pen, but the gods are not very disgusted. Just because He is strong. This is a respect for powerhouse.

Of course, although there are many gods who are shocked, surprised, hesitant, stunned, sluggish, etc., some of the more powerful gods only react with a slight shock in their hearts.

From the time the chaotic master emerged, Ye Yang manifested, but only a second before and after, the eyes of these powerhouses looked in the direction of Primal Chaos Bell who had escaped.

I saw Primal Chaos Bell’s body was covered with wisps of subtle Primal Chaos Qi, and we could see that Primal Chaos Bell showed fine cracks. Although there are no fragments and particles of the bell body peeled off, Law Fragment and Primal Chaos Qi are constantly overflowing.


This idea emerged in the hearts of all powerhouses.

Without any hesitation, several laws ruled at the same time moved towards that Primal Chaos Bell.

Then the other gods pursued.

boom! ! !

There was a strong turmoil in the void.

The laws that ruled the heavy invisible shields that had been laid around before, and the layers of Law Power exploded.

This protective layer was knocked off by Primal Chaos Bell, and it was knocked off just now, but the blasting sound and energy shock wave are only now spreading.

When Primal Chaos Bell hits this protective layer, there will be a lot of breaking rules contaminated by it, and there will be Law Power entanglement and interference.

Therefore, when these Law Fragment forces are not rid of in a short time, it cannot pass through the void for ultra-long-distance transmission. A short distance of a few thousand light years can be 1000 light years.

Many powerhouses are approaching.

At this moment, Primal Chaos Bell buzzed, with a broken sound in its sound, and it was about to break out and escape.

However, the blazing light appeared again.

millions and millions li The void seems to be torn apart.

From a special angle, I saw the fiery rays of light appear as if to tear the universe into two and a half.

In fact, it is just a “trifling” of 10000 miles of sword energy that’s all.

Duanyu sword!

It appears again shuttling through the void, and the formidable power that burst out is stronger than the sword that was launched to Primal Chaos Bell not long ago.

This sword is the super formidable power that it continuously accumulates and condenses while shuttling through the void.

Primal Chaos Bell has to evade, but the sword intent of Duan Yujian is stronger than the law. It is comparable to the Master of Peak who has some avenue authority, so that Primal Chaos Bell has no way to evade and can only block.

That sword, that sword energy, locks the cause and effect, and even seems to reverse the cause and effect, there are “effect” first and then “cause”. As if destined to “must hit” in the middle, then the process appeared.

This twisted causal sword, fiercely cut to Primal Chaos Bell within 100000000 1/10000th seconds.

Clang! ! !

A piece of metal, shot out, one after another larger crack, appeared on Primal Chaos Bell.

It’s high-speed rotation, free from all kinds of restraints around, and fly away.

The debris followed.

But in the vast void, countless light points intersect and converge. A ray of law condenses from the depths of the vast universe to form a huge chain of laws. In the sound of hua hua, entangle into the void where the huge Primal Chaos Bell is located .

Several millions of light-year voids are firmly locked, temporarily unable to carry more than 100 light-years shuttle transmission, each time you have to accumulate power smash void.

The law of the majority ruled to fly, and the palm fell down.

Primal Chaos Bell slammed suddenly, many fragments exploded, and the void was forcibly shocked into a super-dimensional space-time hole, reaching up to 4 5 6 7 8-dimensional space-time, down to 2-dimensional one-dimensional space-time.

The entire Primal Chaos Bell wrapped around the temple of Fiendgod’s Law and some debris flew into it.

Many powerhouse attacks followed.

However, it’s like clay ox entering the sea, disappeared

It is unclear whether it has caught up with Primal Chaos Bell or whether it has caused damage to the temple of the Fiendgod Law.

Just as light enters a black hole, there is no feedback.

And the hole was quickly closed.

You powerhouse, did not chase the past. I’m afraid there is danger in it.

“Didn’t expect, Primal Chaos Bell actually has this hand.”

“Well, it still has a secret base, otherwise…”

The gaze ruled by the one-bit rule glances at the universe void.

Although the heaven and earth are in disorder now, it is impossible to see through many places in the universe. But like Primal Chaos Bell, which tears multi-dimensional space and time to force transmission, and the power of multiple laws follows, no matter where it appears in the universe, it will trigger a strong energy explosion. There will be some sense here.

“It’s not entering Chaos World, otherwise there will be waves. And this Primal Chaos Bell seems to have scruples and dare not go back to chaos easily. It is not transmitted into the normal time and space of this universe. Therefore, Primal Chaos Bell must have a special high dimension The different dimension space-time base will not be worse than the original “High God Realm”. It must have been sent there.”

The gods are silent.

Although it can be speculated that the space that Primal Chaos Bell travels to is unusual, it is completely unclear where the space is hidden, and it cannot be calculated or found.

Then there is no chase.

Moreover, Primal Chaos Bell might detour from there and then return to the universe. As long as the especially powerful energy fluctuations are scattered in the hidden area, and then the convergence power returns to the universe, and does not deliberately create large movements, it will not attract the attention of all powerhouses.


“Yeah, such a rare opportunity…”

“Primal Chaos Bell is a very powerful Divine Item. If it is not a coincidence, it is simply impossible. It is not only weaker than the ancient palace at present.”

The gods pupil light flashes.

At the beginning of the ancient palace, it is now fierce. There is turmoil outside and wars everywhere, but at the beginning of the ancient palace, the interior is still peaceful and a scene of prosperity. The gods coexist peacefully and trade inside. The internal details continue to accumulate and grow.

What is Divine Item? Ignoring the outside wind and rain, and beyond the many disasters, it is the Divine Item.

Primal Chaos Bell is also eligible.

“However, it hasn’t fully recovered yet. The injuries I have received are getting worse. If there are no very special and rare occasions, the impossible will recover in a short period of time. I should be able to feel at ease.” The voice dominated by Light Law.

The gods are slightly nodded.

Primal Chaos Bell is still very powerful.

Even if it is hit hard now, it can still protect one side from being attacked by a certain rule. But if it is a combination of multiple rules, it can be easily broken.

Therefore, it is not a Divine Item.

Only “No one can break” and “No one can do anything together” can be truly “transcendence from all robbers”, is the real township Divine Item, otherwise it is false and secondary.

Today, only the ancient palace and Shengxiao Palace can do it.

There is a question for the Holy Palace.

“In the beginning, ancient palace, it seemed good.” A ruler suddenly said out loudly.

“Hehe, it’s good.” Master Ming said, turning away.

The other powerhouses looked at each other and turned away.

“A group of courageous people.” The law dominated coldly snorted.

“Each plan has its own.” Dark Ruler’s voice came, and the silhouette gradually disappeared.

To attack the ancient palace of the early ages, if the laws of all of you ruled together and then suddenly attacked, banned the void and did not allow the ancient palace of the early age to flee, it is still possible to break the ancient palace of the early age. After all, the ancient palace is not necessarily restored to its peak now. Even if a certain area is stronger than before, it is possible that some weaknesses have not been restored, or new weaknesses have developed.

However, it seems that the rule of the rulers is not united.

In the early days, ancient palace had a strong prophecy and was not easily attacked by sneak.

Moreover, once the ban is released, impossible will be banned in an instant and the ancient palace will have time to escape. Unlike the previous Primal Chaos Bell, it was silly to stay there to withstand the attack, to stand up, and then was Ye Yang plot against.

Therefore, against the ancient palace at the beginning, the success rate was not high, and the gods were not interested in joining forces.

“What about Holy Night Palace?” a deity looked at the remaining powerhouse and said.

“In the early ancient palace, it needs to be restrained.” The other gods also left.

In the sky, the blazing light crossed, Duan Yujian swept across the void, and the power fluctuations in his body seemed to be similar to before.

Strikes the Primal Chaos Bell to cause damage. This prestige spreads enough to absorb a lot of faith and the will of all beings, restore its power, and even repair the wounds. It may become stronger after a while.

Attacking Primal Chaos Bell, although there are old complaints before, but there are also benefits in it.

“It’s finally over…this time, there won’t be any guy in the universe who controls the power of chaos? Then I can wholeheartedly deal with the fragments of the “indestructible land” in the chaos. , Receive benefits from it, and absorb the vast source.” Ye Yang incarnation murmured and disappeared into the void.

But unfortunately, the world does not seem to want Ye Yang to wish.

Today’s universe is in a troubled autumn.

Even if the previous gods jointly dealt with Primal Chaos Bell, when such a major event happened, other places were still in turmoil, the open strife and veiled struggle of other levels of deities were still constant, the fight was still playing, the killing Still killing.

For example, in Ye Yang’s galaxies, several mortals who were favored by the mutation rule have been promoted to the Demi-God peak, and the battle strength is not inferior to the Divine King peak. It suppresses no breakthrough, and is still in melee at the moment. .

A foreign powerhouse enters the galaxy of that day, whether it is a technological civilization cultivation civilization magic civilization or any gadget, they will be jointly attacked by them first.

Other galaxies are not so good.

The galaxies controlled by the gods are fighting each other, and the galaxies controlled by mortals are fighting each other.

Some people in the mortal galaxy accidentally gained divinity, benefited from the universe adventure game, promoted to god, and in turn seized power to control the galaxy and some weak gods. There is also a deities who are working together to refining a galaxy, to extract the source from it. Of course, only special galaxies.

There are also 4 rampages, which destroyed a lot of planets and penetrated several galaxies.

There are also a large number of star sky insect races and starry sky ominous beast races, chaotic 4 squares. Devour the stars, or rob the passing gods and so on.

It’s messy, messy.

What is even more chaotic is that some guys are messing up outside, and they even have an incarnation to enter the ancient palace, where they abide by the treaties inside, and then sell some experience on the platform to rob gods. Exchange Various interstellar looting techniques, race high-speed multiplying soldiers techniques and so on weird things.

It is not uncommon to pull into a temporary team in the ancient palace in the early days and turn around into the starry sky outside to plot against your old teammates.

A lot of information, true and false, was passed into the ancient palace in the early days.

The business of distinguishing information from true and false, and the business of strong predictive ability are prosperous. Some charges are cheaper than the calculation power in the universe adventure game, so many creatures like to come here, and various means of prophecy and anti-prophecy are spread from here.

The circumstance that spreads more widely is the cultivation technique that Yuan Hao and Ye Yang have sold.

There are also various research papers published by the gods of wisdom, and new methods of applying various laws.

For example, the Eastern League of Gods has recently developed a new super-strong Defensive Great Array based on data from ancient palaces in the early days.

In addition, there is a god incarnation, a god of the Eastern Pole League, called the formation in the universe, and also entered the ancient palace in the early days, and posted a message here.

“The “chaos” that invaded our Eastern Pole League before, but dare to break into our new Super Defensive Great Array?”

Many gods heard such news, all with a hehe expression.

“Is this going to challenge the Chaos Divine Emperor? After laying traps and letting people in, Chaos Divine Emperor will be fooled like this?” Many gods shook their heads.

The Eastern Pole League released news again.

“The large formation under this deployment is located outside the Eastern Pole League, and it does not overlap with the power of the Eastern Pole League. This is the newly-arranged formation. Can the chaos dare to come?

“If you don’t dare to come, it doesn’t matter. There is a space-time channel that is suspected of being connected to Chaos World. There have been many chaotic creatures in it. If chaos does not come, will there be more chaos in it? Creatures come out, it’s hard to say.”

As soon as the news came out, the gods clashed.

Dongji Shenmeng collusion with chaotic creatures?

However, the Eastern League is not recognized. This layout is expensive and not used to shelter their headquarters, but is arranged in the outside void, which is to “seal” the passage and prevent chaotic creatures from invading the universe.

This reason is sounding and sounds reasonable, but it is not easy to say that the gods believe or not.

But regardless of whether the gods believe or not, they must have believed.

After arranging the battle, he kept clamoring, and let Ye Yang incarnation’s vest trumpet “Chaos” go to breaking the formation and destroy the chaotic creatures inside.

“It’s really sinister.” Ye Yang shook his head secretly.

If you don’t go, the Eastern Pole League will definitely extradite a large number of chaotic creatures. There will be more chaotic creatures in the universe, which will cause trouble for Ye Yang. Ye Yang wants to be the only chaotic creature in Yu, and wants to monopolize the label of “chaos”, and to compete for the primacy of Primal Chaos Law, there will be some obstacles.

And if you go, there may be traps, and it is not a simple trap.

“Or… attack another wave of the headquarters of the Eastern Pole League, and then look for that position? Well, it seems wrong, maybe their headquarters, but also added a new position, announced that no new Defensive Array, misleading and tempting me to attack their headquarters again, but the real trap is in their headquarters…the probability is also there.”

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