Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 872

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Ye Yang gazes into the distance, over there is the Defensive Great Array area under the Eastern Pole League.

Brows slightly wrinkle, Primal Chaos Qi with a murderous intention bursts out of his eyes.

“East Pole League…”

Do you want to go?

Should I go to challenge that situation or continue to attack the headquarters of the Antarctic League?

Ye Yang was a little hesitant.

“Continue to release a lot of chaos over there? Once you lose, pretend to kill in and out again, and Shi Shiran leaves?”

“The same trick, I’m afraid it won’t work this time. Because they stayed there first, and I went behind. If I want to set up chaos, it may not be too late.

“You must think of a 10000-stop strategy, and, not too late or too slow…”

He was whispering, preparing to discuss with Yuan Hao or others, and suddenly felt that in the vast universe, there is a sense of familiarity and a wonderful resonance.

And Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao seems to be calling an incarnation of Ye Yang to contact.

“It’s really a wave, and it’s coming again.

“Didn’t expect, other forces have begun to engage in this.”

Obviously, other forces are no less stupid than the Eastern League.

There are more powerful forces than the Eastern Pole League, after all, every rule ruled, as long as you are willing, a ruler is a party.

As for those who have a large number of gods under their command, or they are simply assembled by gods, or they are mixed forces of Deity, there are also wise men.

Like the Association of Gods, at the moment also set up a Defensive Array that is not inferior to the Eastern Pole League.

The principles applied are the same as those contained in the cultivation technique provided by Ye Yang. But the difference is that many of their ideas are added, and there are many more suitable and more suitable forces for them.

For example, if a certain force is good at manipulating the power of stars, then it must combine the power of stars and related laws with the law of solidification. And another force, good at manipulating the gravity of the void, must combine the law of gravity with the law of solidification.

The same foundation, different developments, different derivative effects, and the resulting Defensive Array are also very different.

The role, basically the same, is to strengthen defense.

Some have added a layer of defense out of thin air, and some have condensed the power of the entire starry sky. As long as the entire starry sky cannot be completely exploded, the situation cannot be broken, similar to Ye Yang’s previous methods, these are also there.

In addition, there are some different special features, such as automatically absorbing power in the sky, absorbing star energy, gravitational energy, and space energy, and transforming into certain laws to strengthen the corresponding Law Power. Or draw the power of other Law Fragment to maintain the movement.

Or, the battle itself has some unique functions.

Ye Yang saw the depth of Dongfang Yu’s universe, and a galaxy was shrouded in a huge deep Defensive Array. The color was blue and purple, and the whole body was very beautiful.

The divine sense of the outside world, all the laws of detecting entry, will be absorbed by this formation, or blocked by the solidified void force.

In the depths of the Western universe, there are 3 galaxies that are enveloped by a dark purple Defensive Array, another 7 galaxies are enveloped by the purple Red Defensive Array potential, and another 2 galaxies are enveloped by purple illusions. Symphony is the whole purple, but it is not a flash of other colors and purple mixed with other colors, brilliant lights and vibrant colors. It can be said that it looks beautiful, but the angle is different, it looks strange.

There are also 33 galaxies in the Southern Universe, which are respectively covered by the 7-color Defensive Array potential of red orange yellow green blue blue gold, like a rainbow traversing the void.

Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest. Central South, North Central, Middle to East, Central West, Far East, Far West, Far South, Far North, Extreme East, Extreme West, Extreme Machine, Extreme North. As well as the Zhongyuan universe area, etc., the universe can be divided into multiple areas, each with everyone and everyone Defensive Array potential formed.

These positions contain the power of the defense law and the solidification law, but there are other rules that are mixed and mutually constrained. Even Divine Tortoise Yuan Hao, the ruler who heads to go, cannot guarantee to interfere with the forces that provoke these positions.

It is difficult to contain the disturbance, not to mention direct control.

Obviously, these positions are extremely brilliant, and use the power of other mutation laws to achieve a balance with the solidification law. There may also be some power blessed by the Divine Emperor and even the Controller level powerhouse. Or, there is a variant god who is favored by the law in some districts.

For example, a certain Star Domain suspects that the god of cause and effect sits in town. There is also a certain Star Domain, suspected to have been the God of Soul. There is also a Star Domain, the god of mist that seems to have appeared.

There is also a star cluster formation, which is very weird and weird. The Defensive Array is unstable. It is suspected that the god of chaos is in it. I am not sure.

10000 Demon Emperor Demon Emperor is located at the entrance, there is also a huge Defensive Array potential generation.

There are many wise men in the universe.

Some who are confident, add the power of solidification law and defense law in the formation, some who lack self-confidence, use less solidified Law Power, and other laws. Correspondingly, the defensive of the position is not enough, and the others are more sufficient.

Even, there are some galaxies with a faint smell of ancient palace.

Ye Yang is definitely not helping himself.

Therefore, it is likely that there is a powerhouse to observe the ancient palace of the early years, or “contemplate” like a mortal cultivation. Some of the mysteries of comprehend the ancient palace of the early days, even if it is only fur, plus the knowledge of the ancient palace sold by the early days, all kinds of laws understand, cooperate with the present The Defensive Array potential can also be very strong.

There is still a situation, invisible like Primal Chaos Bell, but Primal Chaos Bell is definitely not there, because the breath fluctuates differently. But the power flow is similar. Obviously refer to Primal Chaos Bell.

What’s more, the Holy Night Palace has always been opposed to the ancient palace of the early days and has always been undermined. This Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, which is also known as skilled in defense, has also been equipped with some Defensive Array.

“It’s really eye-opening…Maybe, the gods have long wanted to set up defenses for their bases and old nests, right? It’s just that the previous timing was wrong.”

In the early days, why ancient palace was so prosperous, with great fortune, and developed so well, is because the defense is strong. With strong defense, you can suppress luck and not fear foreign enemies.

Many powerhouses will definitely want to deploy Defensive Array to their own forces.

There used to be many galaxies like Divine King where Lost galaxies have a similar formation, but they are not as strong as they are now.

However, there are some forces that dare not expose their positions and dare to expose their nests. Of course, they dare not arbitrarily deploy a powerful Defensive Array, which is too easy to be discovered.

Moreover, once the unfamiliar rules are used, they will be easily noticed by the corresponding rules.

But it is different now.

First, even if it is deliberately concealed, it cannot be concealed by many laws. Probability to hide from the past is quite small.

2. Now that the universe is turbulent, even if the Defensive Array potential is set up and then hidden again, it is possible. And there are various ways to cut the cause and effect, which can be purchased at a high price directly in the ancient palace. Although this does not guarantee that it will not be detected by the rule of law.

3, the newly emerging coagulation rules, as long as you purchase advanced cultivation techniques, you can directly learn the deep understanding of the coagulation rules and the integration of various other laws. Equivalent to ordinary gods can directly obtain some knowledge that can only be realized by the powerhouse above Divine King. Can you use it without saying it, at least understand it.

All influence powerhouse acquired this knowledge, combined with the previous background, the built Defensive Array potential, although it is not comparable to the ancient palace of the early days, many even the minor half of the ancient palace of the early days. But at least, defense is much safer than before.

Just like the ancient planet of Mortal World, the ordinary person lives in the world with various primitive beasts. In order to be afraid of being discovered, they will be hidden in the tree hole, but the hole is not necessarily safe. It may be discovered and then caught.

If it is hidden in the stone mountain cave, it is safer and also hidden, but it is also not guaranteed that it will not be discovered.

There are now methods of building houses with stone, and methods of building houses with wood and mudstone. Even if it is easier to be discovered by the beast. But normal people are also happy to build houses. Build more fences. It is more comfortable and safer than hiding in caves and tree caves before.

It’s really not possible, it was broken, and you can escape elsewhere.

Therefore, the same is true of the universe today.

One side created the Defensive Array potential, and the other side also released it. All of them used new knowledge-knowledge related to advanced solidification rules.

They will have the incarnation and the body hidden in the ancient palace at the beginning, or hidden elsewhere, and the incarnation or the body hidden in the Defensive Array potential here, a sly individual has more than one plan to fall back on, more at ease. No matter what happens to the ancient palace in the early days of 10000, such as who is evicted, or if there is a problem with their old nest, they will not lose all their capital.

This is a bit like a country, even if you can buy more advanced technology products from abroad, but also to follow the same path of independent research and development, not subject to people.

Although these forces could enter the ancient palace in the early days, they did not give up the research and strengthening of the Defensive Array potential.

All of these positions have some common characteristics…all have a lot of defensive borders and a lot of space-time barriers.

Equivalent to… a mortal city with a thick high wall.

More than equivalent to… A mortal country has built a long city wall to enclose the entire country.

Now, it is more difficult to enter the places guarded by these formations than before.

Even if you want to release the divine sense in the outside world to detect the situation inside, it becomes difficult. It may be impossible to sense what is happening inside.

Many potential galaxies in the universe, or well-developed galaxies, are so enclosed. each and everyone circled.

There is still signal communication between the inside and the outside world, you can log in to the universe virtual network, you can use the universe adventure game. However, a lot of information will be blocked. Even, when necessary, it is forbidden for the internal network to communicate with the external network. This is all possible.

“A new situation has emerged. Each and everyone new forces are emerging, and the struggle will enter a new situation.” Yuan Hao judged.

Ye Yang said: “So, is it a good thing or a bad thing for us?”

Yuan Hao said: “Not good said. On the good side, these forces will not only kill and kill each other, there will be a combination of verticals and horizontals. Unless you can instantly push the other side out. cut weeds and eliminate the roots, otherwise It doesn’t make big movements easily, at most there are only small frictions.

“But at the same time, because of the emergence of these divisions of power, there will be many battles in a short period of time, and Great Influence will begin to merge and annex small forces. In the future, the pattern of the universe will gradually be fought by the gods to fight against each other.

“Finally, in the end, there is no rule governing the forces that sit in town, I am afraid that it cannot be maintained. But this will not be the case in a short time.

“A large-scale annexation of small forces will have an adverse effect on this universe. But at the same time, these newly created Defensive Array potentials will become stronger and stronger. If the universe collapses, they may serve as a support point, a little more Supporting such a few tenths of a second will make it easier for the ancient palace to run away.”

Ye Yang is speechless.

In short, some changes in the future situation can be roughly guessed, but this is good or bad, it is not easy to say.

“From order to chaos, and from chaos back to order? At first, the orderly universe became chaos among the gods, gradually, and became a struggle between Great Influence, orderly and traceable. Until the final decisive battle…”

Ye Yang pondered for a while, and brows slightly wrinkle: “It seems not very profitable to the deity. These Defensive Arrays cover the position. If you deliberately block, the external information may be difficult to pass into it.”

Yuan Hao said with a smile: “That’s simple, one after another penetration inspection, where there is information that prevents Chaos Controller Ye Yang Your Majesty from spreading, just go there, kill it, and set a prestige on it. Yune all agree. You can endorse chaos, you are chaos, chaos is you, and then let your vest identity and Ye Yang’s identity be unified, then it is possible to reach the level of the rule of law.”

Yuan Yang’s way of promotion was clearly seen by Ye Yang, but Ye Yang could not hide him. Of course, He is not a competitor, but an ally.

“En.” Ye Yang slightly nodded.

The “tag” alone is still not enough. His strength background has not yet reached the peak of the Divine Emperor, and the battle strength is exceeded, but the level of cultivation base is still a bit short. Try hard at this point.

“However, while accumulating strength… Let’s take advantage of the Eastern Pole League. If they provoke a challenge and the deity does not respond, then chase down Chaos Divine Demon’s army before hitting Primal Chaos Bell again. These prestige, just Was weakened.

“Of course, you can’t just rush over, they lay traps and I foolishly go inside, it will give people a feeling that their IQ is not high and reckless, it’s inappropriate.

Subsequently, a lot of chaos, moved towards the direction of the Eastern Pole League.

But soon a god incarnation came out and used Divine Item to blow up the chaos without giving Ye Yang a chance.

“Chaos, there is the ability to challenge, why did not dare to show up?” A voice said.

In the sky, chaos came again, but it was divided into 1000 and 100 parts, and then turned into many parts, forming each and everyone. The small Ye Yang incarnation is a “chaos” image, and each incarnation is not strong. But the sound is neat, said with a laugh: “What breaking the formation you laid out, the deity is not in your eyes. I will not give you a color to see, I don’t know how powerful the deity is!”

“So, and please break into the array.” said the incarnation of the god of the Eastern Pole League.

“Hmph, ridiculous, the deity is going to fight, but you say challenge the deity to challenge you? You let the deity break, and the deity breaks out? Isn’t that very faceless? So, you can’t listen to what you say. Is the deity to Chuang, when Hou Chuang, the deity decides, it’s your turn to arrange!” Ye Yang’s many incarnations said in unison.

“Then when do you plan to break into battle?” the god incarnation of the Eastern Pole League asked again.

“The deity will do whatever he wants. Don’t forget, there is a grudge between you and me. Although the previous holiday, as the Dongming Divine Sovereign was cut and wiped out, but you provoked the deity, new grudges came out So, the deity will not speak with you in a good voice.” Ye Yang said.

“Oh, are you right?” The other party excited.

“Afraid? Ridiculous, the deity just wanted to take this opportunity to collect interest. The deity directly broke into the formation, which would be too cheap for you. The deity will stay in the vicinity to leave some monitoring, and from time to time emerge, it may directly break It’s possible that you won’t make it. It’s beautiful to watch you get nervous and relax for a while. Do you have to scare you a few more times, collect some interest, and then go into the battle again? Well, if you want the deity to come directly, accept your pick? The deity gives you face? There are no doors!” Ye Yang said.

The other party is speechless.

In the vast universe, the gods who eavesdropped on the dialogue here could hear nothing.

“This guy is so cruel…”

“The East Pole League is offended now, not an ordinary ruthless character…hehe, deserve it.”

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