Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 873

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“This time, the East Pole Divine League is about to lose face.”

“Oh, is there less shame on Dongji Shenmeng? Wasn’t the powerhouse rushing into it last time, killing Dongming Shenjun and coming out smoothly?”

“Ai, you said that the god who claimed to be chaos really didn’t dare to enter the battlefield? So he deliberately used this excuse to procrastinate? Or, could he break into the battlefield, but deliberately hang the East Pole God? Meng’s appetite, so that the East Pole God Meng is uneasy, so dragging, in order to vent his anger?”

“Unclear, but anyway, there are good shows and lively watching.”

“You don’t think it’s too much to watch the excitement.”

“That is, of course, in today’s universe, major events happen everywhere. But no matter how big the event is, it is just a struggle under the level of the emperor. How can there be such a big event here?”

“It makes sense. The most important thing is that the deity is just an incarnation watching the drama here. The ontology has been hidden elsewhere, or in the ancient palace in the early days, or in the 2nd and 3rd nests that were hidden deeply, you can not guess, and the opponent of the deity also I can’t guess. In this way, I can relax and relax, and feel good at watching the show.”

One god murmured.

I don’t know if this is a deliberate whisper of many gods, or Ye Yang’s incarnation is there to speak.

In short, these sounds were introduced into the Defensive Great Array laid out by the Eastern Pole League, and also into the galaxies at the headquarters of the Eastern Pole League. It is transmitted through spatial fluctuations, many gods of the Eastern Pole League have heard it, and each and everyone is very angry.

“Chaos, it seems that you are afraid of our Eastern Pole League.” A voice came from the Eastern Pole League.

In the void, the sound of “chaos” disguised by Ye Yang came, and multiple sounds sounded together, confusing the specific direction.

He laughed heartily said: “This battle is not only fighting strength, but also fighting wisdom. If the deity can only break the formation, then the fighting wisdom will lose to you. So, the delay here, the longer the time delay, the more beneficial to the deity. This It is also a kind of fighting wisdom.

“When will the deity break the formation? When the deity attacks, will there be an enemy of the Antarctic League for the door? Will there be other powerhouse profiting from somebody’s misfortune after breaking the formation? Think clearly.”

The Eastern Pole League was silent, and no sound came out.

Now, it feels tricky.

Before, I saw through Ye Yang’s thoughts and plans. Knowing that He wants to prestige and create a “concept”.

Therefore, it was only after this situation was made that Ye Yang’s voice was forced to force him to fight.

But now, Ye Yang made some moves, but quickly reacted mainly to customers, turning passive into active.

Originally, it was not suitable for attacking before, and it was not suitable for not attacking. Now… The Eastern Pole League has become a passive state of “1000-day anti-thief”.

Everyone knows that it is possible to be a thief in 1000 days, but impossible 1000-day anti-thief. Staying forever will lose.

Ye Yang is staring at this area, how could it be possible to continue free activities here? Whatever you do will be stared to death.

“Damn, hate!!”

Anger came from the Eastern League.

Then, a silhouette manifested in the void: “Chaos, who do you think this deity is?”

Ye Yang took a look, brows slightly wrinkle.

It is Dongming Shenjun! !

Before Ye Yang broke into the Eastern Pole League, incarnation Self-destruction killed Dongming Divine Monarch, and spread this news everywhere. Fiercely swept a wave of prestige, and fiercely rose to prestige.

But now, there is a living Dongming Divine Emperor?

Doesn’t it mean that the Dongming Divine Monarch he killed before was false? Or was the killing unsuccessful? Self-destruction has not succeeded in killing, is it ashamed? Was it humiliating before the hype?

Dongming Divine Sovereign appeared and slapped his face, then Ye Yang, would he force the line to break through, or break the Defensive Array, or break into the headquarters of the East Pole Divine League and destroy the Dongming Divine Sovereign again?

If you are indifferent, then the prestige of the previous brush has fallen.

At this time, Ye Yang’s chaotic god incarnation said coldly in the void: “Fake goods, shameless!”

The sound spread through many galaxy clusters.

Some gods peeking and listening are silent.

The Eastern League of Gods was silent. After 2 seconds, the silhouette of Dongming Shenjun jumped like thunder: “You are a counterfeit!!!”

“Hehe.” A sneer came

“There are many gods who can infer cause and effect. Senior, anyone can count. Is the deity a true Dongming prince?” the silhouette said.

Ye Yang has a heart.

Yuan Hao’s incarnation said to him: “The true probability is quite large.”

“The deity is clear. Before breaking into the Eastern Pole League, I found out that the gods inside could die and be resurrected. Normal gods, who died in the universe, also had a chance to be resurrected, but the difficulty was very difficult and the conditions Extremely harsh. Even accidentally loses the chance of resurrection and recovery forever. However, in that Eastern Pole League, there is a divine object, which can let the gods fall and resurrect at any time.

“Oh? divine object?”

“Well, their noumenon and core of consciousness should be pinned on the divine object. Once the body has a problem, it can be recovered with a smaller cost. However, because of the divine object, they cannot play. Complete battle strength.” Ye Yang said.

“Investiture of the Gods!” Yuan Hao said.

“This Venerable also is such a guess. Investiture of the Gods, a few hundred gods Undying and Inextinguishable. If this list is not destroyed, they will not die. And this list will be destroyed. If their True Spirit can escape, it can be quickly regained. Shaping Primordial Spirit to reshape the body. Slowly cultivation to restore battle strength.”

Ye Yang said, I was a little envious of the Divine Item. Although he can’t use it now, such a Divine Item, if used well, has great benefits for Ye Yang now.

“You can’t fake it, you can’t fake it. The true or false deity is also clear in your heart. Why, chaos, don’t you dare to come to the deity?” The voice of Dongming Shenjun said again.

Ye Yang’s chaotic god emperor incarnation, laughed heartily, the voice echoed in multiple places in the void: “Your excitement will not be brilliant.”

“Yes, the deity is to excite you, do you dare to come?”

“If the deity is correct, you are an incarnation of Dongming Divine Sovereign? After a special Divine Item remodeling manifestation? Huh, just like the god incarnation that entered the ancient palace in the early days. Their former ontology split into many incarnation, and the connection between the incarnation and the body was cut off from cause and effect, and became a separate lifeform. If it is correct, the body of Dongming Shenjun has been wiped out by the deity, you are just a weak slag incarnation that he accidentally left behind by accident .”

“You bullshit!!!” The Dongming Divine Monarch was furious.

“Nonsense? Huh, your cultivation base is much weaker than Dongming Divine Monarch. And, only dare to let the incarnation projection come out. Any god’s incarnation, cover up the cause and effect, or use the special Magical Artifact to disturb the cause and effect, and then project Then, let others calculate the projection, how can it be calculated accurately? And, once the ontology is lost, incarnation will have the opportunity to inherit the cause and effect of the ontology. So, you are just a fake. But you want to take advantage of today’s disorder, you The results calculated by powerhouse are vague and inaccurate, so I want to come to fish in troubled waters.” Ye Yang said.

In today’s world, the rulers do not dare to say that they must be correct. If anyone calculates the situation of the Dongming Divine Sovereign, it will definitely not give a completely accurate result. There will be some ambiguity. But it would subconsciously think that Dongming Divine Monarch is real, but the disorder of heaven and earth caused some ambiguity.

But if this counterfeit product is the incarnation of Dongming Shenjun, and it costs a huge price to disguise, it will be different.

That is fake. If anyone makes a prediction and insists that the Dongming Divine Sovereign is true, then he will be ashamed afterwards.

“Hmph, you also said that if the body is destroyed, the incarnation inherits cause and effect. If the body of the deity is intact, you have not succeeded in killing. If the body is destroyed, the incarnation also inherits cause and effect. Could it be that you are afraid Don’t dare to come? The deity invites you to cut weeds and eliminate the roots. Don’t you dare to come? Are you afraid that the deity’s cultivation base is even stronger?”

“Trifling defeated, what’s the matter?”

“Speaking of it, you are all guilty. All kinds of sophistry can’t conceal your strong in appearance but weak in reality. If you are really strong enough, then no matter what traps are here, you can be fearless, Push it horizontally. But you dare not come forward and say something to scare the Eastern Pole League, which is actually lack of confidence. Didn’t expect, you are such a chaotic deity. Also Chaos Controller? I pooh!” That Dongming The prince provoked provocation.

“Haha, do you think that the deity will be fooled? You listen, Dongming Shenjun, the deity will be 10-15 days fast, 3 years and 5 years slow, you will definitely come to the door, the time will not be too long. With respect to the creation of Primal Chaos Bell Strength, it is no problem to break through your position. By the way, show the deity’s bravery. But you will never be irritated by the excitement of the cause and effect. You will be fooled. The more you are stimulated, the stronger the revenge of the deity. But it will never go in. Your rhythm, you give up.” Ye Yang said.

Dongming Shenjun was speechless.

Ye Yang, it’s really not oil and salt.

And at this moment, in the sky one after another, the stars flew by.

The gods looked at it and found out. The flying is not a star, but one after another Primal Chaos Qi Compressed and condensed chaotic black ball, energy ball.

It is the same strength used to attack strikes Primal Chaos Bell.

“He wants to reapply old skills?”

“Do you use external force again? Or, don’t you want us to see His real means?”

However, these energy spheres did not hit the Defensive Array, they just exploded and burst into chaos as they approached.

The gods thought that this chaotic god emperor was going to reapply his old skills, and he wanted to cover up this area with chaos.

In that situation, there was a wind spreading, and the space between the shuttles was 10000 light years or even more than ten 10000 light years, and the chaos was blown away.

However, one after another shuttled the black ball, and the place of the explosion was too scattered. Even if these chaos spreads, the area enveloped is not large.

The headquarters of the Eastern League of Gods here, but the surrounding area of ​​several million light years or more, is even bigger and bigger.

How much space does the chaos that a black ball can explode occupy? How vast is the range around? This way, I don’t know how many years to fill this place with chaos. Moreover, these chaos will be blown away.

At this moment, there will be more black balls shuttling through the void. I don’t know where in the sky is the Transmission Array.

Subsequently, the areas where these chaos exploded, each and everyone robots emerged, each floating in the air motionless.

A beam of light was emitted from the Eastern Pole League, and several robots were extinguished after being swept away.

Simple to view, all are ordinary goods, Mortal World can easily create a detection robot with several millions of 10000 million.

For low-tech planes, these machines have high technological content, but for high-tech planes, they are not the same thing.

“Damn, this kid is insidious!!”

The gods of the Eastern Pole League are aware that these things are used to disgust them.


It’s a bunch of little things that are not worth mentioning, and they are still scattered. It’s like a passerby throwing a lot of ants and flies into a manor.

do not kill?

These things will definitely scan and detect the surrounding conditions, and spread all the information observed to the void. Not fixed where to point.

The Chaos Divine Emperor can monitor the situation here.

And if it is just an ordinary robot, if one of the two robots contains divine force, or is that guy’s incarnation disguised? There may be more to see.

“Ignore him, this point of monitoring is meaningless. Defensive Array potential masking is powerful, and impossible detects too much information.”

“But this is disgusting. And, we can’t keep guarding all the time.”

“Send some gods to lead ~ to lure him?”

“It’s too dangerous. Simply… use that killing move.”

So, soon a chaotic creature flew out of the Defensive Array here.

Also, many divine senses swept towards this side.

If Ye Yang incarnation takes action, the vest called “Chaos” will be found. Once the location is determined, the powerhouse of the Eastern League of Gods will surely be traced back to cause and effect. Once Ye Yang appears, the battle will begin. The large formation will also hang over.

If you don’t shoot? There are other chaotic creatures in this universe, and the name of chaos is also very loud.

“Hmph, actually play this move.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, the newly emerged chaotic creature, exploded quickly.

“Why?” The gods were shocked.

“He can control chaos remotely. This chaotic creature’s overflowing chaos is controlled by him, and backlash that chaotic creature.”

“There are too many chaos overflowing.”

As a result, new chaotic creatures emerged. And, first blow away the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi. Ye Yang won’t even be able to project a new incarnation Self-destruction in the past. And if you send a powerful incarnation in the past, you can only win but not lose.

“Yuanhao Senior ……”

Immediately, there was a hole in the void, a flash of light flashed over, and several chaotic creatures were killed.

“The power of the law Controller level?!!!”

“It’s not like that chaos. And this power has been disguised, it is difficult to judge which powerhouse.”

There are laws in the universe that dominate the situation here. However, Yuan Hao is only a split open space to allow Ye Yang’s power to move through the space, not at all to kill the chaotic creature. Even the power of smash void is instantly recovered, and no one can touch his foundation.

Unless anyone can stop Ye Yang’s Power of Primal Chaos from Yuan Hao’s space channel. Or have time to go back.

“East Pole League, didn’t expect you actually joined hands with the race in the chaotic creatures, did you join hands with the enemies of this deity? Huh, you…”

“These chaotic creatures are a little bit of a problem in the Defensive Array that has not been adjusted, and they escaped by themselves. We are here to suppress the chaotic emperors, and it is normal to be a fish that escaped the net. If you don’t want this universe Chaos creatures from 10000 1000 to 100000000 appeared, and they were scattered randomly around, so come and suppress them.” There was a voice in the Eastern Pole League.

“It seems that I have to take action. However… I have delayed this time to think about it, and I am not breaking the formation method, even the success rate is a bit worrying… Well, do you want to try? If you can break the formation, there is a chance to force another wave…”

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