Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 874

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After a few breaths, Ye Yang made a decision.

This decision is bold.

Because, this operation method, He had not tested at all before, and now it is the first combination.

each and everyone A huge space formation is formed in Chaos World.

Ye Yang controls the same territory as Chaos, and the layout condenses into a huge Transmission Array of each and everyone.

These positions are not weaker than when they attacked Primal Chaos Bell.

And, a powerful chaotic statue of each and everyone, walking in the vicinity.

“this is……”

Ye Die looked at the statues in surprise.

Each one has more than 30000 zhang high, almost liquid Primal Chaos Qi and solidification law, condensed into a semi-solid and gaseous weird form. Each contained Primal Chaos Qi is quite powerful, not weaker than any incarnation sent by Ye Yang. Moreover, the image is exactly the same as the “chaos” of Ye Yang’s vest walking in the universe.

“If you get a shot, you have to cooperate with Yuanhao Senior.” Ye Yang said.

Yuan Hao knew that Ye Yang had a rule of weak slag, and knew that Ye Die’s relationship with Ye Yang was very special. Ye Die might even be under Ye Yang’s control.

But they didn’t say anything. Although they were curious, they didn’t inquire seriously.

Ye Yang said that this incident helped him to break through the Eastern Pole League, so he shot.

“Do you think this technique will work?” Yuan Hao asked.

“Yes, before you opened the space channel, let my power pass to the Defensive Array potential of the Eastern Pole League, and slash the few chaotic creatures, then it is certainly possible now. Let me these Transmission Array potential The effect is stronger, more accurate, and will not be disturbed there. Coupled with the power of Ye Die, it is confused with my Chaos Aura. The three kinds of breaths impact each other. With the breath of the jade pendant, it can cover all of us. Identity, even when tracing the source of cause and effect, can only be traced back to this chaos.” Ye Yang said: “So, the deity is sure, even if the strength of these statues’ shells is strong, the strength is strong, they can accurately send the number 3 billion light years into the depths of the universe.”

Yuan Hao said: “Well, can we surely break through the Defensive Array?”

Ye Yang laughed: “Even if it is an incarnation of mine, it is possible to break the Defensive Array potential, which is more difficult. That’s all. What’s more, the power used is so much? Even if it can’t be broken, I still have a back hand. In short, the body must be Indestructible, incarnation can recover in decay, and without prejudice to reputation, it is innately undefeated to achieve these.”

In fact, even if Ye Yang failed to attack the Eastern Pole League, there would be no problem. At most, the incarnation would die. But that looks pretty. The incarnation will be demolished, and then a body will be remodeled. It used to be, now… It will be seen by the people of the Dongji Shenmeng who have been pre-prevented, and recorded. Ye Yang was embarrassed as soon as he publicized it.

So the difficulty is how not to lose prestige.

Ye Yang is now prepared, even if there is something wrong with not winning, don’t worry about accidents.

“Now that you have decided, then… we will cooperate with you.” Yuan Hao said.

It still just came incarnation. Because many eyes in the universe now stare at Ye Yang’s incarnation, Yuan Hao cannot guarantee that he will be found here. So only dare to let incarnation come, at worst Self-destruction incarnation or let incarnation dissociate, the body will not show up.

In fact, Ye Yang is still unclear where Yuan Hao’s body is hidden and whether there are any other actions in secret.

“Okay, count down ten seconds, let’s start…”

At the same time, the Defensive Array of the Eastern Pole League is out of reach.

“Our Defensive Array potential is extremely strong, but the cosmic cracks here are too amazing, and the chaotic creatures impacted inside are not weak.” There was a voice from the Eastern League.

The Defensive Array potential they laid out was violently turbulent, and the gray gas surged, and a little Primal Chaos Qi scattered.

There must be traps!

Many powerhouses have guessed it.

The headquarters of Dongji Shenmeng may also have traps, and the foundation card of Dongji Shenmeng, that Ziji Divine Emperor and several other Divine Emperor Peaks, may still stay at the headquarters, where they can exert their maximum battle strength. Prevent Ye Yang sneak attack.

And the Defensive Array potential here, there must be a big trap.

“Chaos, zhi zhi crooked for a long time, only talk big and not dare to do it, it seems that you are also well-known. Before dealing with Primal Chaos Bell, wouldn’t it be by means of external force? You have no strength yourself, yes Who is pushing in secret to help you improve your reputation? Otherwise, with your strength, how can you break Primal Chaos Bell?” A voice came from the Eastern League.

When some gods heard it, they immediately followed with doubts: “Yes, speaking of which, how did the former Chaos God break the Primal Chaos Bell? Who saw it?”

“I didn’t see it, I didn’t see it clearly. However, all the rulers of the rule of power can’t break Primal Chaos Bell. Why can he break it? Even if the rulers of the rule do not do their best, even Primal Chaos Bell will bear the power of multiple rulers first. strikes to the Chaos Divine Emperor, but… this is still too bizarre. No Emperor is so powerful, it must be weird.”

“Yes, someone must have helped the Chaos Divine Emperor secretly, and the deity smelled the conspiracy.”

Some gods are rhythmic.

At this time, it is unclear whether Ye Yang did not show up.


In the sky, a laughed heartily came out.

I saw a silhouette shrouded in rich chaos, manifested in the void.

“It’s Him!”

A bit of powerhouse looks at it.


Innumerable ray of rays of light flew out of the Defensive Array potential outside the territory of the Eastern Pole Alliance and the territory, containing the powerful lethal power above the Divine Emperor, locking the void and blasting to Ye Yang incarnation.

“I had expected you to have this move long ago, and when the deity showed up, I would immediately drop my hand.” Ye Yang sneered.

If Ye Yang is defeated in the battle, there is still room for sophistry, but if he appears, he is exploded in the void. In this way, Ye Yang wants to reinvent the incarnation to pretend to be unharmed, so it will not be possible. I was beaten.

It can never be destroyed as soon as you meet.

This is what Ye Yang had thought of before, and it was also the reason why he didn’t appear.

Now I think of a solution…

“Why not be so anxious,” Ye Yang smiled.

Those blazing lights were about to hit Ye Yang incarnation, but he exploded with a loud bang.

“Is this done?” Many gods were stunned.

“No, those attacks haven’t come yet, and he exploded.”

“It’s a spiritual shock from the sky”

“No, it’s His Self-destruction.”

“How is it possible? Self-destruction, he is stupid…”

When the words fell, I saw this incarnation of Ye Yang Self-destruction, which was overflowing with vast chaos, surging 4 squares.

Moreover, in this diffused area, various anomalous laws were swept or swallowed by Primal Chaos Law.

The large exploded void was distorted, and several huge Space Cracks were instantly generated.

At the other end of Space Crack, a huge statue compresses and shrinks to the size of a normal person. They all contain terrible powerful power and breath. Each and everyone shuttles through Space Crack.

Bang!! !

A Space Crack burst, and a Transmission Great Array far away from Primal Chaos Abyss also burst.

Then, the bombing opened, and several other Transmission Great Array burst after one.

This is overload, and the power of transmission is too strong.

To be precise, the power contained in the statue is no better than compressing condensed stars. However, there is a powerful Primal Chaos Law, and there are many kinds of disorder laws. These laws interfere with each other and will also destroy the Space Law that comes with Transmission Array. So the space channel can’t bear it, it will burst.

The stronger the body, the higher the “stability” requirement for the transmission, and the greater the cost of each transmission. Normally, a large number of weak bodies are transferred and merged. But now, Ye Yang is directly transmitted with a powerful body.

Many Transmission Arrays have collapsed, but in addition to the Defensive Great Array of the Eastern Pole League, there are 12 more silhouettes that exude powerful Primal Chaos Qi.

“Hang, Chaos God Emperor?”

“Very powerful breath! Every one is Divinity Sovereign Level, no weaker than any Divine Emperor body, or even stronger!!”

“12 Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse? And are they all Chaos Divine Emperor?”

Even if it is a god who secretly peeks, it is cold in the distance.

“Who said it is 12 Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse? Deity, just one!” Twelve Ye Yang incarnations spoke at the same time.

“What? Is it…”

“All are the incarnation of the Chaos Divine Emperor?”

each and everyone shocked Mo Ming.

At this time, ten or two silhouettes, exactly the same outfit, exude the same powerful fluctuations of the power of the God Emperor Peak level, and at the same time make the same voice: “Yes, it is the deity.”

“Mah!!” Many gods were startled.

“This is not an ordinary incarnation, but an incarnation of the same level of the powerhouse body of the Kanda God Emperor Peak level… this, this chaotic emperor, is his true strength the Divine Emperor Peak? No, Divine Emperor Peak It’s not that strong, can’t the rule rule?”

There was some confusion in the Eastern League.

each and everyone Ye Yang incarnation, with a weird smile on the corner of his mouth.

His incarnation is certainly so strong.

However, each of these incarnations is made by compression and casting using a large number of Primal Chaos Qi in Primal Chaos Domain. Each one is similar to His body.

But the difference is that there are some changes in the internal structure, and it does not take too much Ye Yang’s will to keep these incarnation stable.

Generally speaking, the more powerful the incarnation, the stronger the spirit willpower that requires the ontology. The spirit entrusted by cohesion is not strong enough to exert the true strength of incarnation.

Just like the same powerful computer, if the operating system and various software are all scum-level, then the role and effectiveness it exerts will be very weak.

Ye Yang’s usual incarnation is strong, and more attention on the body is put on that powerful incarnation. Incarnation is weak, the body can be controlled without using too much spirit willpower.

Now, a powerful incarnation uses almost all of the spirit willpower of the body, and most of the incarnation only poses there, except that it can control the direction of the flight and perform Self-destruction, so they can only follow them. incarnation makes similar actions.

Apart from this, there can be no more precise control.

Ye Yang can only barely control 5 such powerful incarnations at the same time. This is still based on the power of Chaos Divine Emperor to control the Power of Primal Chaos contained in these incarnations.

But chaos itself contains chaos. This kind of manipulation is prone to accidents and will make the incarnation out of control. Moreover, 5 cannot fully exert their full strength, and the other 7 are basically not suitable for combat. Unless Self-destruction.

“The Eastern Pole League, prepare to die!”

Twelve Ye Yang incarnation uttered simultaneously.

“Wait… wait!!!” The gods of the Eastern Pole League were nervous.

Ye Yang sneered.

In an instant, ten silhouettes, flew forward and shot together.

Among them, the chaos contained in the 7 silhouettes is mostly merged into the head, and the movement is basically the same as the other 5 silhouettes, but the angle is different. The other 5 silhouettes are very powerful.

Ten 2 punches strike at the same time as the huge Defensive Array in the void.

boom! ! ! !

Fiery golden rays of light emerged.

Some of the hidden positions were all manifested.

A very huge roulette-shaped area, a thick space barrier is intercepted outside, and inside are countless divine symbol moire flow, at this moment, the entire formation burst into a huge gap.

Ten 2 silhouettes broke into at the same time.

I can only see that the inside is a distinguished space, a layer of parallel space is stacked with a layer of parallel space, and a layer of layers is superimposed.

The central area produces strong suction, so that the entrant can only be absorbed and fly to the central area, it is difficult to escape, and the stronger the suction, the more the center. During this absorption process, it will continue to shuttling through the void.

Ye Yang let his own incarnation gather, and ten or two incarnations became only ten, but the previously weakened incarnation recovered a little.

Bang!! !

8 incarnation Self-destruction are lost.

Primal Chaos Law fired with other Law Fragment.

The so-called chaos is the integration of countless laws. At the moment it bursts out, there are a lot of laws disintegrated, and the broken laws tear the void.

All parallel spaces explode and merge into one. As if the interior of the dozens of floors was opened. Then, the whole formation exploded.

The violent power made Ye Yang’s remaining 2 incarnations unsustainable.

Simply, let these 2 incarnations also be Self-destruction.

Such a powerful and violent energy, all kinds of laws are turbulent, and the gods outside cannot see the situation here.

Moreover, there is a lot of chaos. A small area is less affected.

The chaos here will converge, condensing an incarnation of Ye Yang.

Then, Ye Yang saw that the vast chaos came from the front.

This incarnation quickly reversed.

It was considered to have successfully broken the Defensive Array potential under the Eastern Pole League, no matter what other traps are hidden here, they just exploded together just now, and they were blown up before they were launched.

Ye Yang can retreat with peace of mind. One escape millions and millions li.

Then I saw that in the center of the momentum, chaos continuously spewed out, one after another huge chaos of the chaos emerged from it. One of them also exudes an imposing manner that is not weaker than that of Ye Yang.

“Chaotic God Emperor? Another Chaos God Emperor? There are many powerful chaotic creatures?” Ye Yang complexion sank.

“The Eastern Pole League, didn’t expect, you really collaborate with Chaos, there are powerful Chaos creatures hidden in the Defensive Array potential laid out here. What do you want to do? Deploy arrays here to help Chaos Divine Demon build a base? “Ye Yang angrily said.

An icy voice came from the Eastern League: “It sounds like you are not Chaos Divine Demon. Are you not a species in chaos? Since you are rampant in this universe, the deity feels that it leads to other chaos It’s not bad that the species fights against you and drives the tiger to swallow the wolf.

“Even more how, this is indeed a naturally formed chaotic channel. My Eastern Pole Alliance has been guarding 5 10,000,000 years. Now I can’t hold it until I deploy the Defensive Array, which will lead you to that’s all.

“My Divine Alliance, I’m not sorry for this universe. No collusion with Yu Wai Chaos Divine Demon.

“It’s you… This Chaos Your Majesty, you claim that only one Chaos Emperor is allowed to walk in the universe? Then, please drive out these intruders, we wait and see.”

Ye Yang complexion is gloomy.

On hearing the roar sound, a large number of Chaos Divine Demon and chaotic ominous beast without wisdom or IQ are rushed out of that huge crack.

The dark and huge chaotic emperor silhouette, waved his hand, more and more strange objects clock, densely packed grandiose rushed towards this side.

Not only that, Ye Yang also sensed that in the surrounding area, those chaotic creatures seem not to be suppressed by the invisible universe. Ye Yang wanted to chase and kill the chaotic creature army with one enemy 10000 as before, which is almost impossible.

In this case, it is very likely that the Dongji Shenmeng moves! They want Ye Yang to suffer both sides of these chaotic creatures.


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