Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 875

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Ye Yang looked dignified.

His present incarnation is much weaker than any previous incarnation. If you fight hard… I am afraid you won’t win.

But if you flee without a fight, the consequences are even more serious.

In the blink of mind, many chaotic creatures have rushed towards Ye Yang.

However, Ye Yang right hand only stretched out flatly, and the virtual button fell.

boom! !

Chaotic creatures burst and burst quickly.

Under the blow of Ye Yang, nearly ten Chaos Divine Demon were destroyed. Each is not inferior to the gods in the rank of God in Yu.

Afterwards, more Chaos Divine Demon rushed towards this side, Ye Yang’s figure retreated slightly, and Chaos Divine Demon who had just been bombarded by him, a large number of Primal Chaos Qi came to Ye Yang’s side.

This is the strength of Chaos Divine Emperor.

Ye Yang’s spirit willpower exudes into the body of the chaotic creature infiltrating into the front, instantly taking control of their within the body chaos. Of course impossible is completely taken away, but some of the power of chaos is still taken away.

The power of Chaos Divine Demon within the body is unstable, and Ye Yang does not entangle with them. It only makes those chaos split, and all kinds of Law Power burst with Primal Chaos Qi. The entire winds of Chaos Divine Demon exploded.

The body collapsed, and these Chaos Divine Demon became Primal Chaos Qi, which contained only a lot of mental fragments, and these spiritual fragments were attached to chaos, rather than being controlled by the spirit like the less Chaos Divine Demon. chaos.

This led to them overflowing as if they were completely disbanded.

Ye Yang’s fine divine sense power surges, with the authority possessed by Chaos God Emperor, and with his strength control of Primal Chaos Law, a large amount of chaos control power in front of it is plundered by force.

A lot of chaos flooded into this body and turned into its own use.

If you continue to fight like this, Ye Yang can fight to fight, will be able to kill Chaos Divine Demon here, and devour their power to strengthen the power of this incarnation.

But unfortunately, the chaos sucked in was only a little bit into the body, and there was a coldly snorted voice over there.

The god-level chaotic creatures hidden behind many Chaos Divine Demon, Grandiose’s spirit willpower surges towards this side, and Ye Yang’s Chaos Divine Demon, which has just exploded, has some Primal Chaos Qi rewinding towards that chaotic god. Fly away.

At this time, the other Chaos Divine Demon had already killed Ye Yang, one giant fist and one giant claw, smashed down, grabbed down, patted off.

each and everyone Chaos Seal is coming.

Ye Yang quickly shook his body, stepped back, and broke into the Chaos Divine Demon.

In just 0.1% seconds, 7 Chaos Divine Demon were torn to pieces.

Ye Yang condensed his fine divine sense in his palm power and his finger strength, the Primal Chaos Qi around him spilled out, just like the mortal body used the “nether ghost mist”, let these Primal Chaos Qi dissipated into various swords, knives and guns, flying slashing to 4 directions.

Part of the attack, the moment of hitting the hostile Chaos Divine Demon, let Ye Yang’s fine divine sense force flow into them within the body.

Then, it is fine divine sense to force the other party’s control of chaos. Even if it can’t be seized, it will temporarily make the opponent’s body out of control.

For example, the human meridian impulse signal of the human body controls the activities of the body, but if a large number of stronger god meridian impulse signals flow from the outside into the nerves, even if the body cannot be controlled in reverse, the body will be out of control. utterly shameless.

Chaos Divine Demon is similar.

If the situation is light, the body will be out of control, and then be killed by Ye Yang’s other attacks. Because they are out of control and there is no defense, the equivalent to the fatal point and the core key can be easily attacked. Unless the body is strong, it can stay longer.

Seriously, no other attack is needed at all, and the body is directly exploded. Even the entire body of Chaos Divine Demon is completely controlled by Ye Yang, which in turn strikes other Chaos Divine Demon of the same kind.

The scene was once chaotic.

With such a method, Ye Yang is invincible among ordinary Chaos Divine Demon.

As long as one’s own spirit is not exhausted, no matter how many ordinary Chaos Divine Demons come, they can be killed, and they can also use the opponent’s Primal Chaos Qi for their own use.

In a short moment, while the other party exploded, Ye Yang incarnation engulfed the other party’s chaos and turned into his own body. This incarnation is not far from the previous peak state. The chaos that just condensed into within the body has not yet been refining, and some exotic spiritual fragments remain inside. But under the control of the powerful Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level, Primal Chaos Law within the body completely obeyed His will.

This absorbs the power of the body and can be fully controlled easily. Only occasionally there will be a little power due to the chaotic nature.

The figure is like a spinning wheel. In the Chaos Divine Demon army, a large number of Chaos Divine Demon can be easily cut into pieces. It is more powerful than dealing with ordinary gods in the universe. It is comparable to giant dragon breaking into the flock.

This powerful imposing manner made the gods who watched the battle from afar tremble,

But the next moment, the vast spirit willpower came from a distance.

The Spirit Willpower of Chaos God on the side of Space Crack in front is blessed on a body with Chaos Divine Demon, but concentrated on the body of Chaos Divine Demon near Ye Yang.

Ye Yang strikes a Chaos Divine Demon, and Chaos Divine Demon has Divinity Sovereign Level’s fine divine sense power blessing. The spirit willpower contained in this blow of his attack can’t penetrate or penetrate, even if forced to penetrate will not cause too much damage.

In the past, a Chaos Divine Demon was destroyed, but now a few dozens of dozens can’t destroy a Chaos Divine Demon. It still uses a lot of fine divine sense power and Primal Chaos Qi. If you use less power, it will be more difficult to kill.

He shot fiercely with a palm, consumed nearly 10% of the Power of Primal Chaos within the body, and spiked the Chaos Divine Demon. But more Chaos Divine Demon came in.

Ye Yang’s brow wrinkled.

Primal Chaos Qi, which consumes this incarnation, kills Chaos Divine Demon. Although it can also kill seconds, it looks majestic, but it does not last long.

Beheading a dozen or so will become weaker than Chaos Divine Demon’s power here and won’t win.

Moreover, this is the result of the cohesion of power. If the power is dispersed, it is not enough to spike.

In contrast, using fine divine sense to seize the opponent’s chaos control authority, and forcibly control Primal Chaos Qi on the opponent, this is much more efficient.

“The god emperor must be destroyed first!”

Ye Yang retreated while thinking.

Many Chaos Divine Demon were blessed by the will of the Divine Emperor and kept persecuting, Ye Yang had to retreat and retreat.


Suddenly, Ye Yang burst into countless fist shadow palm shadows, and Chaos Divine Demon burst apart. This is breaking force.

Use the powerful Primal Chaos Qi to compress and condense in the fist and foot, use point to break surface to kill a dozen Chaos Divine Demon.

However, after these Chaos Divine Demon exploded, the chaos they radiated also surged forward. It is the hostile chaotic emperor who controls these chaos away. Don’t suck Ye Yang, otherwise Ye Yang’s incarnation strength will be restored.

Ye Yang will either release spirit strength and take control of these chaos with the other party, it will be difficult to distract them, and the other Chaos Divine Demon will kill it.

Either give up control of these chaos, but as a result, the incarnation is very weak and there is no time to recover.

Now reinvent the incarnation elsewhere?

However, it was too late. Time is not enough. When the incarnation arrives elsewhere, the incarnation here has exploded, which is too embarrassing.

Moreover, before other incarnations arrive, the incarnations here will be killed by many Chaos Divine Demon strikes, or even live alive. That embarrassed image is very different from the people deliberately created before, and the loss will be great.

However, Ye Yang had expected all this.

Chaos surging around, Ye Yang was also shrouded in it.

So, instead of retreating, he took advantage of the gap created by the dozen Chaos Divine Demon who had just been bombarded and rushed forward. It’s just like Primal Chaos Qi who flew away.

Many Primal Chaos Qi did not retreat but advanced towards Ye Yang. These Primal Chaos Qi controlled by the Chaos God Emperor are enough to transform into various sharp sword weapons to Ye Yang, or form a cage to trap.

In the same way that Ye Yang is a mortal when he uses the ghost haze. Now it is the enemy who controls Chaos to deal with Ye Yang.

However, at the moment when these chaos covered him, Ye Yang waved and disturbed the power, and when the outside divine sense could not detect clearly, he waved his hand.

one after another defense divine talisman emerged.

The divine talisman belonging to Yuan Hao turned into a shield for each and everyone, helping Ye Yang to block a little 2. At the same time, it is also blooming power fluctuations that make it more chaotic

Many attacks fell down and were covered. Ye Yang has taken the opportunity to take out the empty beads.


The Sky Bead produces a strong suction power, whistling and flying towards the front. The Chaos Divine Demon intercepted by the forcibly absorbed power, broke through the body and penetrated the hole of each and everyone.

The hollow bead quickly hit the area where the Chaos God Emperor was located.

“What the hell?” Chaos God emperor both shocked and angry, countless tentacles grabbed at the voided bead, and each hand spurred Primal Chaos Qi into a cage to trap the voided bead.

This hollow bead exudes the breath of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure and is absorbed insanely. While sucking up the chaos, the crystal of the divine force was shot out, and the crystal of the divine force exploded to the chaotic emperor.

This does not have much killing effect, but it has a certain containment effect.

Whether there are other Chaos Divine Emperors nearby, Ye Yang is not clear, but just now fighting, only encountered the power of a Chaos Divine Emperor. Therefore, it is judged that the probability of only one chaotic emperor is relatively large.

Only when the repression of them around disappears temporarily, it is more difficult to deal with.

Of course, there may still be a powerhouse in the dark, but Ye Yang can’t take care of it now, so he has to give it a go.

Taking advantage of the moment when the Chaos God Emperor was contained and interfered, Ye Yang grew dozens of arms, and his body accelerated towards the front.

Everywhere, each and everyone Chaos Divine Demon exploded apart, like a statue of sand piled up by fiercely bumped into the air.

But what is even more amazing is that Ye Yang impacted in the front, and a lot of chaos behind him rushed toward his body and condensed into this incarnation.

From afar, where Ye Yang has passed, Chaos Divine Demon is like one after another big egg that was hit by a locomotive that was hit by an impact.

Even worse than the broken egg, the broken Chaos Divine Demon’s Primal Chaos Qi also rolled backwards and rushed towards Ye Yang, catching up with Ye Yang and sucking into his within the body.

When Ye Yang hit the chaotic god emperor, he did not know how much chaos he had sucked. This incarnation was powerful and strong.


Dozens of dark silhouettes flew out suddenly and killed Ye Yang.

” actually…”

trap! !

There are many silhouettes of assassins of Chaos Divine Demon level, one of them is even the Divinity Sovereign Level of Chaos.

Moreover, Ye Yang also saw that in the huge Space Crack in front of him, there was a faint atmosphere of many chaotic emperors. It is their power that spreads into the void through Space Crack and the nearby invisible formations, so that Chaos Divine Demon and Chaos Divine Emperor here are not suppressed by strength, nor by forces in the universe.

This method is enough for many Chaos Divine Demon to exert battle strength beyond the level of ordinary gods in the universe. If other gods come to siege, they can easily sweep. But Ye Yang killed him, which caused these Chaos Divine Demon forces to be easily cut through a channel.

“It turns out … so …”

After flashing this idea, Ye Yang suddenly used a very powerful control.

His fine divine sense force actually escaped from this incarnation and transferred to a ray of chaos in the rear.

Then, the incarnation that He flew over before was bombed by many assassins.

Bang!! !

The wreckage of Ye Yang incarnation was barely enough for Self-destruction. The dispersed formidable power was not strong. It pushed the assassins away for a while, and the power was almost dispersed.

The will that Ye Yang had transferred before, attracted chaos to re-consolidate the incarnation. The incarnation is still very weak, not at the god level.

But it was also at this time that the empty beads suddenly flew away in the direction of Ye Yang.

The Chaos Divine Emperor quickly shot to intercept, and the assassins who retreated around rushed over to kill.

Ye Yang laughed ,moved towards the empty beads.

2 The instant fuse together, many attacks around him blasted on him, the body exploded, leaving only a hollow bead, but the hollow bead wire was not damaged, and Ye Yang’s will was fixed in it.

Suddenly shaking, a large number of Primal Chaos Qi flooded in.

The Devouring Pearl quickly flew, chasing, and detonated the gods that each and everyone could not reach the Divinity Sovereign Level of Chaos, and the chaos emitted was sucked into the beads.

The Chaos God Assassin couldn’t catch up. The chaotic god emperor who was in control of the army before, many tentacles and arms moved towards this hollow bead pat.

Ye Yang controls the bead evasion.

At this time, in the Space Crack, a chaotic god emperor stepped out.

In the midst of nothing, invisible repression appears.

They no longer sit in that area, and the invisible repressive force belonging to the universe is suppressed towards these chaotic gods. Ye Yang had the invisible luck of the ancient palace at the beginning, so he was not suppressed. These god emperors suppressed the weak to the peak level of Divine King.

Of course, it’s just that spirit willpower is not so easy to use, and can’t suppress Ye Yang with fine divine sense force. Ye Yang doesn’t want to counter pressure them with fine divine sense.

But the situation is almost the same as it was in the indestructible land.

Ye Yang haha ​​laughed wildly.

The outside world simply cannot see what is happening here.

The vast chaos of Ye Yang came out of the hollow beads.

The chaos engulfed just now, not at all transformed, but transformed a little, and a large amount of transformation was reversed a little, equivalent to refining the chaos inside.

Many divine force crystals emerged with the chaos just now, Ye Yang re-consolidates the incarnation and is not weaker than the peak state.

Moreover, the Sky Beads fell into his hands and, like weapons, smashed towards those Chaos Gods,

“courting death !!”

A chaotic god dynasty Ye Yang was killed here, Ye Yang was forced to retreat instantly.

He grabbed the empty beads and moved towards other Chaos Divine Demon to kill, such as giant dragon broke into the chicken flock and slaughtered.

Exploding chaos, or attracting it for your own use, or rushing these chaos to the chaotic emperors, and distance, as long as they are not strikes at the same time, Ye Yang can sneak attack a chaotic emperor from time to time.

In the round, kill ordinary Chaos Divine Demon and stay invincible for a while.

Far away, Primal Chaos Abyss, another incarnation of Ye Yang, has already arranged a huge Transmission Array with Ye Die and Yuan Hao incarnation. A lot of chaos condenses to form one after another dark energy group.

A large number of Primal Chaos Qi rushed in from outside the territory of Ye Yang.

In the early days, ancient palace, Ye Yang’s body was motionless, closed his eyes and nourished his soul, and the divine force crystal was constantly being engulfed by the side. A large number of Divine Kingdom beliefs were praying, and Ye Yang was used to supplement the fine divine sense power with faith. The spirit strength here is turned instead. Blessed to the incarnation of that war.

Most of the spirit is focused on him, the more fights the more brave is.

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