Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 876

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“You guys, it’s time to do your best!” a chaotic emperor roared.

His body looks like a huge pineapple, with countless twisted tentacles continuously extending from his body and sweeping around in random directions.

“Yes, from now to now, there has been someone hiding power without using true strength, which is particularly hateful. Is it possible that, let this kid force us all to retreat by his own strength?”

“It’s time for Hou to work together to do his best.” a god emperor shouted.

Ye Yang’s sneer came: “Do your best?”

In an instant, the fiercely mastered bead of fiercely slammed into a chaotic god emperor, and Ye Yang also flew over in an instant.

“Don’t think that only you have Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure!”

The Chaos God Emperor suddenly offered a huge shield to block Ye Yang’s attack.

Void Bead was bounced back a little, but forced to stay in the void.

Ye Yang has rushed.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Yang’s incarnation fiercely hit the shield, dissipated into 2 halves, bypassed from the left and right sides, and crashed into Self-destruction.

But his spirit has been transferred to the hollow beads in advance, only to explode the chaos contained in this incarnation. Because there is no mental control, the power generated by this incarnation Self-destruction is not too strong.

In the next moment, the Devouring Pearl was already taking advantage of the shield to be affected by the powerful Chaos impact, and detoured to the Chaos Divine Emperor who was seriously injured by Ye Yang Self-destruction.

boom! ! !

The Chaos Divine Emperor was bombarded through the body. I don’t know whether it is incarnation or noumenon here. The spirit contained in it may be the core of his ontological consciousness, or it may be the spirit of the incarnation that the ontology blesses here. In short, swallowed by the empty beads instantly.

A powerful chaos emerged from the hollow beads, and at the same time produced a strong suction, sucking the body of the chaotic god emperor, the chaos generated by Ye Yang’s previous Self-destruction was also sucked crazy.

In a flash, Ye Yang’s new incarnation condensed.

The spirit has suffered a lot and has been affected a lot.

But the body is constantly rejuvenating, and there are other aspects of gains and supplements. The real impact is not really serious.

Many of the surrounding emperors have just been shocked by the shock caused by the powerful Chaos Self-destruction, defending themselves urgently. At this moment, I saw that a Chaos God Emperor was attacked and destroyed by Ye Yang, and he was still holding the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, which was struggling and turbulent.

With one hand swallowing the empty bead and smashing it several times, the struggling shield-shaped Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure would be quiet.

There was a densely packed crack on it.

It turned out that this piece of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure itself was injured and incomplete, and the defense function was not very strong. It was only covered by the power of Chaos Divine Emperor.

But how to say it is also a broken Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, now in the hands of Ye Yang.

Hold the beads in one hand and the shield in the other.

“Are you Yang Ye?” Sovereign Dao, a chaotic god.

He has some knowledge of the situation in the universe. He also heard that there is a Divine Palm under the control of Ye Yang’s ancient palace.

Ye Yang burst into laughter: “You said yes.”

This is not denied, and the power of the powerful Devouring Law and Primal Chaos Law emerged from the Devouring Beads, and a variety of forces related to Devouring Devouring surged to the nearby Chaos Divine Demon.

As a result, those Chaos Divine Emperor were confused, not sure about Ye Yang’s identity.

After all, the ancient Temple Lord in the early days was only a new god before long. trifling 3 It is impossible to be promoted to Divine King level in 2 years, let alone Divinity Sovereign Level.

Battle strength may be improved, but cultivation base impossible. Otherwise, those mutated gods who are favored by the law will not only have their strength promoted but their cultivation base will not.

Moreover, Ye Yang has done it before, clearly Law Power has nothing to do with chaos.

Therefore, these chaotic emperors did not believe it. After a little hesitation, he still joined forces to kill Ye Yang.

However, the previous imposing manner to fight together was weak.

Ye Yang annihilated a chaotic god emperor at first, this is deterrence.

No one wants to be the next one to be destroyed.

Even if the body is not here, the powerful injury suffered by incarnation, tracing the cause and effect, will also hurt the body. Even more how, the fine divine sense power of the incarnation blessed here is not weak, once it is worn out, the body will also lose a lot of fine divine sense power. The upper limit of equivalent to Spiritual Cultivation has dropped, and it is extremely difficult to recover.

It is easy for them to bless the spirit strength of the projection, and it is not difficult to transfer the spirit strength to other places, but it is not easy to recycle.

To be honest, it is also a suppression of them in the universe, otherwise, once in danger, as long as you are not locked stabilizing the mind soul and spirit willpower, you can quickly get rid of incarnation, leaving an incarnation here, spirit willpower transferred to Elsewhere, you can keep your spirits intact, and then condense incarnation.

However, there is repression here, the empty beads are Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, which also has a certain effect of locking Divine Soul. The shield is also Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, although the defense of Divine Item is still broken, but if it is used for an offensive full impact, it is difficult to temporarily transfer away the spirit, it will be difficult to be pinned by traction.

Therefore, the chaotic emperors played their own selfish calculations and did not use their best efforts.

Then watching the surrounding Chaos Divine Demon was quickly cleared by Ye Yang, Ye Yang incarnation became stronger and recovered, and then turned around to clean up these chaotic emperors.

Their strength is not weak, but Ye Yang wanders and fights a bit faster than them, attacking as soon as he finds the right opportunity, or forcibly blocking one attack and attacking the other. Form a situation of one enemy one.

So, a god emperor was defeated.

The rest of them had to be returned to the Space Crack.

“Unexpectedly…didn’t expect, I am so powerful now?”

When Ye Yang dealt with strong enemies before, he positioned himself in a weak position, so he would think of various tricks and tricks to help him gain more advantages by various means before he could defeat the enemy.

Now, the real meet force with force, with little conspiracy, actually defeated each and everyone Chaos God Emperor. Even if it is related to the hollow beads and the shield in his hand, it is worth his excitement.

“One of my incarnation, battle strength is comparable to the incarnation of Chaos Divine Emperor Peak? No, there are even a few bodies of even the Chaos Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse. Although it is not the Divine Emperor Peak, and they are also slightly affected here. Suppress, but…”

Ye Yang calculated that if he had an incarnation, he would not be weaker than most Chaos Gods without any external force. If it is its own body, gather all the spirits, without the help of other people’s strength, it is comparable to the battle strength of other Chaos God Emperor Fengfeng’s body when it is not suppressed.

With the help of other foreign objects, it is enough to fight head-to-head with the ancient powerhouse at the peak level of Chaos God in Chaos World.

Of course, it is a heads-up, not a group fight. This time, the enemy can only be used tactics, they are not good enough, so that’s all.

“On top of Chaos Divine Emperor… It is said that there is no such name as Chaos Divine Emperor? It may be okay to call Chaos Divine Emperor as Chaos Divine Emperor. But then, it should be Controller level. No, battle strength is ok Higher, some very old existences, without advancing to the level of Controller, the battle strength accumulates stronger in the years, and it is possible to double it several times.

“However, there is no need to compare with them. I just need to add some missing information after a while, and the road to the Controller level will be opened.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts flickered, and vast chaos flowed from 4 weeks to his incarnation.

The Devouring Pearl has been put away. The shield is in the palm, shrouded in chaos, and the shield is replaced by a shield.

one after another Primal Chaos Qi was sucked together and condensed into this incarnation.

Soon after, only a huge Space Crack remained.

In the previous battle, Ye Yang not only absorbed the chaos, but also banned the Space Crack with various Law Power. Now, this crack looks almost the same as before, but the existence of the chaotic Divinity Sovereign Level has been difficult to traverse, and if you have to force it, you may hit yourself seriously, just as the ordinary person has to hit a bulletproof glass hard.

And if you hit it hard, you really have the ability to hit this Space Crack, and you will also be seriously injured by the violent and disorderly force.

Therefore, although they and everyone stared at Ye Yang fiercely, Ye Yang was fearless.

laughed and waved his hands to induce chaos and enveloped this Space Crack. Opposite those Chaos Divine Demon that did not reach the Divinity Sovereign Level, not at all rushed over and over, because they wanted to come over to deliver food.

“This seal is enough to seal you for 3 months, unless something unexpected happens. Don’t think about rushing over again for the time being.” Ye Yang said, the chaos turned into a solid state and locked this Space Crack.

The entire Space Crack is condensed into a huge gray translucent crystal. The chaotic crystal banned this place to death.

Of course, it is only forbidden to expand Space Crack, and creatures below Divinity Sovereign Level are prohibited from passing through.

So, as long as the crystal is not broken, Space Crack cannot resume expansion. No matter it is Divinity Sovereign Level or Chaos Creature below Divinity Sovereign Level, it is impossible.

And 3 months later, maybe Ye Yang will come back and wait for the rabbit again. Already able to spare time.

At this moment, the surrounding chaos has become thinner and thinner.

In fact, at the end of the battle just now, the nearby chaos has become thinner and lighter.

a God stared stunned here. It seems a little unbelievable.

Some gods were originally close to this area, and they quickly retreated at this moment, daring not to watch from a close distance.

And the gods of the Eastern Pole League are even more ugly.

“Hmph, Dongji Shenmeng!” Ye Yang sneered.

Originally, I still haven’t grasped the God Emperor Level powerhouse inside, after all, the other party has the Midnight Treasure Hall, and there are other geographical advantages. But recently, he has shaken many Chaos Divine Emperors twice in a row, and with the addition of this shield, Ye Yang’s self-confidence has increased.

Chaos Divine Emperor’s strength, when not suppressed, is stronger than the Emperors in the universe. And if it is in a place with abundant chaotic regions, it is stronger than normal.

Here, the Chaos Divine Emperor is suppressed, and they get the supplement of the surrounding chaos. What is the specific strength, it is not easy to compare.

However, Ye Yang, who can defeat them, is qualified to start the Eastern League.

“Knock out their Defensive Great Array first, and then explode their galaxies from the surroundings. Just the new chaotic energy black ball I have accumulated is useless, just throw it here. Deal with Defensive Great Array , Directly attack, deal with the stars in the galaxy, warn before attacking.”

Ye Yang thought, flying to the edge of the territory of the Eastern Pole League, staring at the multiple galaxies.

This time, there are no more attackers.

Ye Yang’s voice is contained in the divine force and other energy fluctuations, spreading in 4 ways: “Dongji Shenmeng, you dare to collude with Chao Wai Divos Demon of Yuwai, the universe is wrecked, and his sins are not forgiven!”

Before the words were finished, the roar of Dongming Divine Sovereign came out: “Don’t pretend to be awe-inspiring, aren’t you also Chaos Divine Demon? In contrast, I just waited to suppress the entrance of Chaos Realm. It was you who broke the defense that caused Chaos Divine Demon to get out of control. Isn’t that more sinful than you? You…”

Without saying a word, Ye Yang also interrupted with a sneer: “The deity is the only person in the chaotic species who is not malicious to this universe. Other chaotic substances are malicious to the creatures in the universe…”

“You said yes,” said Dongming Shenjun: “The deity also said that in this universe…”

Before the words were finished, Ye Yang interrupted again: “The deity has not deliberately caused damage to the universe, whether you believe or not. In short, only one chaos in the universe is allowed to exist. Dare to let other chaotic creatures enter Those are all blame!”


“And, it only starts now, and soon after, there will be no other chaotic creatures in the entire chaos. Only the deity can be called chaos, and the only deity is the agent of the will of chaos, and I am the meaning of chaos!”

“You… Hu blowing the atmosphere.” Dongming Divine Monarch didn’t believe it.

In fact, Ye Yang didn’t believe it either. He didn’t think he could destroy all the chaotic creatures in the chaos before he became the master. However, as long as the universe is completely blocked, no chaotic creatures are allowed to enter, and no chaotic creatures are allowed to appear at the edge of the universe and the chaotic edge. Then, it can be announced that there is only one chaotic creature left. As long as the lies are not debunked and there is sufficient time, then it is possible to form a concept.

As the only chaotic creature, he claimed to be chaos. Who dares not accept it? He is chaos, and such ideas and concepts penetrate deep into the sentient thoughts. Then, it is not difficult to get promoted.

Of course, this secret must not be revealed at this time, otherwise the plan may fail.

“The deity Hu blowing the atmosphere? Hehe, ridiculous.

“Whether the deity will destroy the chaotic species, you don’t need to think about it, because you can’t live until then!

“Now, is the East Pole Divine Alliance ready to bear the anger of the deity?”

In an instant, one after another powerhouse silhouette projection was in front of Ye Yang, and the projection was outside the edge of the territory of the Eastern Pole League.

“Chaos, you are too arrogant.” a god snarled.


Ye Yang 2 doesn’t have much to say, she takes the empty beads, grabs the chaos as a sword, and the other holds the Chaos Aegis, killing it instantly.

At first glance, there were a few deity heads rising into the sky.

“So fast?”

In horror, the gods quickly retreated and fled.

Then, Ye Yang hunted down again, and rushed to the periphery of the galaxy cluster in the East Pole. But at this time, a huge force emerged, and the invisible protective layer that had existed before was manifested and inspired.

The huge formation enveloped the entire territory of the Eastern Pole League.

“Great handwriting. But unfortunately… Lisan is weak.”

Ye Yang doesn’t need to use the power of the hollow bead at all. The incarnation here is only punched out. The invisible shield bursts into a huge hollow and dense crack, which looks like the void is cracked and will The scene was frozen in the void. It seemed as if the void became glass crystal and was cracked.

The gods of the Eastern Pole Divine Alliance have a complexion.

At this moment, a deity was actually teleported from a distance.

“The Eastern Pole League, colluding with the Foreign Domain face to face creatures, sin is not forgiven! I wait to come to fight!”

It’s true that those who didn’t dare to go to the East Pole Divine League before come out now. Is to follow the fire ~ robbery.

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