Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 877

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“It’s really insidious!” Ye Yang pupil light flashed, and the murderous intention darkened.

However, when I think about it, this Eastern Pole League looks like a big fat meat, but in fact, it is a lot of fish with hidden thorns.

If you don’t care about biting, you might get stuck.

“Is the most powerful house of the Eastern Pole League really the Great Emperor of Zhongtian Zi? Divine Emperor peak exists. Or rely on the formation to gather the power of all gods into one?

“But even so, it’s not as powerful as a truly powerful rule.

“Quantitative change has not yet reached the level of qualitative change. So…”

This weak East League is that’s all, eat it.

If there are hard bones hidden inside and other meat thorns hidden, then it is good to let these strange gods incarnation take the lead.

Ye Yang has made a big splash before.

Now these gods are allowed to come to snatch the benefits. If they are broken, they can be said to be embarrassed by people seizing food from the tiger’s mouth, but if they say they are good, they are generous.

If the strength is not enough, or the strength is not strong enough to kill decisively, the so-called generosity is just honest cowardice. But if the previous killing was decisive, but now it gives people the opportunity to share the benefits, it is broad-minded.

So, Ye Yang decided to ignore these guys for now.

“If it’s fat, then you will be destroyed together, kill these bastards who are fighting and looting, and then eat the benefits of the Eastern League. If there are hard bones here, let them go and nibble first. wave.

“Of course, if anyone knows, I will be here in the Eastern Pole League, take what I share and want, and leave the remaining bones and bones for them.”

These thoughts turned and seemed to think a lot, but in fact it was only half a second.

Ye Yang, the chaotic incarnation, pressed in the void.

The void that was cracked before was turbulent again, one after another crack continued to expand and spread.

Ye Yang full strength attack, this has not recovered yet. So impossible quickly broke out 2nd Strike just like a punch. But Primal Chaos Qi can be continuously entered into the Space Crack in front.

For the situation here, the foreign forces are all impurities, and the cracks here cannot be healed.

Ye Yang stood in the void, turned back, and looked at the gods who came across the void in the distance.

“Have seen your Majesty of Chaos!”

A deity dressed in a white robe with “golden rims” came forward, wearing a high crown and walking in the void.

In this universe, there is no up, down, left, and front, but the direction angle can be adjusted to be consistent with Ye Yang.

And there are some weak gravitational forces outside the galaxies of the Eastern Pole League, so that you can simply distinguish between the upper and the lower.

“En.” Ye Yang nodded, a look of indifference.

But the gods are not angry, but rather happy in their hearts.

If Ye Yang does not want any other deities to participate in this matter, then they should directly rush people, or roar or attack.

Powerful can be so willful.

What’s more, Ye Yang’s performance before incarnation is so simple and direct.

So… Ye Yang is just a nodded response, it means that not at all hate these gods close?

“The Eastern Pole League, collusion with the outer spirits, and the Chaos Divine Demon to invade the universe, sin is not good. Those Chaos Divine Demon are not as good as the Chaos Senior, you are so friendly to the universe, so I will never be easily chaotic outside the Senior. Biological invasion. This time come together to fight, and I would like to help Senior help.” said the god.

Other gods did not say anything, and some of them suspected Divinity Sovereign Level incarnation.

This level of God Emperor exists, and it is not necessary to call Ye Yang this chaotic incarnation as Senior, but they do not mind other gods who follow to call Ye Yang Senior.

Ye Yang glanced at the gods, indifferently said: “I wait for you to divide up the fat of the Eastern Pole League, the deity has no opinion. It depends on the ability. Whoever wins the battle will be eligible to receive the corresponding benefits. If the deity won, The place where the deity has occupied also wants to share the benefits of the run, take the food for the tiger, and take responsibility for the consequences.”

The Phnom Penh white robe deity was started first, and immediately overjoyed: “Yes!”

But at this moment, roaring sound came from the Eastern Pole League: “Will you treat my Eastern Pole League as fish on the cutting board?”

“Who dares to break into the Eastern Pole League, irreconcilable!!”

“If you are not afraid of our 36 Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse’s combined power, just kill it and try!”

The voice of threat came from the Eastern League.

“Hmph, irreconcilable is irreconcilable, I am afraid you will not succeed? Even dare to threaten the deity?” An old man stepped forward into the void.

Suspected of a certain emperor’s incarnation, this old man must have white hair and white eyebrows, but his imposing manner is tough, like an old general, not as gentle as the old man in ordinary mortals.

Of course, this is a deliberately changed image, and it is not difficult for the deities to look young. But deliberately, this may be related to Law Power, or to camouflage.

“There are 36 god emperors in Dongji Shenmeng? The deity doesn’t believe it.” A man dressed like a crown jade scholar walked out of the void, throwing a folding fan in his hand, gently fanning, long hair slightly raised, a pair of very Chic look.

“You… traitor!!! Do you dare to show up again?” There was a roar from the Eastern League.

Obviously, the deity dressed up by this scholar had a relationship with the Eastern League. However, it is not easy to tell whether this is his true face, and it may be the disguise of other gods.

“Dongji Shenmeng, daring to threaten us when you die? You guys, here Defensive Array has collapsed, I will wait together to break this big array and kill the Dongji Shenmeng!” said another deity. Stand out, the golden flame is bright and bright, like a fireman enveloped in golden flames

He was a golden armor, holding a three-pronged long halberd, majestic.


The gods roared, waved their hands, and the void in the distance revealed each and everyone spatial door, one after another star flew out of it.

But upon closer inspection, it was discovered that it was not a star at all, but a war fortress.

It is a mortal combat weapon.

But these very large weapons with a diameter of 100 kilometers or even 1000 kilometers are all accumulating cohesive forces. divine force. Obviously, the crystallization of divine force is applied to these war weapons.


The gods here have rushed towards the direction of the East Pole League.

Piece by piece Divine Item sacrifice, one after another vast and bright beam of light shuttling through the void, strikes to the barrier.

boom! ! !

Ye Yang took a quick look, and the vast Primal Chaos Qi condensed on his palm. This is the Primal Chaos Qi that was released and diffused before, and suddenly condensed into one, then burst suddenly and spread out, and broke out together with the body’s new condensed Primal Chaos Qi.

This is a very powerful force.

Coupled with the previous divine sense detection observation study of the combination of laws here, at this moment, Chaos contains all kinds of Law Fragment erosion, and in a blink of an eye, the protection here burst into a huge hole.

This is like a leather ball. Once it is penetrated somewhere, it will easily leak.

At this time, in the sky shows the same densely packed golden rune, like a super huge light ball, protecting the entire Eastern Pole League.

The eyes of the gods were bright, and they rushed to the junction, striking the light ball mask.

The mortal weapon at the back, shuttles out of the spatial door, and at the same time releases the cohesive force of a sect master gun and strikes the protective cover on the other side.

boom! ! !

The entire defensive barrier completely collapsed.

This is too greedy.

Defensive enchantment, the diameter increases ten times, then the space required to cover increases 1000 times. Although the multiple of the surface area coverage is not so exaggerated, the defensive junction is a three-dimensional protection, not just a protective film, so this formidable power is also weakened to only 2 3 1%.

And to what extent will a defensive enchantment covering the planet increase to the extent of covering a dozen galaxies? Hard to say.

Even if the Eastern Pole League had a natural position before, with the strength of many galaxies to maintain the operation of this position, this position has also become much weaker.

When Ye Yang punched strikes with all his strength, he actually broke the balance of this situation.

At this moment, the situation completely collapsed, completely unexpected.

But something unexpected is that when the situation collapsed, there was actually a strong column of 7 colored lights.

Shine where the gods are.

Then burst out, one after another light of different colors, one after another different Law Power scour 4 squares.

Two gods were exploded on the spot.

In the next moment, countless Divine Items flew out of it, but all of them were translucent but glowed intensely.

Qiqi blasted on the gods and drove out the incarnation of these gods.

They hate Ye Yang’s incarnation the most, and the most fearful thing is Ye Yang’s incarnation.

But he was not sure about hitting or injuring Ye Yang, an incarnation.

After all, the performance of Ye Yang’s chaotic incarnation before is too powerful. The record is too amazing.

Therefore, they chose to deal with other deities first.

Ye Yang saw this, and his body flew forward quickly.

Then he laughed.

He saw strange things.

What the mortal cannot see directly, the gods who are not strong can not see.

A huge defensive enchantment, condensed in the void, is located at the center of the middlemost galaxy.

There, it communicates with the “God World” of the Eastern League.

However, this defensive barrier is much smaller than the previous Defensive Great Array, and the defensive effect is much stronger.

However, it cannot cover all galaxies. The strength of the surrounding galaxies is blessed on this formation, and this formation has become stronger. But if anyone destroys the surrounding galaxy each and everyone first, then this enchantment will be broken without attack.

Even if it is not broken, the power contained is weak.

Moreover, the gods of the Eastern Pole League depend on faith, and they do not entirely depend on the faith, but strength of Faith and incense willingness are an important supplement. If the surrounding beliefs are extinguished, the blow to the Eastern Pole League will be extremely severe. big.

Ye Yang thought, Flying Sword suddenly flew in front of him.

There is also a handful of giant axe falling from in the sky.

The huge palm-leaf fan collapsed into the void, blowing space fragments and the storm brushed towards this side.

A huge dark golden clock that resembles Primal Chaos Bell is floating in the air, and a mirror is shining brightly towards this side.

There are bells ringing in the sky, gongs and drums ringing, and even musical instruments shaped like locks are playing.

in the sky Space Power is twisted, dark like a cloud, thunder and thunder roar, and electro-optic splitting.

It is impossible to tell how many Divine Items are there and how many Divine Items are released together.

It is unclear how many kinds of Law Power there are, and how many kinds of laws combine the power.

These forces actually did not conflict with each other, but cooperated well with each other.

Staggered in the void, like the vast army formed by Law Power for the soldiers, rolling over here.

Ye Yang was shocked on the spot.

If it is the powerhouse of other emperor peak level here, it will be spiked! !

Whether it is incarnation or ontology. The body will be exploded in an instant. Whether there are Divine Soul fragments escaped, it is hard to say.

This attack is very powerful terrifying.

Even more terrifying, the innumerable stars of light appearing in the countless stars around, and the invisible power of Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation blooming blocks the void.

The illusory shadow of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall and Heavenly Palace emerged and were suppressed in the void.

Investiture of the Gods hanging, the vast divine might form a golden translucent ocean wave surging towards this side. If it is a Divinity Sovereign Level deity, you can’t escape even if you want to escape, and you will be killed instantly.

More than one, even if a group of Divine Emperors come together, they will be destroyed.

This is the essence of the Eastern League!

Not relying on the strength of a powerhouse on the top floor, but the combined force of many gods. The coordination is very subtle. And there are enough gods here.

It’s a pity… facing Ye Yang.

Chaos Divine Emperor can suck all kinds of Law Power. Will not be restrained by any Law Power. Can absorb any Law Power including Primal Chaos Law.

The rate of sucking is not high, and it is not as good as the pure engulfing rule. But the pure engulfing law absorbs the power here, and will be propped up, but the Chaos Divine Emperor will not.

Ye Yang thoughts move, chaos blooms all over the body.

The next moment, the entire body was completely exploded and destroyed.

However, not far from this huge attack, a new silhouette of Ye Yang incarnation was presented.

The power dissipated is only about 10% of the previous intensity, and it is even slightly worse.

“Seriously, this deity can actually be injured. Your entire Eastern Pole Alliance joined forces in one blow, and the formidable power is really good. Even the powerful rulers dare not ignore it.” Ye Yang indifferently said.

The Antarctic Divine Union fell silent for a moment.

The gods who had been scattered outside in four places were also dumbfounded.

“Really strong attack… Is that a joint attack by the Eastern League?”

“However, Your Majesty was not seriously injured.”

“Such a powerful attack is unlikely to be released continuously?”

each and everyone muttered.

“How did you… fail?” There was a voice from the Eastern Pole League.

Ye Yang burst into laughter.

Within the body A lot of chaos is pouring out and strength is recovering.

But in the next moment, 100000000 10000 starlight shrouded, there are countless Divine Item illusory shadow again. The offensive is exactly similar to the previous one.

Moreover, the illusory shadow of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall also fell down heavily, and the attack was stronger than before. The killing effect is even more terrifying.

The silhouette of Ye Yang was scattered ashes and dispersed smoke in an instant.

But at the same time, the space is turbulent, and Ye Yang silhouette shuttles not far from nearby.

The breath of the body is only about 10% of the previous. Equivalent to about 1% of the power that was not attacked before.

“Actually… did not die?” The gods of the Eastern Pole League are really dumbfounded.

The first attack wiped out 90% of Ye Yang’s strength. The second stronger attack actually left Ye Yang with 2% strength? This is unreasonable! !

In fact, such an attack is enough to destroy Ye Yang’s Chaos God Emperor incarnation.

It’s just that now He can transfer power to nearby nearby simultaneously.

Chaos devour anything may have a wider swallowing range than the swallowing rule. But only 10% can be swallowed and transformed. This is also in conjunction with the effects of other laws.

Ye Yang incarnation’s original power is completely wiped out, but the sucking power is the same as the attacking power and will not be wiped out. Migrated at the time of conversion. It is equivalent to condensing 10% of chaos.

Only 90% of Ye Yang’s strength can be deducted at a time. Even if ten such attacks are repeated, there will still be a part of the chaos that will not be destroyed.

Unless it is the attack of the stronger Spiritual Plane, which wears off the will of Ye Yang, it can be destroyed with a single blow.

They didn’t know the secret, they felt horrified.

“You shot 2 times, it’s your turn!”

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