Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 878

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When Ye Yang said this sentence, he had taken the opportunity to close to the inner periphery of the Eastern League of Gods, the crack of the previous passage leading to the high-dimensional time and space.

The illusory shadow of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall is just a projection, not a real treasure hall.

And this crack leads to the location of the main body of the treasure hall.

Ye Yang has always predicted and predicted, and Yuan Hao also has “technical support” behind it.

Not to mention, it is not a problem to find a way and find the real location of the hostile target. You can find it right.

At this moment, Ye Yang approached and felt a very strong murderous intention.

The divine sense power of those deities has shrouded towards him.

Not completely assembled, like the radar of mortal weapons to lock the target has not been completely locked.

But he was sure that with a little hesitation, the next moment was a terrifying Xeon attack.

Like the various Divine Item strikes before, there must be.

It may not be possible to exterminate his incarnation, but it is still possible to blow him out of this area completely, which will make him inaccessible and will be embarrassed again.

At this crucial moment, Ye Yang’s body suddenly split. But it was not a burst, but like a “base car” unfolding.

The body expands like a huge flat creature.

A part of within the body is exposed, which is actually a position, a preset position.

Bang!! !

Void turbulence, one after another huge dark energy ball flew out.

The black energy ball prepared before the delay time shattered through the void.

With the help of cohesive forces elsewhere, the incarnation is weak and there is not much power. But only for positioning.

The energy balls shot up and exploded, chaos surging.

Not only is Ye Yang’s incarnation not weak, but he also took the opportunity to replenish chaos.

At the moment when the energy ball explodes, Ye Yang incarnation is also divided into multiple, one becomes ten, ten becomes 100, 100 becomes 1000…

The densely packed Ye Yang incarnation presents the void, some cannot support the impact of powerful forces, and the forces generated by the surrounding energy ball blasting are killed by the attack, while some are successfully transformed into black holes, into space holes, and into this Space. Transmission Array.

But the most is the incarnation where Ye Yang’s products become flat.

Divine sense of the gods is weakened by the explosion of chaos-after all, chaos also contains fragments of Divine Law and Soul Law. It is not strange to resist Divine Sense.

Divine sense converged, countless Divine Item illusory shadow strikes here, but weaker than before, seems to be due to the release of projection between haste.

Bang!! ! !

The strong divine force blasted, and various Divine Item illusory shadows simultaneously blasted onto the flat creature transformed by incarnation before Ye Yang, and blasted him completely, without the space channel.

However, from the time when Yang Yang was promoted to Chaos God Emperor, he no longer relied on only one incarnation. Any incarnation can be easily given up at any time, and it becomes easy to condense the incarnation, as long as there is enough chaos to condense the incarnation. As long as chaos is sufficient, the incarnation is strong enough.

At this time, the Transmission Array formed by the nearby each and everyone weak slag incarnation, the energy ball of one after another black flew out, slamming into the 4 sides of the Eastern Pole League, slamming towards the each and everyone galaxy, slamming towards the Space Crack Dimensional cracks slammed into the possible area of ​​the Lingxiao Baodian.

Some energy spheres exploded, and the inherent laws were turbulent, actually resonating in some areas of the nearby each and everyone galaxy.

After all, this is the old nest of the Eastern League, and many galaxies have been adjusted and will not be easily destroyed. However, there are still some areas that resonate with the power used by Ye Yang, which oscillates and is destroyed by the resonance.

Pieces of stars turned into stars and into fly ash.

In addition, the space channel formed by part of Ye Yang’s incarnation, the energy balls flying out of it are gray. After bursting out, chaos that does not have much lethality will bloom, which will be transformed into Ye Yang incarnation’s nutrients. .

A small amount of Ye Yang incarnation has absorbed the chaos and transformed into a chaotic body.

The incarnation here is recovering.

All this was too late, but it was extremely fast.

Ye Yang approached the enemy formation and suddenly erupted, so that the other gods participating in the battle were greatly revitalized.

As you can see, in the distance, super beams of light strikes came.

That was an attack by mortal weapons.

A large number of war fortress appeared through the spatial door, and the released attack power will pass through the space by blessing the space force of divine force. Then blast into various Divine Item illusory shadows here, into the Space Crack dimension crack.

And those gods of incarnation, although there are still many suppressed, but more gods of incarnation are transmitted from a distance.

It turned out that they hadn’t come up with true strength, the true powerhouse was hidden in the distance, watching the situation, and only now began to enter the game.

Ye Yang also has a strong incarnation, which is transmitted from a distance.

At the same time multi-tasking, mental control of multiple incarnation, each one is not strong, but it is suitable for hurrying.

The incarnation here merges with the incarnation transmitted from a distance, and the incarnation’s strength quickly recovers and improves.


As you can see, after killing 1000000 celestial troops and generals, each of them has the battle strength of ordinary god level.

“This is the essence of the Eastern Pole League? How can there be so many god-level powerhouses?”

“Shouldn’t the so-called celestial troops and generals be Half-God Level or even lower-level creatures like those servants and gods? Isn’t celestial troops and generals low-level divine creatures with only divinity? How could this be the case? Strong,”

No one explained, and the answer is unclear.

But the ants often bite the dead elephant, 1000000 celestial troops and generals were killed, Ye Yang was still breathing cold, an incarnation hidden in the void.

Then, the energy ball of one after another black blasted into the celestial troops and generals. At the same time, their attacks counterattacked, and many of Ye Yang’s weak incarnations were transformed into space holes. .


Heavenly soldiers form an array, killing intent, fighting intent Chongyu.

Killed the gods without fear.

Ye Yang’s weak slag incarnation is destroyed, and the stronger incarnation is hidden in the void. Therefore, when no one resists, after a while, a god incarnation is destroyed.

The other gods incarnation quickly hide into the void.


In the roar, Divine Weapon swept the void.

Divine Sword, Divine Sword, Divine Gun, Divine Halberd, and various Divine Item strikes make the Void blockbuster. The violent force not only crosses 3D and 4D space and time, but also strikes a higher dimension of space and time. There is a god hidden invisible nearby, and it is also directly killed.

But in the distance, 10000 spatial doors were formed, followed by more spatial doors.

It turned out that those mortal weapons released beam strikes towards this side. The real purpose was not to start with the god incarnation here, but to take the opportunity to pierce the void.

It consumes huge power to form more spatial doors or Space Crack, and other mortal weapons can shuttle more.

Count 10000 10000 astronaut battleship, kill through the spatial door.

There are 10000 Mecha and vacuum fighters on the battleship.

These Mecha and fighter planes are all set with divine force crystals. Divine force crystals provide the borrowed power. Through the position switch, mortals can also control. The divine force is blessed on the weapons of mortal Mecha and fighters. A large number of weapons attacked here.

1000000 celestial troops and generals instantly extinguished a piece, and the situation became chaotic.

Ye Yang incarnation manifested itself and broke into the army.

In this way, you can avoid some Divine Item strikes that are hostile to the gods-they are unlikely to strike together with Ye Yang and their celestial troops and generals? In order to destroy the incarnation of Ye Yang, do not hesitate to kill the celestial troops and generals of the Eastern League?

Of course, Ye Yang also guarded against this, not at all exposing all incarnation.

Other incarnations are hidden in the void, while others open the space channel in the void, and a mass of dark energy flew out, blasting into the celestial troops and generals.

“Strange, how come there was no previous Divine Item assembly attack?” Ye Yang was a little surprised.

However, it is good for them not to attack. Maybe a “skill CD” is needed?

But it is also possible to accumulate the power of Divine Item.

At this moment, in the sky once again presents the illusory shadow of the Lingxiao Temple, as well as other architectural illusory shadows, and the throne of each and everyone manifests in the void. Suppress Ye Yang.

Ye Yang hadn’t been suppressed yet, and there was a sudden violent turmoil in the void ahead.

I can only see a dimensional crack showing the location of the Lingxiao Hall and other buildings.

It can even sense the power of the peak emperors of the Eastern League. I also saw the high-hanging Investiture of the Gods.

Bang!! !

South Heaven Gate exploded. The Lingxiao Temple was violently turbulent.

one after another silhouette manifested.


Two god emperors lead the team, and many incarnations with great Divinity trail. All of them are protected by a powerful defensive divine talisman.

Ye Yang found out that these gods were playing the trick of hiding from the sky.

When Ye Yang conflicted with the gods here, these gods took the opportunity to sneak in.

Ye Yang looked around for 4 weeks. The nearby galaxy was affected by various attacks and was unstable. Whatever star array is in turmoil.

The two big black energy balls before Ye Yang contained the power transmitted by Chaos Incarnation from Chaos World, and some of the protection arrays hidden here have exploded.

Coupled with these gods, there may be some hidden means, such as Teleportation Talisman and other things. It is not difficult to sneak into the enemy line. Moreover, there is courage and courage.

Ye Yang saw, laughed, and quickly slayed forward.

Many incarnations unite, Tearing the Void, sweeping the remaining celestial troops and generals. One punch and one foot kicked the gods of each and everyone overestimate one’s capabilities.

Regardless of whether these gods can fall behind and be resurrected on the Investiture of the Gods, Ye Yang is one punch, one punch, one shot, easily blasted away.


Piece by piece Divine Item projection shrouded in, even there is a real Divine Item presentation, a huge palm-leaf fan, howling fan, and weird bottle gourd to absorb Ye Yang.

But Ye Yang was still just punching his feet, and they exploded.

One punch, one Power of Primal Chaos.

the more fights the more brave is.

The nearby starry sky is turbulent, and whenever there is an invisible force to suppress it, it seems that another force is coming to resist. Look closely, it is those mortal weapons that are rioting, making their galaxies unable to provide normal power blessings. From time to time, they also strike and interfere with the enemy gods.


Ye Yang suddenly punched out, a spatial door in front of it burst, and I saw a golden-bright and dazzling temple floating and manifesting.

It is the Lingxiao Treasure Hall.

It is no longer hidden in the interlayer of high-dimensional heterodimensional time and space, but is sent directly to Ye Yang.

This teleportation also knocked many gods into it.

“Enough! Chaos Your Majesty, if you retreat at this time, this matter is temporarily suspended. But if you continue to persecute, don’t blame us Dongji Shenmeng for not pulling out the true heritage cards.” The sound of drinking.

Ye Yang sneered: “Shoot directly if you have the ability.”

At this moment, in the void of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, a deity wearing a golden robe appeared.

Wearing an imperial crown, a huge Purple Qi revolved around him.

Then, several silhouettes of the powerhouses of the emperor’s peaks were presented.

Great Emperor Yudong Yi, Great Emperor Xixigeng, Great Emperor Nanyan, Great Emperor Beixuan.

Ye Yang has dealt with the gods.

Known as the Great Emperor, but that’s all the God Emperor Peak that’s all.

Ye Yang is not afraid even if they join hands again.

What if they joined forces with the Temple Lord and added this place?

Ye Yang be eager to have a try, full of confidence.

But the next moment, Ye Yang was shocked.

He saw that the rays of light of the Investiture of the Gods shone on the five “Emperors”.

The imposing manner they exuded, instantly surpassed the peak of the emperor.

Compared to the rules ruled by Ye Yang, they are weak.

“God Emperor Level? Divine Emperor peak level? Half-step domination?

“All these so-called great emperors are that series?”

Ye Yang gasped.

Many gods lurking in the vicinity are also horrified, appearing out of state, one after another retreating.

It is now clear that the Investiture of the Gods has suppressed and imprisoned some of the power of these so-called great emperors, and now this part of the power has been returned.

How strong can the Temple of Lord of the Powerhouse be suppressed with Investiture of the Gods?

I was guessing that something more amazing happened.

See 5 great emperors, and become one.

4 emperors, 4 sides, plus Zhongtian Zidi Emperor, 5 in one.

in the sky reveals a deity wearing a golden emperor robe, looks like a middle-aged handsome man, black hair black beard, not angry.

His eyes were indifferent, and the right hand stretched out. The entire Midnight Palace and other buildings of Heavenly Palace shrank and condensed into a building community. This building community was not a Divine Item, not a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, but an illusory shadow.

The illusory shadow condenses into a huge mirror with the mysterious words “haotian” written on it.

The mirror fell in the hands of the handsome man.

He squinted, Ye Yang retreated abruptly.

A nearby god burst out.

At this time, several millions light years, 100000000 100000000 in the void, violently turbulent.

The stars, boundless void, space, time, the power of many laws seem to rotate around here.

This middle-aged man’s breath rhythm, all caused void turbulence. It seems as if the surrounding power is completely attached to Him.

Far away, a bit of the rule of the rule of law looked at this side.


Ye Yang’s head sweated coldly, but wiped off instantly. Chaos conceals himself and hangs in the void.

“The rule of law is one of the most powerful existences among the rule of law!” Yuan Hao’s voice passed into the ear of Ye Yang.

“The rule of law?” Ye Yang was surprised.

“Yes, and it is the rule of the law that controls multiple laws at the same time. Unprecedented, the first time I met… The supreme power of multiple laws…”

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