Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 879

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“The supremacy of multiple laws? What does it mean?” Ye Yang unable to bear asked.

“It is both the supreme ruler of one Law and the supreme ruler of another Law. The equivalent to the simultaneous rule of multiple different rules is exactly the same.”

“This… how is it possible?” Ye Yang gasped in disbelief.

“Indeed, under normal circumstances, it appears impossible…”

Yuan Hao shook his head, and then explained: “The rule of the rule is the complete integration of will and rule, the rule is its will, and its will is this rule.

“The law is its body, and its body is this law.

“The two have the same life, Divine Soul, thought, consciousness, and body.

“This is the real master. Only one law can be controlled 100%.

“So, in theory, to become a ruler, you have fully integrated with this rule.”

Ye Yang asked: “Being the master of 2 different laws at the same time, wouldn’t it mean…

“En.” Yuan Hao nodded: “Full integration with the two Law Powers, 2% complete control, the only way you can think of is… These two rules must be fully integrated into a new rule!

“This kind of fusion must be a perfect fusion 100% fusion, which means that it can no longer be divided and split. Whether new features are created after the fusion is not the key. The key is that the previous characteristics must be fully inherited.

“This is incredible. For example, a hard and growing wood strip, after being fused with a burning flame, must burn like a flame, burn 100%, and grow like a strip of wood, which is completely impossible under normal circumstances. .

“More importantly, the two laws merge into one. If it can’t be divided anymore, it’s equivalent to one law in the universe will be lost out of thin air.

“What’s more terrifying is that he has more than 2 laws of supreme control. There may be 4 5 or more. Maybe he can only recognize that he has many kinds of Law Power. But he couldn’t judge what kind of law He controlled. So, it is unclear how many kinds of laws have the highest authority.”

Ye Yang has one’s hair stand on end.

It’s terrible.

How did that guy cultivate out?

“However, there must be hidden dangers!”

Yuan Hao said eloquently: “The Law Power that he controls is not weak, any two fusions will become extremely powerful. Even more how is a variety of fusion? One Law fusion transformation, it is equivalent to a mutation By the way, the mutation law itself can greatly enhance the battle strength, not to mention multiple fusion mutations?

“The use of such powers will have to pay a considerable price. These forces will definitely conflict with each other, unstable, and have great hidden dangers. Otherwise… He will not need to be here.”

Ye Yang felt very reasonable when he heard it.

If that powerhouse can really play a cultivation base, there is no hidden danger. Well, the power is above the rule of many laws, such terrible power has long been rampant in the universe. Kill all the hidden or appearing Divine Emperor Divine Emperor, and all the rules dominate the explosion or ban, there is no problem.

Since He has been hiding here, quietly, it is quite possible… He has a problem with this power.

Ye Yang thinks that many gods in the universe, ruled by a rule, are also whispering continuously.

“East Pole Alliance…deep and unmeasurable.”

“Is it possible that, the so-called Eastern Pole League, just a fake shell? A vest? Isn’t it… The entire Eastern Pole League, in fact, has only one deity. One deity has turned into several Divine Emperor and a large number of Divine King Lord God, 1000000 celestial troops and generals…”

Many gods have thought of this probability.

A powerful deity, incarnation is Divine Emperor Divine King Divine King, incarnation is 1000000 celestial troops and generals, each has different Law Power, each has different Divine Item, and Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure Sit down and pretend to be an ancient influence without domination.

Think about it, have one’s hair stand on end.

In a very old age, this Eastern Pole League has already taken shape. Does this mean that this god is so powerful in very old times?

Divine Heart thoughts flash, divine sense communicates, and the amount of information is huge. It seems to have been communicating for a long time, but in fact, the time required before and after is only a moment of 2 seconds, less than a second.

The “middle-aged handsome man” transformed by the East Pole God League, right hand clutching mysterious Clear Sky Mirror, lifted high, the previous “Investiture of the Gods” suddenly appeared, the Divine Item used by the previous gods Also surfaced.

Investiture of the Gods merges with many Divine Items and merges into the back of the mirror to form a small long frame, like a poster posted on it, the words “Investiture of the Gods” above Has disappeared. But there are 3 more unknown words.

Even the gods are hard to recognize.

“Jiangshan? It seems to be the word Jiangshan.” There is a god whispering.

At this moment, the mirror suddenly burst into intense rays of light.


A god screamed.

In the depths of the vast universe, a roar came again. There is faint screams and strange power fluctuations.

The gods fell!

The light of that mirror sweeps over the incarnation of a deity, directly destroying them, and even has the power to trace the cause and effect to the origin, strikes where the gods are!

The gods who dare to come here for a battle, the body is not weak, and they all have a certain means of resisting causal attacks, but now, they can’t resist it, and it is also a serious injury.

I saw the light beam coming, Ye Yang’s incarnation exploded.

But by Yuan Hao’s point, He had shifted his consciousness in advance. Avoid the attack here to affect the ontology.

Then, a silhouette of one after another “chaotic god emperor” in the void appeared, all of which were Ye Yang’s incarnation. But there is a shield in front of these incarnations, a shield created by Divine Tortoise’s power.

This is a one-time Divine Item that Ye Yang holds in his hands.

The beam of light from the mirror blasted over, just like the power of Starlight and Lingxiao Baodian in many galaxies in the entire Eastern Pole League, plus various Law Power strikes together.

“It’s a bit like a chaotic character, heavy and solid and all-inclusive…”

Ye Yang had just flashed such thoughts, the mirror light was swept away, and the shields exploded, and the Ye Yang incarnation standing behind these shields also exploded.

However, the exploded Ye Yang incarnation forms Primal Chaos Qi, weakening the beam slightly, and then the beam penetrates the chaotic fog formed by the incarnation exploded by Ye Yang and penetrates into the space channel.

boom! ! !

In the Indestructible Land, Dark Law is dominated by this force. But He reached out and stopped this force.

After all, it’s just the sweeping power of Clear Sky Mirror, not the concentration of strikes. Only a part of the power that the light beam of the mirror swept at random, this part of the power has been weakened, and then passed through the space channel, the power that can be transmitted is not much. Therefore, Dark Ruler easily blocked the blow.

Then, in front of the other one-bit laws, all Space Crack were generated out of thin air, and there were beams of strikes coming over.

On the side of the Eastern League, the expression turned cold of middle-aged handsome man, murderous intention emerged.

be cheated! !

Ye Yang actually plot against him, and it succeeded.

At the cost of a lot of chaotic power, even Yuan Hao secretly shot to complete this layout.

Of course, the key is that Ye Yang clearly knows where the rulers are.

Otherwise, if you want to calculate their whereabouts in a short period of time, even if Yuan Hao shot, it will be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, many masters are in the vicinity of the indestructible land, and some people even tried to transfer the broken material of the indestructible land to Chaos World.

The indestructible land is the broken world.

All the masters were swept by this force, and their faces were cold.

Then, each and everyone shuttling through the void came to the Eastern Pole League.

Was Ye Yang plot against?

But this is also their wish.

The attack of this supreme powerhouse of the Eastern Pole League hurts the rulers of these laws, and they want revenge. This is an excuse.

Regardless of the fact, with this excuse, the masters can come here together in tacit agreement.

Even if the laws of the majority rule conflicts, conflicts, and battles with each other, as long as there are excuses, they can come together temporarily.

The key is that this is not worth it. Whether this benefit is worth their action.

“That guy is too powerful. If you let him lurch, one day a sneak attack will suddenly happen, maybe even the ruler may be disqualified and die. One Law will disappear, or the authority will be taken away.

“And if he is stable in power and does not even need a sneak attack, it is possible to sweep the invincible hands in Yu.

“Such a powerhouse will never allow existence or growth!

“If in the previous era, even 1000 years, 10000 years, and 100000000 million years, it is unlikely to stabilize the power. After so many years, it has been vain, and it has been possible to stabilize the impossible power without accident. But now, there are regular variations in the universe. All kinds of laws have been transformed, the cosmic avenue is obscure, and even multiple avenues are suspected to collapse. This is the biggest change!

“There are big changes when there are big changes. Such a powerhouse may make the power merge and stabilize. At that time, who can resist?

“He must be slain first, or his hopes must be annihilated. Otherwise, it is the gods who will wait for his solid strength in the future, and the bad luck will be the gods. The hopes of the gods who want to achieve the avenue will be wiped out.

“And it happened that the God Emperor who claimed to be “chaos”, the power transmitted, let me wait for a certain understanding of the powerhouse of the Eastern Pole League, and his power has a weak spot…can be dealt with!”

This is the key!

Ye Yang deliberately transmitted the power of the middle-aged handsome man. When the rulers came into contact, they knew whether it was strong or weak, where the strong is, where the weak was, and where there were weak spots.

There is no perfect power, but if the power is too strong, it will cover up some weaknesses. Now that the clear Sky Mirror weakened the power, you can understand this mirror. According to the power released by the mirror, you can also know what kind of characteristic power is used by the powerhouse that controls the mirror.

After several analyses, possible fight.

Moreover, almost had to fight.

Then take this opportunity…

a Rule ruled, sent across the void.

Not far away, Duan Yujian also shuttled here, suspended not far from the void. Several powerhouse incarnations chasing and killing Duan Yujian stopped a little further away. Suspension of Chase Yujian is suspended for this opportunity.

Jointly annihilate this superpowerhouse that should not exist. If good luck, destroy the powerhouse formed by the alliance of the East Pole God Alliance, you can also lead the Duanyu sword to be injured, and you will earn it by then.

As a result, they suspended the pursuit.

Duan Yujian condenses Jianwei not far away, ready to attack at any time.

Many masters, incarnation surrounded the middle-aged handsome man, standing around.

“Wait, are you here to stop the deity?” said the middle-aged handsome man.

Imposing manner, Sovereign’s prestige emerged from his body.

And Ye Yang manifested not too far away, saying: “Enhance the integration of multiple laws, become the master of yourself, almost impossible. So, you actually have the powerful ability to devour other laws? If you are not destroyed, the universe I’m afraid that Law Power will be swallowed again. You, take it!”

That middle-aged man expression caught a cold.

Ye Yang That is slandering.

Middle-aged handsome man can’t stand the power of a conflict now, how could he want to devour more Law Power? In turn, it is better and more advantageous to exclude some that cannot be merged.

But he knew that today’s war is inevitable.

At the beginning, it was in order to avoid this situation of siege that she would rise up.

Unexpectedly… Ye Yang actually forced him to the point where he had to use a killer mirror.

Therefore, there is great hatred in my heart.

As soon as his figure shook, he came to Ye Yang.

Punched out, Ye Yang was almost unresponsive and was beaten.

With the mom, another incarnation of Ye Yang appeared not far away: “Are you very happy and happy to beat the incarnation of the deity?”

boom! !

Incarnation is also blown up here.

“Useless, the core of the deity is the spirit willpower. Even if the number of incarnations here is exploded, as long as the deity’s spirit is not injured, it can be easily recondensed. It seems that many incarnations that destroy the deity, but you are not in vain Strength. That’s all without merit,” Ye Yang said, deliberately making a mockery.

His purpose is very clear, that is, it does not make people think that he was hit by the middle-aged man, and he easily hit a lot. Only then said this. At the same time, it can be regarded as a little delay for the other rulers.

Give them opportunities to prepare great moves.

However, the middle-aged handsome man responded. There was a blazing golden light on the body, a sharp increase in the imposing manner, and a wave of the hand, Clear Sky Mirror Dark Ruler shot over.

Dark Ruler was defeated by light, and he chose the right one.

“Hehe, it’s useless. One of your weak spots, emotions are easily excited… This point is exposed.” Dark Ruler’s figure disappeared in a flash, and then appeared out of thin air in the distance.

The middle-aged man’s Clear Sky Mirror has the ability to trace cause and effect. How could it not include the ability to lock down the enemy? At the moment of attack, the dark void was locked.

But unexpectedly, Dark Ruler managed to avoid it.


The rules that come here dominate. I don’t know when I created a phantom. Some incarnations that look real are actually phantoms. Phantoms can hardly be traced back to cause and effect.

“Damn it, die!!”

Clear Sky Mirror sweeps, and the light beam sweeps 4 sides. Suddenly, the god didn’t respond, and was flew away.

Above the void, Sword of Sword Yu suddenly swayed, and the sword energy of Grandiose cut towards the middle-aged handsome man.

However, the Clear Sky Mirror swept away, and the void suddenly manifested large and large buildings, continuous mountains and rivers, these things temporarily became virtual, forcibly blocked the sword, and then dissipated.

Then, the attacks dominated by your laws fell simultaneously.

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