Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 880

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“You courting death!!”

A cold and severe voice came.

Then, every powerhouse was dumbfounded.

So many laws dominate, let’s do it together… Although it is not clear what kind of power they used, what kind of strengthening has been made by various Law Power, and what kind of increase change will occur when multiple powers strike strikes together.

But… it is certain that it is enough to easily kill any deity body below the level of Controller.

If Ye Yang’s body is here, without the protection of the ancient palace, it will be instantly removed. Unless the body is incarnation elsewhere.

However, this vast force suddenly stopped in the void.

“Hour…time stopped?”

“No, it’s not time to stop!!”

If you don’t say it, the masters, even ordinary gods, can see that this is not the power of Time Law. The power of Time Law is impossible, so that the attacks dominated by the laws are stopped.

However, various attacks only stopped within 30 metres of the middle-aged handsome man.

Within 30 metres, no force can invade.

Out of the range of 30 metres, up to 10000 miles away, there are very powerful and terrifying attacking forces dominated by your laws. These forces are stagnant.

More than 10000 miles away, more power poured in, and then stopped in the area.

“Wait… die!!”

The middle-aged handsome man’s figure flew up like a sun, blending into that huge mirror, and the formidable power emitted from it was stronger.

Many attacks, all kinds of Law Power, all kinds of, are all turned upside down, and the one-bit ruler has been swept away by this great power.

In an instant, the middle-aged handsome man was surrounded by a vast void, and no longer had any energy. Except for an empty void, there are no other laws.

It is unclear whether Space Law and Time Law exist, but the other Law Power has been emptied.

“Actually… so powerful?!!!”

The one-bit ruler was frightened.

“Such a powerful existence, if you really come out against the gods, I am afraid…”

In an instant, the law of the majority dominates Law Power in the vast universe.

I only saw the rays of light of countless stars becoming stronger.

Countless strands of invisible twisting force condense from the void, some are like huge chains, crash-bang sounds, shuttling through the void, and some are like silk threads, which run through 1000 1000000 light years. There are seven colors light, there are different colors of Changhong, there are floating fairy clouds, there is Immortal Palace Qianying, there are countless blazes of stars and stars.

Law Power, Law Chain, Law Wire, Law Light, Law Changhong, Law Cloud, Law Mist, Law Light Group, etc. Different Law Powers are transformed, shuttling through the void.

Then… transformed into a variety of different shapes and shapes, human, animal, bird, insect, fish, half human half fish, half fish half human, half human half beast, half human half bird, half Avian half-beast, half-beast half-fish, half-worm half-man, half-man half-insect, still in the form of insect-fish-man 3 states, 3 forms of orc-beast animals, and so on.

There are vast giant beasts like stars, all of which are shaped like machines.

1000 1000000 different creatures, the number exceeds 10000 100000000, each contains a vast Law Power.

Numerous silhouettes of countless creatures, at the same time rushed towards the direction of the middle-aged handsome man.

equivalent to 10000 100000000 The terrifying power of the deities together. Even the void of the universe was torn, Yuan Hao was so scared to remind Ye Yang to leave: “The foundation of the universe has been torn, not close!”

in the sky The formation of a vast crack in the abyss extends with the rush of many creatures.

The Clear Sky Mirror of the middle-aged handsome man is transformed into something huge like a star. He is like a creature born in the stars, and like a scroll in the mirror, living in it.

Suddenly, there was flames, and the 100000000 million absolutely illusory shadow of Lihe Mountain ran across the void.

With one hand stretched out, 100000000 million absolutely Lishan River condensed into a sword, sweeping 4 directions. There are mountains and rivers swept out.

A golden line traversed the void, and the lines clearly showed each and everyone’s statute rune.

Many attacks rushed into the void where the line was, as if they touched an invisible barrier and could not move forward at all.

“What power? What means?”

Ye Yang can’t understand it.

“Tao Law!!” Yuan Hao said.

“The law controls all energy, and all energy is controlled by the law, and must follow the law. 10000 things follow the laws of physics. The law of the avenue can command the control of all laws! This is the power of the law!” Yuan Hao then explained .

Ye Yang gasped.

Only by controlling one avenue, multiple avenues, or one Universe Source, or multiple Universe Sources can you directly issue commands to Law Power that you do not control.

Not much to say about the laws that you can control. However, even Law Power released by the enemy can give orders.

Draw a line, just like a restricted area, Law Power does not dare to exceed half a point. This is terrifying. Who is his opponent?

However, the attacks dominated by your laws have intensified.

one after another great power is released. Summon has gathered from various Law Powers in various parts of the universe, partly merged into one, resulting in different fusion changes.

The law governs the cooperation intention of the people, forming the will, and let these Law Power merge.

There are also many variant gods, and many gods who control the ancient Divine Item and even Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure are also shot in the distance.

Various attacks are coming here.

Ye Yang’s body is not hands-on, but it allows his subordinate gods to publish tasks in the ancient palace in the early days, not in the name of the ancient palace in the early days, in the name of ordinary gods, called on the gods to take action.

In fact, there are many other deities who suggest to let the gods do it. equivalent to pick up the task.

However, only a part of the gods took over the task, and many of them were afraid to start.

That middle-aged handsome man is too strong. If he doesn’t stop it, it will surely be a catastrophe, and will override all gods.

But if it is prevented, afterwards, the middle-aged handsome man will settle the accounts after the fall, which is not good. It will be very troublesome and very dangerous.

Therefore, there are hands-on and hesitant.

“So powerful, how do you shoot? Can you really win?” Many deities questioned.

But at this moment, the golden lines in the sky around the middle-aged handsome man slammed with cracks, and then suddenly broke.

The middle-aged handsome man’s complexion changed suddenly and was about to draw a 2nd line.

However, this seems to be a very simple line, not so simple to draw out. It seems easy, just an ordinary line, but it contains His true power. Otherwise, drawing 1000 lines is not better?

Just like the mortal empire, the prohibition issued above imposes nothing on the 100 surnames of the poor.

If the ban is useful, that one order is enough. If the ban does not work… it may be that the following 100 surnames have been rebelled! ! What’s the use even if 1000 more 10000 bans are issued?

Therefore, many attacks moved towards the area where the middle-aged handsome man was flooded.

At this time, a cloud of clouds appeared around him, in which a vast temple, a huge Clear Sky Mirror hung like the sun, in the temple was a throne, a middle-aged handsome man sat in it.

A huge diwei emerged. The various laws and forces that rushed to Him actually slowed down to ten kilometers per second in an instant.

This speed is extremely fast for mortals, with a speed of ten kilometers per second and a ten thousand meters per second. Many interstate missiles behind planets do not have this speed.

But for the attack of the gods’ original speed of light or even speed of light, this trifling speed of ten kilometers per second is still too slow.

Ye Yang pondered a little. With a wave of his hand, Primal Chaos Qi came from the void, and each and everyone black energy balls rushed forward, creating a Space Crack torn space channel to be transmitted to the middle-aged handsome man, but they were all blocked by invisible forces.

“Can Primal Chaos Law block it?” Ye Yang thoughts move, spirit willpower blessed it here, the middle-aged handsome man was not far away from one another after another distorted space crack, Primal Chaos Law penetrated, but other forces were other The law cannot penetrate this distinguished space crack at all.

At this time, the sword energy of Duan Yujian condensed into substance and flew from a distance.

Coincidentally, the sea of ​​clouds where the middle-aged man is located burst with a bang.

The continuous building, an entire temple, cracked, the plaque of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall exploded, the throne cracked, the body of the middle-aged handsome man was like a cracked fine porcelain, and densely packed cracks emerged from his body.

Bang!! !

A stream of blue purple flames washed out from him, then a stream of golden-yellow flames, followed by various other flames. They rewind at the same time, and the backlash impacts the middle-aged man’s body.

Bang!! !

His whole body was broken.

A vast emperor Wei spilled out, and the attacks of the gods were once again stagnation in the void.

Then I heard the painful roar of the middle-aged man, with strong anger and murderous intention in his voice.

The whole temple, the sea of ​​clouds, the earth, the throne, the broken body fragments of the middle-aged man, and all kinds of powers of retrogression and retreat, all flocked to that round of luminous things like the sun.

In an instant, the rays of light converged and changed back to a mirror, but there were 3 more cracks on the mirror surface. In the mirror, there is an image of a treasure hall and a middle-aged man, but the painting is covered with cracks.

Not a crack in the mirror, but a crack that was intentionally drawn in the painting.

“This hatred, this hate, the deity remembers it!”

The huge mirror suddenly flinched and the split open space was to be teleported.

Various attacks fell.

The whole mirror made a huge chirping sound, and a twisted void crack appeared, exuding the fluctuations that made the Divine Heart palpitate.

That is not an ordinary Space Crack, but the abyss crack that the essence of the universe is cracking is a crack formed by a problem with the foundation of the universe, and the mirror is drilled into it.

Various attacks blasted, but actually it was like clay ox entering the sea, seeping into it and not seeing it.

“This… escaped?”

“Unsurprisingly, this Haotian powerhouse formed by the power of the Eastern Pole League, within the body, has unstable power. Although its strength is very strong, it cannot stop our continued attacks, as long as the pressure is greater than he can withstand. Limit, his own power will be out of balance, backlash, he will be injured himself…”

“But what I didn’t expect was that he was just wounded and not killed, and escaped…how? Chase?”

The one-position ruler stopped the attack and stood near the huge crack.

Hand waved, one after another power poured in.

But all are disappeared.

Ye Yang looked at it, his thoughts moved slightly, and quietly retreated.

“Don’t try to enter it, there is a big danger.” Yuan Hao warned Ye Yang.

“Very dangerous?”

“If it expands, even the universe will be torn. This is the crack that the sword of Duan Yujian’s strongest attack at the peak period can only cut. The ruler enters into it, and it may not return. It is enough to devour the entire universe. Horrible power, do you say fierce is not dangerous?” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang hit a zero, and returned.

It is not clear whether incarnation enters, will it affect the ontology.

However, there are many people in the universe who want to hold thick legs.

Among the gods, there is no lack of IQ.

There are also have brain issues that are extremely “adventurous”.

So, there are some silhouettes flying into the abyss.

Even, in the abyss of the Demon Emperor in the 10000 abyss in the distance, a demon-like divine creature came flying into this abyss crack.

Then… nothing went in, nothing returned, no information returned.

There are mortal weapons, high-tech weapons, flying into the abyss, but there is no news at all.

The gods began to calculate.

“Several fell.”

“Well, part of the deity’s incarnation entered this abyss crack, and the body in the universe also disappeared out of thin air.”

“But there are still some gods all right, I heard that it is impossible to communicate with the incarnation that entered the abyss.”

“The mortal technology country that sent high-tech aircraft has no feedback, but there is a country where all high-tech aircraft of the same type have been destroyed and destroyed.”

The gods gasped.

The one-bit rule ruled each other and looked at each other for a while, and there was only one conclusion.

Place heavy seals and seal the area first.

Yes, it is just a ban. No longer send anyone in.

But gods are also prohibited from approaching nearby.

Don’t send people to guard here.

“Actually forget it? This is a big hidden danger in the universe.” Yuan Hao muttered dissatisfiedly.

Soon he shook his head again: “Even if I don’t want to stop like this, there seems to be no good solution for the time being. Alas…”

Ye Yang unable to bear asked: “Is this really tricky?”

“It’s more tricky than you think.” Yuan Hao said: “Unless someone completely controls all the avenues in the universe and adjusts the resources of the universe, it is possible to repair this trauma.”

Ye Yang gasped.

“Metaphorize the universe as a life, or metaphorically as a person. The cosmic avenue is equivalent to human consciousness and corresponding nerves. It must be a living person, complete the life system, and adjust its own power to repair serious injuries. If a person Consciousness disappears, the body’s self-healing system and immune system are out of order, and the life system is incomplete, and that cannot be repaired. The same is true of this crack in the universe… well, other cracks that were torn apart in the war, also With such characteristics, only the probability of expansion is small, and the degree of danger is not as great as here.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang is speechless.

“So, we must speed up the action. The deity defeated the rule of other laws as soon as possible and became the only way. You also have to become the ruler of Primal Chaos Law and then cooperate with the deity.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang smiled bitterly.

He also knows to speed things up, but there are some things that you can do without hard work and tension.

For example, He knows how to achieve the rule of law, but not at 1% sure that this method will definitely work. And, even if it works, it will take time to meet the requirements. Some things require the precipitation of time. Even if it is done well, the precipitation and fermentation without time cannot meet the real requirements.

And on the side of Yuan Hao, help him to spread his name and let more creatures in the universe follow cultivation to solidify Law Power. This is the way. But in the end, Ye Yang didn’t figure out how to make him promote and transform, and how to transform the law he controlled into a road. Ye Yang didn’t understand it.

“decide as things go……”

Ye Yang quietly withdrew this Divine Realm.

He is preparing to take a tour of all influence in this universe. Has there been any change recently?

However, without waiting for his action, it was discovered that there were many stars in the area where the former Antarctic League was located, and the broken galaxy flew for 4 weeks.

The stars here actually went out after one after another.

What is horrifying is that not only this area, but other galaxies in the far distance, it is actually one after another. The stars are extinguished, 1 billion, 100 100000000, 1000 100000000, 10000 100000000… countless stars, even a large area in a short time A large area goes out and no longer shines.

Weird, bizarre, horrible, and shocking.

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