Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 881

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“Dark Law dominates the ghosts?”

Ye Yang couldn’t help making such a guess.

In today’s universe, the fog is heavy, and many gods have not discovered the major event here. But there are still many noticed, also each and everyone discuss spiritedly.

a The gods flew to the distance, an incarnation shuttled to different directions.

Then, various data were reported to the ancient palace in the beginning.

It is unclear whether the information is true or false, but the true probability is estimated to be large.

Ye Yang listened and secretly gasped.

Subsequently, incarnation shuttled through the void.

I only saw a patch of galaxies, which turned into black.

The speed of light in the starry sky is 300,000 kilometers per second, which is the speed of light.

It takes one year to travel through a light-year space, and it takes 100,000 years to travel through thousand thousand light-years.

Therefore, the star itself has been extinguished, but from a distance, it is still a bright star.

Mortal detection equipment can never detect abnormalities.

Because, if the rays of light of a star are extinguished, the star beyond this can only be detected after 20 hundreds of thousands of years.

It can also be detected by scanning with a space wave detector. However, space wave scanning is to centralize in one point, an area, rather than an astronomical Telescope, to collect starlight of the whole starry sky.

If it’s a deity, it’s much easier, and you can see the shader void directly.

“So many stars are extinguished together? One galaxy, two galaxies… ten galaxies, 2 galaxies…each and everyone galaxies are extinguishing.

“A galaxy is 10000 light-years to several thousand light-years in size. The number of stars in a galaxy varies from 1000 100000000 to 10000 100000000. The 10000 galaxies on 1000 10000 are extinguished together, equivalent to Count 10000000 100000000 or even 100000000 100000000 stars, quickly extinguished…”

This is definitely not normal!

Normal universe time and space, in nature, there will never be such a strange situation. There will be no situation where a large number of stars in the entire universe go out simultaneously.

“If it is the power dominated by Dark Law… then, it will not be as simple as the stars directly extinguishing, but the starlight emanating from it will also extinguish.” Ye Yang speculated.

2 What is the difference?

In the former, the stars are extinguished. That is, all the stars in the starry sky are not shining, they are not even hot, and there is no strong internal activity. However, the stars seen in the distance are still glowing, and you cannot directly see them go out. It takes time to travel through the light.

And the latter… the power dominated by Dark Law shrouded, even the starlight in the sky disappeared together, covered or devoured by darkness together. From a distance, the rays of light of the entire starlight will disappear instantly.

Unless there is a light master to deal with it, even if the power of Dark Ruler disappears, the light emitted by these stars will take many years to reach the distance, and the entire sky will be dark for a long time.

“Not the power of Dark Ruler… Whose power would it be?”

Ye Yang is puzzled.

In the sky, the dive sense swept through the sky, and stars one after another became dead and lifeless.

Those livable planets near the stars also instantly “dead”, and there is no longer any vitality on the surface.

There were few creatures in this universe, but now, the survivors left over from the previous era of civilization have died in large quantities.

The continuous number of 10000 galaxies, without any living creatures, all died! !

Horror, the horror of the end.

Even the deity looked cold.

“Such a powerful force… wouldn’t anyone be controlling it? If no one is controlling it, then the universe itself has undergone upheaval?”

In either case, it will be terrifying.

“The source of power cannot be found. Where is the power that caused these mutations?”

“The stars are extinct, but there is no law of engulfment and the wave of Dark Law Power becomes stronger. The lives of the stars die, but there is no Death Power, and there is not a lot of Death Law surging… Very wrong!”

a god looked at each other in blank dismay.

Ye Yang with a cold face, flying in the sky and exploring, want to see how many stars are extinguished.

It flew out and traveled nearly 200000000 million light years in a straight line, but all the galaxies that passed by were no longer burning.

Both stopped glowing.

When Ye Yang flew close to a star, divine sense explored into it, something happened again.

The star that was extinguished before lit up one after another.

The speed of continuous lighting is very fast.

It takes less than 1/10000th second of a star, and the entire silent star produces a super-strong nuclear explosion, rays of light, and restores the rays of light to normal stars. But it did not cause the star to explode because of this sudden change in energy. It was still similar to a normal star, except that the shape was somewhat distorted, and the flame flame blooming on the surface of the star rose more violently.

“what happened?”

Many incarnations of Ye Yang stand in different corners of the universe.

He discovered that the stars within the range of 200000000 million light-years, all in about ten or five seconds, are all lit again! !

Start from one end of the starry sky and continue to the other end of the starry sky. The rate at which the stars light up is equivalent to several millions light years per second.

“What… what?”

Ye Yang was a little dazed.

Many incarnations have released more incarnations to explore, one after another star, it feels a little different from before, the above Fire Law and Light Law are stronger… Well, Light Law Power is a little weakened, Fire Law is stronger.

While pondering, one after another star began to die again.

Countless stars have been extinguished together in the starry sky of 100000000 million light years.

This is not torch, it can be extinguished in one breath. This is a star! !

Moreover, this is not a match, it will light up in one stroke. This is a star! !

“Damn it… suddenly extinguished and suddenly lit up, this heat shrinks and expands, these stars have not exploded?”

Gravity and gravity may not completely explode, but at least there are countless cracks and a lot of material is thrown out. But there is no abnormality.

Ye Yang used to fly in a straight line. Incarnation was arranged in multiple positions on a straight line of 200000000 million light years.

At this time thoughts move, flying in the side direction, and flying in the up and down direction.

There is no distinction between up, down, left, and right in the cosmic vacuum, but it is possible to divide the up, down, left, and right of this side based on the coordinates of itself, or the up, down, left, and right of the ancient palace in the distance.

Ye Yang tried to expand the detection range as much as possible, and found that there is a huge Defensive Array potential.

There is a Defensive Array that actually envelopes the entire galaxy, with a diameter of about 80000 8,000 800 97 light-years, with a positive and negative error of no more than ten light-years.

This huge galaxy is protected by the Defensive Array, but all stars are extinguished in an instant. The stellar power is used to maintain the Defensive Array potential, and it suddenly gets stuck. But in the next moment, they all light up again.

“The deity here has discovered how to convert ordinary energy into divine force or Law Power to maintain the Defensive Array potential. This technology is no longer exclusive to the galaxy of the day, it must be ruled by the law behind the rules, Otherwise, it cannot develop so fast.”

Ye Yang guesses so.

However, even if there are laws dominating the back pointing, such a galaxy also means that it will die, and that it will light up again, which is too weird, too unimaginable.

Soon, Ye Yang discovered multiple forces again.

large and small different gods, set up positions to protect one side of the sky. There are some mortals living there, and some are living without mortals. There are planets that survive by pure machine life, as well as planets that survive by all kinds of bizarre elemental and energy creatures, and even planets that survive by pure spiritual lifeform.

Different forces vary in strength. The range occupied is different in size. The territory of control varies in size.

In today’s universe, there are many kingdoms controlled by gods. Each and everyone galaxies are shrouded in the Defensive Array potential, and there are many formations that can’t be broken even by Ye Yang. But there are still many positions that can be seen through.

However, all the stars in these gods that were surrounded by the formation were also extinguished. After that, they were all lit up again.

“Is this universe… going crazy? Universe Principle mutation? Universe Source mutation?” Ye Yang was so confused that he was puzzled.

“If it is correct, there may be a very terrifying thing.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang asked: “What is very terrifying thing?”

As it was saying, countless stars died out again.

But this time, unlike the previous ones, these stars are not completely extinguished, but become pale blue rays of light…to be precise, they are frozen! !

one after another star was frozen.

That’s right, all kinds of ions ejected from nuclear fission, all kinds of neutron photons and other particles, are all frozen in the void and are still.

However, there is also a water-blue rays of light blooming. Like a cold light.

But the deity induced that the basis of this light is an energy wave. Light that can be seen by mortal eyes. If you explore the micro world infinitely, you will find that it is a kind of ultrafine particles that are much finer than electrons and constitute light. Each ultrafine particle is a very subtle energy node, emitting a very subtle energy field.

A large amount of ultrafine particles bloom, forming a cold light.

What is terrifying is that this light is actually 100 to 100000000 million times faster than ordinary light.

Where it passed, one after another planet, quickly frozen and frozen.

Whether it is water, air, dust, leaves, steel, all freeze together.

The force enough to freeze the 1000000 degree high temperature substance when freezing ordinary leaves did not cause the leaves to shrink and shatter.

With such a strong chill, all the stars have been frozen here, but they have not been destroyed.

Before and after, the moment, Ye Yang saw that the entire starry sky became water-blue.

The glowing rays of the previous stars froze at this time, condensing into the void.

Therefore, tens of thousands of light years, hundreds of millions of light years, and even 10000 million light years of starlight have been frozen.

Stars, solid planets, liquid planets, gaseous planets, various aerosol clusters, various small stars, all frozen in the void, motionless.

These galaxies have stopped functioning, but there has been no structural variation.

“This…very powerful Ice Power!” Ye Yang gasped.

Recognized this Law Power.

It is the ice attribute rule.

This is a congenital law, but it is quite weak.

Ice, freezing and freezing are considered ice.

But if it is only cold and not frozen, it is the law of cold.

The cold law and the fiery law are both part of the temperature law.

Han Ice Law’s authority is quite low-level.

However, now, everywhere is full of the power of this law.

Correspondingly, Life Law, Fire Law, Fiery Law, Light Law, Dark Law, Liquefaction Law, Gasification Law, etc. on all planets are all rejected. It has not been completely eliminated and dispelled, but all the laws have been suppressed to be extremely weak.

In particular, Fire Law above one after another star hardly exists.

Fire Law is also one of the innate laws, partly the same as the fiery law, and partly different from the fiery law, because the flame also contains factors of fusion and change and derivation.

Such laws have also been suppressed.

The power of very terrifying, is there a strong ruler of Han Ice Law? Out of control? “Ye Yang muttered.

“It’s not the ice master, this is… Han Great Dao of Ice!!” Yuan Hao said solemnly.

“What?” Ye Yang horrified.

“Han Ice Law is about to transform into Han Great Dao of Ice!!”

“Hiss~ ~~” Ye Yang’s pupils contracted sharply.

“The ontology of the deity has been lurking away, and other rulers have also rushed away. You can also send incarnation to see it. If it is unsuccessful, a new avenue will be born… and you have consciousness and will. Universe Avenue!!!” Wu Hao said.

Ye Yang thinks have one’s hair stand on end.

One of the cosmic avenues has its own consciousness and thoughts, and its enemies are unknown.

Such a powerhouse is more terrifying than the previous BOSS of the Eastern League.

Under the avenue, all are ants.

Who can resist?

Ye Yang quickly moved towards Yuan Hao’s direction and flew away.

As you can see, there is a void, and the ice has frozen a huge ice enchantment with a diameter of 1000000 light years. There are countless planet-shaped ice flakes flying around.

There is a translucent blue woman silhouette.

Water blue long hair, water blue flowing cloud flying sleeves, water blue long skirt. Even the skin is a bit similar to water blue.

The upper body is a human female form, but the lower body is cold smoke like a snake.

Her right hand stretched out, and a red giant with a blazing flame in front of her was trapped in a large cold mist.

The giant two horns growing on the head, with red skin and flames outside.

In the vast universe, boundless Fire Law gathered here.

The silk of law, the chain of law, the bundle of law.

A little bit of red light, a little bit of white light, a little bit of yellow light, exuding high temperature, exuding the meaning of heat, constantly flowing towards this.

All the stars in the universe slowly change, becoming weaker than before, and slowly falling. Fire-related laws are blessed on this two-horned red-skinned giant. However, He was still entangled in the chain formed by the cold fog and the cold fog, but roared was earning nothing.

“Surrender, the more Fire Law you have condensed, the more Fire Law you have suppressed. Fire Law is similar to Han Ice Law, the weaker your law authority is, the smaller your law authority will be, and the authority of Han Ice Law will rise. , The greater the scope of the authority, the easier it is to transform. The deity is about to become enlightened. You don’t want the entire universe to be flameless, and you don’t want the flames of the universe to be suppressed to almost nothing. Then surrender, actively weaken the Fire Law in the universe, and cooperate with the promotion of the deity. There is a glimmer of survival!” The woman’s voice was clear, echoing in the sky.

“Such a request, even if he agrees, I won’t agree.” A man’s voice came.

Then I saw that the incarnation dominated by Dark Law, the incarnation dominated by Light Law, and the incarnation dominated by other laws have all come.

“Wait, have to come to prevent the deity from becoming enlightened? Have you thought about the consequences?” The voice of the ice Goddess came lightly. An absent-minded look, as if these powerful masters were not taken seriously at all.

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