Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 882

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“I only know what the consequences would be if you could not prevent you from becoming enlightened.” A ruler ruled out in the sky.

But in a flash, his silhouette froze in the sky and turned into a large block of water-blue ice, and then burst with a bang.

Lying down! ! !

Many powerhouses were taken aback.

“That’s it, there’s nothing more to talk about.” The woman’s voice uttered, and the incarnation ruled by the nearby laws frozen and condensed into lumps.

But the incarnation dominated by one rule after another is regenerated.

in the sky, one after another light blue light flowed, wherever it passed, the void was frozen.

The laws governing your incarnation were swept by the light, and they quickly froze. The Law Power released by them, the Law Power guided from in the sky, were all frozen in a flash.

The frozen powerhouse, actually motionless, seems to be unable to get rid of this banned power.

Ye Yang incarnation was not too far away, and her eyes widened in surprise.

But, don’t understand, don’t understand.

It is completely unclear how the power of the Great Dao of Ice works.

He can sense the cold Ice Law that exists in the sky, but the so-called avenue power cannot be sensed, as if it does not exist.

However, the so-called Cold Ice Law, condensed into a light beam, a light beam, and a mist, sweeping onto the rulers, will be easily blocked by the power of the rulers. Laws are against laws.

But occasionally only blue light flashed is seen, and the ruler becomes ice cube.

Even without any anomalies, another ruler became ice cubes.

Ye Yang was almost going crazy.

The frozen powerhouse must have been more powerfully attacked than Han Ice Law. However, what form is the attack?

can not see it.

There is no corresponding wave of power.

“Invisible, untouchable, untouchable, unthinkable, unimaginable…is this a feature of power of Grand Dao?” Ye Yang couldn’t help but recall some of the classics he had read.

No one explained to him, no one answered, no one answered.

But Ye Yang estimates that the power of Grand Dao of this ice Goddess should not have reached that level. Otherwise, disregarding space, disregarding cause and effect, intangible and invisible, imperceptible, wouldn’t it be who is freezing or who is freezing?

With a distance of 100 100000000 million light years in the universe, from the side of the universe, can the laws on the other side of the universe be completely frozen?

Not to freeze another incarnation ruled by a law. Nor will it suppress the flame master for so long and have not succeeded in suppressing it.

“No, the flame master…should not be in a complete state. The flame master has not been seen in the universe, is this the image manifested by the strength of Fire Law?”

Ye Yang looking thoughtful.

If one law in the universe shrinks indefinitely and condenses indefinitely, the same laws from all parts of the universe converge in one place, even if there is no ruler of this rule before, a ruler of the corresponding rule may be born soon.

As before, it is guessed that the “variant deity” is a target favored by the infinite Law Power in the vast universe.

Indistinctly, he seemed to think of something, a glance in his mind.

Rule, rule rule, rule will, rule of variation, avenue…

In the midst, it seems that these things have a very simple and mysterious connection.

Unfortunately, the inspiration disappeared in the next moment.

Ye Yang shook her head.

Look again, the one-bit rule dominates the ice Goddess, but as soon as it is done, the attack is blocked and the incarnation is also frozen.

Then, a new rule dominated incarnation. in the sky is full of frozen ice cubes, and even frozen ice cubes will freeze again.

These are what Ye Yang saw, but in fact, the masters are fighting the Goddess at a very fast speed. If they look at other gods who are not Divinity Sovereign Level, they will only see a large area of ​​light, blue. Light, other colors of light. There are also various divine force Law Power fluctuations.

Ye Yang stared at it for a few seconds, and there was a curiosity in his heart. This ice Goddess did not really transform into true enlightenment, then how powerful would it be if it truly enlightened? What about the means of attack?

Then, unable to bear curious, release divine sense to see how the power of Goddess in the sky can freeze the rule of law. What is the power of Grand Dao?

But at the moment when divine sense is released, Ye Yang’s eyes are black.

All incarnation’s perception is cut off, and the body only senses a strong chill.

In the next moment, many incarnation feelings were restored.

Ye Yang discovered that the incarnation that he stayed in the void outside Goddess in the ice and watched from far away had been frozen and locked in the void.

“No? It’s so coincident?”

Thoughts move, another incarnation flew away, but there was still a certain distance from the battle area, Ye Yang felt dark again, and there was a spiritual shock looming.

Ye Yang could not sense anything again in an instant.

In the next moment, the perception of the incarnation in the distance is restored, and the incarnation before it appears, freezing and vanity.

Moreover, unlike the incarnation dominated by other laws, Ye Yang’s frozen incarnation could not be supported at all, and soon cracked, and the ice cubes collapsed and disappeared.

“Very powerful, so weird… but this feeling is so familiar. When did it seem to have encountered a similar situation?”

However, without much thought, Ye Yang’s new incarnation flew past again.

Of course, before that, it was well prepared. In the beginning, the protection of the ancient palace body was not mentioned. Ye Yang in the chaos, important incarnation, was also guarded by layers of enchantment, and all kinds of defense were blessed.

The incarnation at the Goddess of Frost is on the battlefield again, and then it is frozen without seeing anything.

“My consciousness seems to be worn away, every incarnation is lost, and my spirit willpower will be partially damaged?” Ye Yang was surprised.

The deity’s incarnation contains the fine divine sense power from the body. Some are part of the core of consciousness cut out from the body. Some are spirit willpower from the remote blessing of the body.

If incarnation is impaired, there may be some mental impairment, even if it is not a retroactive causal attack.

However, when the strength reaches the level of Ye Yang today, in the blink of an incarnation, the consciousness will quickly be transferred to other incarnations or other chaos. It will not be damaged, or the damage is extremely slight, and it can be recovered after a little cultivation. This loss is nothing.

Now, these incarnations are frozen, and the inherent spirit willpower and all the divine sense powers are all wiped out. It can no longer be sensed and cannot be recovered.

If the core of blessing consciousness entered into it before, then I am afraid that this core of consciousness will be permanently lost.

“Damn, it’s so strong…”

Ye Yang can see that the large water-blue rays of light in front make the void of 1000000 light years become like the beautiful ocean and sea of ​​cyan.

However, the ocean composed of water in the universe will not be blue. It is blue here, like the ocean above some livable planets.

But it is not the real sea, but the power of Ice Goddess.

You can see other kinds of stray light.

You can see the light spots of golden red yellow purple green white and so on, which are faintly humanoid.

You can sense the power of multiple rules.

It can also be seen that there are countless fine light particles in the vast universe, and the grandiose crowded into this area. There are countless wires of laws, chains of laws, converging towards this.

Except for some, more will not be seen.

Can’t see how to fight inside, I saw one after another silhouette flashed, one after another silhouette frozen and a new silhouette was produced.

Ye Yang is very itchy, quite curious and extremely interested.

“Damn, I don’t believe it!”

A chaotic incarnation is sent in, and each incarnation synchronously transmits information fluctuating out.

Then, like clay ox entering the sea, a chaotic incarnation has not responded, drowned in the blue sea of ​​light.

This time, I don’t even see if these incarnations are frozen and sealed inside. Because Blu-ray is even stronger.

“Actually… With so many chaotic incarnations falling down, none of the useful information has been collected back? With so many chaotic incarnations, none of them can absorb a little bit of ice power of Grand Dao?”

Ye Yang feels that she is losing money.

If the chaotic incarnation can absorb a little bit of power of Grand Dao, or even only absorb the slight fluctuations of this power, and can transmit it back, it will be of great benefit to Him.

But now, no, nothing.

At this moment, the golden light flickered vaguely, and some translucent things like tortoiseshell appeared, then each and everyone turned into ice cubes and partly crushed.

Then, I saw a huge Divine Tortoise illusory shadow, not an entity, instantly frozen in the void, and then disappeared, not broken, and I don’t know what happened.

Ye Yang was startled, and asked Yuan Hao quickly in the ancient palace.

“Very strong! The ice Goddess, already a half-step avenue, is being promoted from the master to become the avenue, and the controlled Ice Law gradually becomes the great Dao of Ice.

“The deity’s tentative release of the defensive talisman, and even the use of incarnation, were instantly seconds away. A small amount of information was collected, and it was analyzed that if the deity came, there would be considerable probability that would be suppressed in a short time.” Yuan Hao Road.

So… this guy said that it was the main body, but in the end he still counseled. It’s just that incarnation entered the War Zone, but the body didn’t enter. Moreover, Ye Yang does not know where He is hidden.

But you can be sure that the ice Goddess is very strong, very strong.

“The deity is different from other rule masters, there is a real entity. Even if it is suppressed, it will not be destroyed. The solidification rule outside will not be affected too much. However, it cannot be transferred like other masters. Consciousness condenses into another Law Power, re-consolidating incarnation.” Yuan Hao said: “So, you have to be careful.”

Ye Yang’s heart moved slightly.

The rulers can quickly transfer their consciousness to another Law Power, using the rule as the new body. This sounds the same as the special power of Ye Yang, the chaotic emperor. Both can destroy the incarnation in an instant and recondense the incarnation in an instant, as long as the consciousness is not damaged, as long as Primal Chaos Qi is sufficient…

However, the difference is that even if these dominant incarnations are frozen, they can quickly condense another powerful incarnation, and Ye Yang will not work. When the incarnation just met the power of the ice Goddess, it was frozen and the consciousness was not transferred.

Fortunately, this ice Goddess was pinned by the powerhouse, Ye Yang was too weak to be unremarkable, and there was an ancient palace and other various protections on the body. Otherwise, as long as there is ice in the universe, there is the will of Ice Goddess, and the other party traces the causal attack, Ye Yang may not be able to cut off the connection and not be caught.

“Actually so powerful, can no one stop her, no one can interrupt her promotion?” Ye Yang felt cold in his heart and asked Yuan Hao.

“It’s not… Law Power, it’s going to go away. One kind of Law Power wants to become one of the avenues and one of the Universe Source. What do you think is the key?” Yuan Hao asked.

“What lies in it?” Ye Yang didn’t understand and asked back.

“It’s the law of suppression that suppresses it. To get rid of the influence of many other laws that are closely related to it, the law is almost detached, and it becomes a Tao.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang’s face was dignified and he gave a gift: “Thanks to seniors for guidance.”

The above paragraph clearly states that the law of this universe has transformed. Previously, I knew that there were some methods that allowed Law Power to get a greater chance of metamorphosis, but it is completely unclear how and to what extent.

With Yuan Hao’s sentence, not only understood the correct method, but also know how to let the rule have been transformed into a avenue.

This is an amazing secret for the gods.

Of course, what Yuan Hao said was not deceiving, but it certainly concealed something.

“Well, therefore, if she wants to be promoted to Avenue, she will definitely weaken the Fire Law in the universe and increase the authority of Han Ice Law.”

Yuan Hao stretched his claws and pointed to the void in the distance: “Look at those stars? The method of cracking is there. But not everyone has the strength to crack.”

Ye Yang looked at it, and many stars were frozen.

The previous moment was still extremely high temperature, the ion flame was burning, and the fusion continued. But it was frozen in an instant.

One after another is the same for stars.

After seeing it, Ye Yang stared at him, pondered for a few seconds, and his heart shook: “Could it be…”

What makes these planets frozen is not the power of the Great Dao of Ice, but the power of the Ice Law?

The power of Goddess is to deal with the incarnation ruled by multiple laws in close proximity, and is used to prevent the flame god from resisting. It is used to prevent other powerhouse sneak attacks.

The ice power overflowing in the vast universe, impossible is her real strongest power, but the aftermath of power is Law Power.

“If, re-ignite some frozen planets…”

Ye Yang looks to Yuanhao’s incarnation.

“Well, that’s the case. If the frozen planet can be thawed and burned to generate heat, then it can slow down the promotion of Ice Ice’s authority. The fewer planets that are frozen, the more difficult it is for the ice authority to expand.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang is speechless.

The method is understood, but the ice power spreads too quickly.

To reignite so many frozen stars, easyer said than done?

Not to mention, even if it is ignited, it may not be really useful, but it may be useful.

“She won’t freeze the entire universe?” Ye Yang asked curiously.

“No, she can’t freeze even 0.1% of the universe. There are stars frozen around, but it is she who concentrates her efforts on fighting with the flame master who also concentrates on the full force. The overflowing force triggers the Starry Sky Frozen Form. Not intentionally to freeze In the end, the frozen starry sky does not need to be too large, she can be promoted to the avenue. After the promotion, whether or not you want to freeze the entire universe, it is much easier.” Yuan Hao said.

“Lighting these stars can really weaken her ice power?”

“It must be possible. It’s just hard to say whether the effect is big or not.”

“Then… is there any way to make these planets reignite on a large scale?” Ye Yang asked.

In that trifling, the super terrifying spread speed of 100000000 million light years was frozen in more than ten seconds. Want to make the stars reignite faster than the speed of freezing spread?

fantasy story?


“Is there a way?” Ye Yang asked Yuan Hao again.

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