Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 883

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Yuan Hao shook his head: “Not clear.”

Ye Yang stunned.

“There is a way to crack this crisis. Just by Daoist, or the hidden powerhouse of the East Pole League, it is possible. But, with our strength and means, we want to use these Frozen stars all rekindled…” Yuan Hao shook his head bitterly.

Ye Yang is silent.

“In this way, no one can stop her? Is she sure to become enlightened?” Ye Yang said.

Yuan Hao said: “That’s not necessarily.”

“How to say?”

“Wanting to be enlightened is not that simple. There will be robbery, Primal Chaos Tribulation, and Heart Tribulation.”

“Human robbery? Primal Chaos Tribulation? Heart Tribulation?”

“Just like in mortal mythology, there are mortal cultivation success celestials, and they will also encounter Heavenly Tribulation. And this rule dominates and is promoted to the avenue, and they will also encounter corresponding disasters. However, it is not Heavenly Tribulation, but Primal Chaos Tribulation, Punishment from the void of the outer universe.”

“What about that man and Heart Tribulation?” Ye Yang asked.

“Human robbery… is the robbery of the same kind, the robbery of the same path, the robbery of the peers. Like the ice Goddess is going to be promoted from the rule of law to the avenue, so it has attracted many rulers to join in the crusade. This is the robbery of man. If you get through it, you will be blocked if you cross it. There is even a danger of sinking and falling. Of course, it will not be completely down, but it will be resurrected again, and I don’t know how long it will be.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang thoughts move: “So, it is difficult to stop her now, just wait for Primal Chaos Tribulation and Heart Tribulation?”

“Yes… Heart Tribulation is actually not a mind demons, but a consciousness robbery. The core of consciousness ruled by the law has been fully integrated with Law Power, and its consciousness is the consciousness of the law. If you want to be promoted and transformed, there will be a very dangerous disaster. For example, the core of a mortal consciousness is the inner core of the brain, also known as the Maru Maru Palace. A mortal nucleus of consciousness undergoes biochemical transformation, such as the transformation of the Maru Maru of blood and meat materials into metal materials or Semiconductor materials. How dangerous is it to become a robot’s electronic intelligence consciousness?” Yuan Hao asked.

“Very large, it is very likely that the consciousness will be completely wiped out.” Ye Yang said.

Those who have not been cultivated, or those that are not properly cultivated, will not be able to withstand normal people and will hang up.

Even if it doesn’t hang up, the core of this consciousness has transformed and woke up after coma. Who can guarantee that this new life and new consciousness is the original consciousness? Maybe the original consciousness has disappeared, and a new consciousness will be produced.

“There is a great terror between life and death. Under normal circumstances, the ruler will not be completely destroyed, unless the universe is destroyed, the dimension is replaced, or the Heart Tribulation at the time of promotion to the avenue. Facing the life crisis, the ruler is also impossible indifferent. Place it.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang glanced at the large blue rays of light in front of him, and his heart moved: “It turns out that it is delaying time?”

“Yes, right now, many laws dominate and cannot defeat that ice master, but they will not be defeated by her. Just delay until her Primal Chaos Tribulation and Heart Tribulation come, and interfere with them next to it, it is possible Will make her promotion and transformation fail!” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang asked: “Why not stop for a while? Accumulate strength, wait until her Primal Chaos Tribulation and Heart Tribulation come down, and then interfere with it, and attack remotely, it is not too late.”

Yuan Hao said: “Primal Chaos Tribulation is coming, it is visible. But when the Heart Tribulation appears, it is not clear, it must be forced to distract her in the battle to deal with it, then once Heart Tribulation appears, she reacts differently. You can find it. If she is undisturbed and her will is firm, then Heart Tribulation appears, and it cannot be seen on the surface. Maybe the Heart Tribulation has passed, and the masters have not noticed it.

“The above is just the first reason. The second reason… she may take the opportunity to conserve strength and store up energy, accumulate strength, and increase the chance of success of Transcending Tribulation, so she cannot be given time.”

Ye Yang was surprised: “conserve strength and store up energy?”

“Yes. If she does her best to completely suppress the consciousness composed of the Fire Law, it is similar to completely suppressing the power ruled by the law. It is not difficult. But then, her power is strong to the peak, and the transformation directly enters the most critical state. Primal Chaos Tribulation is here immediately!” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang looking thoughtful, nodded: “so that’s how it is … she is to slow down the transformation of Han Ice Law, there is a process of adaptation, and it will not be transformed in an instant. The core of consciousness will not be transformed in an instant, Heart Tribulation will also Weaken. Slowly deal with Fire Law, slowly suppress, she will accumulate power in time, and wait until the end, breaking Primal Chaos Tribulation in one fell swoop.”

“Yes.” Yuan Hao said.

“But in this way, it will cause a lot of movement, attracting other rules to dominate, and the equivalent to human robbery will be ahead of schedule.” Ye Yang said.

“Yes. Therefore, the number of robbers is difficult to weaken. Wanting to be promoted to be a avenue is not so simple. Unless you are born with consciousness from Universe Source and born to be one of the avenues, otherwise, it will be too difficult to be transformed. At most, you can only choose to adjust the number of robbery, which one is stronger, in exchange for other robbery slightly weaker.” Yuan Hao said.

And this ice Goddess, the ice master, should choose to weaken Heart Tribulation and Primal Chaos Tribulation, at the cost of stronger people.

“So what do you think of her chances of success?” Ye Yang asked.

Before Yuan Hao answered, Ye Yang discovered that he had a sense of dizziness.

Not an illusion.

He carefully observed that the entire universe was slightly turbulent.

The huge universe with a diameter of 100 100000000 million light years or more is in turmoil. Not only the stars and the void, but also the cosmic planes like higher dimensions and deeper layers shake together.

Click! ! !

A super giant and long crack of terror appeared suddenly, sweeping through the void.

The width reaches 100 100000000 million kilometers, but the length is up to 10000 trillion kilometers.

10000 trillion is 10000 100000000 100000000, equivalent to 10,000,000 light years.

Chaos emerged from it.

That crack cuts the void, the water-blue world, the countless frozen stars, and the area where the ice dominates.

“Is this Primal Chaos Tribulation?”

The ice master avoided it.

Another chaotic crack appeared again.

Chaos surged in the cracks. Moreover, there is one after another strange eyes.

Ye Yang looked at it from afar, and he felt cold all over, and his whole body was soft and difficult to move. Incarnation does not dare to breathe, it is difficult to work with the body like strength.

It felt like a mouse met a cat, a snake met a swooping goshawk, and a rabbit met a running wolf. Even insect encountered a bird.

This is a terrible feeling of encountering natural enemies.

“This… what is this?”

Ye Yang’s incarnation did not dare to move, but in the beginning, the body in the ancient palace quickly asked Yuan Hao’s incarnation.

“Legal rule…Primal Chaos Law rule!” Yuan Hao said.

“What? How is it possible? Isn’t that Chaos Controller does not exist in Chaos World?” Ye Yang said.

Chaos Controller is the master who controls all Primal Chaos Law. The so-called Chaos Divine Emperor, in front of Chaos Controller, is like a civilian standing in front of the emperor who rules his country. There is no resistance at all. There are even many chaotic emperors who can’t even resist the idea of ​​rebellion.

After all, your own Power of Primal Chaos and your own Primal Chaos Law will be controlled by each other. How can you resist?

It’s like that a flame ability encounters a fire master, and a cold ability encounters a ice master, and there is absolutely no room for resistance.

“Today’s Chaos World, of course there is no Chaos Controller, but in the past time and space, there was Chaos Controller!” Yuan Hao said.

“They come through time and space?”

“Of course not… it’s a brand. The brand of the previous Chaos Controller. And, more than one.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang gasped: “Will they recover again?”

“Impossible.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang just wanted to ask in detail, one of the other chaos, one after another silhouette came out.

Several silhouettes shrouded in rich chaos. But at the same time, there are many gods with a strong glow in the sky.

There are countless stars and phantoms circling around those gods with glowing lights. Their every move, every breath, every breath, it seems to drive the contraction and relaxation of the entire universe and all kinds of energy vibrations. Every move, resonates with the time and space of the universe.

“Avenue… Great Dao Incarnation of the universe?” Ye Yang was horrified.

“It’s a brand…the remnant brand of Dao’s will, and it comes out. This is the powerhouse formed by the combination of the universe’s memory, laws and energy, and the power of the residual Universe Source.”

“Is this Primal Chaos Tribulation or human robbery?” Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao did not answer, because he did not know.

Moreover, as soon as these silhouettes came out, they all boomed~ boom~.

The rulers of the one-bit rule were all flew out.

The huge chaotic cracks in the void are violently twisted, Primal Chaos Qi spewing out, which contains infinite Evil Thought and murderous intention. Dirty chaos with malicious hate, resentment and anger, with various negative emotions, with various negative spirits and maliciousness, is very different from the chaos that Ye Yang has encountered before.

In Yuwai Chaos World, he has never seen a similar chaos appear.

The cracks are expanding, the chaos flowing into it is continuously, some chaotic mists are filled with a strange and evil chaotic creature, swallowing the void, devouring the void and energy and Law Fragment.

Of course, Ye Yang can only see part of these scenes, and there are still some pictures that Yuan Hao told him, or reconstructed from the energy fluctuation information in front, after a large amount of calculations by the computer.

Ye Yang’s own strength is not enough to see through the situation ahead. You can only roughly know what happened, and the fluctuations and related information data generated by the collision of the energy impact law cannot be collected. All the data I get is vague and the accuracy is far from enough.


If you have enough strength to see clearly, then there will be no small feeling.

“That ice dominates, I guess…”

Halfway through Yuan Hao’s words, suddenly, the whole universe appeared blue light.

First, blue light appeared in this living area.

All the laws of flying backward dominate, the chaotic Primal Chaos Qi and chaotic creatures, as well as several Space Crack, the collapsed Chaos Controller brand residual energy, and the collapsed Great Dao Mark residual power, all frozen.

Then, the whole universe is full of blue light. Waters blue rays of light and deep blue rays of light.

It’s not clear where it came from, as if blue light was blooming at the same time everywhere.

Near here, there are hundreds of galaxies, several millions of 100 million stars one after another frozen.

In the distance, count the galaxies from 1000 100000000 to 10000 100000000, emitting a chill. Although the overwhelming majority of stars are not extinguished or frozen, countless planets are cooling, and many liquid and gaseous planets are freezing and turning into ice cubes.

The universe like a entered winter in an instant, and the whole universe like a child would be frozen.

This is undoubtedly announcing that a new avenue will be born and a new universe Supreme Rule will be condensed. Under the avenue, no law can compete with the power of Grand Dao that freezes 10000 things.

Under the avenue, the rules are like ants.


At the moment when the universe is about to continue to freeze, green rays of light, yellow rays of light, pale rays of light, purple rays of light, and blue and white rays of light suddenly appear in the universe.

All rays of light intersect and become more intense light, filled with seven colors, red-yellow-blue-green-purple-golden interlaced, 7 objects lose color, the universe loses its primary color, and the universe is stained with splendor.

overwhelming majority stars are restored to their original state.

It’s just that many planets are above and clouds are rolling.

Frost dominates the chaos nearby, and thunder surges. Chaos World at the edge of the universe, chaos is like a cloud, and the thunder of chaos surges.

In the vast universe, countless electro-optical lights flicker and flicker between stars.

Most atomic substances burst out electrons to form electric awns.

Many mortals were horrified to find that their bodies were blooming with blue and white rays of light, and a strong electric current flowed from within the body.

What is more terrifying is that this crazy energy has caused almost no damage to these mortals who have not been cultivated and transformed.

Because, green light and red light emerge.

Plants show green light, animals with flesh and blood show red light, intelligent machines show white light, and aquatic creatures show blue light or other different light.

In the vast universe, one after another star blooms a faint Spiritual Fluctuation. A huge planet cracked and opened his eyes.

In the starry sky, the roots of plants condense out of thin air, and the roots of the Tao grow out of the void and extend.

Some planets actually grow arms. Some planets have legs. Some planets have wings.

There are planets, and they continue to maintain their original state, but some planets stop rotating, and some planets will automatically leave the orbit.

There are even more planets, which produce spirit strength to condense Human Transformation.

There is even a planet that twists slowly and becomes a giant like a planet.

Many habitable stars have planet consciousness.

“Thunder Law…and Life Law?” Ye Yang gasped, his voice trembling.

Not sure if it is Life Law or Soul Law or Divine Law, but Life Law’s probability… is quite large.

“Actually… There are two masters who are transformed at the same time, which is almost enlightened… Hidden so deeply.” Yuan Hao was shocked.

The area where the ice dominates, one after another frozen planet, blooms a blue-white electric awn, or a purple electric light. There are many plant shoots from which they grow out.

There is a planet cracking.

In the universe, one after another huge crack was formed. One of the cracks also swept through the broken Yujian, and did not cut off the broken Yujian, but the broken Yujian could not be completely avoided, and was cut a tiny piece of gold dust .

It can be seen that the crack is terrible.

One after another crack, chaos is surging, powerhouse’s will emerges in it, faintly discernible manifests the illusory shadow of the previous generation Chaos Controller. However, it was not revealed.

“This universe is too weak. It has been extremely damaged and has not yet been restored. Therefore, there is not enough strong power to support the formation of Primal Chaos Tribulation. It is not enough to carry the branding of Chaos Controller, not enough to carry Great Dao Mark’s manifestation is equivalent to no Primal Chaos Tribulation…this is a great opportunity.

“However, it is also a big crisis. This kind of crack is the one that tears the Universe Source and tears the Universe Source. They are different from the ordinary Space Crack. They come down to two dimensions, up to a dozen dimensions of time and space, enough to truly tear the universe.

“If one is not careful, the universe may be finished today!”

Yuan Hao also seemed frightened, and his incarnation hurriedly passed the message to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang can only smile bitterly.

He is very powerful now, but in the face of such terrible catastrophes, such terrifying changes, there is no way to stop, or even get involved.

“3 people are about to become Daoist…promoted at the same time…what will happen?

“They will be enemies with each other? Will they obstruct each other? Will there be a war? What will be the consequences?”

It’s exciting to think about it. Some gods with a little knowledge almost scared out.

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