Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 884

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In the vast universe, countless stars are blooming with new vitality.

It can be seen that flowers and green leaves have actually grown on the stars of fusion of high temperature and heat.

It can be seen that many stars grow hands and feet, or have eyes, ears, nose and mouth, or they will jump and move around by themselves.

It can be seen that in the void, the nebula converges, the space power and other energy converge, and a new planet is born in the void.

You can also see that many planets are rapidly cooling, and some of the stars that are beginning to bloom are frozen and turned into frozen stars and frozen flowers and green leaves.

Frozen black holes, frozen galaxies, frozen voids.

There is also thunder and lightning, and the energy is stirred up to form a single lightning creature, crossing in the void of the universe.

On one side of the star, suddenly, the electrons of all matter are active, and the entire planet becomes the thunder plane, the overwhelming majority turns into fly ash, and only a small amount of organisms transform into thunder energy lifeform.

In the universe, countless creatures suddenly find themselves possessing control of Thunder Strength. Brainwaves can be directly transformed into a strong electric field in vitro, which can affect the electric power magnetic force of 10000 things.

There are also a large number of stars formed by thunder, thunder pulp transformed into a human-shaped animal-shaped avian, half human half beast, half-human half-beast, all kinds of insects and other forms of life are present.

This situation is not only limited to an area.

It does not appear in the area where the ice dominates, nor does it appear in the area where Life Law or Thunder Law is particularly rich, but it seems to happen throughout the universe.

However, in some places, the mutation is relatively weak, and in some places, the mutation is relatively strong.

For example, in some places, stars have been frozen, and in the distant edge of the universe, some stars have not seen changes at all, but the temperature has dropped a little, and there is a thin layer of frost on nearby planets.

For example, in some places, the entire black hole and the surrounding neutron stars are turned into thunder plasmas, but on the other side, there are stars that only emit a slight electric light, and the arc illusion is presented out of the atmosphere outside the atmosphere, the ecology of the planet surface Circle not at all is affected.

Similarly, in some places, even black holes can grow plants and flesh, and black holes can grow eyes and tentacles and have life, but in some places, normal life is not much stronger than before. The speed of reproduction only increased a little, with little impact.

“Their power has spread to the entire universe. Is this really going to be a avenue?”

“The power of Grand Dao is as far away as possible. As long as the avenue in the universe is a fairy in the universe, this power of Grand Dao will definitely work. Now, the ice power in some places is strong, and in some places it is affected. The influence is weak. The distance becomes cold Great Dao of Ice, and there is still a distance. If the area where the ice is dominated, and the edge of the universe, it is also cold and frozen to the same degree. Weakness recovers and becomes frozen and weak…that is the real avenue.”

“Thunder Lord and Life Lord, too?”

“Yes. In addition… don’t call it by its name, now any creature mentions them, and even thinks of them, they will feel in the heart. As long as it is within the scope of the universe, all the causes and effects related to him are Can’t hide them. This is the power of the avenue…much more powerful than the rule of law.”

“So horrible…”

“The rule of the rule is only within the influence of their rule to the extent that the law follows the law. The avenue, within the entire universe, is almost the same as saying the law, even the mind moves the law. The 10000 law changes with the will.”

“Hiss~ ~~”

Ye Yang gasped.

I can’t resist at all.

In the face of such a powerhouse, even if there is an ancient palace in the early days, it is the same as ants and scum. The ancient palace may not be destroyed in the beginning, but the creatures inside are not easy to say.

“Withdraw to near the indestructible land. With the help of the indestructible material there, it can be covered.” Yuan Hao reminded.

Ye Yang’s ancient palace, the whole moved towards the other side of the shuttle to migrate past.

Just while several powerhouses are transforming, they have no time to take care of them, and they will quickly shuttle.

Then I saw that the ice ruled over there, a other ruler, flew and withdrew.

The Lord of Light, Dark Ruler, Destruction Ruler, and even the Lord of Chaos, etc., all retreated from it.

“Even the rule masters can’t intervene?”

Ye Yang’s heart sank.

“This is the battle of Daoist.” Yuan Hao said.

I saw that the indestructible land…the ruins of the once vast world, where large pieces of broken ruins have not been completely cleared. a Ruler stands here and gazes at the outside world. The outside world is their other incarnation.

“This indestructible land can really resist the power of the avenue?” Ye Yang asked.

“No, but it can resist the malicious and goodwill that the powerhouses sensed us, even if they mention their names, they will not feel it. The power of the avenue in the universe cannot deeply affect Primal Chaos Abyss, at most it affects the universe. A little chaos on the edge. And, it can’t affect this indestructible land.”

“What?” Ye Yang asked suddenly.

He remembered a legend.

An indestructible land, known as the extinction of the universe and the indestructible here. Compared to Chaos World, it is a more powerful world.

“There are legends that the universe will be destroyed, and the avenue will be destroyed. But there is a powerhouse above the avenue, the universe is destroyed and he is not destroyed. This indestructible land is the material or energy or information left by him. Specifically, is it not? Clear. The source of this legend is ancient and unimaginable. Before this universe was opened up, there were legends in chaos. But unfortunately, it is not true, it is not clear.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded, looking nervously at the outside world, said: “3 powerhouse…what will happen in the end?”

When the words fell, there was a terrible loud noise outside the sky.

New cosmic cracks formed, stretching from one end of the universe to the other, reaching a length of several billion light years, almost crossing the universe.

10000 Demon Emperor’s silhouette flew out of the Demon Realm abyss, shrouded in black gas, and grandiose’s army of monsters came toward the indestructible land.

A few rulers looked at it and didn’t do it.

The strength of 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor is now difficult to see through. Moreover, it doesn’t make sense to do it now.

“Will it be, the three powerhouses are fighting each other, and eventually no one can be promoted to Dadao.” Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: “Fight against each other… Probability is not big, look at the planet.”

Ye Yang looked towards the star that Yuan Hao refers to.

“At the same time, the three types of Law Power, ice, thunder and life at the same time?” Ye Yang was surprised: “The three powers are combined?”

“It’s not a fusion, it’s a compromise. The three kinds of Law Power compromise with each other, don’t invade each other, don’t suppress each other, it also means… they will first put the battle together and be promoted to the avenue together. Then they will share the universe. It is unclear whether to fight or to maintain the universe and continue to compromise with each other. However, it is already affirmed to choose to stop fighting and stop conflicts.” Yuan Hao said.

This is the worst and most troublesome situation.

If the three are competing, then it may make Ye Yang and other powerhouse the fisherman catches both. It is possible that none of the laws controlled by the three powerhouses can be promoted. They cannot be promoted from “law consciousness” to “avenue consciousness”.

As long as they continue to fight for the first, the first promotion, they can suppress the promotion of others. It is possible to swallow all the benefits alone.

But now, actually compromise so quickly? Very surprised.

“The situation is worse than expected.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said: “It’s true… it would be nice if they continued to fight.”

“No, they continue to fight, and it may explode too much force and cause the universe to collapse ahead of time. Although it will not completely collapse at once, partial collapse and accelerated collapse of the universe are also extremely serious. Consequences. This may even become irreparable.” Yuan Hao said.

“So, it’s a good thing that they temporarily ceased the war?” Ye Yang said.

“If three of them were promoted to the will of the great road at the same time, the Law Power they controlled became the Great Dao of Ice, the Great Dao of Thunder, and the Great Dao of Life, then… maybe it would be a good thing. Because of mutual compromise, mutual Checks and balances are not necessarily a bad thing for this universe. It’s just that for the current rulers, it’s not a good thing. Because the way forward will be cut off. And you, in this universe, control Primal Chaos Law , The consequences are not good.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang brows slightly raise.

“It’s a pity… They want the three to be promoted together, I’m afraid it’s also impossible.” Yuan Hao said.

“Nothing?” Ye Yang asked in surprise.

Yuan Hao said: “3rd-layer Primal Chaos Tribulation is difficult to form, not to mention the transformation of 3rd-layer?”

Ye Yang complexion slightly changed.

It was normal for the ice to dominate and trigger Primal Chaos Tribulation. However, the Primal Chaos Tribulation went wrong before it broke out. Two more powerhouses will soon emerge. The universe is beginning to crack.

This is a problem with the universe itself, which cannot support the promotion and transformation of powerhouse. There is not enough ability to maintain 3 Primal Chaos Tribulation anymore.

Even more how, the three will be promoted and transformed together. Compared with the one who will dominate the will of promotion, the resources required will be bigger and more difficult?

“If the universe is equivalent to the fetus of an animal, the law governing the promotion of the avenue, that is, the seed of life forms a fetus. Then, every time a new avenue is condensed, this universe will be seriously injured and it will take time to recover. The entire universe itself is already weak and empty, and it is dangerous to condense three new roads at once.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang unable to bear asked: “What happened in the last space war? How did the universe become so empty?”

Yuan Hao shook his head: “Not clear.”

“Not sure?”

“The last great catastrophe, the gods of the universe fought, and what happened to the gods, the deity knows a lot. However, the conflict between the will of the Dadao and the loss of Dadao, what kind of conflict and change at the source level, what is it like? How could the deity know the situation?” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang is speechless.

He felt that this universe might be unsustainable and might be over.

Thoughts move, vast chaos, shuttles from outside the universe.

3 powerhouse battles, did not care about this side. Moreover, the cracks in the universe are constantly flooded with special chaos, so Ye Yang’s actions are not attracting attention.

A lot of chaos is constantly condensing and compressing in this neighborhood.

At the beginning, ancient palace was not far away.

If necessary, the ancient palace can shuttle to Primal Chaos Abyss from here at any time.

Even if the universe is destroyed, there is still time to escape.

Of course, part of his core of consciousness was transferred into chaos.

Chaos World is not calm now, there are turbulent currents everywhere, and from time to time there are more than 10000 100000000 million kilometers of chaotic waves crashing the territory controlled by Ye Yang. Even penetrated.

A large number of chaotic creatures roared and fled. Chaos Gods are lurking towards Primal Chaos Abyss, away from the edge of the universe.

Ye Yang is also holding a silver lining to prevent ancient palaces from getting into chaos. Once the ancient palace was drilled in, it would be possible to reveal its identity. But for now, the ancient palace was not allowed to escape into chaos for the time being.

There are many gods, far away from their Divine Kingdom, away from their newly built bases, away from the newly deployed Defensive Great Array of the Divine League, and they came to the ancient palace in the early days, and they were hidden in the ancient palace in the early days. Watch the changes in the outside world.

Many gods are worried that if the outside world undergoes drastic changes, can ancient palaces withstand it in the first place?

“If we continue to fight, conflict or battle, we must tear the universe, and we will all fall into chaos. Even die with the universe!” A huge voice echoed.

“If I wait to give up the fight and promote breakthrough together, the remnants of the universe will be exhausted instantaneously and the universe will die. I will be a new avenue and will die with the universe.” Another voice said.

“Unless there is only one master who is promoted, there is a 30% chance that the universe will not die and collapse, and there is a chance to pull strongly against a crazy tide.”

“But the deity can’t believe in 2 people, and 2 can’t believe in deity.”

“Either get promoted together, or not get promoted together, or continue to fight.”

“If you advance together, the universe will die. If you continue to fight, the universe will die. If you promote one of them, the other two will be suppressed afterwards and will perish. The choices are all dead end. It seems that I have only one choice. .”

In the vast universe, suddenly became quite quiet.

The gods and masters all stared deep in the universe.

“The most favored chaos ruler, the light ruler, the Dark Ruler, have not been promoted. They are actually the ice ruler, the thunder ruler, the life ruler… It’s incredible. These three are hidden deep enough. I don’t know how long they have been hidden in secret, use How many methods have been used, the depth is not so deep, it is too shocking and terrifying.

“However, such a powerhouse should be smart and tolerant. Should it make the right choice?”

Many gods have a certain hope in their hearts.

“Wait, I am self-proclaimed and not promoted. However, in this universe, no gods are allowed to be promoted for the time being. How about the promotion of the entire universe?”

“Like the last big catastrophe?”

“It’s true that in the last universe war, all the ways were disqualified, the avenue was out of position, the universe is about to collapse, the avenue will be self-styled, the ruler will automatically fall asleep, waiting for the self-recovery of the universe and the vitality to recover, we will have a chance to be promoted. Only one promotion Appears. Now, I and three others are qualified to take that step at the same time. One person is not enough… I can only continue to proclaim myself and wait for the universe to recover.”

“The universe is now in jeopardy, the ability to self-recovery has become extremely weak, waiting for the next time, I don’t know when or how long it will take.”

“Even so, I can’t help but wait. I will ban this universe, forbid all acts that harm Universe Source, and then guide the gods and sentient beings, restore the universe’s ecology…maybe, it can reduce some time.”



“It can only be so… together, let the town seal this universe. When I wait for the enlightenment, the latecomer cannot enlighten.”

“That should be it.”

The words fell, the universe was vast, the chill was heavy, the blue light overflowed, the thunder surged, and the breath of Life Strength pervaded the universe.

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