Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 885

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“This… what’s the situation?!”

Ye Yang immediately felt wrong.

The enormous pressure from the outside world caused his incarnation to almost collapse every and everyone.

In the early days, ancient palaces all carried unimaginable repression.

In the early days, the gods in the ancient palace even exclaimed.

“Not good, this universe… this universe has become so weird!”

“The cultivation base of the deity is suppressed…No, it is not that the cultivation base is suppressed, but that all Law Power in the universe is suppressed.”

“Before the deity was clearly at the level of God’s Peak, consciousness can sense any corner of the universe through Law Power, but now it is not possible…”

“What? Senior is actually a powerhouse at the peak of the emperor?”

All kinds of weird exclamations came.

“What do you want to do?”

The voice ruled by the law of one’s place is emitted from the indestructible land, and the voice echoes with Law Power in the universe.

However, the power they released was suppressed and weakened.

“Since today, we are not enlightened, all the creatures in the universe are in charge, and we cannot be enlightened!!” Three vast voices sounded at the same time.

It was actually the voice made by the ice master, thunder master and life master.

“Since today, Da Da Road has been cut off, and any masters, without permission, must not be transformed into promotion!”

Three voices came, and there was one after another huge turbulence in the universe.

For example, a galaxy, 20 to 10000 light-years across, burst out in a flash.

For example, the incarnation of the light dominates in the universe turns into fly ash in an instant, and there is a faint cry of the light dominator. Silhouette vanished fragrance and crumbled jade of Goddess of Light. And in the void where she is, all the light dimmed in an instant.

For example, across the distant universe, a large dark area enveloped by dark matter suddenly became dim and bright, neither enveloped by light nor no longer dark, but like the sky when the sky was bright, roaring sounds came from inside , A silhouette wrapped in black air flew out, but burst out of thin air.

in the sky, one after another, the chain of laws and the silk of laws, one after another.

Ye Yang right hand stretched out, caught in the void, the light was held in his hand like a gel, but instantaneously broke into one after another and the light bead rolled off.

“Light Law, cannot be realized…”

To Ye Yang’s strength, this kind of realm, can make some Law Power realize.

Law Power is intangible and phaseless, with no substance, but combined with energy, it can appear something similar to substance. But now, with Law Power, the chain is broken.

One after another light bead, explode, turn into flame, turn into fog, turn into thunder, turn into ice, turn into other kinds of different energy. This is the dissolution of the law.

Ye Yang saw that in the vast universe, one-bit rule ruled, scattered ashes and dispersed smoke. A few rules ruled and he was seriously injured.

a God emperor, imposing manner.

Ye Yang can’t see through the entire universe today, but the rules of the rulers’ annihilation are manifested in the void, and they are intentionally seen by the divine ability.

The situation of the emperors can not be seen clearly, but they have an incarnation to stay in the ancient palace in the early days. With the sudden change of their incarnation, they can guess that their situation is not good.

Ye Yang also saw that in the Indestructible Land, the one-position ruler’s face was dignified, his breath was unstable, and he was rapidly weakening.

The ruler is difficult to kill. If you stay in the universe, you may be seriously injured by the three powerhouses who have become enlightened in half a step. Maybe it won’t be killed, maybe it can escape alive, but the end is definitely not good.

Fortunately, this is an “indestructible land” with a special power. They stay here, but the cultivation base is actually down, and the Law Power that can be controlled becomes weak.

The authority of Light Law and the authority of Dark Law in the universe are both declining and weakening.

“Indestructible land… It turns out that it can resist many attacks that trace causality. At first, the vast world was easily sacrificed and easily collapsed, and it seems that it has no ability to protect the gods. But now it seems that this indestructible land, It’s not without refuge.”

Ye Yang was thinking about it, and found that there is a rune of each and everyone in the universe that glowed with brilliance, and turned into one after another different silhouette with a bright light.

“Great Dao Mark?”

Before the ice master decided to break through to become the Great Dao of Ice, Primal Chaos Tribulation, there are these branded illusory shadows.

However, these brandings flew 4 squares.

There are actually some flying into the immortal land.

The one-bit rule ruled Flyover to avoid, but these marks still fiercely fell on them.

a Dominated, forcibly blocked.

Even in the indestructible land, it is also banned.

Each and everyone dominates and turns into a light cocoon, but there is an incarnation projection. It is very angry, but it dare not say anything.

In the universe, there are more each and everyone sealed the light cocoon dominated by the law.

These light cocoons vary in size and the intensity of the blooming rays of light.

But besides them, there are three super-large light cocoons in the universe gradually formed.

The three light cocoons are shrouded in ice, covered with thunder chains and thunder liquid substantiated by thunder, and they are banned by bizarre blood spars.

There are three more light cocoons in the universe that are more than thousand thousand light-years in size.

“If it is correct, it is the ice master, the thunder master, the life master. The power of the three of them suppresses each other, seals each other…”

In the universe, the waves of surging energy are surging, and the situation outside the indestructible land is not clear to Ye Yang.

However, one after another huge and terrifying energy surge came from the outside and lasted for a long time.

When Yang Yang incarnation flew out in a relatively calm place outside, he discovered that the entire universe had changed.

First of all, Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is gone.

Ye Yang’s ancient palace and hollow beads stayed in an indestructible place without much influence.

However, Duan Yujian was washed out of the universe by great power and fell into chaos.

This scene can still be seen now.

It happened not long ago, but what happened at that time, that light, still shuttles through the universe, so you can see the previous situation now.

Ye Yang also saw that the Primal Chaos Bell hidden in the abyss had debris flying out to explore the universe, but that debris was also bombarded into chaos.

There is also the Holy Night Palace. This Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure did not enter the indestructible land, and was forcibly repelled into the chaos.

A strange axe, a mysterious tower, and several Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures that have never appeared, were all forced to manifest and were driven out of the universe by a huge force.

Duan Yujian flew back from Chaos World to enter the universe, but was blocked by invisible power. 3 rays of light of the giant cocoon bloom, blocking it.

“The Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure in the universe have all been banished?

“My ancient palace stayed in the ruins of the Indestructible Land, so it was not exiled? No, the power of Grand Dao should be blocked by the power of the indelible land from the powerhouse of the three and a half-step avenue. Otherwise, the ancient palace Was also banished.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, the hand turned, and the empty air beads appeared out of thin air in the palm of your hand.

But in the next moment, this hollow bead forced shuttling through the void, crushed by the extremely powerful force, and blasted out of the universe. This strong impact caused a very, very slight crack to bloom on the surface of the hollow beads, and the damage was obviously not weak. Of course, it is not too strong, if it is not the hollow beads, there are some minor injuries, and it will not collapse.

“Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is not allowed in this universe. Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure has been expelled.”

Why is this happening?

Ye Yang can guess some.

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is enough to affect the situation of this universe, and Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure battle may have a strong impact on the universe.

Especially Duan Yujian, if he recovers and has the power to tear the universe, then he must be banished.

This is the time for the universe to “recuperate”.

The rule of the rule of the weakened cultivation base is definitely a drop in strength. The power of the corresponding laws becomes weak, so it cannot be transformed. Want to be promoted to become a avenue? That’s more impossible.

Dominated by ice, dominated by thunder, dominated by life, jointly suppress the entire universe, do not allow any master to promote breakthrough.

“This is to cut off the Dao Road, not to give any laws of transformation, not to promote any Law Power.” A deity sighed slightly.

Ye Yang turned his head and found that it was the God of Destruction, the pseudo Divine King who was lost in the galaxy’s ruling extinguishing soul system. Now it’s the real God King Level. But he has a fortuitous encounter, holding some cards in his body, and can fight against the emperor. Of course, it’s not as good as the real emperor.

“If it is the law that has transformed?” Ye Yang said suddenly.

God of Destruction: “The God of Mist has almost fallen.”

Destroying god right hand False catch, in the sky A mist of fog condenses, but instantly disappears again.

A jade pendant floats around him, similar to the jade pendant of the ancient palace in the early days, but it is not. This jade pendant contains a mutated mist power Law Power.

Ye Yang divine sense swept, brows slightly raise.

“The Divine Item made by the God of Mist covers the breath. It has lost the function of covering cause and effect.” God of Destruction.

Ye Yang faintly sighed.

There are many variant gods in the universe. If there is a problem with the god of the mist, then other variant gods will definitely have problems. Such as the god of soul, the god of cause and effect, etc.

These former opponents, already on the path of the transformation of the law, have all participated in the battle of the avenue… They will certainly be suppressed.

“Senior is Chaos Your Majesty?” The incarnation archer of Divine Dynasty Ye Yang of Destruction.

Ye Yang is presented in the incarnation of Chaos God.

He was just laughed, his figure flickered, and the power of Space Law appeared around him, and he traveled away.

The god of destruction is uneasy and kind. It may have come to shoot flattery with thick thighs, but it may also be to explore the secret of the chaotic incarnation of Ye Yang.

He only used Space Law, but felt that it was much more difficult to shuttle.

Enter the area a little further away. There is a Primal Chaos Qi in the palm of Ye Yang.

His face was dignified.


When waved to attract Thunder Law Power, it was found that Thunder Law Power was much stronger than before.

Then Fire Law Power is attracted, and it is all in the palm of your hand. Primal Chaos Qi, the ability to devour other Law Power, has declined.

“Primal Chaos Law has been severely suppressed. The use of Primal Chaos Law has a strong sense of repulsion. Compared to when the chaotic creatures outside the universe came in, the repulsion was greater. I can play at most in this universe. Divine King battle strength at the peak level.” Ye Yang’s face was solemn.

However, even if it is the peak of Chaos Divine King, as long as Primal Chaos Qi is sufficient, it is still possible to fight against the God Emperor. It’s just that there is plenty of Primal Chaos Qi in the universe.

He saw that many areas filled with chaos were either sealed or dispelled and sent out of the universe.

Fortunately, Ye Yang also discovered that the other Law Power in the universe has also become weaker.

In the ancient palace at the beginning, a god exclaimed.

The Law Power that they can use is weakened.

“Putting it that way, the battle strength of the gods has become weak.”

Ye Yang is a little strange. If you want to speed up the recovery of the “damage” of the universe, the stronger the Law Power, the better. But it must not conflict with each other, but coexist and support each other, the faster the universe will recover.

If Law Power conflicts with each other, the stronger the Law Power is, the harder it is to recover the universe. Weakening Law Power makes the universe less vulnerable to conflicts of laws.

These are the knowledge Yuan Hao told Ye Yang.

The ancient god emperors and masters knew this knowledge. Therefore, Yuan Hao did not hide Ye Yang.

“The laws of this universe may be suppressed, or they may be hidden. As humans get tired, they will sleep and rest, and the body’s life activity will become weak. Someone is injured and needs slow movements to ensure the body. No shrinkage and no weakness. Some people are injured and need to sleep more. The same reason, the universe must be restored, the law must be silenced, and a certain law must be maintained.

“If it is expected to be correct, some places in the universe have entered the’Dharma End Era’, and all supernatural forces controlled by the spirit cannot be maintained. Because the various laws have weakened, the activity of the universe has become weak. But there are In some places, the law will become stronger and the energy will be more active.”

This is what Yuan Hao said.

Even if not to say, Ye Yang can also infer some corresponding information.

Ye Yang is located in the incarnation elsewhere, communicating with Yuan Hao’s incarnation and observing the situation of the ancient palace in the early days. The incarnation in Chaos World wants to enter the universe and is strongly excluded.

The incarnation here is flying through the universe.

“In the current situation, I want to be promoted to rule the rule, which is much more difficult than before. Even… it may not be possible to be promoted to rule the rule within the universe. And if you enter Chaos World, you will be promoted to ruler in Chaos World, that is It is extremely difficult to compete with many Chaos Divine Emperors in Chaos World. When transforming, it will also trigger turmoil and attract countless Chaos Divine Emperors.”

Ye Yang felt that his road to the rank of advancement suddenly became confusing.

Incarnation travels through the universe and discovers that each and everyone Divine Kingdom is silent.

But some gods who hadn’t escaped into the ancient palace at the beginning were forced to sleep.

There are also each and everyone galaxies, and many technological products can no longer be used. They suddenly fell from the level of high-tech civilization to less than the level of interstellar civilization.

“Many laws in the universe have changed… technology must have been affected as well.”

The so-called technology is a process of understanding and using nature. Various technologies exist by relying on the laws of the universe. Just like Fire Law, ensure that objects can burn normally. Ensure that the internal combustion engine can be used.

The existence of the boiling rule and the gasification rule ensures that the steam engine can be used.

If these rules are missing or weakened, some machines will not work properly.

This is also that’s all. More seriously, the entire universe has changed beyond recognition.

The 3 super huge light cocoons can be seen in any corner of the universe, which is the power to ignore the distance in space.

However, it cannot be approached.

each and everyone The smaller light cocoon, the town is sealed by the rule of each and everyone. The Law Power they control is also suppressed and weakened.

Ye Yang traveled all over the universe and saw that very, very many galaxies were frozen.

There is also an endless stream of “ice crystal walls” that Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse can break, but it also breaks a large hole with a diameter of 10000 mile. It takes nearly ten or five seconds to break a hole. Want to penetrate all ice crystal walls? 5 100000000 years are impossible.

And apart from this, there are more “Lei Yuan River” in the universe.

There are also endless “Void Vine domains”, where countless rattan sticks penetrate the void to form a warrior domain, below the Divinity Sovereign Level, and will be devoured and killed as soon as you enter.

The ice crystal wall blocks the connection between galaxies and galaxies, and blocks the deity’s ability to fly freely through the universe. If you want Space Jump to cross the ice crystal wall, you will also be stopped, and you can’t go through it.

The Leiyuan River and the Void Vine domain are both obstructive and dangerous.

There are also many new super-giant World Trees, and a weird empty ominous beast.

All kinds of things divide the entire universe into several millions of small pieces. The area of ​​each small piece is not small. The large one can hold several 100000000 million galaxies, and the small one can hold several galaxies. .

However, it is far less free than before.

The pattern of the universe has been completely changed.

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