Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 886

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“It turned out like this…not recognizable at all. The whole universe seems to be strange.”

Ye Yang was quite surprised.

In fact, the unsurprised deity could hardly be found.

The entire universe is beyond recognition.

Ye Yang released an incarnation.

These incarnations only use the power of Ordinary Law, pretending to be an incarnation whose strength is not god level, but less than the battle strength of God King Level.

Because, if you continue to use Primal Chaos Law, it will be too conspicuous.

Of course, a defensive amulet is still on the body.

Starting from Ye Yang, many gods in the ancient palace in the early days, some incarnation also flew out.

In the vast universe, the “Universal Adventure” server is still intact. Surprisingly, but also expected.

This thing, although powerful, is not at the level of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and although it can spur the universe, it is not enough to affect the safety of the universe itself.

Therefore, the three half-powered powerhouses, not at all, target those “servers” at the Divine Item level.

As a result, a deity was able to use the server to condense the incarnation projection to go out.

“Only gods of the god level or higher can condense the game character incarnation. Because the ice crystal wall of the current universe contains powerful rules that block the divine sense and block the penetration of various forces. The cultivation base is insufficient, Without sufficient strength, the gods could not remotely communicate with the cosmic adventure server.

“Of course, some galaxies located near the server, even mortals can still log in. However, the created game character incarnation cannot pass through the ice crystal wall and cannot be directly transmitted across the remote.”

Ye Yang is scattered with many gods of incarnation to explore the situation of the universe today.

a God, the place to go is different, the place to detect is different. There is no intention to share intelligence with others for free. All the information can be sold in the ancient palace in the early days. Of course, even confidentiality is possible.

Ye Yang is the first to go now, those are around the server.

Also created his own new game character incarnation. The strength of these incarnations is almost the same as before, and it has not weakened much.

“The gods below the Divine King level are hardly suppressed, but because Law Power has become less active, its strength has also declined. This character incarnation of the deity, thinking of the Space Space for Space Transmission… the difficulty becomes greater.

“If you want to teleport without hindrance and obstruction in the front, it is not difficult, but if there is something like the ice crystal wall or Leiyuan River, you can’t pass through the space and teleport directly.”

This is a very serious matter.

In fact, the gods have also found such information, many people are selling the corresponding information on the platform of the ancient palace in the early days.

The ice crystal wall in a certain place, the corresponding data message. Lei Yuanhe in some place, corresponding intelligence information, etc.

All Divine Flower can be inquired for a small fee. Ye Yang is free to watch in the background.

“According to the information I have gotten now, and what I have observed…I want to jump through the ice crystal wall by jumping in space, impossible can do it! The god emperor can’t do it.

“It’s just that the Divine Emperor can shoot the ice crystal wall that’s all.”

It’s just that the punched out void is nothing compared to the endless ice crystal wall.

Ye Yang touched the ice crystal wall, flying all the way, 100 times the speed of light, 10000 times the speed of light, 1000000 times, 100000000 times, 100 100000000 times the speed of light… super high speed flight, no problem.

Tearing Space, teleport with Space Law… as long as it is not facing the ice crystal wall, it can also be successfully transmitted.

Even the chaos outside the universe can still be transmitted, but the difficulty is much greater than before. Ye Yang’s incarnation cannot be sent directly. But his spirit willpower can still be ultra-long-range projection, condensing incarnation with chaos elsewhere.

Therefore, the power of Ye Yang is still a great advantage.

It’s a pity that Primal Chaos Qi in Unet is much less than before.

Many places can only fly past.

Ye Yang deliberately left a large group of Primal Chaos Qi, but it will soon dissipate. Try to build a fixed position, attract Primos Chaos Qi from Chaos World to come in, the position here will automatically become weak and invalid, or even burst. There is even invisible power to suppress him, making him feel uncomfortable.

It’s not that those half-steps became Daoist, they seemed to be asleep, and as long as the universe did not encounter a great crisis, they would not go far. Will not shoot again. Otherwise, Ye Yang is already dangerous.

“It seems that there are laws and invisible laws in the world, which exclude Primal Chaos Qi.”

Primal Chaos Law cannot be used casually.

Ye Yang wanted to projection consciousness in the universe, condense a chaotic incarnation in the distance, the difficulty is greater than before.

The key is that Primal Chaos Qi is inadequate and Xin Ning’s incarnation is not strong enough. The motive power is stronger than other gods, but the battle strength of incarnation is seriously weakened.

“You can only rush through incarnation. Moreover, if the incarnation is not strong enough to break the ice crystal wall, you can basically use the power of Primal Chaos Law to break the ice crystal wall. Unless… there is a strong Divine Item, not the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure level, Enough to break this ice crystal wall.

“So, I’d better get some ancient Divine Item, powerful ancient Divine Item. Otherwise, once something happens in this universe in the distance, it would be difficult to rush over.”

But such a Divine Item can be encountered but not sought.

“The previous chaos of this deity has absorbed a variety of laws. The perception of other Law Power is not weak. However, if you do not use Primal Chaos Law and only use other Law Power, the strength is only stronger than Divine King, and it is not up to Divinity Sovereign Level, it is not difficult to destroy the ice crystal wall.”

Flying all the way, Ye Yang saw a Leiyuan River with a width of more than 10000 light years.

In the eyes of mortals, this simply is not called a river.

But in the powerhouse of Ye Yang level… The river formed by stars can be called Star River, and the width can be called rivers with a width of more than 10000 light years. What does this trifling 10000 light years count?

But unlike Star River, Star River is one after another. The stars are scattered far apart, but from a farther distance, the stars seem to converge together, producing visual errors that’s all.

But this Leiyuan River is a river composed of Thunder’s power, and its energy is very dense.

Ye Yang sensed the energy Divine Dragon composed of countless thunder laws, flying through the river.

There is also a boundless thunder and thunder that keeps bombarding, one after another chaos.

Even more frightening is that the liquefied ion plasma made up of electrons diffuses like a stream of water.

Ye Yang stepped closer and felt a powerful crisis after 80,000,000,000 kilometers.

Suddenly, a strong electric flash flickered, one after another humanoid creature made of lightning, a bird with only glowing electric light, flying out and intercepted in front of Ye Yang.

Ye Yang hasn’t moved yet, these guys are fighting.

With a wave of his hand, a huge electric halberd flew towards this side.

An electric arrow, an electric flying knife, and a violent breath out of an electric bird.

Among these attacks, there is a powerful Thunder Law.

Ye Yang thoughts move, a huge protective barrier suddenly formed around him, the barrier formed by Thunder Law Power.

Use Lei Kelei to control mine.

But the Thunder Within the Formed Domain, and the protective barrier formed by the water flow, and then the barrier of ice, and the barrier of Space Law, to prevent 10000 one.

Those lightning creatures are attacking more and more violently, and one of the giant ape-like thunder creatures sends roar towards the sky.

Thunderous, and there was a sense of humiliation and a sense of humiliation.

It punched his chest wildly with fists, roaring again and again.

Ye Yang was a little dazed.

“The deity is nothing more than a defense. It has no intention of attacking or moving forward. Just standing here, you will feel sad and angry? Not willing? What’s wrong.”

Shake his head.

Just about to vomit, the Leiyuan River opposite was surging, and the thunder plasma condensed by Thunder washed towards the Millions and millions li void.

A huge lightning Divine Dragon flew out of it.

The huge long-eyed stared at Ye Yang here.

“This place belongs to the land of the Tianhe River in the Far East. Outsiders are not welcome. If there is no maliciousness, move away quickly.” The Thunder Dragon made a majestic voice.

“Far East Tianhe? What do you mean?” Ye Yang asked.

“Warning again, stay away!” Thunder Dragon said again.

Ye Yang burst into laughter.

He was really interested in the Tianhe in the Far East.

How long has Leiyuan River been formed? Actually have a name?

Moreover, these thunder creatures are actually wise and can talk, which is too interesting.

“This Leiyuan River…”

Ye Yang calculated it a little bit. If all the power of the Leiyuan River strikes him, how many incarnations he came will be destroyed. After all, Primal Chaos Law cannot be used now, it is dangerous to use it and may be excluded from the universe. Even if he is not excluded, his strength will be greatly reduced. The battle strength of this incarnation is far worse than it was at the beginning.

Of course, these forces want to trace the causal attack on Ye Yang itself, but also dream. Unless there is the will blessing that Thunder dominates, impossible attacks the Ye Yang body.

What are you afraid of?

Even though the Leiyuan River strikes, the ancient palace was able to stop it in the beginning. Even if there is no ancient palace, noumenon…the noumenon may not be able to withstand all the powers of today, but the power of the impossible entire river condenses in one point strikes the noumenon, the noumenon can completely withdraw.

Immediately, confident.

at worst give up this incarnation that’s all.

He coldly smiled, hands behind ones back: “The deity has never seen such a rude creature!”

“What are you talking about?” Thunder Dragon roared.

“I was going to give you a face, and I don’t want to cause trouble here. But since I’m so rude, I can’t say that, the deity would have to stand here longer and wash his feet in the river.”

Ye Yang’s words fell, and the Thunder Dragon roared and hurried towards this side.

Bang!! !

The protective enclave was hit in the front, and Ye Yang flew out of the whole of the child, and it burst into a strong and dazzling rays of light, which thundered.

The Thunder Dragon quickly struck down one claw after another.

A nearby Thunder creature, quickly combined, could actually become 2 in 4, 2 in 8, and 4 in 4. Then continue to 2 into 2 and 1 into one.

After the combination of thunder creatures, they became powerful and rushed to kill here.

At first, Ye Yang was only passively beaten, the protective barrier was broken, his shot was blocked by the thunder dragon, and he had to fight against the dragon claw.

“It seems that your strength is not weak, and you don’t want to embarrass you, but since you are boast shamelessly, you should die!” The Thunder Dragon opened his mouth and sprayed a huge ball of solid lightning like a dragon ball.

At this moment, Ye Yang turned into an attack, condensed the fist of Space Power with a punch, and slammed the thunder bead back into the dragon’s mouth.

right hand Virtual scratch, a low-level Divine Item created by neutron star material emerged, and the long sword was swept to split Thunder Dragon into 2 halves.

This Divine Item is just anti-electric, and it is not weak against Thunder Law.

However, the Thunder Dragon, which was cut in half, was angry.

Behind the Leiyuan River roared, countless thunder and lightning gathered towards this side, one after another Thunder Law chain flew out, condensed into the Thunder Dragon in two and a half, he merged into one, imposing manner is stronger than before.

“Divine King’s peak-level will?”

Ye Yang Ling Ran.

It was absolutely unexpected that the Thunder Law contained in the Leiyuan River actually had a large number of fragments of will scattered and united together.

At this moment, the figure shook quickly, countless sword shadow swept down.

The figure retreated abruptly again, the long sword flicked and shot into Longkou.

Bang!! !

Divine Item long sword exploded.

At the cost of destroying a Divine Item, Primal Chaos Qi in the long sword exploded, a variety of Law Power exploded, and the Thunder Dragon was blasted into two and a half.

With Ye Yang’s current rich and imposing, wasting a low-level Divine Item is nothing.

Divine Item The overflowing Primal Chaos Qi, differentiated into a variety of Law Fragment, lost chaos characteristics, but the law of chaos, the law of cause and effect, the law of soul, the law of Divine Law, Dark Law, the law of destruction, etc. When Law Power broke out, let Thunder Yuanlong’s imposing manner and spirit were shocked and weakened, and his body was eroded by alien Law Power.

Ye Yang right hand turned into thunder and lightning claws, probing into the head of Thunder Dragon.

He roared, and the dragon horn flew out, but Ye Yang suddenly retreated, grabbing a small group of thunder.

Suddenly squeezed, the thunder broke, and a large amount of memory fragments were sensed by Ye Yang.

This is the information snatched from the head of Thunder Dragon.

“Good luck… Some of Lei Yuanlong’s memories are stored in the brain domain, but this dragon itself has no brain, just the location of the memory fragments equivalent to the normal Divine Dragon’s brain location. Other Lei Yuanlong’s memories It is hidden in Dragon Ball, or in the heart, and there are even some who have no memory at all.”

Ye Yang stepped back and forth, avoiding the dragon horn that had been shot, avoiding other thunder creatures killed nearby, and turned around.

About 3000 light-years from Leiyuan River, they stopped hunting.

There is a limit here. If it is close to the Leiyuan River, it will attract their attention. If you are chased, you can chase it up to 3000 light years away. And if they angered them and approached again, as long as they were within 800 light-years, they might lead to chase and kill again. Straight beyond 3000 light years.

The Lei Yuanhe is different, and the strength of the creatures is different. The alert range is also different.

For example, some Lei Yuan Rivers contain the Divine Dragon that has reached the peak level of Divine King. But in some Leiyuan Rivers, there are only Thunder creatures with Half-God Level and no battle strength.

Some Leiyuan River, even if there is a deity, will not be in danger, but some Leiyuan River, any creature approaching, they will try to block.

There are also some Lei Yuan Rivers, without any life, the gods will be eroded by the Thunder Law.

All of this information is obtained from the memory fragments just read.

Moreover, Ye Yang also knows that in the vast universe, the memory fragments of countless creatures are fused by Thunder’s Law and then scattered and copied to different Thunder creatures.

They will absorb all kinds of memory fragments in the universe, organize information, and will be dominated by Thunder to obtain these memories and knowledge.

The ice crystal walls and the Thunder Valley Rivers are both the means by which the ice master and the thunder master divide the universe, isolate the communication between the gods, isolate the channels between the Star Domain, and at the same time, they are also the means by which they absorb the information in the universe.

Once a crisis is sensed, they will lift the seal together. Once the opportunity is sensed, the seal is also lifted. At the same time, in the long years, these memories will be transformed into knowledge.

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