Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 887

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“So, are these Leiyuan Rivers taboo? Can’t cross.”

It is okay to cross by force, but it is dangerous.

There are some Lei Yuan Rivers, which may seem normal at first, but when they get into it, they will suddenly appear Thunder Dragon, which contains the powerful Thunder Law.

Even, there are some Lei Yuanhe, just in front, just fine. But when the next time passes, there will be a big danger and a big crisis.

Therefore, it is better not to break into the situation when it is unnecessary.

“In today’s world, the rule of law is not allowed to go out, and even if it is done, it cannot use too much force, otherwise it is not clear what the consequences will be.

“Cultivators under many god emperors cannot break this ice crystal wall, so… the entire universe, indeed, is divided into countless small pieces.”

If you want to rush from one place to another, in many cases it is necessary to detour, and there are many troubles out of thin air.

Ye Yang pondered for a while, away from this Leiyuan River, did not intend to break through again.

Several incarnations rushed over from a distance to converge with the incarnation of Ye Yang.

After fuse together, Ye Yang’s incarnation strength gradually improved.

Draw a formation in the void, condense the force, and pierce the ice crystal wall.

“Every time a hole is punched, it takes about 5 minutes to 1 minutes, which is extremely fast for mortals, but for gods, this speed… is very slow.

“There are many ice crystal walls in the universe. If you want to pierce them, you will form new passages, which will penetrate all parts of the universe and form new traffic routes. This takes a lot of time.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts flashed and penetrated several ice crystal walls. Then he found that the ice crystal walls were slowly healing.

The healing speed is very slow, it takes about 3-5 years to fully heal.

However, this also means that it can only take 3-5 years to penetrate a hole. After a longer time, it will not be able to pass through. Unless the hole is opened wider.

“Ice Master, Thunder Master, Life Master, the purpose of doing this should be to minimize the communication between the gods? Make the contact between the gods more difficult, and all kinds of conflicts will become weak, In this universe, it is not easy to have great upheavals.

“Just… does this really work?”

Ye Yang felt that the entire universe was like a big pot of boiling water.

Even the soup is already boiling.

But some people dropped large blocks of ice to cool down the boiling water of the entire universe. Stop it from boiling.

However, the firewood below is still burning. If the firewood is not completely removed, it will still boil sooner or later.

“In the midst of this, I have a strong hunch… The great turmoil of the universe will not be suppressed so easily. The powerhouse of the three and a half steps, although powerful, is not enough to cross the universe.”

According to Ye Yang, there was more than one avenue in the universe long ago. The origin of the universe is sufficient. There used to be avenues to fight, there were gods fighting, which eventually caused problems in the universe.

At that time, so many powerhouses could not suppress the chaos of the universe. Can it be suppressed now?

Ye Yang looks for Yuanhao’s incarnation and lets Yuanhao figure it out.

“The pattern of the universe is reshaped, and the rules are suppressed. If you want to predict the future changes, it is difficult to guarantee accuracy.

“It is okay to estimate the whereabouts of a deity. It is still possible to estimate the result of a small conflict or a small battle. It is possible to infer the personality of a deity and some things that have happened in the past.

“But I don’t want to predict the future changes of the universe. The powerhouses in front of the three and a half-step enlightenment are in the front. Their power interferes with the entire universe. The future can’t be calculated, and they can’t be bypassed. The accuracy can’t be guaranteed at all.”

Yuan Hao’s answer is this.

Moreover, he also reminded Ye Yang: “The universe will not subside so easily. The universe itself has no consciousness. If conscious, he will want to be quiet and want to recover. However, there are too many gods with ambitions and too many powerhouses. Even though some are suppressed, some are expelled, but as long as they are not killed, the ambition remains.

“Unrest, there will definitely be an outbreak. However, how long is the time, it is not easy to say. It may wait until the universe recovers, and then take action. It is possible that there will be another riot within 3 years.”

Ye Yang was shocked: “Will there be riots in 3 2 years?”

Yuan Hao said: “The gods in the universe don’t want the universe to be destroyed. Before the universe is restored, no matter how competing, there is no chance for enlightenment, and the law cannot be transformed into promotion. But powerhouses outside the universe may not be necessary, said Maybe you want to destroy the universe, and everything returns to chaos? As long as there is no Chaos Controller, no new era of the universe will be born…”

Ye Yang gasped.

Yuan Hao said: “will of the people is vicious, so are the minds of the gods. There are clever and stupid human beings. The same is true for the gods. There are some gods who don’t believe in the lack of Universe Source, still thinking about how to rule Metamorphosis is also possible. There is also a deity, who may think that today’s powerhouse is not out, and it is suitable for the transformation of the law. For example, accumulate first, wait for the opportunity. Even, the deity will hit the idea to the self-contained ice master and It’s no surprise that Thunder dominates and life dominates.”

Ye Yang is speechless.

And here is talking to Yuan Hao, the incarnation on the other side is flying in the universe, Ye Yang suddenly feels a sense of uneasiness.

subconsciously turned his head to look into the void.

Many places in the universe are dark.

The space is too wide.

No sound, no air, no gravity.

The nearest planet is very far away.

The universe is endless at a glance, as if it can devour everything.

There is also a lot of dark matter blocking the stars in the distance.

Now more ice crystal walls lie across the void. Some ice crystals can transmit light, but the light is distorted and the positions of the stars have changed. Some ice crystals are hazy, blocking the light and making them far away. So, now the universe looks much darker than before.

There is a bright place, but it is one after another Lei Yuanhe, which looks distorted.

The dark and deep place always feels like there is a terrifying giant beast that will come out. Or terrifying ghost ghosts.

“Strange, how could this dignified god come up with such a weird idea? Even if there are ghosts and ghosts, it is not afraid.”

Ye Yang thought, and suddenly saw a huge crack.

Cracks caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation.

It is very long and runs through many Leiyuan Rivers and ice crystal walls. There is Primal Chaos Qi in this crack, but it cannot flow out.

Ye Yang saw that it was grey and there were some eyes looking towards it.

It’s just that when I stare, I can’t see any more eyes.

divine sense penetrates the past and probes the past, but the divine sense has no feedback at all, as if it is absorbed and swallowed.

“Is it an illusion? I always feel like there is a monster in these cracks.”

Ye Yang thought about it and shook his head.

It’s just that the atmosphere in the universe is unsettling.

Continue to fly forward, Ye Yang saw Bingjing Island.

In the sky, there is a strange liquid forming a huge area of ​​1000000 light years. The liquid contains many substances, for example, some are liquefied steel, some are lava, but some are ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen and the like.

The temperature is very different, but because this ocean is too wide, these liquids can coexist in this ocean.

And in this Wangyang Center, there are several huge ice crystal islands with a statue on it. Ye Yang even saw his own image.

“It is ice fog… the memory of the universe… the gods move in the universe, leaving traces and being memorized by the material of the universe. This ice fog will collect the god-level information in the universe and image various gods. The manifestation manifests itself.”

Suddenly, Ye Yang found that the eyes of one of the ice crystal statues seemed to look over here.

His figure flickered and flew to the ice crystal island.

I felt very cold, and the speed of the divine force on my body was suppressed and slowed down.

Many statues on the island stretch into pieces, and even have shapes like city.

However, no living creatures or creatures can be found.

I only feel a lot of spiritual residual fluctuations, which are from the spiritual misunderstandings of various creatures in the universe. Meet here. The memories contained in these mental fragments will slowly manifest themselves here. Therefore, there are flowers, birds, insects, and fish formed by ice, some people have birds and beasts, and have various forms.

Ye Yang waved away the void spirit here, but soon they will gather again.


He recognized that the whole island was a huge battle to collect all kinds of information in the universe.

However, he couldn’t see the principle of this position and could not destroy it.

“The so-called position is also a means of relying on the laws of nature. If the law permits, no matter what structure the layout becomes, the position can work normally. If the law does not allow it, the structure of the position cannot be laid out well, no matter how good it is. Normal operation works. Therefore, the law is the key. Whatever the law is, the situation is what it is.”

Ye Yang saw a similar description in the ancient palace’s formation data.

If allowed by Law Power, then a pattern drawn by the little child’s graffiti can also resonate with the law and the avenue, producing a very incredible magical power.

And if Law Power does not allow it, then, even if it contains immense mysterious, countless mysterious Great Dao’s runes and divine talisman divine symbol, it will be a big formation at the intersection. If it does not work, it will not work.

“Is this ice crystal island formed by the power dominated by ice? So… as long as Han Ice Law permits, no matter what the geological structure here, it can have a frontal effect and can generate strength. As for guiding spirit strength towards here Convergence…I don’t think it’s strange.”

Ye Yang looked at the “plain” Icelandic land and flew away from this place.

There are many similar Icelands in the universe.

Some have no oceans at all, just such a large piece of ice flying in the universe. Some are in the Leiyuan River.

After Ye Yang flew a distance, he saw a huge ominous beast.

The body is more than 9 million kilometers long. It is a huge insect like a star. The head of the beast is the body with the back of the bird wings. It rushes towards Ye Yang.

It’s just that the strength is not strong, and it is wiped out in one shot.

But then, various strange creatures flew in the distance.

Ye Yang is curious and moves forward while killing.

I saw the endless forest.

A huge World Tree, thick and thin rattans and thin rattans, the largest rattan has a diameter of 1000000 kilometers, the smallest rattan rattan is only a few millimeters in diameter, less than one centimeter in diameter.

This forest actually grows in the void of the universe.

There is an atmosphere covering this area. You can see the huge Azure Dragon, and you can see all kinds of different life. They can move in that forest and fly into the universe.

Ye Yang also saw that there were several gods of incarnation that were banned and condensed into green crystal blocks surrounded by many rattan sticks that bound them to death.

It was a tree, a tree that ate the gods, and swallowed the deities.

Even, there are roots that will penetrate the void and travel beyond 1000000 to 10000000 light-years, and capture some Demi-God and god incarnation.

appear out of thin air On some planets, the earth on the planet is captured with the mortal city, including countless creatures, and even the planets are directly captured and tied.

These plants have devoured various resources frantically.

The vast forest of nearly 1000 light years has a vast consciousness. It is comparable to God King Level’s consciousness of other gods.

But this is the consciousness of the forest, not the consciousness of some creature. As far as spiritual content is concerned, the fear is not much worse than Divine King’s peak.

“Vitality, but also extremely dangerous… This forest lies in the void, and it is difficult to cross or fly directly from here.”

Then I saw that many ominous beasts were killed from the forest over there.

After Ye Yang wiped out a batch, another batch was killed.

He retreated.

Those ominous beast not at all go back to the forest.

“Is this the master of life’s cloth?”

Ye Yang thought.

Today’s universe has become bizarre and weird, and it is much harder to collect information than before.

“Well, it seems that this is a very large project.”

Ye Yang’s incarnation looked at the ancient palace in the beginning, and many gods uploaded information.

Suddenly, a message caught his attention, it was a video.

I saw a dark atmosphere in the void of the universe, pouring out from the huge crack. You can vaguely see a gray silhouette passing by.

This only exists for 1 billionth of a second, without seeing anything.

But another video showed that a certain hospital, a gray atmosphere appeared on a planet, the entire planet suddenly slowed down by 10% seconds, and then recovered.

Many mortal people watched in 4 places, causing a commotion.

“What does this mean?” Ye Yang pondered for a while, and then asked Yuan Hao’s incarnation.

“This is a hint that a powerhouse came out of the crack.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said: “The deity also guessed what he meant. But, there is a question… The cracks in the universe caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation really contain the residual brand of Chaos Controller?”

“Yes, it should be right.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said: “The deity shuttles through the universe, and from time to time there is a feeling of being stared at. At first, it was thought that the ice master or the thunder master or the life master was snooping, but then it was found that it was not. Find out who it is. After snooping, I couldn’t find it, so there was always a terrifying guess.”

He is now in an indestructible land, where the ice master is directly mentioned, and he will not be sensed.

“What guess?” Yuan Hao asked.

Ye Yang said: “The Chaos Controller that once fell, they all later became the pioneers of the universe, right?”


“So. Can the brand left behind by them be reincarnated and resurrected?” Ye Yang asked.

“It should be impossible.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang was about to say something, and Yuan Hao said again: “It’s just that the environment has become weird now, and it’s unclear whether they really can’t return.”

Ye Yang have one’s hair stand on end.

“The return is definitely not Chaos Controller. However, the residual consciousness of the deity will be crystallized by the divine force of the hollow bead to produce the Divine Crystal creature, then, the brand of the rule of law, the brand of Chaos Controller, the brand of the Avenue, He We reincarnate to form a special life form and return… this probability, maybe… there is such a possibility.”

“Hiss~ ~~”

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