Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 888

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Ye Yang was frightened and gasped.

He did not want to believe Yuan Hao’s guess, but the information analyzed by Yuan Hao told him that this guess might be true.

“We… don’t need to scare ourselves? You said, is it really possible that these master’s brand will recover?” Ye Yang smiled bitterly.

Yuan Hao said: “Will it be true that the deity is not sure, can only say that there is such a possibility.”

Ye Yang has been silent for a long time.

Suddenly, his heart moved.

“I suddenly had a very bold idea!!”

The more you think, the more your heart will move, but at the same time, your heart will also be filled with tension, fear, excitement and excitement.

The more you think, the harder it is to suppress that urge.

However, he took a few deep breaths and forcibly stabilized.

Incarnation sucks chaos in Chaos World, and the body stays in the ancient palace in the early days, devouring a lot of divine force crystals, temporarily suppressing the impulse in the heart.

Ye Yang asked: “Yuan Hao Senior, Junior feels a little strange. Why do these Chaos Controller’s consciousness fragments exist in Primal Chaos Tribulation? Instead of Chaos World? As Chaos Controller, it will be destroyed and destroyed. Should conscious fragments exist in Chaos World?”

Yuan Hao said: “It is a brand, not a fragment of consciousness. The so-called brand… is that someone took a video on you with a mobile phone and took a photo. This is the brand. However, mortal cameras can only capture some surfaces. Image information, your law information is not recorded.

“Powerful abilities, or Spiritual God, the memory of you recorded includes many of the sentiments he wrote down when he saw you. These sentiments include Great Dao’s runes, including the mystery of the law, Including laws and trajectories, once these feelings are integrated into certain energies, they can produce extremely powerful effects. This is power.

“And the brand of Chaos Controller recorded by the universe is the image before Chaos Controller is not destroyed. These illusory shadows are merged with the power of Grand Dao and Law Power of the universe. The loss of the universe does not mean power of Grand Dao. Disappearance, just as human death does not mean that the body’s energy is completely dissipated.

“The power of Grand Dao in the universe is naturally very weak and weak, and Law Power is also the same. However, the power of Grand Dao and Law Power integrated with the brand of Chaos Controller can still have strong destructive power and lethal power, with special The ability is not inferior to the normal deities. Even because of the special innate talent abilities that an ordinary deity does not possess, they will be stronger.

“When Primal Chaos Tribulation erupts, they will be further integrated with the power of Grand Dao and Law Power that come together in the universe. They will become manifest and go from reality to reality. They have powerful power.

“But they are just branding, not fragments of memory, not fragments of consciousness. Under normal circumstances, they cannot survive.

“This is the difference between branding and fragments of consciousness.

“But at the same time, they are contagious. Just like a deity can make an’unconscious’ grass conscious, God of Life can make a non-life machine into a lifeform, and even generate consciousness. And the soul The gods of God and Spirit can make these creatures have real souls. Divine ability of wisdom allows them to produce wisdom.

“In the same way, the brand of Chaos Controller cannot be directly resurrected, but it may make the power they fuse generate similar consciousness as the brand and form a new lifeform.

“And if it is a fragment of consciousness, it is the resurrection of Chaos Controller, which will return the ancient Chaos Controller summon. This is different from branding.”

Ye Yang nodded.

“Of course, all Chaos Controller has fallen, impossible is back again.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang is nodded again.

According to the information he knows, if the universe is destroyed, Chaos Controller will automatically accelerate to engulf chaos, and then burst into a new universe… Therefore, no trace of Chaos Controller was found in chaos outside the universe before, which means that before The Chaos Controller has fallen and has not survived.

“Senior, this brand of Chaos Controller, appeared before their death? Like the pictures of all life before, they must have been taken while they were alive.” Ye Yang asked.

“Yes,” Yuan Hao said.

“Theoretically, while they were alive, the universe was either not destroyed or born. The one that recorded their brand should be Chaos World. Their brand should exist in chaos, not It should exist in the universe. Why didn’t I find the traces and branding of Chaos Controller in Chaos World, but instead Primal Chaos Tribulation appeared in the universe, but these branding of the masters appeared?” Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: “In two cases, first, the Chaos Controller is alive and the universe is not destroyed. Then Chaos World and the universe have the brand of Chaos Controller, and there will be less information recorded in the universe. Then, after a very long time , The universe is destroyed, the brand of the master here is wiped out. Chaos Controller itself begins to expand and become a new universe.

“In the second case, the universe has been destroyed but has not been reborn yet. The brand of Chaos Controller will exist in chaos, and then Chaos Controller will continue to absorb the expansion of chaos until it can’t sustain it and evolve into a new universe.

“In either case, before the Chaos Controller is transformed into a new universe, it will absorb its own brand, will absorb the residual power and particles of the universe of the previous era, and then be in the Chaos Controller within the body. The birth of a new universe embryo.

“Finally, the specific process of how to transform into a new universe is not very clear. But it is certain that the Chaos Controller has fallen behind, and all its own matter and power will be transformed into laws and avenues and stay in the new universe. Includes previous branding.

“So, the branding of the Chaos Controller from generation to generation will converge and be hidden in the universe of the new era of each and everyone. When the avenue in the universe produces consciousness, or a new rule governs promotion to the avenue, it means , The old avenue will be replaced.

“The old avenue was transformed by Chaos Controller’s backward consciousness and power. When it was replaced, there would still be some instinctive reactions that triggered Primal Chaos Tribulation.

“The imprint dominated by the previous generation of laws will manifestly prevent. The avenue of consciousness will be projected to prevent it. Even mortal bodies, implanted with foreign organs and cells, will produce different degrees of rejection. Not to mention the Avenue of Universe.”

Ye Yang understands this deeper secret of Primal Chaos Tribulation.

“So that’s how it is …”

The brand of Chaos Controller appears in this universe, and is still hidden in the cracks caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation. It may be “transformed” or “infected” at any time, allowing similar creatures to be born. These creatures will definitely have some of the characteristics or characteristics of Chaos Controller’s brand, right?

Moreover, they are not Chaos Controller’s conscious fragments, do not have Chaos Controller’s super strong spirit willpower, for the Chaos God Emperor does not have a crushing effect of a great realm, but they have some information of Chaos Controller.

“It seems that my bold idea… is really possible.”

Ye Yang’s heart throbbed violently, but immediately forced down the excitement and asked Yuan Hao: “So, if the brand of the previous generation Chaos Controller wants to be reincarnated, which is similar to “resurrection return”, what conditions do you need?”

“Unclear.” Yuan Hao said.

“Then if they are reincarnated, what kind of creatures will they be reincarnated in, or what kind of creatures will be mutated by the influence of Chaos Controller’s brand?”

“Not sure.”

“So, what kind of power will bear the brand of Chaos Controller?” Ye Yang asked more directly.

“Almost any kind of power can be carried, because they are not Chaos Controller, just branding. It is like a mortal soul must be carried by a flesh and blood, but mortal photos, whether taken on a mobile phone or computer, or painted The bark on the paper can be on the ground. However, different forces carry the brand of Chaos Controller, and the power will be different. The amount of information carried will also be different.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang’s heart jumped.

Yuan Hao said: “The deity guessed what you want to do. However, this is playing with fire, accidentally, even if you are the Chaos Divine Emperor, you may be killed or taken away.”

“Seize the house?” Ye Yang’s complexion suddenly changed: “Isn’t that just a brand?”

“Yes, but… mortals will be urged to sleep, and consider themselves as another lifeform. If you carry some information that you can’t bear, you might think of yourself as the reincarnation of the previous generation Chaos Controller. You are you, Not the previous generation Chaos Controller, but if most of the information contained in your memory is the information dominated by the previous generation, then maybe you will think that you are not you, and you will feel that you are another, another A powerhouse.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang looked dignified.

“The power and breath left by the gods, the spirit left behind, will resonate with other forces. Common gods have such abilities, even more how are god generals, gods, Divine King, Divine King, Divine Emperor, the master… The master, but it means that the law is not extinguished and He is immortal!” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang’s complexion changed again.

After thinking for a while, said: “It seems a little contradictory, not very reasonable.”

“It’s really not reasonable. The Chaos Controller is different from the master in the universe. The master in the universe, as long as the corresponding law is not extinguished, the master is Undying and Inextinguishable. Unless that rule is annihilated, or the rule is mutated, or the master If the corresponding laws are completely transformed into another Law, or promotion, then the previous master will be over. The Chaos Controller, theoretically, if the Primal Chaos Law is not destroyed, the Chaos Controller will not be destroyed, but in fact, the Chaos Controller will be transformed into a new one. The cosmic creator of the universe, this is indeed weird, and has always been an inexplicable mystery in chaos.” Yuan Hao said.

However, because of this mystery, it is also doubtful that the so-called rule of the previous generation has really been completely destroyed and destroyed?

Not at all clear, completely unsure.

Ye Yang’s incarnation fell into contemplation. Even when Yuan Hao left, it was unclear.

The body is in the ancient palace in the early days, sensing its own condition.

In the chaos, Ye Yang incarnation senses the range of Primal Chaos Domain around him.

“The promotion of cultivation base has fallen into the bottle.

“The increase in battle strength has also slowed down.

“The ascension of experience has also become extremely slow. Unless there is more Law Power to devour. However, the Law Power of order is in the universe, not in chaos. And Primal Chaos Law cannot be used in the universe, That is equivalent to temporarily unable to improve.

“Unless we wait until the universe is unsealed? But at that time, three half-step enlightenment masters, ice masters, thunder masters, life masters, will surely recover, either one or several enlightenment, or tear the universe again, the universe destroy.

“So, if I want to be the master…”

Ye Yang feels that hope has become very edgy.

“If I give up my struggle and don’t want to continue to work harder, I just want to survive and live happily and comfortably, then… there seems to be only one way.”

Hiding in the ancient palace in the early days, the ancient palace in the early days entered Primal Chaos Abyss, the farther the better.

However, this is dangerous.

Primal Chaos Abyss is strange and unclear. If you stay on the edge of the universe within a few 1000 100000000 and a few 10000 100000000 light years, Ye Yang has many enemies. So many chaotic gods. It is unclear what will happen to the depths of chaos a few 10000 to 100000000 million light-years away, and even the depths that cannot be measured by spatial distance. He dare not go in.

In the beginning, ancient palace was not invincible.

“Do you have to be serious all the time? In the ancient palace at the beginning, a group of deities have been brought since then. These deities can also open up a small Divine Kingdom with innumerable living beings.

“It seems that this is the comfortable life of my previous yearn for something even in dreams. With these gods and mortals, I can still enjoy the benefits of normal cosmic civilization in the future.

“However, there is a prerequisite… there must be no new Chaos Controller born!!”

As long as Chaos Controller is not born, Ye Yang can survive in chaos. Many Chaos Divine Emperor teamed up, it is difficult to get him. However, he did not dare to enter the universe.

Daoist in the universe becomes a new avenue and has consciousness, then Ye Yang can’t be destroyed and Ye Yang can be suppressed together with the ancient palace in the early days. If multiple avenues are shot, the ancient palace may be finished in the beginning.

And this is still an optimistic idea. If you are not optimistic, a Daoist can destroy him

No master, only hiding in chaos.

And what if Chaos Controller was born in chaos? Take control of all Power of Primal Chaos, then Ye Yang can only rely on the ancient palace of the early days.

No power of chaos can compete with Chaos Controller. Once there was a problem with the ancient palace in the beginning, Ye Yang was finished.

If Chaos Controller uses the ancient palace as a weapon, Ye Yang has no choice but to equivalent to an Artifact Spirit of an ancient palace. It can only pray that the ancient palace will not be forcibly refining by the Chaos Controller, and will not be used for a long time. Blast.

Otherwise, without the protection of the ancient palace at the beginning, Chaos God Emperor cannot compete with Chaos Controller.

“People have no worries, they must have far-sightedness… Alas, it is difficult.”

Ye Yang faintly sighed.

Must become Chaos Controller. It is also necessary to maintain this universe intact.

In other words, don’t let the new Chaos Controller be born.

“That bold idea, maybe you can give it a try. At the very least, you have a better understanding of Chaos Controller. Even if you prevent others from being promoted to dominate, at least you have to understand what Chaos Controller is. Even more how, I still have the cards now. The universe has a strong suppression of chaos, and the brand of Chaos Controller wants to affect me, it is not so easy.”

Ye Yang quickly convinced himself. then……

He came to the edge of the cosmic crack caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation.

Gaze at the scary eyes in the chaotic cracks and feel the horror brought by the Chaos Controller brand inside!

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