Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 889

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Ye Yang’s heart moved, sit cross-legged down in the void, his eyes staring straight at the chaotic crack.

A pair of eyes also stared at Ye Yang.

Fear, fear, panic, irritability, restlessness, etc., all kinds of negative emotions emerge out of within the body uncontrollably.

Sometimes I feel Primal Chaos Qi in my body seems to be out of control, and sometimes I feel that my power is controlled by people, as if I have become weak like a mortal.

Knowing that this should be an illusion, but that feeling is extremely real.

“Is this the feeling of encountering natural enemies? Completely incapable of enemies has almost no courage to resist.” Ye Yang was shocked.

I finally understand what it feels like when a mouse meets a cat, a rabbit meets a wolf, an ordinary wild beast meets a giant dragon, and all the beasts in the mountain encounter an yam.

Sometimes when I saw some animals so scared that they would not move at all, I watched the powerful animal catch it and eat it. I usually felt puzzled and unreasonable. Are you afraid that you should not escape faster? How could motionless let Death God come?

Now, I understand a little.

When he was a mortal and met Demi-God, Ye Yang was afraid to have the courage to resist, but now he barely dares to resist.

“Too terrifying… Fortunately, the encounter was branding only. If it is the real Chaos Controller rebirth, then my chaotic emperor is simply the meat on the cutting board.”

The more I feel this fear, the more unwilling Ye Yang is. It was decided not to go further. You can’t pin your life and death on the hope that there is no Chaos Controller. 10000 Is there really a chaotic creature breakthrough?

He closed his eyes, closed his 5 senses and 6 senses, and all those fears vanished out of thin air, as if they had never existed before.

In the ancient palace at the beginning, Ye Yang’s body took a long breath and opened his eyes.

Contemplating the film for a while, the body on this side closes all other perceptions, and the consciousness bets on the incarnation side.

Ye Yang incarnation staying next to the chaotic crack, eyes slowly opened again, all 5 senses and 6 senses were opened.

In an instant, incarnation can’t help but tremble, and the body side is also unable to bear a panic.

At this time, a silhouette of a deity flew across the void of the universe. Suddenly, the deity quickly moved away and did not dare to approach.


Ye Yang’s body reacted.

“The other gods do not have Primal Chaos Law and are not as strong as Chaos Controller. If the incarnation of other gods came here and watched the deity trembling here, what would it look like?”

Thoughts move, Ye Yang’s incarnation closed again with 5 senses and 6 senses, and the Self-destruction was dropped with a bang.

Then, another incarnation in the distance quickly rushed back to the crack of the universe caused by the Primal Chaos Tribulation where the incarnation was located.

But the difference is that this incarnation surface is overflowing with the fluctuations of the powerful Space Law and the law of confusion.

But all inside are Primal Chaos Qi.

The various Law Power on the surface is used to disguise so that others cannot see that he is the incarnation of Chaos God.

Of course, it is possible to gather a Space Law incarnation or Fire Law incarnation. Ye Yang’s control of other laws is not weak. It is just such an incarnation, but its strength is only at the level of ordinary gods, and it is not even as strong as ordinary gods. And He wanted to feel that fear for himself.

So, just disguise.

After coming here, after sit cross-legged down, a thick mist appeared around Ye Yang, and the gods outside couldn’t see him, and could not use divine sense to sense Ye Yang’s situation. If you use too strong Spiritual Fluctuation, Ye Yang reacts here, the preset force will provoke the situation and explode Ye Yang incarnation.

This is that incarnation is not the body, not afraid.

“If I want to make me not afraid of Chaos Controller’s imposing manner and power, it is also simple, and there are many ways. For example, my own cultivation progress is infinitely close to Chaos Controller. Even when you reach the Chaos Controller level, you will no longer be afraid of this coercion.

“For example, letting Yuan Hao’s spirit willpower bless me so that I’m not afraid of the suppression of the Controller level imposing manner. For example, my gods, guilt and Xiaohei and the others, and Fierce Yang God, their kind Spirit willpower blessing also allows me to have a stronger resistance to this fine divine might of Chaos Controller.

“Even if this is the coercion caused by a higher level of life, it is caused by the congenital defect of the Chaos God Emperor, just like the defect that the mortal gene is born without Perfection, it is inevitable and irresistible, but it is still feasible to enhance resistance of.

“The best way is to bless me with the spirit willpower of’Yedie’. She completely obeyed my orders without worrying about hidden dangers. If it is integrated with Ye Yang’s spirit willpower, it has great probability enough to completely resist Chaos. Controller’s will.

“Ye Die is very weak, but no matter how weak it is, it is also a rule of law. Ye Die’s courage is small, but the courage is not a sign of life level and weak nature. As some women in normal humans are afraid of cockroaches, but not of life Level is weaker than cockroaches, which can be strengthened through practice.

“The deity has the courage to cooperate with Ye Yang’s spirit willpower, and she doesn’t need to face the suppression here. The deity directly faces the suppression here, but it incorporates the spirit of the controller level of the spirit willpower, that is not afraid of Chaos Controller suppression here.

“But, that makes little sense.

“It’s a rare opportunity. If you don’t use any external force, incarnation will completely guide all the coercion here to the body, and the deity is gradually used to adapt to the spiritual suppression here. Isn’t it a great breakthrough at the spiritual level? The benefits, even if they are promoted to dominate in the future, can still be beneficial.

“Not every life has the innate fear of being brought by the breakthrough natural enemies. As long as it can break through, without fear of the innate threats brought by the natural enemies, it is to break the deepest bondage of its own soul, it will be a very major transformation.”

Ye Yang believes that this is a rare opportunity.

So just let that fear affect you. Let the horrible breath and fluctuation continue to flow.

Just like ordinary person can avoid the scouring of the waterfall to cause damage, but the cultivator will stand underneath to take the scouring, so as to gain the strength.

So, Ye Yang sit cross-legged on the edge of that cosmic crack, motionless, time passing…

Every second is like a long time passed. There is nothing better than this.

Even if it lasts only a few minutes, it is as tired and hard as supporting a year.

So, one year has passed since the outside world, 2 years…

There have been many changes in the entire universe.

Ye Yang’s eyes have been staring at the crack in the universe.

On this day, incarnation stood up and still had a slightly soft feeling, but slowly opened its posture and played a set of Primal Chaos Fist learned during the mortal period.

Slowly, gradually speed up.

A year later, it doesn’t change, but close to this area, it is still one’s hair stand on end, straight goose bumps.

“Spirit willpower is more than 2 times stronger than before!”

Ye Yang was surprised by this improvement.

At this level of his strength, Spirit willpower is a little bit more valuable, not to mention that Spirit willpower’s refinement is doubled.

It’s a small increase of 2 times, but in fact, spirit willpower’s condensing degree is equivalent to 3 times as before.

For example, the density of iron is 78701000 grams per cubic meter.

The degree of condensing has been increased by a factor of two, and the equivalent to density has tripled, which is 2 grams per cubic meter. How hard is its hardness quality, but it is not easy to say.

The strength of spirit willpower, such as Ye Yang, has been increased by a factor of two, which not only strengthens the “strength” and “toughness” of the spirit, but also includes other improvements.

For example, the mental perception becomes stronger and the remote control range is stronger. With other powerhouses to seize the control of a law or the control of a force with spirit, that has an absolute advantage. At the same time, this spirit willpower will be closer and closer to a certain “critical point”. Once a certain “critical point” is broken through, it will be transformed into the dominant level. At that time, it was difficult for him to take control of a certain law controlled by the law.

There are also many invisible benefits.

“With the current spirit willpower, it is easier and easier to control the incarnation, the number of controllable incarnations is increased, it is easier to control the incarnation for micro-level control, and the battle strength is also improved. Then next… the previous bold ideas, you can start trying. “

Ye Yang thoughts move, far away, Chaos World, his chaotic god incarnation, and Ye Die get together.

Ye Die’s spirit willpower merged.

Ye Yang sensed many of her thoughts and thoughts, and even sensed many subtle changes in her body.

However, there was no time to distract.

Spirit willpower here is suddenly strengthened, no longer restrained by Chaos Controller branding.

The figure flew closer.

Closer to the crack of the universe.

Finally felt a strong gravitational force came, Ye Yang’s body was pulled forward.

He stopped at this moment, retreated a little later, and retreated to a less attractive area.

“It’s all right here.”

Ye Yang’s divine sense condenses into the front.

A pair of eyes, shining in the darkness, glanced coldly here.

But Ye Yang has no feeling at all, just dive sense into it.

Then, divine sense dissipated, and nothing was sensed.

With one wave of his hand, one after another Law Power emerged.

Owning the ancient palace at the beginning, and entering the Fiendgod Temple, as well as super memory ability, Ye Yang can now control many Law Power, but not too deep.

Different Law Powers rushed forward.

But it was like salt powder spilling into the Great Lakes, which did not cause any worthy changes. There is almost no change.

Even the Power of Primal Chaos is condensed into it.

In the end, Ye Yang hesitated a little and looked at the surrounding area. When no other gods were found, he guided a Primal Chaos Law Strength towards the front.

However, there is still no abnormal reaction.

“Strange, is it possible that…”

Ye Yang was whispering, suddenly eyelids twitched, staring at the universe crack in surprise.

“This… seems to have a pair of eyes missing? Is it possible that, I am dazzled?”

Take a closer look.

I really have a pair of eyes.

If it is another deity, it will not be noticed. But Ye Yang stayed here for several years and was too familiar with the situation here. Which pairs of eyes will be closed as long as they are open, and which pairs of eyes will be closed as long as they are closed. What will these eyes look like after they are closed, and will there be any changes? What are the numbers of these eyes?

All of these are remembered.

But now, a pair of eyes is missing, which means…

“Did you leave?”

“No, not a pair… but 2 pairs… 2 pairs of eyes… 3 pairs… 3 pairs of eyes disappeared.”

Ye Yang was surprised and watched for a while, still 3 pairs.

3 Both eyes disappeared and should be gone.

“Will the space contained in the cracks of the universe be vast? Did they stare at me for too long, and bore away? But these marks are not real life, will they be bored? They stare here, It should be just an instinct, similar to a certain statue, motionless.

“And, even if it is life, if it is a god-level creature, it will not be so impatient soon. Who will not stare outside when there is nothing else to do?”

How long have these imprints dominated by Primal Chaos Law been suppressed in the universe? How long have you been sleeping? Not to mention, there are 100 to 100000000 million years, right?

Now, how many years does Trifling look tired outside?

For comparison, equivalent to mortal being imprisoned in prison for several years never seen the daylight, the 4 sides are sealed and opaque, completely unable to contact any information from the outside world, cannot read newspapers or watch TV, can only watch 4 walls all the time With a dark piece.

But suddenly there was a chance to see the beautiful scenery outside through the window. Is it possible that after watching it for dozens of seconds, you are completely bored?

“So, these eyes…”

Ye Yang’s heart jumped wildly, incarnation shuttled outside, but no trace was found.

Let Yuan Hao help to calculate again. Of course, it has always been a problem to trouble him, so a lot of divine force was paid for.

“Probability is more than 6%, but not sure. 6% of the probability is the brand that has entered the universe.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang complexion changed: “What will happen?”

“It’s not clear, but if these brands are fuse with some creatures, then it’s equivalent to that a certain creature gets a kind of innate brand, it will gradually become stronger and even transformed. Like ordinary mortals accidentally get a Vulcan brand, Branded in the soul, it is possible to cultivate success step by step as the god of fire. He is not the god of fire, but he inherits the belief and memory fragments of the god of fire and some ideas, equivalent to a discipline inherited a Teacher’s knowledge and inheritance of the hobby habits and ideas of the personality, although they are not the same person, they are similar.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang gasped.

This is what was called “reincarnation” before, and I was worried about this.

“Reincarnated really?”

Terrible. It is unclear what these “successor successors” all become, they may burst out of support, or they may evolve and become stronger, becoming the new gods in the universe that can control Primal Chaos Law.

You may even want to impact the realm of Chaos Controller.

This is not a good thing for Ye Yang. Whether it’s the birth of a new god that masters Primal Chaos Law, or the gods fighting for the Chaos Controller, it’s not a good thing.

“Unfortunately, I can’t find out who it is, otherwise, they will never be given the opportunity to grow up.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts flickered, and a piece of divine force crystal appeared beside him, placed in the void.

After thinking about it, a flick of the hand formed a body with flesh and blood, including men and women, old and young, ugly and beautiful, strong and weak.

There are other kinds of animal life. They live in space capsules, and some live directly in space.

Not only animals, but also plants.

There are even various energy crystals. There are also Chaos Crystal, Chaos Law Fragment, and so on.

In the cracks of the universe, a pair of eyes became bright.

“Come…want to reincarnate? Would you like to recover? Would you like to inherit the imprint? Come out…whether it is into these divine force crystals, chaotic crystals, or these mortal in the depth of one’s soul, your will With the spirit, your message, your philosophy, you can inherit it… this is your instinct.

“From death to life, from illusion to reality, from the imprint of nothingness into a real lifeform… come on…”

Ye Yang’s voice has a certain bewitching meaning. He even used Ye Die’s power to entice those Primal Chaos Law masters to fly out. As long as they enter these things made by Ye Yang, as long as they want to reincarnate by this, then… they will fall into his trap.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Ye Yang’s voice was soft, and his body slowly backed away, slightly away from those arrangements, trying to relax the vigilance of those who do not know whether there is wisdom or not.

A pair of eyes, blooming black light, brighter, with hope in apathy and chaos. There is a sense of be eager to have a try.

“You are playing with fire!!!” A cold voice suddenly came near Ye Yang incarnation.

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