Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 890

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Ye Yang turned his head and found that he was actually a beautiful white clothed woman.

Incarnation dominated by light!

The vast rays of light emanating from the body, although not too dazzling, do not have the feeling of overbearing, but they have an imposing manner that is not arrogant.

“Originally, it is Your Majesty that dominates the light.” Ye Yang was slightly complied and turned back again, ignoring it.

“Why, you always like to die? The brand of Chaos Controller is not something you can control… even the controller of Primal Chaos Law.” Guangming ruled.

Ye Yang’s heart jumped.

This bright master, actually recognized Ye Yang’s identity?

It is not surprising to think about it carefully.

Yuan Hao could see through Ye Yang’s true identity, and the Bright Master had no reason to see through. The key is when to see through. It’s only a matter of time to see through earlier or later.

However, the law dominated Undying and Inextinguishable, and Ye Yang could not stop her mouth.

Ye Yang has no choice but to keep it secret or to disclose it.

Of course, nowadays, Ye Yang has no desire to use fame and “conceptualization” to transform himself into a Chaos Controller. Even if the secret is leaked, there is nothing at worst.

Will others abandon Taiyuan ancient palace because Ye Yang is Chaos God Emperor, and will no longer enter Taiyuan ancient palace?

There may be, but not many.

The present universe looks dangerous at first sight.

Where to find a safer and fairer place than the ancient palace in the early days?

There may be safer places, but they will not accept them so fairly. They cannot join even if they want to join. Even if they join, they dare not trust those places. For example, the former Eastern Pole League really wants to join, and I don’t know when it will end.

Therefore, even if Ye Yang’s Chaos God Emperor’s identity is exposed, even if he knows that the Primal Chaos Law controller is the enemy of the universe, those gods will not be easily separated from the ancient palace at the beginning.

The ghost knows whether this universe will be guaranteed in the future?

If the universe is really finished, and the gods really want to enter Chaos World with the ancient palace at the beginning, then Ye Yang masters Primal Chaos Law, but it is better.

And if the universe has been maintained this way… No one believes that the universe will always be so balanced.

In the future, either the universe will collapse or a new universe will be born. And it is the avenue of consciousness, not the mechanized way of running programs without reason and emotion.

Such a avenue is too dangerous, such a universe, it is too dangerous to stay, more dangerous than hiding in the ancient palace of the Chaos God Ye Yang.

After all, staying in the ancient palace in the early days, Ye Yang may not really destroy them, and will care about many things. While staying in the universe, a new avenue was born, wanting to destroy them or reduce them to Demi-God or use them as slaves, they could not resist.

Compared to the ice master, thunder master, and life master who are completely new and unknown, they are more willing to believe in Ye Yang and the ancient palace.

So… as long as the reason remains, those gods will not easily abandon the ancient palace in the current situation. Unless there is somewhere safer and worthy of their trust.

“Senior said before them… who are they?” Ye Yang suddenly asked the bright master.

“A group of arrogant people.” Bright dominated.

“They… are also thinking of cracking the universe?” Ye Yang asked.

“Yes, there is also the idea of ​​the gods playing Great Dao Mark… they all like to die so much,” Guangming said.

Ye Yang is speechless.

After pondering for 2 seconds, he said: “So, even if the deity doesn’t do it, there will be other gods who do it. Senior don’t have to worry about what happens to this cosmic crack.”

“The deity does not worry about this cosmic crack, but it is considered to owe you personal feelings. The deity does not want the old people to be too miserable. Moreover, the security of your gods is also very important to the present universe, so I only remind you that’s all.” Bright dominates.

Sure enough… Ye Yang really saw through.

Ye Yang incarnation clearly pretended to be another person, and did not use Primal Chaos Law, but still recognized him as a chaotic god emperor, and also recognized his body as Ye Yang. Instead of the name “Chaos”.

I have to say that the master is the master… different from Ye Die’s waste wood.

“When does Senior owe his respect?” Ye Yang asked.

The bright master stared at Ye Yang for 2 seconds, laughed: “It’s better not to remember.”

Ye Yang recalled that when there was the God of Light Law mutation, it should be regarded as the caregiver of the light domination? Staying in the ancient palace in the early days, Ye Yang took refuge, is this to let the light master owe humanity?

Not sure.

But it is estimated.

“By the way, you have been staying here for a long time, have you found anything abnormal?” Master Guangming asked.

“The eyes here seem to be a little less… It should be the brand that the eyes represent left.” Ye Yang did not conceal.

Bright dominates pupils shrinking slightly, muttered: “Sure enough, is it reincarnated?”

“Reincarnated?” Ye Yang was surprised.

“Or, it’s called inheritance…”

“Really?” Ye Yang asked.

“It seems that you know a lot about this place.”

“Small and sloppy.”

“In short, with these brand inheritances, there will be a lot of chaotic gods in the universe. Although in the universe, their strength is suppressed, but… after all, they are indigenous people. The different chaotic creatures are recognized by this universe. These chaotic gods are bound to bring a lot of chaos.” Bright dominates.

Ye Yang shrugged.

This has nothing to do with him?

Mainly, there is no way to care.

Who knows where those inheritance are? The universe is so big.

The current universe is more difficult to travel than the previous universe, and even more difficult to search.

Even if it is found, Ye Yang has no choice. one after another to distinguish them, and then one after another to kill?

Is the brand of Chaos Controller immortal? Will it be transferred to another soul and continue inheritance? These are not easy to say.

“Will those Great Dao Mark also have inheritance?” Ye Yang asked.

“This is what the deity is most responsible for you.” Guang Ming said.

Ye Yang said: “Is it related to enlightenment?”

“Obtaining the inheritance of the previous Great Dao Mark…then equivalent to seeing the way to the avenue, or with the corresponding confidence or aspirations, these all are the source of the disaster.” Guangming dominates.

The former avenue was disqualified and collapsed. However, before the dislocation and disqualification of the main road, the brand left behind was manifested not long ago, and it should be transformed into a person to prevent the promotion of the ice master.

As a result, the power of the universe is not enough to support these Great Dao Mark manifestations.

If their message inherits to some mortals or deities, or is imprinted into the souls of certain mortals and deities Divine Soul, what will happen, it is not easy to say.

Now the universe looks calm, but, deep in the universe, I don’t know how many undercurrents are surging. This accident and the degree of danger is more serious than the situation of the universe before the ice dominated the testimony.

More dangerous, more complicated, and more elusive.

It is not clear what will happen in the future.

“So that’s how it is …”

Ye Yang said, with a wave of his hand, multiple divine force crystals and the body shells of different Law Power condensed, merged, and floated toward the front.

Suddenly, a pair of eyes in the crack of the universe became extremely bright, but suddenly disappeared.

Afterwards, the breath of extremely mysterious and abstruse appeared on the body of the soul controlled by Ye Yang, and Primal Chaos Qi scattered.

All kinds of Law Power cracked into pieces and condensed here, and they merged together.

“This…you take the deity’s words as ears to the wind.” Master Ming was a little annoyed.

Ye Yang said: “Even if the deity doesn’t do it, these imprints will inherit all parts of the universe, why not fall into the deity’s hands, the deity can still observe one 2, maybe some research can be done?”

Bright dominates speechless.

Looking at the living body, snorted, said: “You can do it yourself. However, once the branding in this cosmic crack has dissipated, what will happen, you should think about it.”

Ye Yang startled: “What will happen?”

“The deity does not know, but it may not be a good thing.”

The bright master said that it had disappeared.

Ye Yang pondered for a while, his face dignified.

Indeed, what would happen if there were no more Chaos Controller imprints in this cosmic crack?

Will this crack close? Or will it crack and tear more?

Moreover, the crux of the problem is not the cracks, but the Primal Chaos Tribulation… The so-called Primal Chaos Tribulation is the promotion and transformation of the law governed by the rule, and the power is raised to a very high level, which is almost a avenue.

The road to promotion is about to bring some kind of repression and punishment.

Without these previous Chaos Controller branding, then, if the rule of law is to be promoted, will there be no Primal Chaos Tribulation?

Before in the sky and Great Dao Mark show, if those Great Dao Mark are also reincarnated or imprinted into the soul of the soul, inheritance to the indigenous souls, will that… Primal Chaos Tribulation will no longer have the Great Dao Mark show Appeared powerhouse?

Without the Chaos Controller brand, without the Great Dao Mark, that rule governs promotion, so there is no need to worry about chaos.

That would be possible…successfully promoted into the avenue in a short time.

Do many laws rule, will you be tempted?

Dominated by ice, dominated by thunder, dominated by life, these three dominated each other, it is mutually restrained, It shouldn’t be out of the seal. Even without Primal Chaos Tribulation, they will not be promoted to the avenue.

But what about other laws? I don’t think so.

When the universe recovers, there are enough resources to allow the master to be promoted to the avenue, then the first opportunity to obtain is the ice master, thunder master, life master.

There is no chance for other laws to dominate. Or the chances are vast.

Will the Light Lord, Dark Ruler, or even the Powerhouse such as the Destruction Ruler and Chaos Lord that may have appeared? Will be happy?

Certainly not reconciled.

What should I do?

First of all, find a way to bypass the suppression of the ice master, thunder master and life master, and find a way to improve the power of your own laws.

There will also be a suppression, which may cause the recovery of these three masters, and kill the other big bosses.

However, it seems that these dominating bodies stay in an indestructible place, and they are not afraid of the ice dominating and the others. At the very least, keep a small life, it should be possible.

As long as it is not dying, it is not necessary to wait for a long time to resurrect. Those masters dare to give it a go.

Once you win, you will not be enlightened directly, but you will stand at the same height as the ice master. The same half-step enlightenment can also control part of the power of Grand Dao. In other words, some of their laws have been transformed into almost avenues, and have the power of nearly avenues.

In this way, when you have the opportunity to become enlightened in the future, you can be qualified to compete with the ice master, thunder master, life master, and fight against each other in court.

As long as there is no Primal Chaos Tribulation suppression, the residual Source Power of the universe will not be attracted, the universe will not be aggravated, and the power near the avenue will be quickly obtained in a short time. A half-step enlightenment.

There will definitely be many masters who want to try it, try it?

Even those Chaos Controller branding and Great Dao Mark, “Reincarnation inheritance”, may be for the same purpose.

Those who are imprinted with inheritance also have a chance to reach the half-step enlightenment level. Although the difficulty is very high, the difficulty is very high, but… there is really a chance.

“There are still many brand marks that have not disappeared, but whether I stop them or not, they will continue to disappear. Whether or not I absorb them by means, they will continue to break away from the cracks of the universe.

“So, the future changes will almost certainly happen. Unless it is the ice master, the thunder master and the life master recovering. But they are already half-stepped, and a little bit of progress is to absorb the cosmic power and absorb the residual source to build Condensed into a new avenue.

“It’s like a car rushing to the edge of a cliff, waiting for the front bridge to be erected and then rushing over. The engine stopped, but it can’t be started again.

“They still have the opportunity to wake up to clean up the mess without triggering the destruction of the universe, but I am afraid there are not many opportunities. And under the mutual restraint… As long as nothing too big happens, they will not really wake up.

“Now, these brandings have disappeared, they are only signs, and major events have not yet happened, and they will not wake up so early.

“Even more how, even if I wake up… can they really suppress the aftermath caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation? Primal Chaos Tribulation was originally aimed at them as Daoist. When they wake up, they can really seal the brand back. , And then close the cracks in the universe to block the Chaos Controller brand?”

Ye Yang shook his head, and he thought it was unlikely.

Otherwise, before the sleepy seal, the three masters would have suppressed the seal again, and would not leave such a major hidden danger.

“The future is unpredictable, this universe will be finished at any time.” Ye Yang could not help shaking his head.

incarnation In the depths of Chaos World, more and larger formations are deployed. Once something goes wrong, the body and the ancient palace must be immediately transferred into the chaotic world, and quickly into the chaos.

Now, just leave behind, not immediately. Otherwise, if the movement is too great, it will not only become a target, but also cause many unpredictable changes.

“Be prepared for the next terrifying shock… It’s not clear when the shock will come.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts turned sharply, and the artificial chaos in front of him, the chaos that had overflowed gradually thickened.

In the emptiness of the void, the great pressure shone down, and part of the chaos of the body was pressed back, and part of the chaos was disintegrated and decomposed, only a little around it.

The body suddenly opened with eyes opened.

His eyes are gray, and there is a general scene of chaotic vortex, as if it can draw people Divine Soul.

Ye Yang is trying to grab this body and study it to see if it has been “taken away”, or if the body “corpse transformation” has become conscious and then branded by Chaos Controller.

These have to be verified.

However, before starting, the body laughed haha: “The deity, come alive! The deity comes alive again. Me, Chaos Controller…”

“Talk nonsense!” Ye Yang sneered.

“Who? He Fangxiao is so small, dare to be so bold and rude to his deity?”

Cold eyes swept towards this side, eyes like chaotic vortex, which became similar to normal god’s eyes, shining with different light.

“You are just a consciousness born out of a body, equivalent to zombie’s general “corpse spirit”, and then bearing the brand of Chaos Controller, you will be urged to sleep~ Believe oneself infallible Chaos Controller reincarnated. Oh, you really are you Was your previous life a Chaos Controller? You really thought you were Chaos Controller’s conscious reincarnation? Wake up and stop dreaming.” Ye Yang sneered.

Secretly, Space Law barriers have been laid down in the surroundings. It had been released before, but now each and everyone is triggered.

The corpse seemed to be unaware, but was irritated by Ye Yang’s words, and suddenly a murderous intention burst out: “trifling god incarnation, dare to mock the deity, you are courting death!!!”

The corpse rushed towards this side quickly.

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