Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 891

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Ye Yang waved it freely, and the layers of space barriers intercepted the front, and squeezed towards the corpse.

But when the corpse waved his hand, in the sky appeared one after another detailed Space Crack.

Originally, the space barrier was invisible with ordinary eyes, but now it suddenly appears cracks in the sky, and there is also a gray-black breath at the cracks.

boom! !

The corpse punch fiercely to the cracked Space Crack, causing a huge noise, which diffused with the divine force and Primal Chaos Qi.

Of course, only this area can hear the sound, and it can’t be heard at a distance.

boom! !

Punched out again.

In an instant, 1000 100 punches fiercely hit the space barrier, and soon a barrier showed very dense cracks, and quickly burst and exploded.

The corpse advanced several meters and was blocked by another barrier.

A punch punched out, a claw tearing the Void, the violent force washed over the space barrier, each barrier could not stop his attack. However, it takes almost 3 seconds to break a barrier.

For mortals, this speed is fast, but for gods, this speed is a bit terribly slow.

The surrounding space barriers are constantly being generated, and they are constantly being cracked and exploded. The speed at which the space barrier is created is faster than the speed at which He broke the space barrier.

Ye Yang thoughts move, a barrier covered with cracks but not completely broken, flew up and revolved around the corpse. The space barrier that was not cracked stopped him, and he was not rushed to those barriers covered with fine cracks.

In this way, the space barrier covered with fine cracks constitutes the strange and gorgeous pattern of each and everyone in the void, which seems to be composed of very complicated space cracks.

Large blocks of barriers, the edges gradually show up, a block or a square or a rectangle, or a hexahedron or 6 2 14, or a spherical or elliptical spherical shape.

Various strange barriers are interleaved to form different patterns, which become S-shaped and B-shaped at one time.

Even composed of Chinese characters.

The corpse looked extremely angry: “How dare you humiliate the deity, courting death!!!”

Ye Yang hehe smiled: “You are angry? It’s not necessary at all. You are like an ant in the eyes of a mortal child in your deity’s eyes, although it looks a little stronger than ordinary ants, all are ants.”

“What are you talking about?” The corpse was extremely angry.

“Do you like the deity to tease you with sticks, or do you like the deity to tease you with rice grains?” Ye Yang asked with a smile.

The corpse roared, and a violent wave spewed from his body. Murderous intention was surging. The whole person was shrouded in gray and black breath, just like the Demon King.

“You are courting death!!! The master can’t be humiliated…you’re dead!!” The gnashing teeth, punched out, exploded dozens of barriers in an instant, and the destructive power instantly increased by more than 100 times than before.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “You are just a creature created by the deity. You have obtained the master’s brand and inherited a few pieces of memory. The will is not strong enough and firm. After being assimilated by those memories, you think you are the Chaos Controller?

“It’s ridiculous. Ordinary Divine King can resist the erosion of will. You can’t stop it and be assimilated. You still have a face to claim to be the master?”

The corpse roared furiously, constantly striking the void barrier.

Ye Yang easily created a new barrier, suppressed by the invisible spatial force, trapping him like a cage.

Ye Yang indifferently said: “Your consciousness is incomplete, Divine Soul is incomplete, thinking is incomplete, personality and the like are defective, thinking is short-circuited…”

“Ah!!! You damn it, you damn it!!!” The corpse roared.

Ye Yang went on to say: “The deity is only a few words of trifling, which can make your emotions completely out of control, it seems that the strength has exploded, but in fact, the internal power has already conflicted. It is obtained by sacrificing the stability and balance of power. What is the use of powerful explosive force?

“It’s like a car that can walk for hundreds of kilometers. Suddenly it burst into a violent flame and propelled like a rocket. Its speed multiplied several times, but it could only go forward several hundred meters. It would be scrapped when it was 100 meters. What is the use of the explosion?”

Ye Yang shook his head and sighed.

Not only did the corpse not suppress the fire, he was even more angry.

Ye Yang waved it freely, and the space barrier completely suppressed the corpse.

Suddenly, Ye Yang right hand stretched out, split open space, and grabbed the corpse across the space.

The angling roar exploded, and the violent Primal Chaos Qi spewed towards all directions.

Various Law Power bursts, in the sky various strange powers emerge and twist.

But Ye Yang suddenly turned around and grabbed into the distance with one hand.

A group of translucent silhouettes were grasped and twisted in his hands, and zhi zhi cried like a little monkey was captured.

one after another a powerful spiritual shock poured out from his palm.

Ye Yang looked at him and shook his head: “Want to hide from the sky and cross Chen Cang? You are still tender.”

In an instant, Law Power gathered around, condensed in the palm, continuously sealed, layer by layer.

“The brand of Chaos Controller is out of the ordinary after all. I thought you would be easily irritated and burst. But… Although you burst, the burst time is too late. The deity knows that you must have a trick.

“In the beginning, you were really angry, but extremely angry and unable to break the ban, so you changed to pretend to be angry and let Divine Soul escape.

“Unfortunately, the deity’s space barrier contains not only Space Law Power, but also many other Law Power fusions. The types of Law Power blended in it are no less than Primal Chaos Qi.”

Chaos is composed of multiple laws. There are many rules and disorder, it is chaos. Chaos is a disordered force, the most powerful kind of disordered force. At least it is the most powerful type of disorder known.

Ye Yang has a deep understanding of the power of many laws, but is to change the law of chaos from disorder to disorder into an orderly integration.

It’s like someone picking up a bunch of chemical waste parts that can explode at any time to reassemble some useful things into a new instrument. Of course, this machine is a patchwork of worn-out parts after all, with various loopholes.

The same is true of the space barrier integrated by Ye Yang, which contains a large number of various weak spots, which can be broken with just enough powerful force.

However, there are also some hidden benefits. For example, as long as the hard power does not reach the standard, even if the various laws and techniques are superb and want to escape from it, it is impossible.

It can only be forcibly broken by means of meet force with force. Otherwise, all Law Power will be restrained.

The corpse wanted to shuttle to escape, but was blocked by this barrier and could not escape. Can only pretend to explode and escape from the dimensional channel that Ye Yang broke open while Ye Yang shot and captured him.

It is a pity that Ye Yang has been cautious and aimed at his Divine Soul and returned.

“Your power, the deity is not interested, your body, the deity is not interested. The deity is only interested in the memory in your Divine Soul. What kind of knowledge does the brand of Chaos Controller give you inheritance? This, deity Very curious.”

Ye Yang smiled authentically.

The banned Divine Soul struggled frantically.

He is nothing but a corpse created by the spirit body created by Ye Yang, but believe oneself infallible Chaos Controller is reincarnated.

Unwilling to be humiliated, struggling wildly.

Ye Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly, his hand waved, and pieces of divine force crystallized and flew to merge with this group of things.

In the end He finally condensed into a large divine force crystal.


“Sure enough… The hollow beads are great. The divine force crystals in the hollow beads can absorb the Divine Soul fragments of the memory fragments of the deity. Now, even Divine Soul, which rules the inheritance of the rule, can be included.”

However, it is not easy to extract corresponding knowledge and insights from this crystal.

As far as Ye Yang knows, there is some knowledge that can be inherited in words and words, and some knowledge cannot be described in words or words at all.

Once transformed into language and writing, the extremely mysterious and abstruse knowledge will be biased. Because the words used by deities and humans are not enough to perfectly express the meaning represented by those special knowledge. Once understanding is based on words and language, there will be deviations.

Only through memory sharing.

In some cases, even memory sharing inheritance will be biased.

Different people, different creatures, different brains, different souls, and different ways of thinking. Corresponding memories are incorporated into the soul, the operation of thinking is different, and the resulting experience is different.

This is like a computer, using a different proprietary system. Putting the same data on this computer is a normal program, put it on a computer with a different system, this program becomes a bunch of invalid data.

Of course, the gap between the way of thinking between people’s brains and the way of thinking between souls and souls is not that great. But some differences, the introduction of the same memory, will produce different perceptions.

Therefore, some inheritance cannot be obtained even if the memory fragments are seized.

The same inheritance, different people, after comprehension, the gains gained from the perception are different.

High-end inheritance has such characteristics.

Like the principle of using laws, human language is difficult to describe inheritance.

The power of Grand Dao, the understanding and perception of Dadao, even if the memory fragment inheritance is used directly, can not guarantee a positive angle. It may be successfully transmitted, or it may be transmitted in error.

If the conduction memory is correct, it is often the other party’s re-understanding based on these memories, which produces a new understanding, which coincides with the Tao. It’s not really directly inherited memories fragments can be obtained.

“The brand of Chaos Controller, inheritance information… This is equivalent to the cultivation of Chaos Controller, right? If you can get it… I want to give you a glimpse of Chaos Controller’s secret.”

Ye Yang used to get a lot of insights about Butterfly Dao on Ye Die, but it was useless to him. Moreover, what is felt is different from Ye Die’s personal feeling.

If you want to use Ye Die’s feelings to directly apply to yourself, you can’t. Ye Die can use her method to sit firmly and dominate the Butterfly Road. Ye Yang could not be promoted to become the master of Butterfly Road or Chaos Controller, nor could she use her knowledge to become another master.

Yuan Hao wanted Ye Yang to be the Chaos Controller before, but his insights, although helpful to Ye Yang, could not be directly applied.

After all, it is the master of different laws.

But the inheritance of Chaos Controller is more important to Ye Yang.

“One…this is the first one, next…Let all these Chaos Controller branding be seduced out.

“How to get the desired information from the crystallization of divine force is a matter for the future. The key now is how to lead them all.”

Ye Yang put away this piece of divine force crystallization, and quickly released the different kinds of life of each and everyone he created to the front, luring the brand in the cracks of the universe.

“You are just branding, not real consciousness, not real lifeform, don’t be so smart. You shouldn’t know how to think cranky. Just follow your own instincts for deep in one’s heart… come out… come out…”

Ye Yang whispering.

Suddenly, expression changed.

Ye Yang suddenly turned her head and saw that there was a huge mist in the distance, coming toward here.

“This is… what is the situation?”

I only saw that huge trees were flying towards here quickly.

There are some trees, and even the roots are intertwined like feet, with dozens of 100 feet, running wildly.

There are also some trees, the roots below are wrapped around a large piece of land, or wrapped around multiple planets, controlling the planet to fly in this direction.

From a distance, it is different from ordinary trees. Take a closer look, every tree is ridiculously large. Some are even several light-years old, and each leaf is covered with one after another star, and there are many lines around it.

These trees exude a rich green light, and a vast mist.

But behind them, there are many wild grasses, all kinds of flowers. It is also running in the sky, or flying in a motionless attitude.

Later in them, a large amount of space ominous beast is flying or rushing towards this side.

It has a huge narwhal, a dark green body and two wings.

A dragon horn giant tortoise with ten or two wings.

There are also giant apes with two horns growing on the head and four arms.

The upper body is a bird like a giant eagle but generally has 3 heads, but the lower part is a long snake tail monster.

There is also a shark’s fin with a fish head but a dragon body and a dragon tail. But the wings had no feathers, and unlike the bat wings, the bareness was strange.

Some monsters are surrounded by wind, and the airflow rotates.

Some monsters are surrounded by sea fluid, but in the middle of the sea, the whole sea is controlled to fly here.

There are also some insect-shaped monsters devouring the void, flying around in the sky.

There are also golden little snakes with small silver horns and mouths full of sharp teeth, with many more teeth than normal snakes. These little snakes turned into gusts of wind and fire and green mist.

There are so many of these things, grandiose, a huge number of 100 light years.

It looks like the “Void Vine domain” left by the life master, but the entire Void Vine domain is migrating.

At this time, there are countless roots that need to be drilled in and into the sky, and the rattans twitch like snakes and dragons. From time to time, the void exploded and exploded a large number of space fragments.

There are many plants that continue to split and generate new plants. Or a seed shoots randomly and explodes when it hits the void, and a new plant is born from inside. There are even seeds from the huge World Tree that explode into asteroids, and a lot of life is generated in an instant.

The powerful divine force covers an area of ​​several hundred light years, and many lives can be born in an instant and grow long. There are also some areas, not only the life divine force, but also the twisted time force, Time Acceleration.

Of course, there are areas where time slows, but very few.

“This… what’s the situation?”

Ye Yang was a little flustered, and worried that the thing was chasing itself.

It’s not that you can’t beat it, but that the “unknown” factor is unsettling.

Subconsciously sideways.

Seeing that the giant army of grandiose, which is 100 light-years old, rushed to the front.

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