Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 892

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Ye Yang is nervous, very worried, and is ready to resist or escape at any time.

However, a little beyond Ye Yang’s expectations, that monster army, obviously and Ye Yang are very close, just turn around and you can kill them, but they simply ignore Ye Yang and the cosmic crack, just from the side The momentum rushed past, as if passing by.

“What’s the situation?” Ye Yang was a little dazed.

After a while, this grandiose monster army has left, and a grandiose monster army rushes towards this side.

This time’s monster is an animal figure formed by thunder.

There are all kinds of forms, insects, fishes, birds and beasts have all kinds of forms, but it seems that all are animals, and there is no plant form.

Even more bizarre is that these things flew near Ye Yang, and actually ignored Ye Yang, so grandiose ran away.

These are not two, not just described as “2 100000000 army”, but more than 10000 trillion army.

The monsters, which last for 100 light years, vary in strength. There are more than 100000000 trillion trillion trillion.

However, Ye Yang was completely ignored.

“Strange, are they really doing and so on? Is it sightseeing?”

Under normal circumstances, such a large number of living creatures must have a major event.

Either there is a powerful existence behind, and they evade danger, so they will ignore everything along the way and only fly forward. Either there is an extremely powerful leader who controls the entire team and forces them to quickly fly in a certain direction.

However, Ye Yang could not see the killer.

Without chasing it, these creatures are impossible on the road and they obey the rules too. They may turn away at any time and leave the team.

For example, if there is a natural disaster behind, as long as it is not serious, they will also be distracted halfway, or the team will be scattered.

But if there is a strong leader, from Ye Yang’s perspective, impossible cannot be seen.

“Weird…is it possible that these creatures within the body have been implanted with something that cannot be manipulated? Or… there is a big advantage in front of them waiting for them to get it? But even if there is a big benefit, Don’t you care about other things on the way?”

Ye Yang is puzzled.

However, He did not want to cause trouble at this time.

In the beginning, the ancient palace was sealed in an indestructible land, and its own body did not dare to come out indiscriminately. The incarnation here cannot use too much power, Primal Chaos Law, and Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure cannot be used.

In this case, if you can be low-key, just lower it.

So, he continued to “low-key” to induce those Chaos Controller branding.

It must be said that these marks are indeed trifling marks, not real souls or conscious bodies.

Therefore, there was a brand on the front that was fooled, and was successfully lured out, and the following was actually fooled again, and would never learn a lesson.

It is also unclear whether they have seen the outside world, whether they have seen no response, or do they care?

Ye Yang doesn’t know, just continue to seduce.

He found out that these marks are not considered complete marks, or that the mark left by Chaos Controller is only a small part of their silhouette, a small part of the information, these marks are also called fragments .

No branding can represent the information of a Chaos Controller.

Moreover, Ye Yang can’t judge whether they belong to the same Chaos Controller by these brands. It is possible that multiple pieces of branding belong to the same master. This probability is great.

However, even if they were lured out and successfully suppressed, the seal entered into the crystal of divine force, Ye Yang could not determine which brand is the same as which brand.

In addition, Ye Yang also found that for different Chaos Controller branding fragments, the methods used should also be different.

Different brands will attract different things. Therefore, it is a bit troublesome to deal with.

But fortunately, Ye Yang became familiar with it, and things went smoothly as soon as he got started.

There are already 3 copies of Chaos Controller’s brand on this hand.

So many things are available for research, I think it makes me happy.

However, just about to “guide” the 4th copy of the brand, Ye Yang heard the thunder and thunder.

Turning around, it wasn’t a thunder force, but a large group of divine creatures in the distance rushed towards this side.

The previous “Void Vine domain ominous beast army” and those thunder creatures rushed from the southeast direction of the universe.

And now this wave is rushing from the West.

Some are giant creatures composed of planets and other huge objects, such as Stoneman, Iron Man, and Golden Man. Stone Tiger, Iron Tiger, Golden Tiger. Diamond flying eagles, fire gems, Phoenix, and other bizarre creatures.

There are also huge creatures composed of ice, but they are not creatures created by the forces dominated by ice.

They actually lived in harmony without conflict, so they flew towards Ye Yang in a murderous-looking way.

Wherever we passed, Space Power shocked the four sides, and the space vibration caused a rumble. You can hear it even in the vacuum universe.

However, this army also passed Ye Yang and the cracks of the universe. There was no stopping at all, or even slowing down. As if you can’t see Ye Yang and the crack of the universe.

“These divine creatures are fake? But they look real. Is it a time-space projection of the past years? Is it a projection of a different space and a different dimension? Just looks real? But with the power of this incarnation, there is no reason Not broken.

“This should be a true divine creature. Not a phantom, no projection…”

After pondering for a while, Ye Yang shook his head and continued to attract ~~ the brand of Chaos Controller to fly out, then suppressed it smoothly, and was banned in the crystal of divine force.

However, only one was banned, and something rushed over again.

This time there was a group of gods. Each and everyone is full of Law Power of various disturbances, and the powers in each body conflict with each other, exuding an ominous breath, it must be a sin.

There are many laws in God’s Sin, and it is impossible for him to control the conflicting forces in his body, but he will not die, and he looks good, and he hates Gods by nature. These are the sins.

This different form, the bizarre army of strange sins, rushed to Ye Yang’s side, and then… Grandiose moved towards the other side and rushed to the other side.

Actually, Ye Yang was not engaged.

Ye Yang, but gods, will these gods be seen without being indifferent?

“It’s so weird, people care… However, the deity is now following a low-key principle.”

Even if it was found, Ye Yang felt that he could not manage it now.

So, continue to do the previous things, obediently and honestly cited these Chaos Controller branding.

But after a while, two gods rushed towards this side.

One is the God of Thunder, and the other is God of Life. The power under control is Law Power dominated by the laws of the two and a half steps of enlightenment.

The two gods, a man and a woman, fight in in the sky. The thunder spews, and the twisted life divine force turns into countless tentacles, and the roots are flying away.

Wherever they passed, the vast expanse of the void exploded. These two guys look like they have a big grudge.

But these two gods look very strange, Ye Yang does not know.

Aftermath of their battle, there are still some scours to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang avoided it gently, and then saw them flying away from the neighborhood while fighting.

After pondering for a few seconds, Ye Yang shook his head: “Each sweeps the snow in front of his own house, not to worry about the frost on others. It is not a master, and ultimately it is false. What do I do with so many idle things? Continue.”

After that, continue to use the Chaos Controller branding.

Then, I saw gods approaching again.

In the past week, within 7 days, Ye Yang saw nearly ten or five waves of powerhouse passing by.

There were several powerhouse wars, but Ye Yang didn’t bother with them, and was afraid of being introduced into the melee. But there are also a large group of not weak creatures who rushed together. Although some of these creatures are only at the Demi-God level, there are too many. Even if Ye Yang is the Divine Emperor coming, as long as he dares to stay here and die without leaving the hard block, it is impossible to block so many divine creatures and will be forcibly stepped on.

Therefore, Ye Yang dared not pay attention.

After that, another two months passed, and there were various strange powerhouses passing by intermittently.

Some did not make big shots, but seeing Ye Yang was just surprised. They could not recognize Ye Yang’s disguised image, but they did not say anything. It seems to be taboo about the cosmic cracks, so I dare not get close.

During this period, there was a little god who was curious and tried to get close, but he hadn’t reached Ye Yang yet. Ye Yang hadn’t shot yet. That little god looked at Chaos Controller’s eyes in the cracks of the universe and was scared to death.

This incarnation exploded. The ontology went crazy, Law Power got out of control, and Divine Kingdom exploded.

Of course, this news was learned by Ye Yang in the ancient palace.

Because these bizarre things have appeared more recently, Ye Yang wants to inquire.

I always feel that it is not good to ignore it completely.

So it was discovered that there was a rumor in the ancient palace in the early days, the fissures in the universe were very dangerous, and there were many Divinity Venerable Level powerhouses approaching and going crazy and insane. There is God King Level and other powerhouses. It is said that they are not afraid of the dangers there, but instinctively feel uneasy, and there is no one who dares to really come close.

“The mysterious power in the cracks of the universe is refined by Divine Attribute, so it can spread to the body through incarnation. You can directly hurt the body without tracing the cause and effect. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous and inaccessible.”

Such rumors were widely spread among ancient palaces in the early days. In the beginning, it was still news of the toll that was on sale, but it was only free after it spread widely.

“Since everyone knows that the cosmic cracks are so dangerous, there haven’t been any strange creatures approaching the cosmic cracks before, so what is it?” Ye Yang was surprised.

Inquiring the news in the ancient palace at the beginning, I only know that the current universe is quite disordered. The information obtained elsewhere is not very accurate.

For example, there is a Divine King who finds 2 Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse in the war. He quickly avoided it, but the two emperor powerhouse rushed towards him while fighting. He was so scared that he hurriedly asked for help in the ancient palace at the beginning, asking for the news of the two powerhouses, and at the same time buying various divine objects to protect his spirit and prevent the spirit strength of the emperor from eroding his incarnation and hurting his body.

And also buy Divine Item that blocks causal attacks. Although there are already a few, but I am afraid I can’t keep myself.

Absolutely, I didn’t expect that the two god emperors killed him, but they suddenly dispersed. It was actually a phantom.

Very powerful illusion.

Nearly power of Grand Dao level.

Of course, no one has become enlightened, but it is certain that it is the power of a certain rule. Some people say that it is the power of phantom domination. Some people say that it is just an ordinary master, but when sleeping, the fine dive sense is transformed into a dream, and the dream is now a reality. The Spiritual Body in the dream runs around everywhere, so it looks like a phantom.

Therefore, many messages in the universe are not true.

At the beginning of the ancient palace platform, there were all kinds of news, but unlike before, there was no way to use the divine force of the prophecy department to judge the authenticity of these news. This is difficult.

“The ancient palace at the beginning is just a refuge, and it is a trading platform with real objects. The true and false of all kinds of objects can be accurately judged in the ancient palace of the early days. But outside the ancient palace at the beginning of the world…the true and false of all kinds of things, Including the true and false of the gods, the true and false of all kinds of creatures, and the true and false of all kinds of information, there is no guarantee.”

Like some news, it is said that the fairy galaxies and the two galaxies of Divine Dragon have a war. There are actually a few 2 Demi-God and the gods gods involved.

As a result, it was just false news. There is no such thing at all, but the deity’s perception is blinded.

These kinds of news are difficult to distinguish between true and false. Ye Yang wants to know from the ancient palace that the “ominous beast army” will pass through the cracks of the universe. It is difficult. It is difficult to know the truth.

It is only vaguely speculated that because of the large number of that army, the courage of ominous beast is strong, so that it can not be afraid of the staring of the Controller level brand in the cracks of the universe.

The other gods in the path are also not distracted during the war, or not too close to the cracks of the universe.

It’s unclear why these guys rushed to the crack of the universe and ran away.

“I have a subtle intuition. In this universe, it is likely that another major event has occurred. Now, it seems that someone is deliberately disturbing the situation to cover up the real news. Covering up with all kinds of weird events The truth behind the scenes.”

Ye Yang doesn’t want to do much business, but he is worried that it will affect him.

“Still take a look.”

Several incarnation, invisibility, convergence power, deliberately cover the cause and effect, pretending to be very weak. And, be prepared to explode these incarnations at all times. Even if these incarnations are destroyed, their strength and identity will not be revealed.

In this way, several incarnation invisibly flew in several directions to inquire about the news.

It’s just that the incarnation here is out and seeing many places in the universe are chaotic. Gods are fighting everywhere.

Some of them were hit terribly, and many gods were killed. There are also those who have been stalemate for a long time and are difficult to score. The huge galaxies in the universe with 10000 to 100000000 million counts, Ye Yang just explored a few of these galaxies, and discovered that hundreds of thousands of fighting events, all of which are above the level of divine creatures.

Most of the impact is small. But a few are even more powerful. The continuous army of 100 light years, the two sides collided and killed, Ye Yang saw that they were not close.

But what shocked him even more was that more than 2% of the two armies of this war were illusions. Only 99 out of 9 is true chaos.

But even if it is true of 10000/5, the number is very huge. But it is completely different from the scale previously imagined.

“The situation in this place is a bit confusing.”

Just when he was puzzled and unclear exactly what happened, a major news made Ye Yang wake up.

Indestructible land!

This place is home to the body ruled by many laws, and the ancient palace at the beginning was also hidden here. The weak projection incarnation ruled by the law has been out, but the powerful incarnation and the body dare not leave the indestructible land. Ye Yang’s ancient palace is too afraid to go out now. I was worried that the three half-powered powerhouses would keep their hands, which would cause the ancient palace to be forcibly sent away.

However, when a god came to the ancient palace in the distance, he found a major event halfway, and was chased all the way before he fled to the ancient palace.

“A lot of gods, several millions of gods, densely packed gathered together, and rushed towards the indestructible land. There are still a few outsiders standing still, it seems that a major event will happen!!” The news came like this.

Then many gods were stunned.

several millions deities? What a joke.

Is this Myths and Legends of a mortal country?

There are so many gods in the universe.

Divine creatures can be outrageous, Demi-God is also quite a lot, but the real deities, the number of impossible reaches 1000000. Some time ago, before the universe changed drastically, it was not easy to say whether the number of deities really exceeded 10000.

How could there be several millions of gods coming out?

All of a sudden, many bold gods incarnation came out of the ancient palace and flew outside the ruined area of ​​the indestructible land. Then…each and everyone exploded.

Then again, there was an amazing news.

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