Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 893

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The indestructible land is surrounded.

It literally means-a deity, join hands to block the indestructible land.

The indestructible land is the former “Large World”, turned into ruins. A large amount of debris has been transported away by many laws, so there is now a large empty area.

But even so, the entire indestructible land is relatively large. After all, it is a space occupied by material dust spread after the explosion of Pang Great World.

Many rulers stay here.

Now, dozens of light-years away from this indestructible land, there is a large amount of dense black mist surging towards this side.

In front of the black mist, there are still many stars, which disappeared momentarily. It feels like starlight is shining through the black mist.

Deities with bad eyesight might even think that the black mist is a few thousand light years away, and the stars in the universe are still good within a few thousand light years.

But in fact, the role of the black mist is to cover the eyes of the gods. So that the gods can not see the specific situation behind the black mist.

It is said that after the Dark Mist, there were many gods who laid out heavy formations.

One after another planet migrated from a distance, there were stars, ice stars, big rock stars, even white dwarfs, and neutron stars.

In addition to these solid celestial planets, there are a large number of liquid planets, or planets filled with a large amount of liquid on the surface, and very many gaseous planets.

Celestial bodies vary in size, with large stars over 10000000 million kilometers in diameter, and asteroids with diameters of only a few hundred kilometers.

There are even some black holes.

Many planets come from all directions, with different directions and different speeds.

It is estimated that the flying angle and shuttle speed of these planets are calculated.

On a certain day in the future, when these planets fly to the periphery of the indestructible land, they will coincide to form a certain situation.

This situation will be formed in an instant.

Between the planet and the planet, the various force fields formed by the large and small Heaven and Earth, what gravitational field, space magnetic field, etc., will form a subtle change.

A large number of twisted magnetic fields will appear, and twisted gravitational waves will continue to appear. Space Crack and space traps will continue to appear.

The combination of them will also generate strong suction, attract the energy in the vacuum of the outer universe, and may even come from a distant attraction across space.

Of course, this is just an estimate based on what you see. If you don’t look at any evidence and just make a bold guess, then the gods will definitely continue to shoot during this period, blessing the divine force.

It may attract a large number of mortal high-tech weapons, especially deified war weapons blessed by divine force.

In addition, there is a possibility that a powerful Defensive Array will be deployed. Previously, many large and small forces were equipped with the Defensive Array potential created by the “solidification rule”. That may also appear here now.

What is to be defended is not the external attack, but the internal and external attack of the indestructible place.

Therefore, there will be a lot of Defensive Array potential in those black fog, or later in the black fog, aiming at the indestructible land.

“What do those guys want to do?” a god asked.

When the gods took a look, they found a little familiar.

This person is black clothed, black pants, black hair, white face like jade, very handsome. The eyes are dark, but they are not hollow, which is daunting.

Such a powerhouse, in the ancient palace in the early days, actually did not cover his face and body, did not conceal his identity, apparently very confident and not weak.

“Black… Dark Ruler Your Majesty?” a deity asked tentatively.

The god didn’t say anything, but the gods around him were his default, and each and everyone gasped.

The rule of dignified dominates… The ordinary deity level incarnation from the condense actually enters the ancient palace in the beginning.

However, if you think about it, it seems normal.

Many laws dominate the immortal place, and the ancient palace is also here. Then there is an incarnation to enter the ancient palace and look at it to understand the situation of the outside world. It is normal.

“You want to know why, send an incarnation to see if you can get it?” came a woman’s voice.

The gods turned their heads and looked at a beautiful woman with black hair, white clothed and white skirt. It looked pure. Not only was the clothes, hair, and skin clean, it did not stick to any other abnormal substances, even microbial dust particles. Even, there are no other abnormal energy particles that do not belong to the light power.

But the strange thing is that it is clearly a body composed of light power, but it looks black and white and has a substantive sense, not just a ray of light.

“Why not send incarnation out again?” Dark Ruler asked.

“The deity is about to go out. Now… it won’t work if you don’t go out.” That should be the womanish way of the incarnation dominated by the light.

Dark Ruler suddenly fell silent.

The Lord of Light stopped speaking.

Suddenly a voice came: “Wait, let me go out together, how?”

I saw a dull and heavy voice coming.

It turned out to be a big silhouette.

It looks like a humanoid creature carved out of rock.

This is an unfamiliar powerhouse, there are many kinds of Law Power at the same time. But it feels like this should be a master.

The rule is the rule, it should be purely controlled by one Law Power. But He controlled multiple Law Powers at the same time. Therefore, this incarnation, the power is mixed, affected, not too strong.

But after all, it is also a master.

At this time, another silhouette appeared.

Only faintly heard the sound of wonderful music, very nice.

It was a woman with light green long hair, and her clothes were automatic without wind… It should be said that the body was blowing the wind all the time. A body composed of airflow particles. It looks like a living thing is like real life, but in fact it is just a body compressed by a gas that is almost foggy and not foggy.

There are invisible energy fields between her body particles. Even if someone shakes hands with her or makes other close contact, she can only feel that this is a real real life.

“Master of the wind… Or, master of the airstream?”

Ye Yang was slightly shocked.

This is also a powerful master.

The matter in the universe can be roughly divided into Earth, Water, Fire, Wind 4 major forms.

Ground, solid. Water, liquid. Wind, gaseous state and dissociated state. Fire, fusion.

Any other super solid state, ionic state, etc., can be divided into these four categories.

The laws corresponding to these four major forms are all innate laws.

The rule of solid state is not found for the time being, but there is a rule of solidification, Yuan Hao.

The lord of the wind in front of him will not be much weaker than Yuan Hao.

All kinds of energy and matter have 4 major forms, but the law of matter is not stronger than Wind Law. Because wind also contains material wind, energy wind, spiritual wind, etc.

Of course, the key lies in the size of the weight.

For example, the substance is in a gaseous state, whether this substance is under the control of the laws of matter or the airflow dominance is not easy to say. Energy flow is the law of energy, but the flow is also similar to the form of wind. If Wind Law dominates, it can also take over this part of authority.

Not fixed.

The so-called ruler is the rule. The law determines the various “reasons” and “laws” of human discovery and research.

What doesn’t make sense, as soon as the law changes, it makes sense.

Reasonable things and theories, as soon as the law changes, it may become completely unreasonable and outdated.

“In today’s situation, our rulers have to join forces, even the rulers of conflicting rules. The two people have intentionally done so, why are they proud and not proclaiming it?” said incarnation, the ruler of the wind.

Dark Ruler glanced at her coldly, and the bright master said: “You still have so many mouths.”

Dark Ruler disappeared as soon as his figure wobbled. The silhouettes of other incarnations also disappeared.

Many gods who are watching good shows nearby are a little dazed.

The god also asked: “What is the situation?”

Another god asked, “Are you going to fight?”

“It’s a fight, but it’s not a battle between masters, but a fight with those guys outside the indestructible land.”

“There is a good show, come on, go out!!”

a god’s incarnation flew out of the ancient palace at the beginning.

Some unresponsive deities, while flying, asked other deities: “What the hell is going on? The deity is still unclear, and it is full of fog. Why is there a deity to surround the indestructible land? ?These lords have to join hands to deal with the outside gods? Are the outside gods so powerful?”

But unfortunately, no gods are interested in explaining kindly, but some people have sold analysis articles on the ancient palace in the early days, and there are even temporary papers deducing the battle situation outside.

“In the current universe, three and a half steps into Daoist’s sleep, but there must be a back hand. The body of the masters can’t leave the indestructible land, only incarnation projection.

“This is to prevent the rule masters from becoming metamorphosed to prove the avenue. Therefore, this road must be blocked so that the ice master, the thunder master, and the life master will self-confess to each other and temporarily fall asleep.

“So, the rule of law can’t leave the indestructible land, the most powerful outside is the Divine Emperor and Divine Emperor.

“However, the background of the masters is very strong. If there is a way to break through 10000? The powerful power of the masters will be transferred to the outside at once, forming a temporary body and then returning?

“As long as you can bypass the three and a half steps to become Daoist’s imprisonment, even if it is temporary, it is a great threat.

“Even more how, there is an ancient palace here, and there may be other Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures. Maybe there is no Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and there are other Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts or Spirit Transformation devices, which are very dangerous.

“That’s all, the gods joined forces to seal the indestructible land, not to let the rulers here go out, not to the ancient palace, nor to give other gods to hide in the ancient palace. Then, outside Isn’t it the world of the Divine Emperor? They can do whatever they want, what major event they want to do, what big plans they want to do, don’t worry about being destroyed by the rule of law, and don’t worry about who Dare to be against enemy God and Divine Emperor.

“After all, once the indestructible land is banned, it can’t hide here, and it can’t enter the ancient palace to obtain refuge. Then in the outer universe, it can only escape into chaos, and it will be more dangerous. Ordinary gods go in, almost deaths without life.

“If you offend Divine Emperor and Divine Emperor, there will be nowhere to go…”

This analysis made many gods finally understand what happened outside.

Someone has to make trouble.

But worrying about the rulers going out, worrying about the powerhouse outside hiding in the ancient palace here, so the entire indestructible place should be sealed.

“But, can it be sealed?” the deity questioned.

But the news of the sale is also mentioned above.

The indestructible land, known as Undying and Inextinguishable, sounds like a cow, but it is only self-preserving and insufficiently expanded. The indestructible land is so big, there is no external attack ability, it is much easier to block this place than to block a galaxy.

As for the rulers, will they break the blockade and kill them?

Today’s rulers can only project out incarnations whose projection strength is not too strong. The power that can be used is not very strong. Once the external blockade is formed, the weak incarnation of the rulers cannot break the blockade at all.

Under normal circumstances, any rule, whether it is the body or the strongest incarnation, can easily remove the blockade and suppress all the imperial gods outside Imperial Capital. But now, it is suppressed.

Can only use all the power in the indestructible land, then outside, what are many god emperors afraid of?

Sealing this place, outside is their heaven.

The powerhouse here is going to be killed, either blocked or triggered an alarm. The gods outside could not get in again, and there was no way to ask the lord of this place or the ancient palace to take refuge.

“Fuck, putting it that way, aren’t we dangerous? We can’t get out when we get in?”

“The outside is more dangerous. Once the place is blocked, the Divine Emperor outside must definitely make trouble. The major event of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, otherwise impossible to block the indestructible land first. When the time comes, how many will be outside The gods fall? What terrifying major event will happen? Think about it. Have one’s hair stand on end. Maybe the universe may be destroyed.”

“Isn’t that exaggerated?”

Some gods muttered.

Outside, on the edge of the indestructible land, bursts of rays of light came.

The vast universe vacuum was originally silent. But soon, energy shock waves hit. The law in the sky is turbulent, and there are loud roars here.

The ruined area of ​​the Indestructible is in turmoil.

The war of the gods broke out.

The rule of the incarnation ruled by the rulers, broke into the blockade outside the battle.

But obviously, the situation is not optimistic.

Because the blockade is omnidirectional, and the outside battles are concentrated in only one place, indicating that the rule of law cannot open the situation.

Moreover, before so many gods incarnation were killed from the ancient palace at the beginning, the overwhelming majority were all exploded, and only one or two left to come back to deliver the message. In the early ancient palace with gods, the incarnation was outside, and the incarnation could not pass the message to the body, so it was wiped out. Obviously, the outside powerhouse is extremely terrifying.

“The situation is not as simple as they speculated.” Ye Yang brows tightly frowns, expression grave.

“Obviously… those who branded inheritance participated.” Yuan Hao’s voice said.

Ye Yang’s heart beats: “The brand of the previous Chaos Controller?”

“There is also the Great Dao Mark. Those powers that appeared during Primal Chaos Tribulation, let alone the branding of Chaos Controller, let alone the Great Dao Mark. If inheritance is given to ordinary mortals or ordinary gods, there will be nothing special or temporarily too powerful. But if it falls into the hands of the stronger Divine King or even the Divine Emperor, and obtains the corresponding inheritance, then…the loopholes of various laws of the universe, the Universe Source and the weak spot loopholes of the Avenue, there may be some of them. I know. Then their battle strength is difficult to assess.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang couldn’t help but change his face again.

Not only the Divine Emperor and Divine Emperor, but also the brand power? So, do the gods who have inherited inheritance want to block the place and get involved in the universe?

“Any rule in the universe can be quickly repaired once it breaks down or has problems. The ruler is in control. It has both the power to control and the responsibility to maintain.

“But if the indestructible land is blocked, the ruler cannot communicate with the outside world, the power cannot reach the outside world, or the strength control of the ruler is disturbed, then… some of the rules outside are completely destroyed and not impossible.

“At that time… it means that some laws in the universe may disappear…”

Yuan Hao’s words didn’t fall, Ye Yang was soothed to hear.

Some laws disappeared? What will happen? The extinction of universe creatures or the transformation of countless galaxies into stardust is possible.

“Of course, it may not completely disappear. It may be that the corresponding Law Power remains in the indestructible place. But then, the corresponding ruler may be weak to the strength of your butterfly master. The same degree.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang thought of the weak slag master who changed his name to Ye Die, and was speechless for a while.

At this moment, a powerful surge of power was sensed, a large black mist in the distance ripped open a gap, and a violent divine force spewed in from the outside.

At first glance, several supernovae collided with dozens of stars, and all exploded. The black holes nearby were twisted.

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