Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 894

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“It was just the aftermath of the battle…”

Ye Yang brows slightly wrinkle, whispered: “It seems that the battle is quite fierce.”

A deity heard it and asked, “Why do you say this? Trifling star destruction…”

Ye Yang said: “These stars are used to set up positions.”

The god was stunned, and it seemed that he hadn’t reacted yet.

Ye Yang said: “The gods who are going to block the indestructible land outside will definitely guard these stars.

“It’s easy to destroy these stars, and it’s not easy to bring a large number of stars from a distance, not to mention the need to cooperate with other stars to form a formation? Once a problem occurs, there may be a chain reaction, so the gods outside must be Will desperately protect those stars.”

The god asked: “What about then?”

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “The rulers of the indestructible land, even if the body cannot go out, can create incarnation endlessly. The rule is not destroyed, the power of the ruler will not be cut off. In theory As long as Light Law still exists, the power of Light Lord will exist for a while, and it can always be used. Dark Ruler also, as long as Dark Law still exists, His power will not be exhausted.

“This is also the reason why it is difficult for the masters to fight to win and lose. Then, the incarnation of the masters can be continuously. Even the gods outside do not even use the incarnation of the masters. If there is one, then there is a past.

“The key is that the strength of the spirit willpower ruled by the law is limited, and the maximum number of incarnations that can reach a certain strength can be controlled at the same time. The stronger the incarnation, the less the number of incarnations that can be controlled, and the weaker the incarnation, the more the number of incarnations that can be controlled. More… This is when the surroundings are not blocked.

“Therefore, the incarnation dominated by the law of interception and killing is meaningless. Try to keep those stars and wait for the stars to be placed into a position, and the defensive power is connected together. This has real meaning. As long as the main body does not come out, it cannot break the formation. . Then the major event can become.

“But now, the stars that will form a posture are destroyed after one another, indicating that there must be a lot of gods incarnation outside. It’s not going to be cruel?”

The deity marveled: “Your analytical skills are really powerful. However, why is there a situation outside, and the rules governing the body will not go out to break the formation situation?”

Ye Yang said: “They placed the blocked position outside the indestructible land. The ruler must leave the indestructible land to reach the position. In this way, there is no way to destroy the position.

“That position cannot be laid on the edge of an indestructible land, otherwise it will be destroyed by a long-range attack. They have already set a position, and of course they will not destroy the rulers.”

The words fell, and there was a thick black mist outside. At a glance, there was darkness everywhere.

It was totally impossible to see anything outside the indestructible land.

There is only white light looming out of the black mist, as if Mortal World’s black cloud is on the top, day is like night, and there is lightning in the black cloud.

Today’s situation is just like the kind of dark clouds on Mortal World planet.

The divine sense can’t see through, and the situation where the eyes can’t look outside is impossible.

From the perspective of high-dimensional high-dimensional space-time, we can’t see the outside.

“The trouble is big, the incarnation outside the deity is almost out of control, and the contact is difficult.”

“Cause and effect are almost cut off… bad, you must temporarily stop the incarnation outside. Otherwise, you may lose contact with the ontology at any time and turn it into a new lifeform with unique thoughts, which is not good. “

a The deity panicked.

Ye Yang did not panic. His incarnation in Chaos World and other places in the universe can still be sensed and controlled.

This is the difference in strength.

The dense black fog outside, and the super-turbulent force fluctuations caused by the powerful battles behind the black fog, are sufficient to affect the connection between the ontology of other powerhouses and incarnation, but they cannot affect Ye Yang.

Moreover, the normal God Emperor is here, and incarnation is outside, incarnation will become extremely weak, and Ye Yang’s situation is better. Because his incarnation can use Chaos World’s power to set up an array and transfer some Law Power that is not a chaotic attribute from Chaos World to the incarnation in the universe.

Although it is extremely difficult to transmit chaos, it is still possible to transmit ordinary Law Power formed after the dissolution of chaos.

Of course, this is no match for other rules. As long as the place is not completely blocked, the incarnation ruled by the law will not be too weak, but it will not have a big impact on the situation of the universe.

“Even if the battle is in place, I should still be able to control the outside incarnation. As long as I can still contact Chaos World, the outside incarnation will not be weak even if it is weak, the incarnation of you will be weakened seriously, and I will be The weakening is not serious. Because my current incarnation is weak enough, it is almost blessed by the power delivered by Chaos World. Some Law Power is sent every once in a while.”

This transmission is extremely expensive and many times larger than before, but Ye Yang can withstand it.

“Therefore, it seems that it has little effect on my incarnation?”

He was thinking about it and heard some gods exclaiming.

“The dark fog outside is too rich to shine in. Does this mean that Divine Emperor, the emperor who blocked the indestructible land, has successfully resisted the impact of the rulers?”

“Not good said, but it always feels bad. The deity does not want the conspiracy of Divine Emperor. No matter who it is, it is a good thing to be free to enter and leave the indestructible land.”

a Deity expresses opinion.

“Let’s go incarnation too.”

“No, before the god incarnation went out, they were all exploded, and even the news could not be passed back.”

“But now there are rules that the incarnation of the rulers is standing in front, we don’t have to be afraid.”


Many gods incarnation were sent out.

In addition to being courageous, he was indignant and wanted to do his best. At the same time, he also wanted to understand the information. Fortunately, the ancient palace was sold here.

It’s just that when they go out, each and everyone hangs up, and each and everyone dies.

In fact, incarnation with Divine King level creatures can fight outside, and even perform some “live broadcasts”.

I thought that the Divine King ontology hesitated to re-enter this time, and refused to come here. Now, unconsciously, there are already many unknown Divine King ontology ancient palace. It’s just that they pretend to be incarnation, and no one knows that they are Divine King.

In addition, there are some Divine King and Divine Emperor bodies that are hidden in other places in the Indestructible Land, neither entering the ancient palace of the early days nor wanting to encounter other rules.

But they also have incarnation to enter the ancient palace at the beginning, which is a way to leave for themselves.

These gods also have incarnation to go out, it is not easy to say whether to participate in the war.

The war is in full swing. Although you can’t see the outside world here, Ye Yang can use his toes to guess what will happen outside.

It must be extremely tragic, and all kinds of energy are very violent and disordered. Those with insufficient strength may be attacked by other gods at any time when fighting against strong enemies.

When fighting, you can only see an area, and the situation farther away is definitely not clear. divine sense scanning is also unclear.

This battlefield must be extremely dangerous. If you can’t continue to create incarnation continuously and rush to support, or continue to reshape the incarnation in the air, then you really are not eligible to participate in this battle.

Unless it is the rules that dominate the incarnation, or the chaotic incarnation where Ye Yang is not suppressed.

There are too many gods on the other side. There is no continuous recovery capacity here, and it is really impossible to contend.

“Ye Yang Your Majesty doesn’t interrupt to go out to fight?” A voice came.

Ye Yang turned his head and found that it was the incarnation dominated by light again.

But this incarnation is much weaker than before. Obviously, most of the spirit is controlling the incarnation battle outside.

Ye Yang this incarnation not at all in ancient palace is not like all incarnation elsewhere to conceal their identity, but I am not afraid to be seen. What’s more, Goddess Your Majesty cannot be concealed.

“The deity is not interested in this.” Ye Yang suddenly said.

“What? No, not interested?!!!”

The bright master was stunned.

No matter what kind of answer Ye Yang came up with, she was mentally prepared, but absolutely did not expect that Ye Yang actually looked like she didn’t care at all?

Is it pretended?

Many gods nearby also looked over.

Bright Master said: “Do you not know the seriousness of this matter? If it is blocked and suppressed here, then your ancient palace will no longer have guests from outside. Also, our rule dominates the outside world. Multi-strength, the body does not come out and the incarnation’s connection with this side becomes weaker, and the strength is further reduced.

“Then Divine Emperor, the gods outside, will have a terrifying move. Even… enlightenment in advance, or even tearing the universe because of enlightenment, is possible.

“Even more how, you know, the real hands-on outside may not be Divine Emperors. They may be influenced by the brand inheritance. They thought they acted in accordance with their own intentions and thoughts, and may actually have been received. The influence of the previous generation Chaos Controller’s imprint and the dislocation and great Dao Mark.

“These imprints have their own characteristics. They are suppressed in the interlayer of high-dimensional space and time in the depths of the universe for many years. Non-Primal Chaos Tribulation shall not appear. This is like a small black house. Their condition is not quite right.

“Simply put, the Divine Emperor, the affected emperors, even if their spirits are not normal, and they are affected by the branding of almost negative will, what will they do… are you worried?”

Ye Yang faintly smiled: “Goddess Your Majesty is so anxious, it seems that the situation outside is not very good.”

Bright dominates the complexion sank, saying: “Yes, these black mists are also outside the indestructible place. And it can also block our contact with incarnation and our interference with the Law Power of the outside world. Disperse the black mist, otherwise it will not be able to exert enough strength.”

So, I want to use the power of Ye Yang.

But listening to Ye Yang’s indifferent look, this is a bit anxious. Although he did not show anxiety on his face, he was unable to bear to say more. Only Ye Yang saw the clue.

“So, the deity had expected it.” Ye Yang explained: “No matter whether the deity participates in the war or not, whether or not you really try your best, this area will be blocked by the town sooner or later.”

Bright dominates eyes slightly narrowed: “You think so?”

Ye Yang said: “It’s just a matter of time. The masters are passive, so as long as there is enough time, the other party can definitely reach a plan.”

Bright dominates: “The time is shorter or the time is longer, the meaning is different. Tomorrow will be blocked from the indestructible land. It is completely different from the million years that the indestructible land was successfully blocked.”

Ye Yang laughed does not explain.

In the current universe, everything is virtual, and its own strength is the key to it.

If Ye Yang doesn’t want to be blocked here, it means that he will have to spend a lot of energy here to resist the blockade outside.

Then there is not enough time to study and improve the strength.

Ye Yang now has 2 options, one is to be salted fish, not to enhance the strength. Then, eating and drinking merrily will do, no matter whether it will be blocked or not, it will not affect his eating and drinking merrily. At the beginning of ancient palace at worst, hide from Primal Chaos Abyss, as long as Chaos Controller is not out, it will be fine.

Whether it is blocked or not, whether it will be born with the new Chaos Controller, the impact does not seem to be great.

And try not to let other gods become Chaos Controller, it is better to try to improve their strength.

Another option is to focus on improving the strength, so that you can not waste time procrastinating here. Whether it will be blocked or not, the important thing is to find a way to improve the strength first.

Focusing on resisting the blockade here now will not allow him more time to study the means to enhance his strength. Because, this level of battle, the energy involved is very serious.

The most important thing is that it is blocked here, and some powerhouses are in a hurry. Which one is his turn?

He thought to himself: “Even if it is blocked here, I will not be affected too much, it will not be the most affected.”

So, although extremely important things have happened, Ye Yang is more indifferent than any previous one.

“Perhaps it was my spirit willpower that stared at the eyes of many imprints in the fissures of the universe, and it had transformed and became stronger, so it was easier to make the emotion transcendental.”

Ye Yang’s thoughts changed, and he flew back to the ancient palace.

As if not at all in the war that is happening on the unexpected side, I don’t plan to pay attention anymore.

In fact, in the vast universe, Ye Yang’s incarnation still concentrates on the crack of the universe, leading to the Chaos Controller brand inside.

“Another divine force crystal, successfully sealed… Well, the divine force crystal required is larger than before, and the blessing seal technique is more. Only 3600 kinds of seal techniques can be superimposed to succeed. This divine force crystal is very unstable. It is different from the divine force crystal occupied by the previous Divine Crystal creature.

“These imprints seem to activate the divine force in the crystallization of the divine force. It may transform the divine force into ordinary life at any time, and then let this ordinary life get the inheritance of the brand, and then let the ordinary life with inheritance evolve into Demi-God instantly. Even the gods, with powerful battle strength… This is much more powerful and dangerous than those Divine Crystal creatures.”

Ye Yang stared at the large divine force crystallized in his hand and fell into contemplation.

“This deity seals so many seals, which is a good thing, but… how to inherit from it?”

After pondering for a while, Ye Yang continued to induce ~~ to lure Chaos Controller to come in.

However, another incarnation flew deep into the universe.

“If it is correct, there is already a branded inheritance of Chaos Controller in the universe. If I can find one or a few creatures that have obtained the branded inheritance, carry out research, or refer to their method of obtaining inheritance, and adjust, then there are May directly absorb the Chaos Controller imprinted from the crystal of this divine force.

“The quickest way to find these inheritances is to go to the big chaos zone outside the indestructible land. But there is too dangerous, and those who dare to fight there are powerhouses. It would be even more terrible to get inheritance, I can’t catch it.

“So, the battle ahead, will the rear be empty? Some creatures that have inherited but haven’t transformed themselves, or mortal or even Demi-God’s creatures, must be behind… hope to find them.”

With this in mind, Ye Yang, a very weak incarnation that barely reached the level of the new deity, flew into the depths of the universe.

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