Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 895

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“Well, the deep space of the universe is so vast, so vast, where should I go?


In today’s universe, the interference of the prophecy system is extremely inaccurate and very inaccurate.

However…even ordinary mortals who don’t understand true prophecy can play divination. For example, if you encounter two channels that look exactly the same in the underground tunnel, should you go to the left or right? If you can’t find more useful information for analysis… toss a coin or throw a branch, and then decide on the way forward.

In the same way, Ye Yang also intends to come at this time.

Divination goes well, and if the law of prophecy works, that’s a good thing. If 10000 does not work, even try one’s luck.

“If the deity wants to find the direction of absorbing information related to the branding of Chaos Controller, which direction should it go?”

Ye Yang waved his hand and the stones in the sky gathered.

The crushed stones on the nearby planet, containing various metallic and non-metallic materials, converge on the front to form two huge roulettes.

2 round roulettes, put together in a cross.

There are 2 pointers in the middle.

Put the 2 roulettes in a cosmic vacuum, and they will be motionless… Of course, it is not really motionless, but will be affected by strong gravity, rotating around the central area of ​​the surrounding galaxy. However, the average running time may be several 100,000 years or even several million years or even longer, which is slower than the time of the star revolution.

And because various things around follow the orbit, so it can’t be seen that this thing is flying.

“Okay, it’s starting…turn!”

As soon as Ye Yang touched his finger, the two pointers quickly turned up.

The strange thing is that the two pointers cross each other and will not touch each other.

There are some special fusion Law Power on the wheel and pointer.

The role of these Law Powers is not only related to predictions, but also allows the speed of the pointer to gradually slow down. After all, this is not the surface of the planet. Without gravity, the friction will be too small. It may turn for a long time and will not stop, which is not good. Therefore, it must have gravity.

In addition, the fluctuation of the power on the roulette is unstable, resulting in an unstable speed of the pointer. This is to let the pointer turn completely by luck.

“In this universe, my incarnation will be suppressed, and my luck will not be good. But the brand of the previous generation Chaos Controller, the luck is worse than my incarnation. In contrast, I still have a little too old palace. ‘The luck you get. This luck is worth a bet.’

Soon, the pointer stopped.

2 pointers point to different directions.

One, horizontal. One, vertical and horizontal.

The pointer in the transverse section points to the front of Ye Yang and rotates 8 o’clock 5 7 6 6 5 degrees to the right.

The pointer in the longitudinal section points to Ye Yang’s front face and rotates 85 degrees 3 3 4 upward.

“Very good, both pointers point to the front, so adjust the angle…this is the direction.”

Ye Yang throws away this divination roulette at random, as to where it will float randomly, it is hard to say. If it falls into the hands of mortals, it is a good divination Divine Item, lowest other inferior Divine Item that’s all, you can estimate some personnel on a planet, interstellar-level things or powerhouse above Demi-God level, just Forget it.

But for the gods, this stuff is waste.

Throwing away the divination board, Ye Yang turned to move towards the direction previously predicted and flew away.

Keep flying, keep flying.

Passing the ice crystal wall.

Ye Yang looked at it and could only bypass it.

It also encountered a large thunder sea, occupying a huge diameter of 1300 87 light years, and could only be bypassed.

Going forward, there are actually 100 to 100000000 million interstellar ominous beasts fighting there. Ye Yang this incarnation is weak, and it can destroy these ominous beasts with one blow.

“Neither is a divine creature, but a wild beast with a body strong enough to survive in a vacuum. Is it also the divine force of life? The weak God of Life can create this thing. However, the number of creations is 100 100000000 million. It’s not simple.”

Ye Yang estimates that this is an ominous beast flying out of the starry jungle nearby.

Also bypassed.

Continue to go forward, crossing a few pieces of ionized sea.

The plasma formed by the electric ions formed the ocean without the effect of the Thunder Law, but some ice crystal islands floated on it.

The same goes around, and then through the ice crystal wall in front of someone who did not know who was hit, and continue to move forward.

Ye Yang has passed through many desolate permanent Star Domains, passed through half a large galaxy, and passed many planets inhabited by mortals, and there is nothing worthy of attention.

There are no divine creatures nearby, and the technological civilization of mortals is relatively weak, and they are not enough to enter the interstellar civilization.

There are even some strange-looking ones, and the level of civilization is equivalent to the primitive level.

Moving on, I suddenly found that there was a strong glow.

This light looks different from the stars’ light of the star, which contains a variety of disordered power waves of Law Power.

“what’s the situation?”

Turning his head, it was actually irradiated over 300 light-years away. The light penetrates the void, and part of it comes directly across Space Transmission.

At first glance, there are many gods over there. Their power fluctuation seemed to be blocked by an invisible barrier, so Ye Yang almost didn’t find the anomaly here.

“It seems that a group of gods are gathering to fight. Well, the strength is not very good, the level is not high, regardless of the matter of the deity. I don’t want to ignore it.”

Like a normal adult, I saw a group of little children arguing over there. People who love watching lively will go together. But people who don’t like to join in the fun or have other things are not interested at all.

Ye Yang flew in a detour, but suddenly, a void blasted in front of him, and a silhouette of the gods shuttled from it.

But he flew while spitting divine blood. Pieces of golden internal organs were thrown in the void, and exploded, turning into divine force 4 and scattered.

“What’s the situation?” Ye Yang was a little dazed.

Turning his head to look at the Space Crack that hadn’t closed yet, he suddenly stared wide-eyed, surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth.

“Look what to see?” There was a strong man with long hair and thick beard in the form of a god who reprimanded: “This place is surrounded by my gods and other gods. Here is the site of our “Dongzi Gods”, any Outsider is not allowed to enter.”

Subsequently, that Space Crack closed.

Ye Yang turned his head to look, and the god who vomited blood not far away had stood up. Is a handsome man. He glanced at Ye Yang and found that Ye Yang was only a weak incarnation, and he could not discern the strength of Ye Yang’s body. He was snorted and flew away in the direction of the blazing light there.

“Interesting… Primal Chaos Stone fetus? Or Primal Chaos Stone wall, this kind of thing, will actually appear here?”

The so-called Primal Chaos Stone wall is also called Chaos Crystal wall.

In the chaos, a lot of Primal Chaos Qi condenses to form a misty liquid state or even a solid state, and forms a translucent gray crystal, which is called the Chaos Crystal wall. But there are some completely opaque, darker or even engulfed light black stone, or gray stone, that is called Primal Chaos Stone wall. Or Chaos Rock.

In Chaos World, this kind of thing is not common… However, it is not common just because the chaos is too big. Just like the sky above a planet, the silhouette of a big eagle is not common, but it is just because the sky is too big, not to say that the number of big eagles is small.

For the same reason, Chaos Crystal wall and Primal Chaos Stone wall in chaos are still very many, but they are scattered. There is a legend that Chaos World may have an end, there may be many similar things there, but unfortunately, it is only the legend circulating in Chaos Divine Demon, slide the exact evidence.

The so-called Primal Chaos Stone fetus… is said to be a chaotic life. There is Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure in Chaos, which will contain consciousness and turn into life.

Then, if a stone in chaos is conscious and grows slowly, after 100000000 million absolute years, it is possible to jump out of the stone. It may be a humanoid shape, a monkey-shaped rat-shaped snake shape, or an octopus or other strange things. The biggest possibility is that there is a large amount of black gas, aerosol life with consciousness and countless changes.

Here, Ye Yang saw a Primal Chaos Stone fetus with a suspected humanoid creature inside. But it is unclear whether it is human or monkey.

“Chaos Controller’s branded fragments condense into the special Chaos Crystal wall and turn into a Primal Chaos Stone fetus? ha ha ha ha, so interesting…”

Ye Yang pupil light blooms and his eyes become extremely sharp.

The heart made a decision, this stone child, must fell into his hands, and he is going to make up!

“If you can get the research, it will be of great benefit. The crystal of the divine force that I’collected’ with the Chaos Controller’s brand will work.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, the figure becomes more illusory, and then gradually disappears.

Completely invisible in the void. Moreover, since this incarnation is weak enough, the resulting fluctuations are not easy to attract attention.

Ye Yang quickly moved towards that blazing direction.

Soon, an invisible protective force field was sensed.

“Is the enchantment enshrined by the gods? Unfortunately, the deity sits in the ancient palace at the beginning of the age. All aspects of the knowledge are good, and many are quite deep…”

It is really easy for a chaotic god emperor to learn something. Even if you don’t understand anything, temporary learning is fine.

You can even let your believers learn, and then copy the corresponding memories directly to gain the insights of the believers, and then reorganize it, you can save a lot of time.

“Go around…”

Bypassing these invisible protective force fields, I also saw a patch spreading in the sky, which I saw only recently. There was a variety of space distortion barriers, Ye Yang observed it, and actually went directly through it. Because of these space barriers, they are not tight enough. Anti-ordinary deities are enough, but anti-Ye Yang is not enough.

Nearly ten light-years away from the blazing light, a shock wave of the power of many god wars was sensed.

It was discovered that there was a war of deities before, and it was only at this moment that the power fluctuations that swept the four sides were sensed.

One after another Different Law Power impacted over there, and many deities shot out.

There are also some gods who are motionless in that glow. However, the distance to the glowing area and Primal Chaos Stone tires are both 1000 and 100000000 million kilometers, and I dare not get too close.

The glowing area is a star, but that star exploded into a supernova, and the spreading power is dangerous, but it is not enough to destroy the real god.

And near this super bright star, there is a wall of Chaos Crystal hanging in the void, containing a stone tire.

The rays of light of the stone tire bloom cannot compare with the supernova, but the light has a special Law Power, which can be transmitted regardless of the distance in space. Even though it will be covered with supernova light, the powerhouse above the deity can still be easily seen.

“A glowing humanoid, sit cross-legged in it. There is a faint power rhythm. Because it is too far away to sense the Spiritual Fluctuation… But, it feels to me exactly the same as those Chaos Controller branded eyes.”

Ye Yang muttered, deliberately bypassing the area where the gods were fighting, and flew close to the Primal Chaos Stone fetus.

But after a light-year, there was a huge power spillover, making Ye Yang difficult to persecute.

You must use the powerful Law Power to repel this pressure to move forward.

At this moment, the silhouette of Ye Yang suddenly appeared.

“Who are you?”

“Sneaky, get out!!!”

One of the gods guarding the Primal Chaos Stone, which was 1000 to 100000000 million kilometers away, suddenly shot a halberd towards this side.

Divine King device.

God King Level other Divine Item flew over.

Then in an instant, Ye Yang killed the incarnation.

In the distance, Ye Yang’s body and other powerful incarnations suddenly opened their eyes.


That incarnation too weak, although secret enough, but once manifested, it can be easily destroyed.

Under normal circumstances, such an incarnation will not be distressed to kill dozens, and there is not much loss.

But… it’s not normal now.

“Interesting… Chaos World’s incarnation can’t be given up easily. Well, meditate here and converge.

“The cracks in the universe are here, and the incarnation branded by Chaos Controller can not be stopped, it must continue.

“On the side of the body, hide in the ancient palace at the beginning, do nothing, and the main divine sense power has been transferred over here.”

All of a sudden, the void chaos converged and re-condensed into a Ye Yang incarnation. But it is directly suppressed by the invisible forces in the universe.

This incarnation attracts a variety of Law Power around to reshape the body.

Ye Yang’s power is constantly transmitted across the sky. There is even a new incarnation lurking quietly from the ancient palace at the beginning, flying here.

Multiple incarnation, merge into one.

This body, wearing golden-bright and dazzling armor, holding a halberd, back carrying a long sword and long bow, are all Divine Item in ancient palace in ancient times, Godine Level and other Divine Item.

With Ye Yang’s net worth, buying these is not a problem. incarnation will do.

Stronger Divinity Sovereign Level Ancient Divine Item, it is not easy to buy, buy Divine Item mostly fragments. Therefore, Divine King is enough. Previously lost in the galaxy, but it can suppress a side of the god system.

Plus a lot of divine force reels are ready.

“True powerhouses in the universe are all concentrated on the indestructible land. What remains here is a group of little hairy gods who dare to stop the incarnation of the deity? This time, who dares to block the road and destroy them all!”

Ye Yang’s image is completely different from the main body, and the power fluctuation is also different. At this time, no longer secretly lurking, but uncovered his figure just and honorable moved towards the glowing area over there.

“Be bold!”

Many gods were furious. Those who are fighting are inseparable. But the gods guarding the glowing area, it was evil fiercely stared at this side, each and everyone condensed divine force, ready to shoot. Also grabbed the divine bow and used the arrow to pull the bow.

Ye Yang rushed closer and closer, with a sneer on his face.

These gods, as long as they do not exceed God King Level, all will be destroyed!

However, at this moment, the void not far away collapsed.

A huge distorted space crack, a dimensional crack, suddenly appeared.

The breath of black paint spewed out, and then I saw a huge silhouette flew out.

Then another black silhouette flew out, exuding a powerful black breath, wherever passed, Law Power in the sky broke down, the invisible laws, orderly and disorderly, void distortion, black gas Billowing.

That one after another silhouette roared, the sound Void Quake, the energy shock wave formed in the vacuum.

“This is… the demon? 10000 Demon Emperor’s men?”

Ye Yang looked at the Space Crack in surprise, and then saw a familiar silhouette flying back, vomiting divine blood.

It was actually 10000 Demon Emperor!

He was not severely suppressed, exuding the imposing manner of the God Emperor’s pinnacle, but it looked like his body was ragged, a bunch of holes, fragmented, and the gathering of black gas was quickly closing together to repair. Countless kinds of Law Power and Law Fragment condense on the wound.

For a time, Ye Yang couldn’t help but breathe a cool air, this incarnation immediately low-key.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor was blasted and seriously injured? Looks miserable?

Moreover, it seems to have popped out of his nest site?

Well, the problem is coming.

10000 What kind of major event happened over Demon Domain? Will it affect Ye Yang to grab Primal Chaos Stone tires?

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