Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 896

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Thinking about it, I heard angry roar.

A violent black breath spewed out, one after another black silhouette flew out of the crack, blasting to Demon Emperor 10000 Yuan.

Next, layers of black crystal walls blocked the crack on the opposite side.

Ye Yang saw it, and took a breath.

He had just seen it, and after the crack, it was a silhouette that looked a bit familiar.

An acquaintance of a middle-aged handsome man…and a rival.

“The controller behind the Eastern Pole League…?”

Ye Yang remembered that many gods of the Eastern Pole League had become one and became a middle-aged man, so terrifyingly powerful.

At the same time, it has many different laws to control, equivalent to multiple laws at the same time dominate one.

If it weren’t for the sudden emergence of a half-step enclave of ice, then middle-aged man is the strongest existence in the universe today.

It’s just absolutely unexpected…

“This guy actually entered the 10000 Demon Domain? The void crack he entered before is clearly different from the 10000 Demon Domain. Is there a way for him to enter the Demon Domain from the world after that weird crack?

“Moreover, the Demon Domain of 10000 Yuan has not been suppressed by the power of 3 and a half step Daoist?”

This is unexpected.

10000 Demon Emperor, the nest should be called 10000 Demon Domain, also called Myriad Realms. It is said that there are 10000 counts of abyss world, each and everyone are full of demonic energy, and there are various monsters growing inside.

Therefore, there are various titles, 10000 Demon Domain is one of them. Just like an indestructible land, it used to be called not only the vast world, but also various other names.

In Ye Yang’s understanding, such a world is also a part of the universe.

Three-and-a-half steps into Daoist, should suppress that world seal.

Demon, what is demon? Against God.

But the sin is also a completely different enemy to God, and the power is also deity.

Dark Law and the Law of Destruction are also dark, conflicting with normal laws, but that is God, not Demon.

Therefore, there are various other claims about the characteristics of this devil.

For example, those who persist in your own wrong doings are demons.

When a creature’s obsession is very strong, so strong that it is as immortal as divinity, it is a devil. Chaos Divine Demon and 10000 Demon Realm have the immortality feature, so this feature is also called divinity, which is also regarded as a divine creature.

Some deities believe that the devil cannot be equal to God. It’s just a powerful creature that is naturally capable of manipulating some laws or distorting some laws.

There are also deities who believe that the devil is a creature formed by the deity of the deity and the negative emotions of the negative will. It is the negative soul that becomes life through energy and then combines with matter.

There are even deities who believe that the universe is divided into positive and negative universes. Just as matter has positive matter and antimatter, there should be positive laws and anti-laws. The devil controls the anti-laws. The law restricts 10000 things, and the anti-law is that 10000 things in turn affect various laws and rules.

It’s just that there are different opinions. There are both approvers and opponents of various claims.

Only a few deities know the truth.

Overwhelming majority Deity enters Demon Domain, will weaken its strength and weaken, and even Divine Soul will be contaminated and affected, and then fall, crazy, and even die.

There are very few deities to explore in Demon Domain.

What more to say, Demon Domain is not in chaos, and should also be part of the universe.

Some gods believe that Demon Domain is just multiple galaxies in the vast universe, but it is hidden deeply. Some gods believe that Demon Domain is just some space and galaxy in the universe, jumping into a high-dimensional sub-space interlayer, or drilling into a three-dimensional parallel space-time.

Are still part of the universe. Influenced and restricted by the Avenue of Universe.

But now… the situation seems wrong.

“Could it be that the 10000 Demon Domain has the power to resist the suppression of the avenue? Like the indestructible land, are you not afraid of the power of the ice dominated by the half-step enlightenment and the others?”

Ye Yang’s thoughts are turning, all of this, speaking of which takes time, but in fact, for the gods, all kinds of thoughts, 1000 100 like thoughts, but the blink of mind can be completed.

“10000 Demon Emperor Your Majesty.”

Ye Yang stared at the deity who stood up from the void.

However, the 10000 Demon Emperor ignored him.

Ye Yang’s disguised image is very good, 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor does not recognize him for the time being. Moreover, there are many powerhouses in the universe who recognize 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor, so 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor does not care that Ye Yang calls his name.

It’s just that, stepping forward, breaking the void with one foot, the right fist blasted out.

Ye Yang saw that I don’t know how many kinds of Law Power intersect in the fist. The law of destruction, the law of destruction, the law of Divine Law, the law of soul, Space Law, Time Law, etc., these laws are intact. Other laws are reduced to a very disordered and violent fragment state, filled in fist strength, filled between the laws and the laws.

Bang!! ! !

Fist strength whistled, the void crack that was not closed was smashed, the time and space crystal opposite violently turbulent, but did not crack.

Ye Yang saw it, and his body shook away.

Bypassing the 10000 Demon Emperor, bypassing those Demon Race creatures, flying towards the Primal Chaos Stone tire.

“No outsiders are welcome here…”

The deity guarding the Primal Chaos Stone’s fetus quickly shot Ye Yang’s light halberd condensed by the divine force. It is an attack formed by Divine King Divine Item.

“Fuck off !!”

Ye Yang swept out the halberd, exploded the light halberd, and quickly approached Primal Chaos Stone.

The guardian deity quickly rushed over to fight with Ye Yang.

Other gods who were in a melee fight looked at it, and several of them also came over to intercept Ye Yang.

The surface strength of Ye Yang is too strong, that is, the gods who are present are beating.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor does not do anything, other gods are not Ye Yang’s opponents at all.

Ye Yang’s Divine Item equipment is no worse than them, and the application of the rules is no worse than them. Moreover, in terms of combat skills, it is also Peak.

The power that can be used is even stronger than these gods.

Even if it is under siege, it has the upper hand.

“When it breaks, it breaks, and the Self-destruction Divine Item will seriously injure these…”

Ye Yang flashed the thought and suddenly felt a strong danger.

Suddenly, the figure shifted suddenly.

I saw a dark silhouette roaring, and several gods were hit by fiercely and flew out, exploding in the void.

It is 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor. He rushed over.

Shoot a lot of powerhouses in one palm.

Then, moved towards the Primal Chaos Stone tires flew away, approaching quickly.

“This shit!”

Ye Yang did not expect that the 10000 Demon Emperor would suddenly be interested in Stone Tire and shot.

At the moment, rushed past.

Before approaching, Demon Emperor 10000 back to pat with his palm.

Divine King battle strength at peak level!

“Huh? How weak…”

Ye Yang halved his palm and was forced to retreat.

Not as good as the 10000 Demon Emperor, but it is felt that the 10000 Demon Emperor has no battle strength at this time.

Is it because of injury? Still suppressed by the universe?

Is not suppressed in Demon Domain, is it suppressed when it comes out?

Thinking, Ye Yang continued to rush forward.

A volley of halberd slashed towards Demon Emperor of 10000 Yuan.

However, Ye Yang sensed a strong repulsive force.

The strength comes from Primal Chaos Stone tires.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor was also blocked by great power, and the flight speed was fast. Ye Yang is behind him, and is also resisted by power. 10000 Demon Emperor not at all in front to block the pressure from Primal Chaos Stone towards Ye Yang.

Therefore, the speed of both sides slowed down, and the halberd almost stabbed behind Demon Emperor 10000.

But he ignored it, and his body glowed with light and black mist.

The whole body’s black gas rolled, the invisible force field engulfed the light, twisted the void, and formed black. But each and everyone’s pores burst into a strange light, with a dazzling glow.

He could not see his face here, but he could hear him roaring.

The Primal Chaos Stone fetus, one after another 7 color rays of light expand outwards and bloom.

Ye Yang saw that among the stone tires, there are actually 2 marks! !

The Chaos Controller brand, the brand of the Universe Avenue, also appeared on the forehead of the Primal Chaos Stone tire, plus an unknown brand, forming 3 small prismatic marks, and the 3 marks just formed a small 3 Angular.


Ye Yang absolutely didn’t expect that the Primal Chaos Stone tire actually won the inheritance of a certain Chaos Controller, but also the inheritance of the Great Dao Mark?

This stone tire is amazing.

A circle of 7 colorful lights bloom, the surrounding space and time are distorted, the chain of one after another law manifests from nothingness, and the silk of each law quickly condenses and manifests from an invisible state.

These forces are spreading, forming a repulsive force field, preventing Demon Emperor 10000 from approaching.

“No wonder… I thought that the guardian gods were waiting for the stone child to grow, so they didn’t dig. But absolutely didn’t expect… this stone child actually has such a divine might, such a divine force. Those There is no way for the deity to dig or even get close, so you can only stay around and exclude other deities before dealing with Primal Chaos Stone fetuses.”

At this moment, 10000 Demon Emperor sipped, the stone tire actually cracked.

On the huge crystal wall, fine cracks appeared.

Ye Yang’s heart jumped, and then found that only the crystal wall cracked, and the Primal Chaos Stone tire inside was completely unharmed.

However, the silhouette of Primal Chaos Stone tires is a bit illusory, actually floating in the walls of Primal Chaos Stone. As if something floats in water or in oil.

The eyes opened slowly, and only a very small line was opened, and there were extremely strong rays of light shining out, blasting on the Demon Emperor of 10000 Yuan, burning a lot of black gas.

At this moment, Ye Yang felt a crisis behind him.

Several Demon Race creatures are here. There are also gods who attacked Ye Yang. One by one Divine Item flew closer, one after another divine force drove closer.

It was shot just now, but it was also affected by the power of Primal Chaos Stone tires, and it has never been able to get close to Ye Yang. Only now is it really close.


Ye Yang turned back, and swept these attacks.

A defensive talisman emerged, turned into a shield behind him, and there was also a shield in front to prevent the 10000 Demon Emperor from turning around and killing.

At this time, 10000 Demon Emperor forced forward, the stone tire suddenly burst into a huge crack, it seems that Primal Chaos Stone tire is born.

“Go back!!! Roll back to the deity!!”

10000 Demon Emperor shot fiercely with a palm.

Finally, it was close to the distance of 100 meters of the stone wall, and it was close to the distance of 30 meters with a palm shot.

Under the overwhelming force, amazing things happened.

The cracks in the Primal Chaos Stone wall were closing.

The invisible and vast will actually let the Primal Chaos Stone fetus’s slowly opened eyelids close.

“This… Primal Chaos Stone fetus is about to be born and to be born. This 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor actually suppressed it and made it return to a state where it was not born yet?” Ye Yang felt a little confused.

How did this happen?

Why should I do this?

Moreover, the 10000 Demon Emperor can actually repair the Chaos Crystal wall? Can you also use the power of Primal Chaos Stone to reseal that stone tire? This seems to be the only way to master Primal Chaos Law.

While stunned, 10000 Demon Emperor took another step forward.

The entire void was violently turbulent.

The rays of light, like a supernova explosion, bloom from the primal chaos stone.

Ye Yang had to raise his arms to cover his eyes. Divine force surges to form layers of defense.

This is close to Primal Chaos Stone tires.

Indistinctly, Demon Emperor of 10000 Yuan could see his hand pressed on the stone tire.

Across the thin stone wall, press outside the stone shell where Primal Chaos Stone is located.

“Not good, this guy wants to take Primal Chaos Stone tires? This is mine!!!”

Ye Yang clenched the teeth, long halberd stabbed.

But at this moment, there was a bang.

The violent power bloomed, and 100000000 absolutely Daoli blades of light flew out.

The Primal Chaos Stone tire burst.

The shell burst.

Blocks of Chaos Crystal’s wall shell flew 4 squares, and the Primal Chaos Stone inside opened his eyes instantly.

The intense 2 beams of light blasted 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor back, and the aftermath swept to Ye Yang, and Ye Yang flew out backwards.

A silhouette of a gleaming spirit monkey came out.

Not a humanoid, but a monkey.

“Is Monkey King born?”

He was muttering, and saw the monkey sweeping this way. The rays of light with both eyes cut through the void of the universe and cut towards Ye Yang.

Divine Item block, and defensive amulet, no injuries, but the powerful impact still makes Ye Yang back and forth.

in an instant The whole person bumped into several gods who rushed back in the back, shaking them each and everyone into a serious wound and flying back, and the waving long halberd cut those Demon Races in half and took them out .


A sound like the Sound of Great Dao came, killing intent was tumbling, and the void was oscillating.

The monkey suddenly moved towards 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor rushed away.

Demon Emperor punched out, the monkey did not claw, but palm.

Fight with fists.

boom! !

The two sides flew together. The monkey was fine, but the 10000 Demon Emperor’s body had one after another thin crack.

“This is… all the weak spots of the 10000 Demon Emperor are predicted. The power used by the monkey is somewhat similar to the power of Grand Dao dominated by the ice, and it penetrates directly into the 10000 Demon Emperor within the body regardless of the spatial distance. What an amazing method…”

Ye Yang decided to watch again.

Seeing that most of the cracks on Demon Emperor’s body in 10000 Yuan recovered instantly, the silhouette had rushed towards the blooming monkey.

The two sides are fighting in the void.

The space is turbulent, and huge footprints are branded in the void, stepping on the shatter void. The shadows of fists are burned into the void.

Murderous intention, the normal gods are inaccessible. Nearby, only Ye Yang dares to watch nearby.

“You must find an opportunity…”

Ye Yang looked at the Demon Emperor at 10000 Yuan, then stared at the monkey again, staring at the brand marks at the monkey hall.

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