Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 897

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But at this moment, the imprint on the seal hall of Primal Chaos Stone’s tire suddenly bloomed strongly.

3 strong lights radiated out and poured onto Primal Chaos Stone’s tires.

His imposing manner became violent, his power suddenly increased, and his speed became extremely fast.

3 Fists and 2 feet exploded the void, and 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor was expelled.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor was furious, and he punched into the void with one punch, the void one after another rift emerged, and the demonic energy poured out into him.

Just as Ye Yang absorbed chaos in Chaos World, the difference is that Demon Emperor absorbs demonic energy.

The rolling demonic energy converges on its body, grandiose, just like the river returns to the sea.

The speed is not as fast as Ye Yang’s ability to absorb chaotic power, but this is not Chaos World.

Moreover, the suppression of demonic energy is not strong.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor’s imposing manner, instantaneous breakthrough to the level of God Emperor.

The Divine King level is different from Divine King.

There are some Law Power, which can only be applied to a certain extent before, but now it can be applied to a deeper level.

Equivalent to the use of force produced a qualitative change.

It took Demon Emperor a few seconds to absorb before and after, and a level was raised. In a flash, Demon Emperor 10000 pushed the Primal Chaos Stone tire back and pressed it against it.

Primal Chaos Stone tires are also roaring, the surrounding void does not crack, its imposing manner has also risen to Divinity Sovereign Level,

The war between the two emperors, Ye Yang’s incarnation had to be silently retreated.

If there is no repression in the universe, Ye Yang dares to step forward and is not afraid to pick a 2. at worst destroy one incarnation and then another one.

But now I dare not, destroy this incarnation, and get a similar incarnation, it takes too long, and it takes longer than to condense this incarnation. And it will lose a lot of Divine Item, incarnation when the battle strength is not so.

What competition are you talking about?

It’s like a person betting on a game, playing poker, as soon as the card is opened, the other party holds the ace, and here they see that their cards are not very good, and they are directly studded, which is not the case. Only when the cards are good will all the chips be thrown to bet. When the cards are not good, unless you want to bluff the opponent, but the opponent holds the ace and does not move, it is more appropriate to keep a low profile.

Ye Yang retreated silently.

Watch the war quietly.

It was found that many gods stared fiercely fiercely on one side, but temporarily stopped fighting.

These deities are not very powerful. There are also several huge magic shadows that turn into monster silhouettes without humans.

Suddenly, the sky was distorted in the distance, and there was a clicking sound.

“Is this… the enchantment cracking?”

Ye Yang startled.

The reaction came.

It has always been shrouded in an invisible enchantment, that is, it does not want to cause great upheaval, and does not want to attract the attention of gods elsewhere.

Although the great Great Divinity in the universe is mostly concentrated in an indestructible place, there are still many gods who are not weak. It would be bad if they were brought in.

Here layer by layer has been laid.

Only, now, this barrier has broken.

Ye Yang can even see that it is not the power of the 10000 Demon Emperor and Primal Chaos Stone tires that caused the enchantment to collapse, because their power is concentrated in an area. If it is really their power to collapse the enchantment, then a large area and a large area will collapse together, and not just a weak spot in a certain direction of the enchantment.

Now, it is clear that someone shot in secret, deliberately want to leak the atmosphere here, so that other deities can discover.

Here are Primal Chaos Stones born, there are 10000 Demon Emperor disruptions, other onlookers, including Ye Yang, are difficult to become the ultimate winner, it is difficult to get big benefits. That might as well attract other powerhouses.

The muddy water is suitable for touching fish.


Ye Yang pondered for a moment, a little hesitated.

Do you want to stop it?

Primal Chaos Stone tires, with the Chaos Controller brand, and the Great Dao Mark, this is very rare. If you miss this opportunity, you may not be able to encounter such things again in other parts of the universe.

If you can get this Primal Chaos Stone tire, Ye Yang will have a deeper understanding of Chaos Controller’s brand. Even the Great Dao Mark will have more understanding, not only those broken power of Grand Dao fragments and Great Dao Mark in Chaos World.

Through a living creature, and a creature that inherits those two forces, it is better to study those forces.

“Just, even if no other gods come, will I still have a chance to seize Primal Chaos Stone?”

Ye Yang thought about it and shook his head secretly.

10000 Yuan Demon Emperor has now exceeded the limit that Ye Yang can resist.

It is very difficult to take the treasure from him.

Not to mention that Primal Chaos Stone was born… If He didn’t awaken, didn’t come out, and got his hand, the benefits were endless. But once awakened, it is difficult to grasp. Even if you catch it, it’s hard to study again.

Just like the same new robot that has not yet been put into operation at the factory, it can be disassembled for research and research, and its hard disk data can be directly copied. But this robot is active, it will fight, and its temperament is fierce and strong, to study it…maybe it will self-destruction self-destructive memory, which is not easy to do.

“Well, that’s all…Although it is very unwilling, the reality still has to be accepted. The mortal want to be a 100000000 10000 rich man, that’s good. It’s good to want to be an emperor. But if you don’t have a chance, you have to be an emperor. …That was courting death, or… it was a dream.”

Ye Yang persuaded himself to give up his previous obsession.

Did not prevent the protective cover over there from cracking.

The fighting here fluctuates and continues to spread out.

However, soon a god came, but only some incarnation of weak gods, only stayed far away, and dared not come near.

After a while, there were only a few powerhouses that were suspected of being incarnation.

But it was at this time that Primal Chaos Stone blasted 10000 Demon Emperor with one punch, kicked again, fiercely stepped on 10000 Demon Emperor, 10000 Demon Emperor avoided, Primal Chaos Stone had one foot Step on the void channel broken by 10000 Demon Emperor, step on the crack that exudes rolling demonic energy.

The loud noise, the cracks exploded, the demonic energy rolled, and what was happening there was temporarily unclear.

“Wait, there seems to be something wrong…”

Ye Yang was shocked and thought of something faintly.

The previous Primal Chaos Stone tires were not weaker than the 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor, and even secretly pressed the 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor. However, the power of the three imprints on the forehead erupted and shrouded him, and his imposing manner and power should have risen a lot at once.

So why would it be difficult to compete with the 10000 Demon Emperor?

10000 Demon Emperor has a shatter void to attract demonic energy to increase its strength, but it will take a few seconds to reach the level of God Emperor.

Even if it reaches the level of the god emperor, this improvement is that the qualitative change is extremely great. Could it be contended with the Primal Chaos Stone fetus that fully integrates the 2 major brands?

At the beginning, he could see through the various weak spots on Demon Emperor 10000. 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor Even if the battle strength is lifted back to the level of God Emperor, the weak spots on his body will not become much less at once? In the inheritance of the Chaos Controller level and the Great Dao Mark level of knowledge, there is no reason to understand the weak spot of the Demon Emperor of 10000 Yuan.

But why is it so difficult to distinguish?

“The Primal Chaos Stone fetus, the real power, is not rushing to Demon Emperor 10000 Yuan, his purpose is… Void?”

Ye Yang gasped and understood.

In an instant, the body and Spirit willpower of Chaos World’s incarnation are all gathered towards this side.

After the transformation and strengthening of spirit willpower, Ye Yang condenses into a divine sense and blooms. Suddenly I feel that all my senses are shared with divine sense. The divine sense is just like the body.

At this moment, the body of an ordinary person suddenly entered into a high temperature environment of 60-70 degrees, which was very uncomfortable.

The divine sense swept and saw faintly that the large void in front was tamped.

The vast void is filled with the power of Primal Chaos Stone fetus, superimposed one layer after another, and also surrounds the crack of the Demon Channel.

At this moment, stepping on the crack, the surrounding Primal Chaos Stone tires blessed the power of the void in advance, and they burst together and gathered together.

In an instant, the violent and terrifying power washed out.

Primal Chaos Stone fetus burst, 10000 Yuan Demon Emperor was shocked and flew out, Ye Yang was also washed out by the violent and terrifying force and rolled out.

This is nothing more than the power of law explosions and space fragments, as well as the power of space zero energy and nuclear energy. It is not a real danger.

Ye Yang felt that the real crisis was in that crack.

A few thousand light years were swept back.

Ye Yang’s sense of trembling hasn’t dissipated, but it’s just that it’s trembling, not really afraid, and still has the courage to fight, which is different from watching the Chaos Controller’s brand when he hasn’t transformed before.

“That blasting area…”

At first it was not clear, but soon, it was clear.

The violent gust of wind-like energy surged away the heavy mist and energy turbulence.

The crack of the previous Demon Channel was torn apart and became extremely huge. But this crack is very deep, and there is a grayish bloom on the opposite side.

“this is……”

Ye Yang faintly has a sense of familiarity.

At the beginning, the god of cause and effect escaped and it was difficult to chase where he went.

At the beginning, the temple of Fiendgod’s law disappeared.

At the beginning, the East Pole God Union became the super-master, entering the mysterious void crack.

The divine sense cannot be detected, but the incarnation enters and the contact is broken.

The crack is very similar to the current one. It is also similar to the “crack” caused by the previous Primal Chaos Tribulation.

The difference is that the initial crack can’t sense what is inside, nor can the divine sense detect it, and there is no information spillover inside. And the cracks of the universe are overflowing with the rays of light of the eyes formed by the branding of Chaos Controller.

What is more different is that an invisible wave spreads around the crack.

It quickly expanded beyond 10000 light years.

Wherever he passed, Ye Yang clearly felt that the laws in the universe became weaker, and various laws became weaker than before. In the midst of the world, I heard faintly the sound of many chains of law and the silk of law breaking.

In the vast universe, many places have various disasters because of the breaking of laws. However, although the turmoil caused is large, the formidable power is just a degree that can barely damage the creatures of the Demi-God level, and is not very strong.

“There is an intuition, it seems like something cut open seal… and it seems like something that has been sealed in the void has been broken…”

Ye Yang wonders why he has such an intuition. Could it be because of his own cultivation base at the level of the emperor, and a strong sense of the various laws in the world?

Then, I heard a roared sound, a crazy unwilling sound.

It all came out of that new crack.

Ye Yang sensed it, and huge power surges poured out of it. It becomes different from the previous crack.

“That’s…what?” Ye Yang saw that many deities’ illusory shadows were behind that crack.

After the crack, it seemed like a vast void, I don’t know how many light years. However, it was dark and gloomy. But one after another hazy silhouette The shimmering light illuminates the void.

Moreover, that one after another silhouette struggled in the void, faintly seeing the pillar of the void manifest and invisible.

Bang!! !

A pillar broke off, and several silhouettes came out of it, and quickly rushed towards this side.

In an instant, the new huge void crack was torn, pulled big, and one after another silhouette came out of it.

Ye Yang sees this, and is breathing cold.

Those silhouettes, with gray and black gas flowing all over the body, where the billowing gas passed, the void was crushed and twisted.

The power of Time and Space around them seems to be swallowed or twisted, each and everyone is formed with holes, and the rules are not broken.

I can only see that the silhouette is like a human-shaped black hole, only through the energy of their edges to see their rough outline, the specific image can not be seen.

It is completely different from the previous Dark Ruler, Chaos Divine Demon, and Demon Domain Demon Domain.

Dark Ruler and the like, although black is black, although it devours rays of light, it is a physical existence.

But the emergence seems to be a real nothingness.

Faintly heard the roar of joy.

The mouth opened, and the void was twisted.

It’s as if the space has been devoured.

In fact, many deities can engulf the void.

But this time differently, Ye Yang clearly felt…the whole universe is shrinking! !

They devoured the area for a few light years, destroyed the void for a few light years, and felt not too serious or too big. The emperor and the master blasted the entire galaxy’s space with one punch.

But the difference is that the deity destroys the space, and the space is broken and distorted, which does not affect the size of the entire universe.

However, they devoured a few light-years here, and the entire universe shrank for a few light-years. The equivalent to the universe lost space for a few light-years out of thin air, and these light-year-spaces disappeared forever.

They sucked again, but the surrounding cracking space was still so large, and the void was still so big. It seemed that their swallowing did not allow the area where the space collapsed to expand, but in fact… the universe shrank again.

They swallowed a part of the universe, just like a small area on the surface of the water was swallowed, and the four weeks of hydration came over and it seemed that there was nowhere to disappear. There is a place in the sea where the water is transported to a different space. When the water from other places comes in, the entire sea surface does not seem to change, but it has actually dropped.

The shrinkage of the entire universe cannot be sensed by the overwhelming majority, unless it is Controller level powerhouse, or Ye Yang, who has an incarnation in Chaos World and controls Primal Chaos Law, in order to perceive the anomaly of this universe.

“Affects the foundation of the entire universe? This destruction… is not weaker than the previous universe crack caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation. Before the restoration of Duanyujian is not enough to destroy the foundation of the universe, but here… “

have one’s hair stand on end.

“What are these things?”

Ye Yang retreated and retreated.

Incarnation on the other side quickly asked Yuan Hao.

Yuan Hao seemed to be contemplative, and then he was shocked and woke up: “The deity remembered it!!!”

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