Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 898

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“What did you remember?” Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao was silent.

Ye Yang groaned, “Why don’t you say? With Senior and the present cultivation base

, There is nothing privately to be disclosed. Don’t be afraid of any taboos. “

Yuan Hao faintly sighed: “The deity remembered a very serious matter.”

“what’s up?”

“This… The deity is a little sorry for you. I’m afraid I’m disappointed.”

“Uh?” Ye Yang said with a hazy head, unable to bear: “Senior can make it clear?

“The deity… is not the ruler.”


Ye Yang was startled, and his face was incredible: “Senior…you don’t crack a joke.”

Whether the rule governs the deity can still be clearly distinguished. “

“Are you Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?” Yuan Hao asked.

“How can this deity be chaos to…”

Halfway through Ye Yang’s words, the expression froze.

“Your part of Divine Soul part of your consciousness, after cutting into the ancient palace, became ancient

Temple of Artifact Spirit. After promotion to breakthrough, Divine Soul will be recovered. After evolution, it will be separated again

Come out and merge into the ancient palace at the beginning. In other words, part of you is the ancient palace

Spirit, but the Artifact Spirit of ancient palace in the beginning was not you. In the beginning, the Artifact Spirit of ancient palace was part of you,

You are not the ancient palace…” Yuan Hao said.

“Can Senior make it clearer, your rule governs the title, is there anything

Hidden affection? “Ye Yang said.

“The body of the deity, originally a Supreme Treasure in Chaos World,

Zhou, due to chance, became the ruler of some square universes. It can be said that all solidification methods

The source of the rule, here, or the solidification rules, all arrive through the body of the deity

Universe Source is connected to a certain universe Avenue. Therefore, the body of the deity is

dominate. But… Divine Soul, the deity, is just the Artifact Spirit that dominates the body. “Yuan Hao


Ye Yang was silent for a while and asked, “Is there any difference?”

There is no difference in strength.

“The body of the deity, Undying and Inextinguishable, the deity of the universe is indestructible. But the deity of this deity

Spirit can’t. Just like, a mortal martial artist, his martial arts invincible in the whole world, and what he wears

Divine Item armor invincible in the whole world, the meaning of the two is different. “

“So, can Senior Artifact Spirit be free from the body?”

“Divine Soul, the deity, can all escape the body. How can the deity not escape the body?”

“That’s 10000000. Don’t leave the body.”

“This Venerable also is like this, unless the deity’s Artifact Spirit evolves and becomes a rule

Dominate… Alas, no wonder the deity has always felt strange before, but there is something wrong

Proper. Some aspects of this deity are stronger than other rules, some normal rules should be

Some abilities, but the deity does not. “Yuan Hao sighed.

Ye Yang also feels weird.

Rule ruled, higher level than God Emperor. The so-called Divine Soul is a method of consciousness and control

It is highly integrated, and the law is where his divine sense is.

In other words, it doesn’t matter whether the emperor is the ruler or the ruler, the strength of the body is secondary

The authority at the core of consciousness is the key. In other words, it is Divine Soul’s control over the law,

Divine Soul’s control of various forces is the key.

Even if the body is destroyed, Divine Soul can reshape the body and recover. But in turn

, God Soul Destruction, even though the body is immortal, it is nothing but a divine emperor, no longer real


And Yuan Hao, the situation is actually the opposite. The body reaches the level of domination, the core of consciousness

Did not reach it?

This situation is very wonderful. Moreover, I didn’t notice it before, I didn’t find it.

“Then, is there anything I need Junior to help?” Ye Yang said.

Yuan Hao shook his head: “Alas…you can’t help…if you need help,

Will help you. “

“Well, when the time comes, as long as the Junior is available, Senior and just say.”

Ye Yang said.

No matter what the situation of Yuan Hao is, at least, it is now an ally and has a higher degree of trust than others.

Many deities are taller. And powerful. The other gods are not able to force Ye Yang’s ministry

The ancient palace Artifact Spirit of Divine Soul is forced to suck it out, there is no way to make the ancient palace Artifact Spirit strong

Walk away from the ancient palace at the beginning.

In the same way, even if other gods know that Yuan Hao’s core of consciousness is not Controller level

And cannot directly strikes the core of his consciousness through the Divine Tortoise body of the Controller level. and also

impossible forcefully pulled his Divine Soul out.

True strength is no different from true rule.

At least, there is no difference at the moment.

If there is any special difference in ability, it means that Yuan Hao can’t use his consciousness

projection to the far side of the universe, and then the Law Power is there to condense a rule to rule


Other masters can do this, but Yuan Hao can’t.

In addition, Ye Yang is not clear, why Yuan Hao suddenly talked about this matter.

“The deity once encountered an extremely important event, but what is the specific

, The deity can’t remember. I only know that because of this, the memory of the deity is partially damaged

Lost, partly sealed. Even the deity himself is not the real master, this has not been before

Remember, I just recovered my memory. “Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang nodded.

“In addition, the body of the deity has detached from the Controller level, which is also a road

Forceful. “

“Huh?” Ye Yang this time is really shocked.

“However, it is completely unusable.”


“Because, the previous identity of the deity is somewhat special.”


“Void Prison Prisoner. Or Void Prisoner… or Void Prisoner.

Forbidden officer. “

“Void Prison? Void Prison…”

“It’s the void channel crack from the Primal Chaos Stone tire. That huge crack

The Mysterious Land that leads to the sea is the Void Prison, also called Void Prison. The deity is because of success

Because he was a prison guard, he got the trust of one Law. The body becomes the ruler,

The essence is still the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure that produced Artifact Spirit. “

“Is the Void Prisoner doing and so on?” Ye Yang asked in surprise.

The incarnation in the distance, looking at the so-called empty cage, found that the war

The Primal Chaos Stone tire has suddenly penetrated into the crack and entered the cage.

And the 10000 Demon Emperor wants to follow up, but the dark creatures flying out of the void prison

Draw past, and finally escaped.

Yuan Hao said: “The so-called void prison is a super-mysterious space at the bottom of the universe,

Forbidden early evil.

“The entire universe is divided into several dimensional levels, such as 2-dimensional 2-dimensional space, 3

Dimension, 4 5 6 7 eight-nine Dimensional spacetime of ten different dimensions. Boundless Starry Sky seen by mortals

, More than 100 million light years of boundless void, all of which are only part of the 100000000-dimensional space

. Secondly, the parallel 3-dimensional space-time, the space of higher and lower dimensions are hidden

The gods with insufficient strength cannot see it, that is the foundation of the universe.

“There, there is the origin of the universe.

“The avenue is longitude and the rule is weft. The avenue and Law Power run through the universe vertically and horizontally, without

Everywhere. From a macro point of view, the entire universe is full of voids and stars, all subject to avenues and laws

Wear, from a microscopic point of view, to any ultrafine particles, there are many kinds of conflicts inside

Law Power, which balances each other, restricts each other.

“The entire universe is bound by avenues and laws. And on the back of all this, there is more

The vast foundation of the world, there is a mysterious prison, imprisoning the evils of Yuchu. “

Ye Yang asked: “What are the evils of Yuchu?”

“At the beginning of the universe, all kinds of sinful and evil generations attempted the Devil Universe of Destruction Universe

fierce. These creatures, Undying and Inextinguishable, the universe is destroyed and it is difficult to destroy them. Chaos collapsed

They fell. Therefore, imprisoned in the universe void. “

“So that’s how it is … so to say, now that the few humanoid black holes are Yu

The first evil? “Ye Yang asked.

“Yes. They have no other likes or dislikes, they just like to devour everything if no one fights

Disturbance will continue to devour the void until the entire universe is consumed. And if there is a god disturbing

, Then devour the deity directly. If left unchecked, the entire universe will be destroyed. “

“Hiss~ ~” Ye Yang gasped: “So how to suppress them?”

“No way. Unless sent to the prison of the void, and then closed to not go out. However, at first

The road is not broken, the law still exists. So locked firmly, the creature that entered the prison of the void has no

Go out. Now, not only is the avenue out of position, but the remaining Law Power is also weakened

, Can’t suppress it at all. Even if they were sent to the prison of the void, they would still escape. “

“Ah?” Ye Yang was so scared that his hair almost exploded.

“Then how did they suppress them?”

“Power of Grand Dao captures it, locks it in a cage, and power of Grand Dao seals it. If the avenue is out of position,

The power of Grand Dao has not completely dissipated, and they will not escape. Even if the power of Grand Dao is no longer locked, He

We have been suppressed for so long, as long as the laws in the universe still maintain a certain strength, we can

Keep the Void Prison open. Even if they are free from their difficulties, they are only free from their own cells.

Activities in the vast empty space of the Void Prison cannot escape. but now……

Not anymore. “

“Damn it!” Ye Yang complexion greatly changed, thinking a lot for a while.

If it weren’t for Ice to dominate the Law Power that weakened the universe,

Then the ruler is suppressed. If it’s not those guys who try to block the indestructible land, there is Primal Chaos Stone

The fetus burst through the void…

“In the midst of it, there seems to be some mysterious push hands pushing all this.

Is the law of chaos imprinted? Or is it related to Great Dao Mark? “Ye Yang muttered.

“This Venerable also is such a guess.”

“Ice dominates them, doesn’t expect this point? No precautions in advance?” Ye

Yang frowned.

He is sure that the half-step enlightened ice master and thunder master and life master, no

You may want to see these strange things flying out of the prison in the void.

Yuan Hao said: “At the beginning of the universe, the avenue was not conscious, the rules were not conscious,

There is no rule governing manifestation. A lot of’Yuchu all evil’, just by the power instinct of the universe

Ground trapped in captivity. Like the human body instinctively resists the invasion of foreign bacteria and viruses.

Can resist the damage of the outside world.

“Today’s master, it is estimated that only a handful of people are vaguely informed. And the master of ice, Thunder

Domination, domination of life, not necessarily all innate domination, not necessarily accompanied by the universe,

It may not be the information that inherited after the birth of the universe. “

Ye Yang whispered: “The water in this universe is really deep, and there are a lot of things.”

“If the universe is just what you see on the surface, then in the era when the avenue is out of position,

Mang Chaos World, countless Chaos Divine Demon, 100000000 million absolutely bigger than the entire universe

Chaos World, the total amount of energy and matter is 100000000 absolutely larger than the entire universe

World, why can’t the universe be crushed and destroyed, why there are not many Chaos Creature fierce and unafraid of death

Invade? This universe is not so simple…Suppression of the prison in the void,

Their power has also been extracted, maintaining the operation of the former avenue, and at the same time becoming a protector

Hold part of the power of the universe. “Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang asked: “Among those void prisons, is it big? The imprisoned Yuchu all evil, not many

? ”

Yuan Hao said: “You can’t say big or small. Big, unlimited, small, unlimited.

The true void prison has no meaning in space. “

“No space meaning?” Ye Yang didn’t quite understand the concept.

Because all life, matter and energy that we see and we know exist in the air

In between.

“There is no space… the concept is hard to describe. However, you can imagine

. There is no size in it, it is 100000000 10000 light years, and it is also the size of the slap. What can be stored inside

, Just like mortals playing computer games to modify data, storage space, countless huge monsters can

To store a very large number. If you keep taking out the contents, you can almost

Absolutely. Like a data space, many parameters can be modified. “


“It is indeed unimaginable, but the Void Prison is such a thing. If you don’t adapt,

I went to sleep, and it was normal to never recover. Even if you wake up inside, it may end up

I can’t understand the situation inside, it’s very sinister, and I can control the power of Grand Dao.

Survived inside. Of course, such an environment has also produced many terrible things.

“What is it?” Ye Yang asked.

“What is the specific thing, the deity is not clear, in short, many are indescribable,

There are terrible things that cannot be described in words. “

“So weird?”

“However, there is one thing, once the content inside enters the universe, it will be

The indescribable characteristics become “specific images” that can be described. Hard to describe

Describe size, uncertain size, uncertain age, and change into size shape and age and strength

Quantitative intensity can be determined. Unless the universe is destroyed, otherwise, if you enter the universe, you will still be affected by this

Some of the rules and regulations in this article have become concrete images. “

“Sounds have one’s hair stand on end.”

“Yes… I hope the things inside will not come out. However, the deity is most worried about,

The cell composed of the power of Grand Dao is disintegrated layer by layer, and those things are out of the trap, maybe…

… “

Yuan Hao’s words didn’t finish, a trace of fear appeared in his pupils, gazing into the distance of the universe.

“what happened?”

“Something…something is out of trouble!!!”

Yuan Haozheng said, Ye Yang’s incarnation was also discovered.

In the previous huge crack, something came out.

The silhouettes of the previous humanoid black holes, although powerful and terrifying, can devour the universe, but

Did not actively hunt down Ye Yang, did not actively hunt down the gods around.

Not even how to leave the crack.

But now, there is something inside.

The surging black and gray gas is the power of that thing and the power of this universe

The conflict between the law and the law shows the form of black gas and gray gas.

It’s like a dry thing just taken out of the ice storage, it will flow in the normal environment

Same as dew ice mist.

This impact of power made the thing enveloped with a strange airflow.

“What is this?” Ye Yang couldn’t see clearly.

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