Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 899

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At this moment, Ye Yang heard the sound of hua hua faintly.

Not the sound of running water, like many metal chains colliding with non-metallic chains. Also faintly heard the sound of numerous Ma Susi vine pulled and broken.

When I looked at it, I saw the fog and gas around the thing, which actually condensed into a ray of thread, like a rope, trying to trap it, but it was forcibly broken by its powerful force.

The gray mist gradually diffused, revealing the true face of the thing.


Ye Yang was surprised.

In the next moment, he was cold.

The skull is unusual.

Height about one zhang, about 3 meters.

The whole body is painted with gray paint, like decaying and half-broken bones, but the metal luster blooms in many places. Dark gold appears in many places.

Dark gold metal and calcium bones fuse together to form such a skeleton, which is buried in the void for a long time. It is eroded by various energies and breaths and becomes this eccentric look.

On the surface, it is just a slightly larger skeleton. But if you look closely, it is amazing.

Whether it is deity observation, or mortal observation using astronomical telescope or the like, you will find that the skeleton’s body has some very very subtle dimples.

Each dimple and text filled with mysterious power are only a few microns in size. The eyes of normal people cannot be seen. They can only be seen after zooming in or in the powerhouse.

Densely packed dimples and text are found in 70% of its bones.

Some dimples add up, twisted, weird, exude evil spirit and meaning. There is a mysterious power that attracts the soul and spirit of the past.

There is also the special spirit strength of Charm~Doom~Gu~Doom.

There is also a special sense of death, the power of Death Law and the power of Illusion Technique. If the spirit willpower is insufficient, the cultivation base is insufficient, and you can see the creatures of the pattern, and at a glance, you will have an illusion, leaving the illusion of each and everyone in the depths of your heart. To be true, the truth becomes true, and a true Death Power is formed, killing the souls.

Insufficient will, insufficiency of spirit, insufficiency of cultivation base, once seen, they will die.

This is a terrifying and strange power.

Even more amazing is that Ye Yang can see that every piece of bone contains a lot of power and space.

If this skeleton is fully enlarged, it may be as large as 1000000 kilometers.

Its body contains the broken little Plane World of each and everyone.

Every world is full of Death Power. There are various kinds of town ruins, and it is a relic scene that has been transformed into a ruin after a long time after being destroyed. There are all kinds of dead souls and dead bones and the mountain range.

However, the ruins of each and everyone Plane World and each and everyone Plane World have become smaller. The entire skeleton is compressed from a giant of 1000000 kilometers to a foot in front of it.

Body hardness is better than neutron matter.

Moreover, there are countless spaces and countless worlds. A body is composed of several different ruin planes.

All planes are full of vicissitudes, ancient and other breaths, and stillness, but also contain boundless grievances, all kinds of negative will. But these spirit strengths are buried underground in those ruins, which are deeply suppressed.

Many ancient wells exude breath of resentment, many spirit cards and statues exude the breath of the dead and the ghost Ghost King.

All these things condensed into one after another particle on it.

On the surface, it looks like weird skulls, and the structure of the body contains such a mystery.

In its skull, there was a small gray flame burning slowly. It’s like Soul Fire, but it’s gray. Through the many gaps in the skull, you can see the gray flame, slowly spreading gray breath.

Its entire body was entangled with gray gas for most of its life.

I saw it taking a step in the sky.

In an instant, one after another invisible chain, one after another invisible rope, entangled it.

Only God King Level powerhouse can see it. That invisible bondage is one after another rule. Broken or unbroken wire of law, the chain of law, entangled it.

As soon as it moved, it broke a lot of chains of law, but more chains of law and law were formed out of thin air, entangled it.

It lifted its arm and held the tens of thousands of subtle laws of silk. Different laws pull it together. But as soon as it pulled, it shattered the law of 10000.

It is struggling, but more laws are entangled.

“Cosmic suppression, Heaven and Earth suppression?” Ye Yang flashed this thought.

At this moment, the void is distorted, one after another deity’s silhouette, split open space is transmitted.

Some gods are enclosing the indestructible land, but an incarnation shuttles over. Inheritance that is branded by Chaos Controller is not necessarily.

There are Divine King incarnation, Divine Emperor incarnation, Divine Emperor incarnation. A powerhouse shuttled to this point, staring at the skeleton dignifiedly.

“What is this? Why does it appear in the void crack?” a god murmured.

“Not good, this is the’epoch skeleton’, run away!!!” Yuan Hao reminded Ye Yang loudly.

Ye Yang’s incarnation was stunned.

“Era Skeleton? What is that?”

Yuan Hao didn’t answer yet, the skull suddenly opened his mouth.

An invisible sound wave burst out.

The ripples full of Death Power are swept out, tearing the various laws in the sky, and the space is cracked.

In the ripples, a god incarnation quickly turned into fly ash in the void, and some directly transformed into ghosts or zombie-like things.

More deities, but quickly age. Incarnation is old and the body is affected to a certain extent. After the old age, each and everyone deity incarnation fell into undead creatures.

Ye Yang swept back quickly, but was still swept away by a part of the ripples after exiting very far, and found that his incarnation’s right arm suddenly ossified and became like the mummy’s stiff arm.

All of a sudden, Law Power rushed to the arm, forcibly dissipating that power, and the arm gradually returned to its original shape.

“This… at least is the curse of Divinity Sovereign Level, which is stronger than the ancient Divine Item of the curse!” Ye Yang discolored.

This power can trace the cause and effect, although it does not hurt His body. But this is just a roar of the skull. Really started, and it’s okay?

Seeing that the right hand of the skeleton has been lifted up, there is Death Power transformed into a mass of translucent silhouettes. It seems that all the undead have the power of ordinary gods.

There are actually hundreds of thousands.

With a wave of his hand, Grandiose’s undead god moved towards Ye Yang incarnation and other undead gods incarnation rushed to the past.

Ye Yang puts her palms in hand, Law Power and Bright Law Power sweeping past.

With his palms like a sword, he instantly wiped out many undead gods.

It seems to have deity battle strength, but it is still just undead. Life Law and Light Law are just restrained.

Other deities also shot one after another, easily destroying these undead.

The skeleton waved again, and many undeads shattered the space in the sky, the space force condensed, the material in the distant starry sky was transmitted, and condensed into the undead illusory shadow, forming a substantial bone.

A skeleton was flying at the speed of light in the sky to kill many gods incarnation, but the same was easily wiped out.

However, there are too many of these skeletons.

A few hundred thousand, Grandiose rushed to kill, Ye Yang can kill 100 to 1000 in one blow, the strength is very good, but more rushed over, so that he can only retreat.

Withdrawing from a distance, we saw many gods incarnation besieged. More gods outside the indestructible land sent more incarnation. Ye Yang even saw the silhouette of the god of cause and effect, and the incarnation ruled by the law.

Many powerhouses shot, and a large number of skeletons and undead were killed.

The half-dark golden “Era Skeleton” seemed angry.

The gray flame in the skull jumped violently a few times, exuding one after another, striking the void to form a roaring sound.

Various laws of the void come together to entangle it, to suppress it. But it can still be active.

The era skeleton flicked and flew in front of a deity in a flash, slapping it with a palm, and the deity incarnation was destroyed. Shuttle again, before another god, opened his mouth and sucked, many gods incarnation nearby were sucked.

Shuttle again, in front of another god emperor, grabbed with a palm.

The Divine Emperor held a stick-shaped Divine Item fiercely and smashed it out.

At least the Divine King level, but the skull palm fell down, Divine Item shattered, the incarnation of the god was like a balloon flattened by a person, slammed, leaving only the leather shell, and quickly dissipated.

“So so fierce?”

Ye Yang was startled.

The skeleton seemed to be staring at him, shuttled in an instant, and slapped Ye Ye down.

Ye Yang suddenly felt invisible pressure in all directions and simply avoided. To evade it is necessary to forcefully break the restraints around. This time has been hit by the other party, too late to escape, can only throw a halberd to fight.

when! !! !!

The palm of the skull was blocked, but the halberd was also bent by fiercely, and Ye Yang flew 3 10,000,000 li in its entirety.

The skeleton took a step, chased after 10000000 kilometers, kicked Ye Yang.

Ye Yang had no time to dodge, and many Divine King weapons flew in front of him to block this foot.

But the other party jumped on the foot, the fog suddenly exploded, and many Divine Item burst into residue, and the violent force flew Ye Yang incarnation and directly injured him.

But in the next moment, the skeleton was approaching, a palm fell down, and with a bang, Ye Yang’s incarnation had no room to resist, and it was directly annihilated.

With just 3 hits, Ye Yang incarnation fell. Along with many Divine King devices, they exploded.

Even worse, Ye Yang’s body suddenly opened in the ancient palace in the beginning, and a dark golden divine blood spouted out.

There was a plume of gray gas in the blood.

Those grays are growing and becoming more and more, and there is some kind of great horror hidden in them.

Ye Yang was so scared that he quickly waved his hand to release Primal Chaos Law.

Inside the ancient palace in the early days, Ye Yang’s various forces were not suppressed. This is different from the outside world.

Primal Chaos Law successfully wiped out the gray gas, and Ye Yang had some very vague and trance pictures in his mind. The power of chaos around him also changed slightly. It seems to become more old and languid, full of inertia, not wanting to move, no energy.

“What’s happening here?”

Ye Yang’s body is injured, although it is not heavy, but if the muddy blood containing heterogeneous power is not ejected, the damage to the body may not be light. Even if his body can be turned into atomized chaos at any time, it can be condensed into an entity, which can not bear it.

Splattering blood, which seems to be severely injured, is actually just to eliminate the power, the body does not at all how much damage.

“The retrospective cause and effect come from the beginning. The ancient palace couldn’t stop it… And I only had the incarnation on the Chaos World side intact, and all other incarnations were wiped out.”

Even if it is the rule of law, if you want to trace the cause and effect to ignore the ancient palace and hurt Ye Yang, it may not be possible.

Now, there is a similar situation?

Ye Yang looked dignified.

Quickly condensed into a new incarnation, went to the ancient palace hall at the beginning, and at first glance, the message section showed that many outside gods suddenly burst out or were seriously injured. It was a situation that just happened together in a short time.

Ye Yang allows Yuan Hao to enter a separate space.

“Senior, the era skeleton you just mentioned, what is that?” Ye Yang asked.

“Era Skeleton… powerhouse bones that span a cosmic era…”

“Wh…what? Spanning a cosmic era?” Ye Yang gasped.

“Yes. There are some powerhouses, who are extremely high-cultivating, transcend the dominance level without becoming avenues, or the avenues are transformed into detachment. That kind of existence, Undying and Inextinguishable, is known as the extinction of the universe and he does not perish. And it enters chaos. I’m not afraid of Chaos Controller, and there are legends. Chaos Controller goes one step further and is the existence of Undying and Inextinguishable.”

“I have heard of this, is that era skeleton…”

“Related to those who are indestructible. However, the true indestructibles will not become epoch skeletons. They are only half-steps indestructible, or have some indestructible characteristics due to special opportunities. That kind of powerhouse will be destroyed in the universe. Rebirth again, during this period, it still survives. Or there are wreckage left.”


“If the thing of the previous cosmic epoch still appears in the next cosmic epoch, it is a catastrophe. The previous cosmic epoch is a different law with different avenues, the next cosmic epoch, the avenues and laws are different from the previous cosmic epoch. , Can be called another universe. If the item of the previous era is dropped into the next cosmic era, it will cause great damage to various laws and affect the foundation of the universe, not to mention the soul or the body? This kind of remains will Suppressed in the prison of the void. Some of them are transformed into other things, some of them will corrupt and form skeletons…that is the era skeletons.”

“Is it strong?” Ye Yang asked.

“Whether it is strong or not, you realize… there are some that have been left over from several cosmic eras. Whether it is wandering in chaos or sleeping in the ruins of the previous cosmic era, it will be affected by the power of chaos, The forces that were born at the beginning of the universe, the forces of annihilation at the time of the destruction of the universe, eroded by all kinds of forces, were suppressed by the various forces of countless eras, and they are also nurtured. This kind of suppression can make them not harm the universe, but also let them Absorb various negative forces in the crackdown. It will become stronger and stronger…”

“Fuck!!” Ye Yang unable to bear swears: “There is still such a thing… do they have any weaknesses? How many are they?”

“Different era skeletons have different weaknesses, and the deity is not very clear. However, in the prison of the void, sometimes something will be created out of nothing. It is not that the powerhouse remains left over from the last cosmic era are transformed, and it is also possible. An era skeleton appears. The reason is unknown. What is more terrifying is that sometimes there will be a stream of unreal time…”

“Unreal time is long?”

“Yes, unreal, unreal. However, there are too many weird rules and powers in the prison of the void, and the power of Grand Dao in the later years cannot be suppressed in a good way. Only the power of Grand in the prime years Dao can suppress it. These special unspeakable forces may communicate the negative forces before several cosmic eras. Summon the previous things.”

“So terrifying…”

“Yes. The most negative moment in the universe is when the universe is about to be destroyed and the era is about to end. At that time, there were too many horrible things, twisted roads, broken Universe Source, and chaos. Of the law, many of the things created by these things can only be extinct, and normally cannot survive to the next cosmic era. But they may be summoned by the void to the next cosmic era. Therefore, the prisoner of the void It’s not surprising that something will come out of the prison. The Epoch Skeleton is one of them…”

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