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Yuan Hao's explanation made Ye Yang hear the scalp tingling and exploding.

"So, in the prison of the void, there may be various horrors at the time when multiple cosmic eras are about to be destroyed?" Ye Yang asked.

"Yes...but not exactly."

"What is'not exactly'?" Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: "There are some things left over from the ancient cosmic era. For example, today's universe has a so-called indestructible land. It is estimated that there are similar things in the previous universe, there will be ruins, there are wreckage, there are The decay of the powerhouse. These things may actually exist and sleep to this day. These are real, and there are others, just projection remodeling."

"Projection remodeling?"

"Yes, I said it before. There is a long river of unreal time. Whether the long river of time really exists, can we summon some existence from the past time or the future time and space, which is not easy to say. But the unreal has existed. Unreal is false... Unreal time flows, reflecting some illusory shadows of previous cosmic eras, this is..."

Half of Yuan Hao said, Ye Yang said: "Brand?"

"Yes, similar to the Chaos Controller brand, similar to the Great Dao Mark. But the difference is that the brand in the long river of unreal time is more complete and complete, and it can be manifested by the entity. Through the energy of the prison of the void, the manifestation becomes an entity. , Exactly the same as the powerful existence in the past cosmic era, the Divine Soul core is almost indistinguishable, but it is not the original creatures after all. This situation is much more powerful than the Chaos Controller brand in the crack of the universe. More," Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang moved in his heart and asked: "The chaos in the past, the tear caused a crack in the universe, and the previous Chaos Controller brand appeared. Are the places where the brand is located a prison in the void?"

"It's almost... or it can be said to be the corner of the Void Prison. There may not be a Void Prison, but those imprints are from the Void Prison..." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang looking thoughtful.

The place where the crack of the universe leads is very mysterious. Undetectable. According to Yuan Hao, there is no prison in the void, but is it related to or connected to the prison in the void?

Just asking again, Yuan Hao said again: "The spirits in the prisons of the Void are indistinguishable in strength. This era of skeletons is very likely to cause a catastrophe."

"Why, is it very powerful?" Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: "Did you ever fight against it? The epoch skeleton, the skeleton remains across the epoch, does not belong to a cosmic epoch. Then. Its power is in conflict with the laws of this universe. Either it is suppressed by the Universe Principle, or in turn destroys or even destroys the law.

"Any deity fights against it, and if it cannot be suppressed, it will certainly be easily destroyed by its power. In short, for the gods, its attack is almost'ignoring the defense'."

Ye Yang's complexion changed suddenly.

No wonder they lost so badly before.

"In addition, the most terrifying thing is not this, but their number..."

"A lot?" Ye Yang asked.

"Very many, it's difficult to count."

"That now..."

"It’s just one out now. If you can suppress the seal and go back, if you can’t suppress the seal and don’t go back, then it will cause continuous damage to the universe, which will cause the seal of the prison to become weaker and weaker. Powerful terrifying things rushed out."

"Lying trough!!" Ye Yang gasped.

How does it sound like this universe is about to die?

"How to suppress him and seal him?" Ye Yang asked.

"Power of Grand Dao."

"What about apart from this?"

"I don't know."


"I didn't lie to you. The creatures in the prison of the void are incompatible with the rules of this universe. Then, there are all kinds of distortions and all kinds of weirdness. For example, the three-dimensional space material in the universe has volumes and sizes. These all are natural rules. The creatures in the void do not exist according to the rules of this universe, then, the image is distorted, the strength is variable, the gender is twisted and weird, and even unreasonable. 3 7 To understand logically, these all are there. In short... Some creatures are like some unreasonable things in the horror stories that mortals tell."

"..." Ye Yang's face was even more ugly.

How do these things sound more difficult to deal with than Chaos Divine Demon?

"It is possible that the things that come out of it are powerful and stronger than many Chaos Divine Demon. All the laws and power of the entire universe cannot suppress it, unless it is the power of Grand Dao. Even Primal Chaos Law Power of Primal Chaos has no effect on it, unless it is in chaos, it may be restrained by Primal Chaos Law. But it is also possible that what is drilled in the prison of the void will be restrained by something very unremarkable. , Not preaching at all." Yuan Hao said.

"For example?" Ye Yang asked.

"For example, the existence of a certain tyranny may be suppressed by a bubble of boy urine."

"Huh?" Ye Yang's expression was unbelievable.

"It is also possible that a certain tyrannical existence will be scared away by a mortal sentence, cannot hear a name, cannot hear a sentence, or cannot see something."


"It is also possible that their characteristics are countless changes. The moment before, they were also restrained by some kind of power, next moment, they were completely afraid of the previous strength. It is possible that the moment before was extremely powerful, the next moment had to sleep, and the strength changed. Weak, but may soon recover."


"However, we can be sure that even if their weaknesses are weird, their strength is stronger than Divinity Venerable Level's deity. No matter how strong they are, they can’t beat Chaos Controller, they can’t beat Daoist, they can’t beat the will in the universe. . Even multiple rulers do their best to suppress it."

"However, the current rulers can't do their best."

"Yes, this is the problem."


"The deity has a hunch... this era of skeletons will cause great turmoil. It is estimated that the things in the prison in the void can't be trapped. It is difficult to seal the hole back again. 10000000 Don't appear any new holes elsewhere. That’s good. So, explain to you what’s in the Void Prison in advance. You don’t suddenly get a lot of weird things, you’re not prepared.”

"How should the deity deal with this change? Senior can have guidance?" Ye Yang asked.

"Either wait and see, or get involved and try to suppress it. Or... escape into chaos. In chaos, Primal Chaos Law is the strongest law, with the strength of incomparable. Even if these things enter chaos, No matter how powerful, Chaos Divine Emperor can also fight against World War I, at least he can retreat."

"So, if the situation is serious, give up the universe and escape?" Ye Yang asked.

"Yes, this is the best way." Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang took a deep breath.

The power of Chaos Controller is rooted in Chaos World, but if you want to become Chaos Controller, in this universe, the chances are more and bigger than in Chaos World. Ye Yang is not willing to give up here. Moreover, there is a hunch in the midst, this universe, it is best not to give up easily.

Just when he was thinking this way, he felt the whole universe oscillate slightly.

At first I thought it was the ancient palace tremor, but then I found out that it was the tremor outside. The indestructible land and the entire universe oscillated slightly.

Looking far away, in the incarnation of Chaos World, I saw that Duan Yujian was striking the edge of the universe, but was forced to repel it as soon as he entered the universe.

I also saw some Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure smashing the edge of the universe, but either encountered an invisible powerful repulsive field or had an invisible barrier that prevented them from coming in.

They are strikes, and in the universe, those human-shaped black holes are engulfing the foundations of the universe, and the two have a superimposed effect, making the universe slightly turbulent.

Ye Yang frowned: "This universe will not really explode?"

"No. The universe is bigger and more stable than you think. Just like Earth in the sun refuge where you were before. Humans claim to know the whole world very well, but they only understand the surface of Earth. Under the surface, there are still hidden There are so many secrets. The space there is vast and vast many times larger than the surface. Human nuclear weapons claim to be able to annihilate the world dozens of times, but in fact it is just destroying the surface ecology, and even making the entire planet rupture impossible, this universe is the same."

Yuan Hao explained: "Many previous laws dominated the war, and they were not enough to affect the foundations of the universe. Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure strikes, the foundation of the universe will not be a problem. It is the same today. Unless it is a chaos with chaos, The use of Universe Source and anomalies in the void will make the foundation of the universe unstable.

"Era Skeleton, even if more come out, even if there are more creatures in the Void Prison, it is not enough to destroy the universe. What really destroys the universe is the instability of the Void Prison, which in turn affects the Universe Source, and then is subject to Chaos. The squeeze of the World... Therefore, the universe will not be so easy to die, even the three-dimensional space-time is not easy to completely collapse, not to mention the higher-dimensional space-time, countless hidden different-dimensional space-time, and as the pillar of the universe The Void Prison? You can rest assured."

Ye Yang asked: "Void Prison is the pillar of the universe?"


Yuan Haozheng said, in the beginning of the ancient palace, there was a loud explosion sound.

The whole universe is turbulent again.

In many places, there is a strong wave of space, and wherever we go, all the stars are turned into fly ash. Countless stars burst.

There are nearly 1000 100000000 million galaxies destroyed in an instant, each galaxy has a number of 10000 light years or even hundreds of thousands of light years, each galaxy's intrinsic stars have a number of 1000 100000000 nearly 10000 100000000, the number of celestial objects in each galaxy It is hard to count.

The vast universe swayed violently this time, and the movement was extremely amazing.

"What happened again?"

Ye Yang stares into the void.

However, it is not visible.

I can't sense where the movement is from, as if the entire universe is full of turbulent sources, and I can't tell where the real source is.

In today's universe, countless places are blocked by the ice crystal wall, Leiyuan River, Void Vine domain, and ominous beast sea, which cannot be seen through. The emperor could not see the depths of the universe far away as before.

Due to the disorder of the law and all kinds of blockades, even the ruler of the law cannot look towards any corner of the universe through Law Power.

However, Ye Yang saw... The cracks in the universe caused by Primal Chaos Tribulation, the mark of each and everyone's previous rule of law, disappeared.

The cracks are still there, and the imprint ruled by the law is no longer visible.

He also saw that those human-shaped black holes were still devouring everything frantically, and no gods dared to approach them.

I saw that the skeleton of that era was rampant in the void.

a The god is chased and killed, basically killing with a single blow.

Even the Divine Emperor can only block 2 3 hits, and it may even be smashed with one palm.

The skeleton removed 2 ribs from his body, waved his hand, chopped the void, space fragments gathered, washed a few times, the shape of the ribs changed, and condensed into 2 Bone Blades with space power.

It stepped on the void, tracking the waves of divine force and Law fluctuations in the Boundless Starry Sky.

Approaching a galaxy.

With a long knife wave, the number of 100 100000000 million stars turned into a gray piece. Some stars also revealed a twisted translucent illusory shadow of each and everyone, but it dissipated in a moment.

The large planets of 1000 to 100000000 million have also become gray. Many livable planets have life on them, but those lives died instantly.

The energy of death converges, and the Death Aura of the entire planet intersects to form a huge shadow, which rises from the planet and becomes a huge ghost beast.

The difference is that this ghost does not have the characteristics of the era skeleton that are compatible with the Universe Principle.

But they will pounce on other planets and devour the planet's life force.

The magnetic field of each and everyone planet disappears, and the civilization and life of each and everyone planet disappear. each and everyone planet The consciousness of the stars born or about to be born is devoured and destroyed.

When the skull of that era collided, it instantly struck a huge space channel with a length of 10000 light years, and countless stars collapsed.

It is not the star that it penetrated, but the void that penetrated, the bursting power of the space channel triggered the destruction of stars.

It instantly jumped hundreds of thousands of light years away, stepped into the other galaxy, waved the Bone Blade, and split open space to kill the creatures above each and everyone.

It can even be seen that some Divine Kingdoms have manifested in the sky, but have turned into ruins, the gods inside have turned into undead, and countless Divine Kingdom creatures have turned into fly ash.

A galaxy with countless deaths, floating in the void, shuttled across the starry sky at a speed of 1000 100 light-years per second, and merged to form a continuous mass of sky of death.

The skull ran rampage, wherever it passed, a large number of ice crystal walls were collapsed, forming a huge hole in each and everyone.

After passing by, the pieces of Void Vine were transformed into decaying gray vines, and the stars ominous beast sea became the starry sky. Innumerable ominous beasts become only skeletons, but act instinctively during life.

Wherever he passed, countless laws shattered, while the void burst, the broken Law Power caused the translocation of stars, the galaxy's force field was distorted, and various violent energies were born and destroyed in the sky.

There was a deity, but the deity was wiped out, Divine King was blown out of breath, the Divine King did not dare to come, and incarnation was one hit instant kill.

The deity forces hurriedly started the Defensive Array potential, with the technology passed from the ancient palace Yuan Hao, the powerful defense wall formed by the solidification law and many laws.

It was just too late to avoid the situation that was hurriedly rising, but it was cut by the era skeleton 3 2 knife, and the foot stomped out nearly 100 light-year voids, exterminating the god power.

Then hurried away, leaving a deep void footprint. Wherever he went, the scene of destruction was full.

"So horrible...it is a god of destruction, a god of destruction...comparable with the laws of the universe, and destroyed, it is more exaggerated than normal gods...

"But, what about the three half-step Daoist? The ice master, the thunder master, the life master, haven't they recovered yet? Haven't they left behind? If the universe is over, then they..."

Ye Yang turned his thoughts, and saw that the skeleton of the era, actually moved towards the area where the ice dominates the self-proclaimed area.

"He will provoke Daoist in half a step?"

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