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Bang!! !

A huge cold sweeps through the void, and the millions and millions li vacuum freezes wherever it passes. Before the era skeleton reached the place where the ice ruled, it was suppressed and sealed in the void.

But it exudes a strange power that is incompatible with the entire universe, and the surrounding ice bursts into one after another thin crack.

The densely packed cracks spread over 10000 miles.

Bang!! !

Numerous ices were broken. The broken ice shot randomly, and the ice mist flew.

A shot of the right palm of that era skull broke a large piece of ice residue.

A large number of undead creatures in the distance came shuttling through the void, but they were all blocked by the ice crystal wall and could not be close to the era skeleton.

Only it, in the blocked area of ​​the ice, struck wildly and constantly strikes.

The broken ice area was frozen again, then broken again, and frozen again.

Ye Yang sees from afar, with a slight movement in his heart, looking thoughtful.


His incarnation shuttling through the void, not too far from the Epoch Skeleton, gazed at the body of his skeleton and watched him fighting the ice.

A large amount of ice slag, transformed into a venerable giant, is fighting with the era skeleton.

time flies……

Half a day later, countless ice giants were shattered and recovered.

Unlike other places, in other places, the era skeleton can easily destroy the galaxy, turning 100000000 10000 stars into silence. Can absorb the power on the planet, can make the stars will be undead. Can turn inanimate stones into undead bodies.

But here, the law contained in the ice, there are traces of the avenue, even if it is only a trace instead of the real power of Grand Dao, that era skeleton can not turn the ice giant into an undead.

He struggled to advance, advancing nearly 1 billion kilometers, and he could no longer advance.

There is still a certain distance from where the ice dominates.

"Oh, trifling a skeleton, even if it is strong, dare to provoke the ice master?" Some gods incarnation are saying weird things.

I don't know when, they also approached and watched the battle here.

"I don't know what realm's cultivation base this skull is? Divine King or God Emperor? Very powerful look."

The gods incarnation discuss.

At the edge of the universe, various Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure attacks continue.

Around the indestructible land, many blockers were repulsed, and then they came back to build a wall around the indestructible land to block the indestructible land.

In many places in the universe, the power of various laws has weakened. The God Power that Law can call is much weaker than before.

"If speaking of which, the ice master, why not recover, suppress the skeleton of this era?"

Many people don't understand, but Ye Yang can't figure it out.

I only know that Ice Master and Thunder Master and Life Master are mutually restrained.

"In today's universe, there is no chance of enlightenment. Universe Source is not enough to make a new avenue. Although this skeleton is strong, it is only a threat and turbulence to the universe, and it is not enough to really hurt the foundation of the universe." Some gods speculated.

But for this, more deities snort disdainfully.

This era of skeletons can't hurt the universe at all? What about humanoid black holes?

The whole universe is shrinking at a slow rate.

"The demise of sentient beings is a great supplement to this universe and a return to its origin." Some gods talked nonsense on their heads, with no evidence at all. However, this kind of speculation has really been recognized by many gods.

However, it is not true, and no one knows.

I only know that the era skeleton, after a long attack on the ice crystal wall, can't fall, so it turned around and left.

A lot of coldness struck, but the dormant ice master did not take the initiative to attack the era skeleton, but only instinctively countered the subconsciously reaction left over from the previous battle. Therefore, the era skeleton cannot be stopped.

It flew over the Leiyuan River, but avoided it and killed the area where the life was dominated.

The half-step enlightened life ruler, the immense Life Law and life divine force in the surroundings, constitute a large area of ​​Void Vine in the void, constituting an infinite ominous beast sea.

There, it is both a paradise for life and a restricted area for life.

The era of the Skeleton is approaching there, and there are large blocks of life that quickly die and die. Then it turned into a skeleton and stood up.

And the green rattan becomes a deadly ghost vine, waving wildly, climbing everywhere and sweeping around.

However, these skeletons, not at all, are rejected by the universe, and there are not many laws to suppress them. But he didn't listen to the commands of that era's skeleton, but attacked each other.

Here, the situation is the same, the era skeleton is near the area where the life is dominated, and then it is difficult to advance.

The Bloodline network grew on the body of the era skeleton, blood appeared, and then muscle skin.

But these flesh and bones and bones contain the laws of the universe, suppressing that era skeleton in the void.

He roared, forcibly propped up those flesh and blood, and dared forward.

But at this moment, a ray of divine force of life was surging, with a very weak power of Grand Dao breath, and the body of the era skeleton regenerated the bloody flesh, which was more powerful than before.

He hurriedly turned around and fled, waving a Bone Blade to cut off one foot.

The new skeleton feet are much weaker than before.

He did not dare to kill where the Ice Lord and the Life Lord are. But it turned around towards the galaxies in the universe to kill.

In the vast universe, many laws are suppressing him. Wherever he passes, the laws are constantly cracking, and the scenes of destruction are constantly emerging. Wisps of annihilated galaxies are constantly blooming from him. The breath of countless dead people turned into the mist of death in the stars.

Many gods were beaten.

Then, a large number of deities went to Leiyuan River, attracting the water of Leiyuan River, to trap the skeleton of that era.

didn't expect, Lei Yuanhe's thunder fluid, can actually hurt this era skeleton. Let His power weaken. However, after the outbreak of the era skeleton, a wave of gods were killed again. It is even said that there was a depravity of the deity's body.

"Cosmic catastrophe..."

"The foundation of the universe will not be destroyed and damaged so easily. The Universe Starry Sky we see is just the surface of the universe. The true universe is much deeper than expected. Otherwise, it will not be 3 and a half steps into Daoist. No blocking..."

"But even if the universe is not destroyed, the creatures in the universe will be extinct, and the gods will be destroyed in large numbers, which is difficult to accept."

The gods panic.

As if to anticipate the coming of the end.

Just an era skeleton, the gods can hardly contend.

"It can still be resisted. The Epoch Skeleton can't enter the indestructible land. Just 2 or 3 powerful rulers can suppress him, but unfortunately the ruler can't get out."

"If there is a return of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, several pieces will also suppress and kill him. Even one piece will kill him. Unfortunately, there is no Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure in the universe."

"Many great powers, where did they go? Why not appear? Divine Emperor, the gods, if the body comes, should he be able to win him?|"

No powerhouse appeared.

But Ye Yang observed for a long time, but sent an incarnation out.

"What are you doing? Are you dead?" Yuan Hao was surprised.

Ye Yang had also fought with the Epoch Skeleton before, but was killed in seconds. How dare you go now?

He didn’t think Ye Yang would be so devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence.

If Ye Yang is already invincible in the universe, then he must not be stingy to make a contribution to the peace of the universe, and will safeguard justice and so on. But if you fight against the danger of your own damage. This kind of thing is unlikely to happen to Ye Yang.

"This is an opportunity... an opportunity for the deity's battle strength to improve." Ye Yang said, incarnation had flown out, and soon shuttled to the vicinity of the era skeleton.

A Bone Blade was cut over.

boom! !

Ye Yang incarnation was spiked.

The body of Ye Yang in the ancient palace in the early days, with a pale complexion, instantly transformed into a large number of Primal Chaos Qi forms, and quickly transformed back, taking a deep breath.

Then, Ye Yang incarnation came out again, killed again, and then was killed by the Epoch Skeleton.

Then, send incarnation again, and then be spiked.

"What do you think?" Yuan Hao puzzled.

"The deity just had a hint of inspiration, but it couldn't catch it. So, let incarnation keep dying... I hope to find that inspiration."

Ye Yang said, one after another, new incarnations were dispatched, and they were constantly being killed. Moreover, the power continues to trace the void bombing to Ye Yang itself.

But Ye Yang's body was quickly repaired.

"Who is that?"

"Continuously send incarnation to come over and continue to be killed. Is it the god of'battered ~ ~ abused?"

Many deities noticed Ye Yang's incarnation.

Suddenly, the rays of light that burst like supernova appeared in the eyes of the era skeleton, but they were compressed and condensed to a very fine, like the needles that penetrated from the eyes. Seems angry.

At this moment, Ye Yang was frightened and felt that his own body was in danger of serious injury, and he might even die if he was not careful.

In an instant, Ye Yang incarnation burst out a lot of Primal Chaos Qi.

The invisible law of the vast universe is suppressed, and Primal Chaos Law almost does not work. However, when the Bone Blade of that era's skeleton fell, it was about to slash to Ye Yang, but the moment he didn't, Ye Yang discovered that Primal Chaos Law was working again.

After another moment, Ye Yang was cut into two and a half, blasted away, turned into a large chaos, chaos burned, formed a chaos fire, and rolled towards the skeleton. The black light on the era skeleton was extinguished, the chaos fire was extinguished.

It continues to wander through the universe.

Ye Yang has no longer sent incarnation out, and the body laughed heartily in the ancient palace at the beginning: "Finally, I got back that inspiration... What if Primal Chaos Law was suppressed? As long as Primal Chaos Law is strong enough, the universe cannot be suppressed.

"The power of the era skeleton, the universe repels, all the rules suppress it. But it still breaks the rules to suppress it, and the rules that have been passed are ruined. This is the force.

"Can I imitate it?

"The deity's Primal Chaos Law is very strong in Chaos World, and very weak in this universe. It is difficult to force Primal Chaos Law to break down the suppression of other laws, but...it can be accumulated and gathered."

Ye Yang thought of a magical method.

What if you use a lot of low-level materials and make it into a one-time Divine Item, with the internal seal of Power of Primal Chaos and the seal of Primal Chaos Law?

The Primal Chaos Divine Artifact that has not been exploded is regarded as the weakest Primal Chaos Divine Artifact and will not be suppressed by the universe. Once it breaks out, it will be suppressed.

However, at the moment strikes hit the enemy, Primal Chaos Law and Primal Chaos Qi broke out. There was a time difference before the suppression of the universe. Even if it was only 100000000 10000 1/10000th second, Primal Chaos Law also worked. At this time, it is enough to hit a strong enemy.

"Moreover, before the incarnation was continuously killed, the Primal Chaos Law contained in the incarnation still absorbed a small force of the epoch skeleton. The characteristics of this tearing law were obtained by me. I only need to condense based on the information I have absorbed. My will, focus on it, compression and blessing on Primal Chaos Law Strength...it is possible to break the Universe Principle repression.

"If it is my incarnation or ontology, use this power. The Universe Principle may chase the cause and effect, even if it breaks once it will cause no end of trouble.

"However, if you just use one-time talisman, scrolls, Divine Item and the like, and immediately cut off the cause and effect. When they and my cause and effect are temporarily cut off and then break out, there is no danger of tracing back and forth... …"

Ye Yang found that this is a battle method that suits him very well.

Moreover, currently only Ye Yang can afford it.

"If I build 1,000,000 low-level Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts in batches and throw them together to detonate... who can stop them?"

Theoretically, even the ruler of law must be blown up, only to consolidate the incarnation. Epoch skeletons may not be able to stop it.

But for 1,000,000 Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, how much material is needed? How many resources are needed and how long?

Other gods don't dare to think, but Ye Yang dares.

"Even if there is no material, I can condense the chaotic energy cluster. With Chaos World as the basis, the power of chaos is endless.

"Purchase Divine Item material? It's hard to find elsewhere, but in the ancient palace, there were too many Divine Item materials. And, really high-grade materials, only a small amount, as a low-level Divine Item. What I want It’s just low-level materials.”

Low-level Divine Item materials are not a problem for the gods. If it is a sub-divine item material, it is endless.

Because deities can create such materials.

As long as it is not a material with divine force and divinity, the deity uses Law Power to create as much as he wants. Turning stones into gold, turning the energy in the universe into matter, Void Creation, mortal high-tech can do it, consume energy, it is not difficult for the gods.

The divine force is limited, but the void energy is infinite.

With energy, you can create a variety of special ordinary metals.

Then, enter a little more pure divine force, the ordinary metal becomes god gold, metal with divine force or divinity.

As long as there is divine force, there is Divine Item material.

Of course, it refers to the lowest kind.

Ordinary gods can create sub-divine item materials in unlimited quantities. God level, you can create unlimited low-level Divine Item materials. A little more advanced, Divine King can be created.

However, to create a truly long-term Divine Item, it must be generated naturally, or the deity spends 1000, 100 years or more to cultivate creation.

Advanced Divine Item materials are not created by the deities, and the rulers are extremely difficult to create. At the top, there is no way to rule the law, only Dao Yunyu needs a long time.

However, the one-time Divine Item material is only used for detonation. Or used to draw divine talisman.

Moreover, only the Power of Primal Chaos of Ye Yang is sealed, and the required materials are very low.

If the deity only needs a little divine force, he can create a basic Divine Item basic material. So, can you buy this material at the price of 2 divine force?

In the ancient palace in the beginning, it can be bought.

Ye Yang's divine force crystal reserve is very much. Buying these materials arbitrarily is not a problem.

Of course, a really powerful divine talisman and a powerful one-off Divine Item will require a very small amount of advanced materials. The amount needed is not much, but the lack is not.

Divine Item is a very high-end thing, one-time, even if the required materials are not so high-end, that is also something most gods can't afford. I want to rely on a large number of one-time Divine Item to bomb the same level of enemies, no problem.

"However, there is no such problem with this deity...just need to have a lot of materials, plus an unlimited amount of Primal Chaos Qi. And it is hand-made by the deity himself, to slow down the divine talisman, cast from ~~ burst Divine Item. Then how Isn’t it equivalent to… temporarily seal the usual battle strength of this deity in a Divine Item?

"Throw it out during the war, and release several dozens of times of the full strength attack equivalent to the deity together."

Ye Yang was shaking with excitement.

Similar means are available to mortals.

For example, some mages carry a large number of scrolls. For example, some spellmakers use a lot of spells in battle. Let’s say the world of science and technology is usually accumulating ammunition and dumping it out during battle.

Such a simple method, how didn't expect before?

It is not didn't expect, but various conditions are immature.

At least, this method, except for the rule of the law and Ye Yang himself, Ye Yang does not think there are any gods in the universe that can do this.

There are no innumerable Law Power reserves, no innumerable corresponding divine force reserves, and an inexhaustible supply of corresponding materials, which is impossible.

Ye Yang meets this condition.

In addition, what is still worse is to study which one-time Divine Item is more suitable, and to design this kind of tactics into a mature combat system. It has both offensive and defensive functions, and includes various auxiliary effects. Even if some Divine Item can only be used by Ye Yang, a hand-made creator, it does not matter, even if it may require some chaotic power for the introduction, as long as it can be used, it will be effective.

Then, accumulate several millions of one-time battle Divine Item of 10000000 or even 100000000...

"At that time, I dared to fight against the strongest body ruled by the law!!"

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