Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 902

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Ye Yang thoughts move, and quickly entered a closed state.

Still chaotic outside?

Chaos is chaos, it is not his business.

Is it a disaster for Epoch Skeleton to move around everywhere? Anyway, there is no place to be immortal here. If it hits here, several rulers join forces to destroy him, and it is not Ye Yang’s turn.

Although the Indestructible Land is not the home of the rulers here, but here, they are not suppressed, so they can work together to crush the era skeletons.

As for Chaos Controller branding? I don’t know where these things are going. The ones that have been collected have been sealed in a special divine force crystal. The Chaos Controller branding that hasn’t had time to collect is gone.

I haven’t found how to use it for the time being, so let me put it first.

As for the collapse of the outer galaxy and the sinking of the worlds, Ye Yang can’t manage so much, and has no such strong strength.

There are a lot of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure outside Yuyu still want to kill back? Then wait until the successful killing comes back.

Therefore, Ye Yang simply did not care about anything outside, and dedicated himself to retreat.

But he still said to Yuan Hao Senior, if the universe is almost over and can’t hold up, then remind him, so that he can run quickly.

“Relax, it won’t be finished so quickly. Even if it bursts out, those three who become Daoist will definitely wake up and can delay one by two.”

Yuan Hao’s words made Ye Yang more at ease.

Regardless of the outside heaven falls and earth rends, just concentrate on studying your new tactics.

He tried to create a variety of different Divine Item, sub-divine item levels, inferior Divine Item levels, Low God device levels, Middle God device levels, High God device levels, Divine King Divine Item levels.

For each, create some.

With Ye Yang’s current net worth and strength, Divinity Sovereign Level Divine Item can be created. However, it requires not only a large amount of precious materials, but also a long time.

But getting a medium level Divine King Divine Item is not a problem.

It’s just that Divine King uses this level of things to create it in large quantities.

Even the median High God device is difficult to build in large quantities.

Low God level, if you want to build in large quantities, that is okay, but it will take quite a long time.

Ye Yang is here to build various levels of Divine Item, one is to be familiar with Divine Item forging and casting, and the other is to understand the “upper limit” of various Divine Item.

These Divine Items are all empty shells, and without divine force, it can’t play a real role. Or, the main Divine Item is embedded with dimples and formulations. The first time it runs, it will automatically absorb Law Power and automatically condense into a divine force reserve.

But if there is no law for this force and divine force, and there is no active absorption of Law Power’s lines and positions, then Divine Item is just a rough embryo.

Therefore, rather than creating a Divine Item, it is better to create a batch of Divine Item rough embryos.

Beside Ye Yang, there are a lot of sword-shaped, shield-shaped, stick-shaped, gun-shaped, bell-shaped, axe-shaped, pot-shaped, armor-shaped, helmet-shaped, hairpin-shaped, crown-shaped, pen-shaped, ink-shaped, whip-shaped, rope Shape, silk shape, bracelet shape, ring shape…etc., different forms of Divine Item.

Then, one after another, enter Primal Chaos Qi.

“Different concentrations of Primal Chaos Qi, different contents of Primal Chaos Qi, Primal Chaos Qi and other different attribute divine forces, Primal Chaos Qi and other different Law Power. Primal Chaos Qi with Primal Chaos Law, no Primal Chaos Law Primal Chaos Qi, plus Primal Chaos Qi with my fine divine sense power, Primal Chaos Qi without my fine divine sense power… A composite rule composed of multiple different laws combined with power and then with different proportions of Primal Chaos Qi …”

Each and everyone Ye Yang incarnation manifests, blessing different forces into these Divine Items.

The low-level Divine Item can infuse dozens of 100 Divine Items in a single thought, and the high-level Divine Item, a Divine Item, continuously input different powers, then clear them, and then change other powers. Then, the high-level Divine Item will be transformed into other forms, and the inherent situation is also different.

The pattern is different from the formation, not only the power of the outside world is automatically absorbed, but also the power that can be accommodated is also different.

For example, paper can cover water, but not fire. The lime block can be fire-resistant, but it can’t contain water.

Different materials, different patterns, different formation marks, different structural layouts, and different adaptability. Different forces can exert different characteristics. Different Divine Item structures with different strengths can exert different effects.

Fortunately, there is a lot of knowledge, which can be obtained directly on the trading platform of ancient palace here.

Many gods’ knowledge of creating Divine Item, many gods’ knowledge of making magic scrolls can be applied here, saving Ye Yang a lot of time. Many do not need to be tested.

Sometimes in one test, the super giant quantum computer cluster in Divine Kingdom is used to perform various plot against calculations, and a large amount of data is obtained.

If it were not Primal Chaos Law and Primal Chaos Qi, the gods used very little, and Ye Yang did not need to do so many experiments.

But after a while, Ye Yang gradually figured out some templates.

“It’s best to cover the cause and effect like the pseudo-deity emperor jade pendant I created before. However, bless different Law Power. It includes Primal Chaos Law, Law Power of the ancient palace in the beginning, and the Leiyuan River. The power, the material of the ice crystal wall, the fluctuations in the power of the era skull and my incarnation, and the life law of life heaven and life exclusion zone.

“Then supplemented by other laws, the laws of 129,600 kinds of strengths and weaknesses are intertwined. The resulting causal means of concealment cannot be seen even by the rulers of the law. It is unclear whether the avenue can be seen through.

“I can’t pierce the mist above the thread of cause and effect, can’t see the direction of the thread of cause and effect, and can cut off the cause and effect at any time. This retroactive attack will not work.

“Bring some more protection like jade pendant, even if my incarnation is exploded by the epoch skeleton, it will not let the ancient palace and the body bear any impact. This is a perfect cover. The master’s hiding ability is not so strong.”

In fact, a master, a representative of Law Power, is the will of one Law. Hidden ability may be worse than some god emperors. However, the means of piercing the cause and effect is much higher than that of the Divine Emperor.

Ye Yang’s jade pendant has reached the level of real “deception”.

According to his own speculation, even the main road may conceal the past. The existence of power of Grand Dao may not be able to peep through the barrier of his jade pendant. Of course, there may be more jade pendants needed, and a large number of such jade pendants can only be combined to resist the eyes of the avenue.

But now the avenue is disqualified, and the laws in the universe only operate according to the original procedures before the avenue did not disappear. Whether Ye Yang’s jade pendant can withstand the prying eyes of the avenue is not clear to him, nor can he guarantee it.


Defense, Attack Type, Prophecy… A variety of Divine Items were made and transformed by Ye Yang.

Many Divine Item have ready-made templates.

As early as 1000 million years before Ye Yang was born, there were many gods who created various Divine Items. Ye Yang is now simply simplifying the templates of these Divine Item, even deleting some useful functions, and simplifying the functions, is to make these Divine Items as simple and simple as possible.

It’s easier to build.

Of course, the biggest difficulty is to change these Divine Items to Primal Chaos Law. Primal Chaos Qi mainly.

Because, only chaos, for Ye Yang, is endless and inexhaustible.

The other Law Power and Ye Yang are also good at it, but they are not as good as Primal Chaos Law. And other Law Powers are not as powerful as Primal Chaos Law, and various Law Powers of the entire universe are still weak.

Then why does He not reuse Primal Chaos Law?

Change the structure of these Divine Item to let Primal Chaos Law dominate.

At the beginning, other laws need to be supplemented, but the more Ye Yang studies, the less the other laws are used.

Even the power of chaos can achieve both offensive and defensive support, or extremely strengthen the attack, defense, and auxiliary… However, the effectiveness is not as good as that of other Law Power.

time flies……

Ye Yang studied for a long time, and gradually discovered that there are several materials that can completely replace other materials. Although the use of other materials may perform better, but in the absence of other materials, the use of these materials is sufficient.

God gold, god silver, god iron, god carbon, god silicon.

It can be described as extremely simple.

“Okay, place an order for the ancient palace trading platform in Taichu. From now on, these things will not be measured for purchase. Supreme is limited!

“No, so I’m a little lost, um, change it… into a group. You can’t sell god gold or god silver or god iron separately. How much god gold must be how much god silver how much god iron how much god carbon how many gods Silicon is a group.

“Other divine materials that cannot be created indefinitely are unrestricted acquisitions.

“In this way, I can guarantee that the amount of basic materials I acquired will not be too large. For example, the amount of Shentie is several times or tens of times more than that of Shenjin. If the quantities purchased by the two are the same, it will be bad.”

For mortals, gold is more precious than iron, for gods, gold and iron are similar, divine force can be created at any time. Regardless of whether it is gold or iron, blessing a little divine force up, Divine Fire smelting, ordinary gods spend some handwork, you can make god gold and god iron, the time and energy spent by the two are basically the same. That may result in the same amount of God Gold and God Iron.

If Ye Yang received the same amount of God Gold and God Iron, it would not be suitable and would be wasteful. Therefore, it should be divided into groups.

Ye Yang is working hard to acquire materials here, and is preparing to build in large quantities.

But soon there was news that the skeletons of the era were running around, and they had moved towards the direction of the galaxy.

“Not good !”

Ye Yang complexion slightly changed.

The mortal galaxy was sheltered by him.

Although it is said that trifling mortals are like trivial ant in the eyes of gods, how much will not be valued. The universe today does not know how many galaxies have been destroyed, and how many mortals have fallen. Overwhelming majority Gods are not distressed.

The main thing is that those mortals are not believers in them, and there are too many to control. Even if there are no disasters, under normal circumstances, it is difficult to count the mortals who die every second in the universe.

However, the creatures in that day’s galaxy can be regarded as the believers of Ye Yang, even if the strength of Faith is not much.

Moreover, under his own asylum, Ye Yang does not mind doing a good deed to protect mortals in the universe. But the capacity is limited.

“I want to protect all the mortals of the galaxy, which is by no means what I can do. Moreover, the era skeleton rushed over, and it is difficult to protect even a galaxy of that day. It can’t be stopped now.”

Ye Yang faintly sighed.

Since the identity is also exposed, many gods do not know that Ye Yang is the Chaos Emperor, but there are also many gods vaguely guessed, and a few gods have confirmed Ye Yang’s identity.


“Send people in the past to transfer out the mortals of the galaxies of that day. How much can be migrated. Those with high social contribution and no evildoing will be given priority. With high social contribution and low evildoing, second. Social contribution. It’s not high, but there’s nothing wrong with it, again. Then there is social contribution, but it is also evil.

“As far as there is no social contribution, unless it is a minor, who moves with the family. Otherwise, there is no social contribution in adulthood and it is the last. Without social contribution, the evil will be great. Or the loss caused by the disaster is much smaller than the social contribution. Yes, just give up, don’t.

“Talent, for gods, can be easily cultivated. People with consistent moral thoughts can also be cultivated. The former is more difficult than the latter.

“People with similar moral thoughts, a society that is formed, and a social atmosphere that is formed are relatively pure. Whether it is the faith generated or the divine sense power exuded, it is relatively pure and of higher value.”

Ye Yang feels that both the ordinary person’s way of thinking and the god’s way of thinking should be migrated in the above way. Unless the means he masters are not good enough to train useful talent on a large scale, then he will “be able to give priority to virtue”, but He is different.

“Spirit willpower is firm and strong, and has good intentions for the deity, and priority is reused. The second is belief and piety. Then there are others with higher talents or virtue.”

Ye Yang assigned this plan to let the believers and gods in Divine Kingdom and the created machine life, etc., use the divine force to open the Transmission Gate account to the galaxy.

Prepare for mass migration of mortals.

What to migrate, the intelligent system covering the whole society in the galaxy can be easily discharged. Let them move to the designated location through the starship in advance, and that’s all.

“Go to the Indestructible Land first, and send them to the Land of Primal Chaos outside of the situation. It would be a pity that the galaxy gave up, but I can’t stop the era skeleton now.”

Ye Yang arranged for this to go on, and soon relapsed into the Divine Item that he studied.

In mass production, Ye Yang discovered some problems.

In the ancient palace in the early days, Primal Chaos Law was unsuppressed, but the power of chaos could be transmitted from the outside world, but it was extremely expensive.

“Try to transfer Divine Item rough embryos out of Chaos World, and then recharge in Chaos World. My incarnation is recharged in large quantities over there, and then send these recharged Divine Items back?

“It seems that the process will become more complicated, but… only the Divine Item rough embryo is sent out, not much suppressed, and it is not expensive. And you can use the power of Chaos World to send it. And send it back from the outside, as long as Divine Item’s internal strength is balanced, it’s almost like sending materials…

“Wait, another way? Send a large amount of Divine Item materials to the universe, all of them are low-quality materials, use the most rudimentary transmission methods, and you are not afraid of where they are dropped or who you will be. Intercept.

“Then, in Chaos World, use Primal Chaos Qi to create a large number of god-level robots, mass-produce various Divine Item rough embryos, mass production in the assembly line, and then enter Primal Chaos Qi in batches to form Divine Item, and then transfer it to me On the side of the body?”

Ye Yang thinks more and more that this works.

The transmission of Primal Chaos Qi from outside is subject to the suppression of the universe, so it is extremely expensive. But Primal Chaos Qi is hidden in the Divine Item rough embryo, and it completely converges. The consumption of the teleport is almost the same as that of the former Ice Lord Thunder Lord and Life Lord before they suppressed the blockade universe.

This loss is less.

Equivalent to, direct transmission Primal Chaos Qi, is to transport contraband. The “guan~tax” collected is extremely high and may be directly intercepted, withheld, and not delivered.

But when this kind of inferior Divine Item is sent back, it is equivalent to “going ~ ~ private”, which is much easier and less loss.

Chaos incarnation is difficult to send back, but this one piece Divine Item……

“Well, you can even make energy beads that only store Primal Chaos Qi… No, no, these materials are too low-level to store as much Primal Chaos Qi.

“These inferior Divine Items contain less Primal Chaos Qi, so they can be supported. Their true formidable power is to stimulate the lines through the inherent Primal Chaos Qi, which conflicts with or resonates with the laws of the universe. The fusion produces a mysterious effect.

“Primal Chaos Qi reserve beads must be made with high-level Divine Item, which is mass-produced in mass. Only this inferior Divine Item can be mass-produced…Like, with unlimited black ~ fire ~ medicine, if Using a variety of tin cans and the like, the formidable power will be stronger, but the tin and iron resources are scarce, and the material of paper is very much.

“So, just use a lot of paper and wrap the black medicine directly to win by quantity…”

time flies……

Ye Yang and Chaos World are constantly transmitting materials and the first Divine Item.

Soon, on the side of Ye Yang’s body, there were 10000 one-time Divine Items reserved.

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