Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 903

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“These one-time Divine Item…not surprising.”

Features are not uncommon.

In the early days of ancient palace, there were always various one-time Divine Items for sale.

However, these one-time Divine Items also have different special features. For example, Primal Chaos Qi and Primal Chaos Law are used to condense it.

Therefore, you can consider how to combine these Divine Item.

Other Divine Items can also be combined, but this kind of Divine Item with the same power is more suitable for combination.

“Moreover, when the attack erupted, Primal Chaos Qi, which bloomed inside, could be guided and controlled with fine divine sense before it was completely suppressed.”

This is the prerogative of “Divine Item Creator”.

The Divine Item made by others, whether it is of a long-term nature or one-off, is left to others for use, then the user can only throw the Divine Item out and start it. Then, how about Divine Item can hardly be controlled anymore.

Many functions are set in advance. At most, you can adjust the direction before the Divine Item breaks out, and change the speed slightly to change the speed remotely, but the power after the break is constant, and the way the power breaks out is fixed.

But the Divine Item creator may even control the power of the explosion twice after the Divine Item erupts. For example, it is obviously Icicle, which can be controlled into ice mist. Obviously it is ice mist, which can be controlled into Icicle.

And those who use Divine Item made by others…unless the divine sense power and cultivation base are stronger and higher than the producer. It also consumes more Spiritual Power.

Why then?

If it is a Divine Item made by the gods, even if it is not the Divine Item, it is not a long time to use spirit and divine force and refining, it is also better than the Divine Item made by others.

Unless the producer level is scum.

However, the people who make Divine Item rarely build it in large quantities. If it is built in large quantities, it is also a boutique product, which takes a long time. The created things are sold to other gods. For your own use, only those few pieces are used.

Ye Yang is special here, he made it in batches by himself, and has Absolute Control right for this Divine Item. The released Divine Item can even be forcibly reversed to become a defensive effect when it erupts.

Under such good conditions, Ye Yang can fully try to make his one-time Divine Item multiple optimization combinations, different combinations, different effects.

Just like an electronic component, there are only a few simple functions. The current is turned on, the current is blocked, and the current is partially turned on. These three functions are changed, and controlled by Semiconductor, it has the effect of controlling the amplitude of a large amount of current with a small amount of current, which becomes a signal increase.

Then, on the basis of so few functions, it is continuously compounded and superimposed. The parameters of various components change differently, but they are essentially simple effects of capacitance, resistance, inductance, 2-pole, Triode, etc. The resulting circuit, countless changes, has many, many complex and different effects.

Such as computer chips.

Coupled with the software, the resulting effects are even more indescribable. And software, isn’t it the program that controls hardware activity? The essence is still based on hardware.

For the same reason, the one-time Divine Item in Ye Yang’s hands has many types, although the functions are simple but not simple. It is possible to obtain more different special effects through different combinations. countless changes, endless use.

If the Divine Item is different, the rules are different, then the effect will be 1000 difference and 10000 difference, there will be countless different kinds of one-time Divine Item, there are many types of effects, and the formidable power is not weak. However, due to different laws and different forces, Divine Item is difficult to use in combination.

For example, the law of water and the law of fire can be used in combination, but the Divine Item containing the law of water and the Divine Item containing the law of fire, if you want to use it in combination, the difficulty is much higher than the former. If the strength of the two is strong or weak Different, can not achieve a certain proportion of the corresponding, it is impossible to want the fusion of water and fire to produce a fusion effect.

Ye Yang’s one-time Divine Item, because of the same power, is like a mortal circuit board using the same energy, but it is easier to combine.

“Well, research…and the number needs to be accumulated again. Counting 10000 one-time Divine Item is very difficult to deal with, but how can it be as good as a few 1000000 to 10000000 one-time Divine Item?

“And, even if the power is the same, if it is not used well, it will conflict with each other and hinder each other. Putting a large amount of Divine Item at one time is not the best effect of maximum power. Through a special combination and the correct way, how to put 1000 100 pieces at the same time It’s important that 10000 pieces detach Divine Item and let their power increase and increase rather than weaken each other…

“Wait to figure this out, the Divine Item has more reserves, and I will go out to fight the era skeleton! Try to suppress him. Huh, I dare to do something with the deity’s galaxies…”

Whispering, Ye Yang moved in his heart and couldn’t help but ask someone to ask, what happened to the era skeleton? Have you ever killed that galaxy?

What happened to the mortals in the galaxy? Are there heavy casualties?

Too much death, Ye Yang will also feel distressed. However, the strength is not good, so I never asked too much before.

“Nandan galaxy is still very good now.” Xiaohei came over and told Ye Yang.

Ye Yang is very surprised.

“We have incarnation staying in that galaxy, but incarnation is all right, and no warning has been sent. For specific reasons, we are also investigating now.” Xiaohei and Xiaoyin said.

They are already true deities, supported by Ye Yang’s vast resources, and their strength has been raised to the level of gods.

Various laws of knowledge, various opportunities for perception, and a large number of divine force crystallization, cultivation progress is not difficult.

Of course, the foundation may be a little unstable, but it will be fine after a while. Wait until the foundation is stable and continue to improve. As long as the resources are sufficient, it is not difficult to be promoted below the Divine King level. But it is not easy to upgrade to the Divine King level. It is not necessary to have resources.

What’s more, the resources Ye Yang provided to them are easily compared to the resources used by them. Therefore, it takes a long time for them to reach the level of God, and it will take longer to reach the level of Divine King.

With their current strength, in the complex environment of today’s universe, it is rare to allow an incarnation to simply send news from that day’s galaxy. Also borrowed the power of Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom.

Otherwise, it is difficult to leave the indestructible land, let alone communicate with the galaxy in that day.

In the era of skeletons, they have no strength to monitor.

“Yuanhao Senior.”

Ye Yang incarnation had to go out and ask.

Yuan Hao said: “It seems that something has changed in the middle.”

“What happened? Actually let the skeletons of that era pause, but then the galaxy raged?” Ye Yang asked in surprise.

“The entrance to the Void Prison can’t be blocked now. That Primal Chaos Stone tire, which disappeared before, appeared elsewhere. A second entrance to the Void Prison was made. Inside, there are some weird silhouettes from time to time. There are some even drilled out. However, the strength is not as good as that of the human-shaped black hole and the era skeleton, basically they are suppressed and returned, or they can only stay near the entrance of the prison of the void. Even 2 Demon Emperor After recovering from the injury, they dare to try to hit their ideas.” Yuan Hao said.

“Then what?” Ye Yang asked: “10000 Demon Emperor is going to trouble those Void Prison Creatures, the Epoch Skeleton shot to stop?”

“It’s not…but a dangerous and powerful silhouette flashed through the Void Prison, which attracted the idea of ​​the Epoch Skeleton. He ran back to the Void Prison and stood guard.” Yuan Hao said.

“Powerful silhouette? Who? What creature?” Ye Yang asked curiously.

Yuan Hao pondered for a while, and said: “old man is not sure. Well, it is estimated, maybe, maybe… maybe… it should be…”

“…” Ye Yang was speechless.

Are you so unsure?

“It should be… Yuanshi divine corpse.” Yuan Hao said.

“Yuanshi divine corpse?” Ye Yang was surprised: “What is that stuff?”

“The beginning of one yuan is called the beginning of the yuan. 10000 The origin of things is called the beginning of the yuan. The so-called yuan divine corpse… Probably a divine corpse with myriad things source? Or is it’the ancestor of the source of the various divine corpse’? Or ‘divine corpse the source of mutation’? Or is it the corpse of the God of Yuanshi?” Yuan Hao frowns saying.

“…Is that so uncertain?” Ye Yang asked.

“He is who are you, and the old man is unclear. I have only heard the name of Yuanshi divine corpse. Whether it is an exaggerated title or a true divine corpse, it is unclear. Even, is he a deity? The Yuandi Divine corpse I said was unclear.” Yuan Hao said: “After all, the situation in the prison is seen through the void, and it is not clear. The power and information emitted inside are distorted.”

Ye Yang unable to bear asks: “That Yuan Divine corpse, conscious and intelligent can move?”

“It is said that there is a powerful force and a great horror. But whether it is autonomous, it can still be manipulated by other things, it is unclear.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang couldn’t help but vomit, this Yuanhao claimed to be the jailer of the Void Prison, and even supervised the Void Prison for a long time, so many unclear things? I don’t know, I don’t know…

However, it is much better than other powerhouses. If you look for other ancient god emperor or Divine Emperor, it is estimated that the other party can’t even say the name of Divine corpse.

As for the rule of your laws, I am afraid there are also many unclear.

“Why would the Epoch Skull be attracted to Yuanshi Divine corpse?” Ye Yang asked again.

“Unclear. I only know that the suspected divine corpse passed by, and I don’t know where to go. It may be that I returned to the prison of the void. In addition…”

“What else?”

“There are’Chaotic Undead’ coming out!”

“Chaotic Undead?”

“Well, I don’t know if it is related to the suspected Yuanshi divine corpse. Just when you asked, there was a chaotic undead appearing in the place where Yuanshi divine corpse had appeared, and now it is drilled out… a war has occurred.”

“What is Chaos Undead? The Chaos Divine Demon turned into an undead?” Ye Yang asked again.

“One is that Chaos Divine Demon died without dying, and the remaining consciousness and corpses formed chaotic undead. 2 is Chaos Divine Demon died and died, and the wreckage was nourished by chaos without being completely destroyed, and a new consciousness was generated and turned into a corpse. 3 is a congenital god or some powerful existence. After the fall, the body is nurtured in chaos, but it has not been worn away, and then corpses gradually emerge. Perhaps it is obsession or remnant or resentment, or it may be new from scratch. Generation, in short, produced consciousness. These three kinds are all considered Chaos Undead.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang suddenly understood.

There are definitely many types of chaotic undead. Their strength is also far and wide, and their abilities are all kinds of strange things. Moreover, there is definitely more than one chaotic undead. Even, it is not impossible to call the era skeleton a kind of chaotic undead.

However, the epoch skeleton is the existence of epochs, and the duration of time exceeds the time of a cosmic epoch. It can be said that there are several 100 100000000 years. If it is long, it is possible to count 1000 100000000 and 10000 100000000 years. The Chaos Undead may not be so long, maybe tens of 100 100000000 years, maybe as long as the era skeleton.

Perhaps it was the end of the last cosmic epoch, and the corpses that have not survived with the destruction of the universe are still possible. There is no bone left like the era skeleton, so it can also be called chaotic undead.

“This thing… sounds terrifying, I don’t know how much it is? How much came out this time? How strong is it?”

Ye Yang’s thoughts flashed, and curiosity broke out. Before, I just wanted to focus on my Divine Item. Like mortals in the backward society of the feudal cold weapon era, I had to take the imperial examinations.

But now, it is really interesting.

He started with Necromancer, but he rose all the way. Although the power of control has changed a lot, it is no stranger to the power of the undead family. However, after becoming a god, he had an ancient palace at the beginning, and could not use the various means and powers of the undead department. After that, after mastering Primal Chaos Law, the power of the undead department is even less useful.

Is there such a powerful undead now? Why is Ye Yang not interested?

There is a kind of intuition and hunch in the midst of emptiness, and the things drilled out of these empty prisons have a destiny with him… but it is not clear whether it is evil destiny or good destiny that’s all.

Not to mention the skeletons and the like, even if it is the brand of Chaos Controller I got before, after all, it is the remnants of the dead.


Thinking about it, Ye Yang first thanked Yuan Hao, such a big Senior carefully explained to him, how could I be grateful, otherwise it would be too rude, and it would be bad to think about it next time. 2 people are allies now and can’t be too rude.

Thank you, Ye Yang incarnation quickly shuttling through the void.

One-off Divine Item is still being produced here, and at the same time, the method of combined use is studied. Many members of the mortal think tank in Divine Kingdom also help to study. The undead creatures and other family members in Divine Kingdom are using the computing power of the super-large computer cluster to help calculate.

Ye Yang’s incarnation has detoured through the blocked area outside the indestructible land.

The war here is still going on, but many blockers, only the remote strikes rule of power dominates incarnation to go out, and then it’s continuous to build walls and walls, and then array and array.

Ye Yang’s incarnation peeked through a gap and shuttled out. In addition to being surrounded by gods, this incarnation threw out a few pieces of one-time blasting Divine Item and ran out.

The gods here are not afraid of Ye Yang incarnation and other rules governing the incarnation to break out, anyway, they will also be suppressed by their strength. They are afraid that these powerhouses will stop the wall here. Stop this blockade plan.

As long as the blockade is successful, no matter whether the rule dominates incarnation or Ye Yang incarnation, after going out, it will become weaker. Unable to send a powerful incarnation. At that time, they were also not afraid of going out, because the meaning of the blockade was to prevent their power from being transmitted outside, rather than to prevent their incarnation from going out at all.

At this time, Ye Yang incarnation shuttled in the sky, because it knew the direction, and there was a simple Space Divine Artifact made by someone from the early ancient palace, so it was only used to hurry, not slow.

Soon, I arrived at the place where the Primal Chaos Stone fetus had appeared, not far from the void prison. There are many gods incarnation nearby. In front, it’s hard to pass.

Rolling black air and gray air, the fragments of the void cracking shot randomly.

That era skeleton has already fought against those chaotic undead.

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