Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 904

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Ye Yang tried to keep his eyes wide open, divine sense sensed the fluctuations in the void, and tried to see the silhouette of the two sides of the war.

However, it is not clear at all.

Not to mention the chaotic undead, even the epoch skeletons that could be seen clearly before, are now shrouded in mist and fog, and the original image is completely unclear.

I only know that a large piece of empty space bursts, one after another, a vast chaos bursts in all directions.

“These chaos are different from Primal Chaos Qi as I know it. This is the super-crazy power of the universe’s void being exploded and various laws mixing together.”

The power of the God of Chaos is a kind of extreme chaos. The power controlled by the law of chaos is one of the most chaotic in the universe.

But which is as chaotic as a lot of laws are mixed together?

Primal Chaos Law, although it also contains the power of many Law Fragment, but this chaos is an order in disorder. Normal laws merge with each other to produce strong power, but Primal Chaos Law allows many laws to maintain a small part of the integration, a small part of each other, and a part of each other conflicting with each other, so the power of inclusion is extremely large, but There is “order” in disorder.

The Law Power in front of us is much more chaotic than chaos.

Chaos contains chaos, but it does not mean that chaos is the ultimate chaos.

The chaos here, the chaos here, is the convergence of almost all kinds of laws in the universe.

In normal deity wars, some laws are always used while others are not. Because all the laws are applied, they will check and balance each other, but the formidable power becomes weaker.

But here… it is because the Epoch Skeleton does not belong to this universe, it does not belong to this era. Chaos undead does not belong to this universe, nor to this era. They appear here, the laws of the universe instinctively come together to suppress them.

Before Cosmic Avenue is out of position, it is necessary to use various forces to suppress the prison in the void, and now, Law Power will instinctively suppress the creatures drilled in the prison in the void.

After the half-step enlightenment between the ice master, thunder master and life master, they are also suppressing all forces that are easy to lose control to maintain the stability of this universe. Therefore, the law in this universe instinctively suppresses the powerful ruler, will suppress all Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and exclude Primal Chaos Law. The creatures that do not belong to the universe are even more powerful in suppressing repulsion.

The law types of the entire universe appear here, and this era of skeletons and chaotic undead can sustain the suppression of all kinds of Law Power, forming a violent and uncontrolled energy turbulence, and countless Law Fragment doping them.

“It’s a terrible very powerful force. If you don’t rely on foreign objects and enter my body alone, you will be seriously injured. Even the ancient palace in the beginning will be shaken by the power here. In severe cases, it may even be broken. “

Ye Yang stared at the front solemnly.

Suddenly, his heart was stagnant, Ye Yang evaded to 10,000,000 li in an instant, and he saw where he stood before, and the void collapsed.

From there, a lot of energy poured out.

It is not that there is any power flying from a distance, nor is it shuttled, but there is some power coming across dimensions, causing the void change here to generate power diffusion out of thin air.

Ye Yang quickly put away the divine sense and stepped aside.

Hearing faintly, a scream of a god came from afar.

But a lot of gods incarnation flew here to watch the drama, each and everyone the bold package Heaven and Earth released divine sense to go out to sense.

But the power of the Epoch Skeleton and Chaos Undead can easily trace the cause and effect, hurting their bodies.

“Hehe ……” Ye Yang shook his head.

The gods who watched were too brave. Or too careless.

At this point, a beam of black light emerged, and the silhouette of the era skeleton disappeared in the sky.

Ye Yang discovered that there were several hazy silhouettes surrounding the era skeleton.

“There is more than one chaotic undead… not right, there are not a few, but only two.

“One is the existence of translucency like a ghost… similar to a pure Spirit Body. It is not too fast and translucent, but he is translucent. It can release many spirit strengths and merge with the surrounding violent energy. , To form some temporary translucent ghosts, but it is not a real creation of life, just a will projection.

“The other is a dead body, a very ugly ancient body, stiff, similar to zombie, but the flesh and bones can actually change between the solid state and the colloidal state, for a time it is like a mummy, hard, and for a while it becomes like mud. Generally disgusting…

“Just now I saw several silhouettes wrapped around that era skeleton, because they have the body and the incarnation of energy creation, and some phantoms.”

Ye Yang closed his eyes quickly, converging the divine sense.

As the figure shifted, a gray flame burned. The gray flame of death contains a light green color, a light green light spot is entangled with a gray breath, melting the void, does no harm to the void, but can cause any ignition strength to the spirit strength.

Just like paper and plants are ignited by fire, the fire will burn along the paper and plants, and the flame is moving.

This gray flame can be traced back to spirit strength and burned in the past. If it is a mortal, seeing this flame in the sky, that flame will burn to the mortal along his eyes and waves of thought. If a mortal is very close to the flame, but does not watch the flame, and does not have distracted thoughts in his heart, the flame will not burn to the mortal.

This is especially true for gods. These forces can directly ignite the deity’s spirit and trace the divine sense fluctuations.

Ye Yang incarnation moved in the sky, these forces burned all the way back, but when they burned to less than ten centimeters in front of Ye Yang, they stopped moving forward.

Because, He cut off all thoughts, all the cause and effect of the previous void, the Spiritual Fluctuation that remained before. Even the fluctuations in the void caused by the physical activity have temporarily subsided. Then, in a moment, the backwards swept away, but the flame had gradually dissipated.

“You have to find a way to deal with this power. If this era of skeletons threatens me, then I must not only be able to defend, but also be able to see the enemy in this violent battle, and be able to target the other party without being traced by the other party. The causal power is hurt. Therefore, it also has the power to ignite causality. Burning the causal thread, burning Law Power, the power of the other party to trace the causation can be cut off and blocked, then there is the power of a battle…”

Ye Yang’s mind turned, and he saw that the center of violent violence caused by the battle was gradually migrating.

In the battle between the skeletons of that era and the undead, they moved towards the distance while fighting.

Soon, it reached a galaxy.

That large galaxy with a diameter of more than 30 and 10000 light years, countless stars burned, or suddenly became gray.

Many creatures are unimaginable. The star that was burning violently at the previous moment has completely stopped burning, there is no nuclear fusion, and there are no other kinds of microscopic world energy changes and structural changes. The entire star has become completely burnt out like charcoal After the ash, or ashes after burning stones.

Some stars even cracked after turning gray.

This is not 2 pieces, nor 1000, 100 pieces or 10000 pieces. Not even a few 100000000 a few billion.

Instead, count 100 100000000 stars change color in an instant.

Then another 100 100000000 stars changed color in an instant.

More than 10000 and 100000000 million stars have become gray for more than half a moment, and the entire galaxy has died.

This kind of scene reminds people of the effect caused by the power of Grand Dao dominated by the previous ice.

At the same time, the ice master freezes multiple galaxies together in an instant. Here is just a problem with one galaxy.

However, this is just the aftermath of the battle, and this galaxy is much larger.

Their power is not far from that of the power of Grand Dao. The essence is not much worse than the power of the avenue.

Very terrifying ……”

Many gods murmured, and saw that the central area of ​​the war was transferred again, and soon went to another nearby galaxy, and that galaxy also quickly died.

Then, each and everyone galaxy is silent, and each and everyone galaxy is destroyed. ,

Because it stops burning, because it stops the power from spreading, so the stars in many galaxies derail, and each and everyone planet collide with each other.

There are many livable planets. Even if there is no impact, the planet suddenly deviates from the trajectory, which can also cause a super earthquake. Many mortals are too late to move.

Even, there are many planets, which are directly transformed into undead stars, and sentient beings are transformed into skeletons or become ghosts or zombie.

Some are still active, but some are just dead and will not be transformed into undead creatures, so that the soul dissipates and the body is still. In others, the body died and the soul escaped. Still others, the soul is extinguished, and new corpses are born from the body.

Various misfortunes appear in the universe.

Some gods couldn’t bear it and helped each other out. But their incarnation was close, and was swept away by the aftermath of the war.

Obviously did not see the spread of power, they just approached, ashed out of thin air, and then incarnation scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, the body did not know how, but it must be uncomfortable. It is even possible to lose weight or even die.

This is like a very high-temperature substance. It can’t see red, and it looks normal on the surface, but the temperature around it is several thousand degrees to 1000 degrees. I thought I could take things away from it with care, but as soon as the paper approached, it would be directly ignited by the surrounding hot air.

The same is true here, although no energy fluctuations are seen and no abnormal Law Power is sensed, the void near them has been distorted, not following the normal laws of the universe, but under their will.

Those with insufficient strength will be interfered by their will as soon as they come close to affect their own power and laws, and their bodies will directly generate mutations.

very terrifying… so terrifying…” Many gods are surprised.

“So powerful… how can it be defeated?”

Many deities looked at those stars unbearably.

However, there are too many galaxies in the universe. Although it is still far from the time when the civilization was developed in the universe, the number of remaining creatures is less than 100000000/1. But in general, there are still many creatures in the universe.

overwhelming majority The galaxy is empty and has very little life. Only a few galaxies have a large number of creatures. But the gods can’t control the skeletons of this era, and there is no way for them to rush towards those galaxies without life, and they cannot be kept away from those galaxies with life.

Moreover, it is obviously unrealistic to move so many mortals at once. The deity is also incapable. Without enough time, the deity is not 10000 capable.

More importantly, in this era of the Skeletal War against Chaos Undead, it is not fixed moving towards a certain direction, but constantly changing direction. And sometimes the sudden transmission of the shuttle is extremely far away. This kind of transmission does not use the Space Law here, but explodes the space, making the Space Law of the universe invalid, and then shuttling through the void to reach another place.

Therefore, their path of progress is awkward.

For example, there is obviously a galaxy in front of them, but they passed through several million light-years in an instant and crossed several galaxies, allowing some of the later galaxies to be destroyed by their power first.

“These guys…who can stop them?”

God asked.

But no one answered.

“No one can stop them?”

“Unless the rulers of the laws have not been suppressed, they can come out. But in fact, let’s not say whether the rules of the laws are suppressed, there are still many gods who deliberately block the indestructible land without giving the rulers the power to come out.”

“It’s too selfish.”

“If the three masters who became enlightened half-steps were awake, they would be able to suppress them, but, I don’t know what went wrong. The three masters who had the power of Grand Dao not at all woke up and still professed themselves. Isn’t it serious?”

“Perhaps, in their eyes, as long as it doesn’t cause a big crack in the bottom of the universe, or the damage to the bottom of the universe is less than the speed of recovery, it doesn’t matter. Does the destruction of the universe’s surface seem to be very important?”

“What a joke…”

Many gods want to kill the chaotic undead and the epoch skeleton. They are already undead, and they will die a little bit more. Unfortunately, no one has this ability for the time being.

“Although they are strong, they are not invincible. For example, Law Power, weak, will be propped up by them. But if a Law Power is strong enough to stack indefinitely, it can also suppress them. For example, the ruler can make one This kind of power is constantly superimposed, and can compete with it.” Yuan Hao stared at the void and said.

Ye Yang looking thoughtful.

He thought of the large number of one-time Divine Item that he created.

Thinking about it, I suddenly discovered that there was a familiar silhouette in front.

“Primal Chaos Stone tire?”

It is the “monkey” again.

Ye Yang rushed over quickly, but found that a blazing light fell in the sky.

Duan Yujian, I don’t know when, actually broke the repulsion of the universe barrier, and shuttled in. It happened to cut the Primal Chaos Stone fetus.

However, Primal Chaos Stone blasted the Duanyu sword with one punch.

Obviously, this Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, although it can enter the universe, but the power is suppressed so much that it will be repelled from the universe by the vast force in the next instant.

“This universe is clearly repelling the power of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. Why can’t it suppress those guys? Or let multiple pieces of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure come in, won’t they be able to fight them?”

Many deities do not understand.

It seems that there is something wrong with the operation mechanism of this universe, and it will only resolutely repel Chaos to Treasure, but will not deal with that era skeleton to chaotic undead.

Ye Yang looked at the guys who were still at war, and then looked at the Primal Chaos Stone tire. Suddenly, his figure flickered and shuttled past. The right hand stretched out, and the index finger snapped: “Monkey, come here, grandfather fights you.”

He wants to try his own new tactics. Although he is not fully formed and the reserves are not enough, he can try this Primal Chaos Stone monkey. If he can win, maybe he can learn something from this monkey. Chaos Controller’s secret.

But I didn’t expect that the Primal Chaos Stone fetus was annoyed, but it was just moved towards Ye Yang.

Fist strikes the void, actually breaking the void and forming a gateway to the prison of the void, then turning around and escaping, disappearing into the void.

“Isn’t it? How could this portal of the Void Prison be opened so easily? No one had done it before… No, now the deity has no way, how is this opened?” Ye Yang was a little dazed.

Although it can be seen that strikes are void in the area where the era of Skeleton Wars has been fought, there must be a special method to open this portal. Moreover, it is easy to open and difficult to block.

“This dead monkey… is it to attract all the weirdness of the prison in the void and destroy the universe?”

Ye Yang is very angry.

At this moment, the era skeleton and the chaotic undead in the war gradually approached the galaxy.

“Lie, don’t you? Can’t you avoid it after all?”

Ye Yang complexion changed.

After a little hesitation, this incarnation shuttled past quickly, stopping in front of them on their way forward.

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