Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 905

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Many of the gods incarnation who saw this scene have taken a breath.

But part of the gods were ecstatic.

There are gods who don’t like to see the era skeletons destroyed everywhere, but some evil gods like to see each and everyone galaxy destroyed. I wish the universe was as bad as possible. The forest is big, there are all kinds of birds.

Therefore, the gods saw Ye Yang blocking the road and were surprised, surprised, and wondered why Ye Yang was so bold and how dare to block the road.

Some gods have bright eyes, thinking about how Ye Yang’s incarnation was hit.

The other deities were just swept by the aftermath, and the incarnation was extinguished, and the power also affected the body. Will Ye Yang’s act of actively blocking the road completely anger the era skeleton and the chaotic undead? Will Ye Yang’s body be directly destroyed?

When I think of this, many gods are full of excitement.

Even if I can’t recognize Ye Yang’s true face and true identity now, I am just happy.


Things are beyond all gods’ expectations.

When Ye Yang blocked the road, the direction of that era skeleton and chaotic undead was actually deviated.

Actually, she passed the shoulder not far from Ye Yang. The aftermath of power is only beyond a thousand li. There was even a small amount of aftermath rushing to Ye Yang, causing his incarnation to shake. But there was no injury.

“Luck is so good?” Many gods stared at Ye Yang in surprise.

Ye Yang was also silent.

Courage has been summoned for a battle… not only for the galaxy of that day, but more importantly, to experiment with your new tactics. Even if the accumulated Divine Item is not too much, but at least you can protect yourself in this powerhouse scuffle.

Of course, by the way, you can also protect those mortals who are relatively close. Although it is not a believer, it is not a family member in Divine Kingdom, it is not a native, but there is at least a compassion. Under the circumstance of ensuring that there will be no major problems, don’t mind helping one 2.


“Luck is so good?”

He was muttering, and suddenly felt something in the entire universe suddenly became weak. Law Power, originally in the sky, is weak.

The power of the outbreak of the Skeleton Wars in that era was more condensed, and the range of coverage was not as strong as before, but the power of bombarding the target was stronger. Ye Yang also felt that the space constraints in the void became weaker.

“Space Law became weaker, but space shuttle became easier…” Ye Yang pupil light faintly.

Space Law is powerful, the space is stable, and it is difficult to smash void. But if you control Space Law’s secret and use Space Law, it will become easier to transmit than other gods.

In turn, Space Law becomes weaker and the space is unstable, making smash void easier. If you want to use Space Law to send, it will be difficult to travel too far because of insufficient power. But if you use other forces smash void and use other forces to force the shuttle in a special way, then the transmission will be easier than before.

When the space is stable, it is difficult to shuttle with other Law Power, and it is easy to shuttle with Space Law. When the space is unstable, it is difficult to shuttle with Space Law, it is easy to break the space with other laws, and you can also take advantage of the opportunity to shuttle.

The key is whether you know how to use it.


Ye Yang was shocked.

Suddenly reacted.

The body of ancient palace in the early days quickly re-consolidates the incarnation, and the incarnation flew out of the ancient palace in the early days.

As you can see, outside the indestructible land, the thick and thick fog has dispersed most of it. But in the void outside, there are more endless energy walls.

Many powerhouse strikes over there are empty, blocked by the energy wall. That contains a variety of Law Power interweaving the energy wall, intercepting the power, blooming rays of light. At first glance, it seems that the entire indestructible land is blocked by a super-luminous shield that is nearly sphere.

Many laws dominate the incarnation, and the attack is released from afar to the energy wall, but the attack penetrates outside the indestructible land and has not yet reached the energy wall, it is weak.

Beyond the indestructible land, there is still the will left by the ice dominating them, and the power of the law dominating.

The incarnation dominated by the law flew out, but when it reached the energy wall, its strength also became weaker. Not enough Divine King level.

Shot strikes that wall. The wall cracked, but the energy blocks fell one by one, and the invisible Law Fragment dropped and exploded, but the wall did not break. Moreover, the crack here is repaired over there.

Laws dominated the anger and shuttled past.

Without too much obstruction, successfully passed the energy wall successfully. However, beyond the energy wall, the incarnation is weaker than before.

The energy wall could not completely prevent the rule from dominating. It’s just that the transmission of the will ruled by the law is disturbed, and the Xeon incarnation and “noumenon” ruled by the law cannot go out.

Originally, it was impossible to go out, it was seriously weakened when going out, and now it is just adding a wall.

The power ruled by the law can still come to most parts of the universe, condensing the will at will, controlling the law and energy into incarnation. This method is more miraculous than the Divine Emperor, but the condensed incarnation is not strong enough.

“Those bastards!”

“Block the indestructible land, what do you want to do?”

“Is it possible that, the appearance of the Primal Chaos Stone fetus, the appearance of the strange crack of the void (the void prison exit), are they secret mastermind?”

“He wants more strange creatures to come to this universe, is he going to explode this universe?”

I don’t understand.

“Maybe, it’s more than a kind of thought. Many Divine Emperor, each has a ghost, and each has their own plans. But no matter what the idea is, we don’t want us to intervene. Whether it is the Divine Emperor Pu who wants to make a profit, or is Chaos Controller The idea of ​​branding inheritance is contaminated, or is misled by the information left by the Great Dao Mark. No matter what you want to do, you don’t want a group of more powerful aloof and remote powerhouses to come out and point fingers.” One rule ruled.

“Unfortunately, even without us, there are some monsters from the cracks in the bottom interlayer of the universe. Their strength is not weaker than us, and they are very unreasonable.” A ruler sneered.

There is also the rule ruled loudly said: “The emerging creatures, one called the era skeleton, some called the chaotic undead, some called the void ghost (human-shaped black hole), they are all out of this universe. They are not in one day. Destroyed, the origin of the universe was continuously consumed in one day.

“They are like swords and blades embedded in animals within the body in this universe. If the blades are not removed, the creatures will die. In the same way, if they are not removed, the stability of this universe will gradually be destroyed. In the end, it will definitely disintegrate. These half-steps that the ice dominates them into Daoist cannot be recovered even if they come out again at that time.

“If you want to save the universe and avoid destruction, you can let this void barrier open and let us go out. As long as there is a way to extradite them or let us temporarily have normal battle strength outside, we can pack them…”

An Ancient God Sovereign heard it outside, laughed heartily: “talk nonsense. It sounds like you are very difficult to deal with. If it is so powerful, how can you be trapped in an indestructible place and not dare to come out?”

“The universe is going to become unstable? Will it break? That is even more ridiculous. If it is really serious, how can the ice dominate them, why not wake up? With the power of Grand Dao, it is enough to suppress everything. They have not started, It means that things are not so serious.

“You are alarmist and want to mislead us deliberately, let us break the barriers here so that you can come out? Don’t you think!!!”

The previous law dominated anger and said: “What do you know? It becomes Dao Road, and it stops without being promoted to half. Either the promotion is successful or the promotion fails. The law is transformed into promotion. The front is a step-by-step promotion, you can not change the way. But in the end In one step, the rule of law will be transformed into the will of the great road, and the promotion of Law Power to power of Grand Dao is an irreversible process!

“Either become enlightened, have power of Grand Dao, or retreat, lose power of Grand Dao, and sprint again next time. There is no mention of the situation where the promotion is half stopped…”

There is a deity outside: “Why the ice master, thunder master and life master, can use the power of Grand Dao without being promoted to the avenue? Without being promoted to the avenue, there is still power of Grand Dao available. If you return, Then their power of Grand Dao will be returned to Law Power, how can that suppress the entire universe?”

The law governs: “Because, although the three of them suppressed each other and restrained each other, they also supported each other. The three reached a balance. Equivalent to extend the process of their promotion from the days they needed to the years. To a few million years or even 3 or even 3 years, or even longer.

“It’s just slowing down the promotion process. It is still in the process of promotion. The origin of the universe is insufficient, so there is no Primal Chaos Tribulation to continue.

“But because the foundation of the universe is weak and empty, it is not enough for any of them to become a avenue, so they have to delay this process… Once they are out of this special state, they will continue to be promoted, and The speed increases, and it is difficult to slow down.

“So, as long as as a last resort, they will not wake up. Once they wake up, it is a process of continuous promotion, which will extract the origin of the universe and extract the essence of the universe. They want to wait for the origin of the universe to recover, enough At the same time, 3 people were promoted to the avenue, and then they were awakened. Before that, they suppressed everything and prevented all excessive power.

“But it is a pity that they can suppress the normal power in the universe, but they cannot suppress the power from the previous generation of the universe, not the power of this era, not the normal Primal Chaos Law state sieve of Chaos World.

“They are if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off. As long as the universe is not really serious enough to make them wake up at the cost of a few more cracks in the universe, they will not really wake up.

“But it is so close that when they wake up, the situation may be irreversible.”

There is a godly saying: “putting it that way, we are now acting arbitrarily, and do not have to worry about the punishment of the three masters?”

“Hmph, you can try it. Although they are self-styled, they can still suppress you.”

“Damn, we can suppress it, but we can’t suppress that era skeleton. Which side did the 3rd Daoist stand on?” Some brave gods said.

Many laws dominate the silence.

This matter is not as simple as it seems, but there are deeper reasons. Those three and a half steps into Daoist are not so easy to wake up, and now, the era skeleton has been suppressed.

Their attacks will destroy galaxies, but the true roots of the universe, the true origin, not at all, have suffered much damage. The destruction of the universe’s stars is not very serious for the universe’s void. For example, the painted planet on a slate is smeared by other paints or erased by an eraser. It looks very serious. The paintings are broken, and the slate itself is almost intact.

Of course, if it were not for the half-step force of Daoist to suppress it, it would be hard to say whether it would damage the “slate”.

And at this time…

Ye Yang and the others discovered that as many Law Powers in the universe became weaker, the void prison where the Primal Chaos Stone fetus had broken in the distance had problems again.

There were 2 huge, fluffy black hands that stretched out and pulled the void prisoner’s exit. Not pulled away.

But there was something that exuded only black air flew out of it.

“What is that stuff?”

“Originally this crack exists, but nothing has been drilled before. As soon as the Universe Principle is weak, is there something in it?”

Many gods have one’s hair stand on end.

Even the battle between the Skeletons of that era and Chaos Undead slowed for a moment, and the formidable power became weaker.

Then, a roar was heard, and the vast void collapsed. At the exit of the Void Prison, a huge mouth protruded from the inside. Suddenly sucked in, the black paint that fled out flew into it, was sucked into the belly by the big mouth, and was swallowed.

Then more violent black gas flowed out of it.

There was a faint noise inside, and then I saw a huge stuffy thing emerge from it.

Look at it again, it is actually a humanoid creature in the black gas, but there are 2 broken wings on the back.

It looks like a wing man.

However, only a small amount of flesh remains on the wings and is connected to a part of skeleton. The wings are broken. Many parts of the body are broken.

This is a monster like zombie.

The zombie in the form of a winged man is just that there is black hair on the body. The black hair can be turned into black gas to diffuse, and there is also black gas flowing into the hair, condensing the hair.

Its face is twisted and its mouth is huge. Overgrown fangs.

Soon, the figure grew larger than the exit of the void prison.

In an instant, He glanced at the four sides with cold eyes, a roar, 4 1000 light-year void collapse, various energy turbulence Law Fragment chaos.

His eyes radiate a green and faint light, and the green eyes in the hollow eyes condense.

Ye Yang sensed that a spirit full of malice and miscellaneous delusions came over here.

Not against him, but against the era skeleton and chaotic undead in battle.

In a moment, the huge hair stiffened into the shatter void, hong long long hit the space, exploded into the void, and flew over towards this side.

In an instant, 1000 100 light-years are transmitted, and then another 1000 100 light-years. Where the shuttle travels, a huge channel with a diameter of more than 3000 light years is formed, reaching a length of several millions light years.

Such a channel breaks out in the 3D space of the universe.

His big fist moved towards the era skeletons.

In that big War Zone, the energy spread slightly, and Ye Yang vaguely saw the scene inside, and he saw that the era skeleton evaded, but a chaotic undead was hit by a giant fist and burst with a bang, violent power Scour 4 parties.

The huge hair stiffness wanted to stagnate his body, but the power he had rushed over was too strong, and he couldn’t hold it back. He kept walking through the battlefield area of ​​the war before that era skeleton, and rushed straight towards Ye Yang.

“Can’t avoid!!”

Ye Yang feels that the other person’s body is not coming and the mental lock has arrived. It is not unintentional, but intentional?

In a flash, the void burst, and one-by-one Divine Item shuttle flew over.

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