Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 906

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Ye Yang’s body is going backwards. Those Divine Items haven’t come yet, but they have burst into bursts.

However, the speed of Ye Yang’s backwards is not as good as that of the strange creature.

Divine Item shuttled from a distance, the speed is more than the “close” collision.

With a bang, Ye Yang’s incarnation exploded.

Less than a second later, many one-time Divine Items burst, and the violent Primal Chaos Qi and various energy Law Fragment rushed to the front, forming a vast power barrier.

As you can see, the black monster shaped like “long-haired zombie” was blocked.

The speed of advancement has been reduced by almost 90%.

Although it still hit the Primal Chaos Qi barrier and rushed forward a few thousand kilometers away. Compared with the previous strong collision force, it is still far away.

At the same time, outside the ancient palace in the early days, a branch of Flying Sword appeared out of thin air, and each branch had less than palm-size, simple in shape.

Cut in a certain direction in the sky.

It looks like a mortal wielding a sword and chopping the air, like a little Flying Sword waving at random in the sky, but it quickly spreads with a strong energy shock and spiritual shock.

“this is……”

The gods in many ancient palaces stared out in horror. Although the ancient palace was not impacted, each and everyone was shocked. In the early days, many laws outside the ancient palace ruled, regardless of whether it was near or far, all looked side by side.

“The thread of cause and effect, cut off… great!”

Ye Yang’s body was laughed heartily in the ancient palace in the early days.

The incarnation was just wiped out just now, and the little Flying Sword outside the ancient palace in the early days also had many pieces.

Why laugh?

Because, he successfully proved that those one-time Divine Item, used in batches, is enough to block a more powerful existence than the era skeleton. And, the power that can trace the other party’s cause and effect is completely blocked in the void.

The cause and effect are invisible and phaseless, ignoring spatial distance. The two points are not the closest to a straight line, but ignore the distance from one point to almost coincide with another point. This transmission of power beyond the dimension of time and space does not mean that the thread of cause and effect can be cut by cutting into the void in front of it. But it is also possible to use the power that is sufficient to destroy the high-dimensional space-time level and contains the corresponding Law Power to cut off the powerful force that traces the cause and effect.

This is stronger than the ordinary Divine Emperor’s retroactive causal direct attack to the source, and the quality is higher.

Now, blocked.

This means that by using a large number of one-time Divine Item, you can fight against this level of strong enemy! !

Can be attacked and defended, can be defended! !

As for the incarnation that was killed before, it was before a large number of one-off Divine Items flew. It is too late to call those Divine Item. This can only prove that the opponent is too fast, and it cannot prove that Ye Yang’s Divine Item is useless.

“So… really gratifying.”

Ye Yang smiled on his face, while also carrying a trace of murderous intention.

At first glance, he felt that he was very excited and excited, there was a kind of stupidity ~ desire ~ ~ move, want to open a look.

The next moment, Divine Item flew up piece by piece.

Many are small Flying Swords as small as slaps, without handles or with handles and without hand guards.

Then there are multiple pieces of Divine Item in the shape of a small shield, but also palm-size.

And then to all kinds of printed shapes, ink-shaped, pen-shaped, various forms.

Count 1000 This one-time Divine Item, the convergence power fluctuates, it seems to be the lowest quality Divine Item, even sub-divine item.

They surround Ye Yang’s incarnation.

Ye Yang right hand waved.

Many Divine Items are grouped around, and a few of them burst. Primal Chaos Qi is surging, which leads to the successful operation of a Space Law constructed by many Divine Item.

Primal Chaos Qi is suppressed by the void and no longer works, but Void Quake attracts various Law Power. These Law Powers are drawn by the situation and produce wonderful changes.

Ye Yang took a lot of Divine Items into a certain twisted and folded place in the void, and disappeared in a flash.

In the next moment, there have been less than 1000000 light years near the skeleton of the era.

There, Mao stiffened and roared, his voice oscillated into the void, and the resulting energy shock reverberated in a vacuum. Of course, only the deities or corresponding instruments analyze these energy waves to hear his roar.

The silhouette of the epoch skeleton and the 2 chaotic undead are besieging the stiff hair.

3 Party Wars.

4 superpowers from 3 parties, now divided into 2 factions.

3 silhouettes besieged the stiffness, and various violent forces washed the 4 sides, continuously shaking out a circle of energy.

Ye Yang’s incarnation flew nearby with many one-time Divine Items.

Pieces of Divine Item bloomed. Countless Divine Items are divided into incarnation.

This time sexual Divine Item does not mean that it can only be used from ~ ~ burst, nor does it mean that it cannot be used once it bursts.

For example, a guide bomb can only be used once, and it will blow up when it is released. But at the same time, don’t want it to blow up, you can use it as a heavy object to hit the target. Although normal mortal impossible do so.

But Ye Yang is not a mortal.

This time Divine Item If you don’t attack, the divine force used is weaker than the Half-God Level, it can be used continuously and indefinitely. Only the Divine Item can be destroyed quickly by using God-level power, which is called a one-off.

At this moment, many Divine Items are blooming brightly, surrounding Ye Yang, like a huge luminous Chinese wheel, setting off the vast silhouette of Ye Yang.

The spilled power fluctuations are all amplified.

What’s even more amazing is that this Divine Item formation can attract Law Power in the sky to compress and condense when there is no attack for the time being.

Once this Law Power is used, the corresponding Divine Item will explode. Without using this Law Power, these Divine Items can be maintained. Of course, if the attracted Law Power is dissipated, these one-time humble Divine Items cannot be supported.

They are not powerful in themselves, but Ye Yang uses the fluctuations of the low-level Divine Item that they spilled over, a large number of stacks, and clever combination, can countless changes, with a near-long-term accumulation of power.

This is the rhythm of the war.

However, those creatures from the Void Prison are not staring at Ye Yang now. They were raging against each other like fire, “as if drunk and stupefied”, roaring again and again, the force constantly bombard the void.

Not at all interested in ignoring Ye Yang’s appearance.

Ye Yang pondered a little, and the number of her one-time Divine Item is still not enough, so you can observe it again.

The battle is a must battle. Try a head-on battle.

But when to fight, how many one-time Divine Item to fight again, this is a question.

Ye Yang pondered a little, and several Divine Items flew over, bursting open one after another.

The strange thing is that after the Divine Item exploded in the void, the spilled Primal Chaos Qi actually inspired the laws around, forming a huge pavement for each and everyone. It contains the mystery of the law and the power of divine force.

These runes are like dragons circling around in the void, driving energy to form a huge round door frame around.

In the door frame, a film is generated out of thin air, and the image is displayed on the film.

It was actually the situation of the Skeleton Wars in the era ahead.

Previously, with the strength of Ye Yang and the power of many deities, it was impossible to see through the situation of several prisoner creature battles in that chaotic energy zone.

Even, even that era skeleton, it is estimated that it cannot see through the energy of the violent disorder. It can only see the chaotic undead and hair stiffness at close range, but cannot see through the universe void beyond the energy of the violent energy, and cannot see the gods nearby. incarnation onlookers. Otherwise, he would have been angry and started to attack the gods.

However, now this strange frame condensed by Ye Yang, the light film condensed on it, can actually show the front scene.

“Having powerful computing power.”

“It uses those streaks to calculate.”

“It should be said that he used the power of many laws in the universe to cooperate with the calculation. He didn’t have much loss, and he didn’t need to use his own calculation power. He only let Heaven and Earth help in the calculation. Let the vast universe void automatically change the disorder The image becomes clear again.”

“This optical film not only has a filtering effect, filtering bad light waves and rays, filtering some disordered information, but also adjusting the image after calculation.”

“This is the spell of the prophecy system? But it’s a little different from the normal prophecy system…”

a Shen祗incarnation, for his side, moved towards Ye Yang and looked over here.

There is even a deity, who mobilizes rune in the sky to create each and everyone.

“No, we use the same magic, the same spell, the effect is not comparable to him? It’s no reason.”

“It is possible to achieve this level of him, but a lot of divine force and Law Power must be used. Unlike him… just a few Divine Item can be.”

“Oh, just move a few Divine Item? You see, He destroys and destroys Divine Item one by one, leaving only some broken pieces of material. It’s a waste. So many Divine Items are exploded in exchange for such a clear look ahead Opportunity is too wasteful.”

“Look carefully, the broken Divine Item fragments are just very scum material. His Divine Item may not be as expensive as imagined.”

“It is possible that the Divine Item fragments are exhausting power and’descended to the ordinary’? And, even if the Divine Item material is not expensive, it is a very expensive thing to want to manufacture this low-level Divine Item in large quantities. “

“Don’t look disappointed, each and everyone is sour, aren’t you jealous of others? Really want to speak of which, this kind of means to burst Divine Item, but it is the same as the Master’s burning scroll. One of the Master’s scrolls is the price. Very expensive. Using materials that are very expensive for mortals, it takes a lot of energy and time, and even loses a certain mana, and also has to bear a certain probability of failure, it is possible to obtain the finished reel. But once the war, it is not every and everyone The scroll keeps throwing away and throwing away?”

“Yes, the deity has heard a story about a mortal mage fighting with the enemy. In his anger, he took out a precious casting material and beautiful natural gemstones. But when he was distressed and willing to use it, he recovered it. In the same way, it is normal for the Divine War to use many precious Divine Item materials.”

“But in the normal war of gods, who would be so wasteful of Divine Item? This is Divine Item, not Divine Item material. And he is only for the purpose of casting a magical technique to see through the mist and disorder energy, it is not a battle.”

“Normal deity wars will also consume a lot of reserves of divine force crystals and other things. This deity is just a “high”.”

The gods could not recognize the incarnation of Ye Yang, only vaguely guessed that he might have originated from the ancient palace in the beginning, but it was not Ye Yang, but it is not easy to say. Ye Yang is very rich, but in the current universe, some ancient god emperors have the financial resources, the wealth accumulated in the long time measured in units of 100000000 years, is not inferior to Ye Yang, or even more, these powerhouses are also possible Entering the ancient palace at the beginning.

“Okay, don’t stare at the god. Are you here to watch the game or look at the guy pretending to be rich?” There is a god dissatisfied.

“Wow, look!”

There is a god incarnation pointing to the light film on Ye Yang’s side.

The gods were shocked.

Including Ye Yang, his eyes were wide, and his face was incredible.

“this is……”

Everyone saw with their own eyes that one of the chaotic undead in the war was caught by the stiff hair.

Mao stiff bite on the body of the chaotic undead, the era skeleton force strikes, another chaotic undead is also attacking, and the bitten chaotic undead is struggling to release the impact of power continuously.

All these things have caused Mao’s stiff body to suffer a lot of surface damage, but He still can’t hold on.

Suddenly, the Chaos Undead swooped back suddenly. But a large piece of body was bitten by the hair stiffly in the mouth and swallowed instantly.

Then, the imposing manner of the stiff body suddenly flicked, and the overflowing power fluctuations were more wild than before.

At the very least, the impact with the Universe Principle is stronger than before. The power of manifestation is stronger when you break the Universe Principle.

The engulfed chaotic undead quickly evacuated, the imposing manner of his body became weaker, and was suppressed by various surroundings.

His wound healed at a rate visible to his eyes, and on the surface, he was not injured. But the power he radiated was a bit weaker than before, about 20% less power.

The deity and these creatures, any injuries, as long as they are not attacked by external forces, can be quickly repaired, but the lost power cannot be recovered. But it’s much better than ordinary creatures. Unlike many ordinary creatures, the loss of part of the body will quickly drop due to injury and pain.

“This stiffness can actually be swallowed? If you swallow other creatures, your strength will become stronger? Why is it so terrible?”

A deity incarnation was talking, but when he saw the stiff era skeleton of strikes before, he actually smashed a weird thing like flesh and flesh on the stiff body. As soon as he opened his mouth, he swallowed into the body.

Mao stiff furiously blasted the skeleton of that era, and the wound on his body was turned into a lance by the energy controlled by another chaotic undead.

The flying skull of the era, the imposing manner of the body did not feel much stronger, but the gods could tell that the skeleton of the era did not become weak because of the damage caused by the flying, but it was still a little stronger.

“This…he swallowed and became stronger?”

“It should become stronger, but some enhanced imposing manner was weakened by being injured by flying.”

“Mao stiffness can be swallowed, so can the skeletons of this era?” This…how can there be a less foreboding?”

“Maybe, the Chaos Undead can also be swallowed?”

“This… is terrible.”

“No, if you can devour and become stronger, then why didn’t the Epoch Skeleton devour the stars and gods. The gods he killed were not too many but not too few, and the creatures that were killed were hard to count. If he had something like The law of the engulfing god, then directly engulfing these creatures will become stronger… Why haven’t they been engulfing before?”

“There is only one explanation… just like the devouring god can only be promoted by consuming the same level or a similar level of powerhouse, this era of skeletons, and hair stiffness…It is likely that the creatures that are from the special space crack must be devoured. Strong.”

This god is not clear about “Void Prison” and can only be described as “Special Space Crack”.

But the gods can hear clearly.

The gods incarnation who heard these words nearby, each and everyone’s faces emerged suddenly, and they both had a look of shock and exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech.

“No wonder they were enemies with each other before, and they would fight the war without saying a word… It seems that this guess, the correct probability, is great!”

“I can swallow each other and become stronger…”

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