Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 907

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“They swallowed each other? That is a conflict of interest, will they be enemies with each other?”

“Yeah, it’s a dead enemy, a natural enemy. If we make good use of this, wouldn’t it be possible for them to fight against each other? By struggling to fight, then there are no more such things in mysterious Space Crack Don’t be afraid to get out of it.”

“Idiot!!! You only see that they will fight each other, do you not see that they will become stronger after swallowing each other? If each and everyone keeps swallowing, then each and everyone will continue to become stronger, and may eventually be strong To a degree more horrible than the domination of your laws…”

“Who do you scold?”

“Curse you… hateful, you want to pick things up?”

“Hmph, you scolded us idiots first. But in fact, where do you get smart? These guys fight each other, there will definitely be a waste of power on the fight. And swallowing each other, swallowing will also have a lot of power wasted, this Or weaken them…”

“It’s ridiculous, the power will increase, and qualitative change will be achieved. A mortal with 300 kg of power, using cold weapons to fight, is much stronger than three mortals with only 3 kg of power. The former is enough to stand in the 100 army , A heavy armor impervious to sword or spear, long spear is invincible. The latter three add up, 10000 troops can be siege, 3 army can be destroyed, how to mention on equal terms? Do not see them weaken each other Strength, to see how much they will become stronger after they swallow each other.”

The gods incarnation scolded each other, noisy

Ye Yang looked dignified.

Swallowing each other… Strengthening… This is really bad news.

He knows better than many gods how many terrible things are hidden behind the prison of the void.

Moreover, those things may come out at any time. Moreover, there will be more and more.

Once they were killed in the universe, engulfed in battle and strengthened, the consequences would be unimaginable.

As for whether it would be Yuan Hao lying, is there not so much behind the Void Prison?

Ye Yang will also see, through the cracks to see what is behind the Void Prison.

Many times, divine sense can’t reach. And what is seen may be a phantom, not necessarily true.

But when Primal Chaos Stone fetus split open space, when opening the entrance of the void prison, at that moment, you can see something.

Therefore, Ye Yang believes that the probability is very high.

What Yuan Hao said, the real probability is extremely high.

In addition, the brand of Chaos Controller, which has not appeared before, has appeared recently. This also proves that the Universe Principle has weakened many things.

“The future is dark. This universe will be finished sooner or later.”

Ye Yang is very upset.

thoughts move, unable to bear let another incarnation ask Yuan Hao: “Before they stayed in the prison of the void, will they also swallow each other?”

“It shouldn’t be.” Yuan Hao said.

“Why?” Ye Yang asked.

Yuan Hao said: “Contrast mortals. Outside the prison, the bad guys will eat black, kill others, and eat the benefits of others. But if they are thrown into the prison, as long as they are in strict control, how can they fight? Kill? How to fight person? How to eat black? Impossible.”

Ye Yang is stunned.

“In addition, there is also a guess…” Yuan Hao said: “If they swallow each other, they will become stronger, then let them differentiate and not give them to swallow each other. So, in the prison of the void, it is likely There are certain rules that prevent them from engulfing and becoming stronger in each other. But if they enter this universe without the repression of the laws in prison, they can engulf and become stronger.

“Although, in the universe, there are other laws to suppress, but they can break the laws in the universe. And in the monitoring, the rules are might of Grand Dao, and they may not be able to break.”

Ye Yang nodded: “so that’s how it is.”

Yuan Hao said: “Actually, old man didn’t know this situation before.”


“Old man This is the reason that is inversely derived from the results. Those guys can swallow each other in this universe, and they can be strengthened by this, which is for sure. Not only because the era skeleton and the stiff-looking thing happen to be at the same time All creatures with devouring strength, but all prisoners of the Void, may be able to devour each other. At most, they can devour this and not that, but at least they can devour a portion of the souls of the Void Prison. This is certain.”


“Then, in the prison of the void, there have never been too powerful creatures. At least, there is no too strong creature in it. If they can swallow each other and become stronger inside, there will be enough power to fight against the power of Grand Dao. The existence of repression has appeared. But it has not appeared so far. So, plus some other information and clues, the old man gave the above inference.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang said: “The deity also feels that Senior’s guess is correct… Then you see, what shall we do next?”

“Cold salad…the sky collapsed, and there was a tall man standing on it. We alone, I’m afraid it won’t be able to withstand it.”

Ye Yang is speechless.

Indeed, if a lot of these monsters really pop up inside, then attack each other and devour each other. Even if the universe is not deliberately destroyed, the aftermath of the battle will be terrifying. And as they engulfed each other, and some super-strong individuals appeared, the rejection of the various laws of the universe would be stronger.

The Universe Principle suppresses the Universe Principle, which they in turn destroy, more and more ruthless.

“It seems that other plans must be made early… but what else can be done other than hiding deep in Chaos World?”

Ye Yang pondered, the war between that era skeleton and Mao stiffness and chaotic undead became fierce.

Mao Zedong stared at a chaotic undead to devour, and the Epoch Skeleton took advantage of the Mao Zedong’s containment to sneak attack behind him.

And that hair stiffness engulfed some power and promoted itself, and some strength was engulfed by the era skeleton.

However, he did not fight back, but stared at a chaotic undead.

The chaotic undead is getting weaker and weaker, and the two chaotic undead are very angry.

During the war, somehow, he suddenly attacked the Epoch Skeleton in reverse and no longer cooperated with the Epoch Skeleton.

They each took one rib of the era skeleton and swallowed and absorbed into the body. And Mao Zou actually counterattacked the era skeleton at this time. The situation suddenly became a combination of Mao Zedong and Chaos Undead to deal with that era skeleton.

This is originally the most powerful of stiffness, and the 2 chaotic undeads are not far from the era skeleton. However, under the Great War, Chaos Undead were devoured and weakened, while Mao Zhuang swallowed Chaos Undead while being devoured by Era Skeleton. The Epoch Skeleton has only strength to enter the account without loss.

In this way, the epoch skeleton gradually becomes stronger. Although it is not stronger than Mao Rong, it is almost the same. 2 Chaos Undead were weakened.

If this battle continues, the Epoch Skeleton will not block the hair stiffness, but will only sneak attack. And Mao Zedong only started to deal with Chaos Undead first, then Chaos Undead was dead.

So, they reversed…I wonder if they persuaded Mao Jiu, or Mao Zhou persuaded them to actually turn around and start to deal with that era skeleton first.

For a time, the Epoch Skeleton was depressed and was at a disadvantage.

Mao Zhuang also captured 2 bones, and that era skeleton also captured 2 bones. The strength has recovered, almost to the previous level, but it is still weaker.

Mao’s stiffness is restored, stronger than before, while the Epoch Skull is a little weaker than before.

At this time, the Chaos Undead suddenly reversed and attacked the stiffness.

In an instant, the situation changed again.


“They actually play this hand?”

Many gods incarnation who saw the fighting situation through the light film were shocked.

“Did you have any misunderstanding? This skeleton is similar to the undead, and the zombie-like stuff, but they haven’t said that they are stupid. Although it seems to be brainless, it does not mean that there is no consciousness, nor does it mean that there is no high IQ.”

“Yes, all kinds of undead creatures have a little high intelligence, and there are gods in the undead species that can be born, and wisdom is just as extraordinary. Those strange skulls and ghosts and zombies can also have great wisdom.”

“Originally they were stronger, but now they still show advanced wisdom, which is too terrifying.”

a God, worried.

At this moment, the three forces in that war suddenly retreated.

Actually stopped.

Mao was staring at the 2 Chaos Undead and roaring in rage. The era skeleton moved towards the stiff roar. And Mao Jiu turned his head and roared towards the era skeleton.

The chaotic undead uttered a sharp scream that was not language-like, and the hair stiffness and the era skeleton moved towards them at the same time roaring.

Ye Yang frowned.

Because, don’t understand.

However, the situation can still be seen.

Regardless of whether the Epoch Skeleton wins or Mao Zedong wins, the Chaos Undead will be at a disadvantage and will be slammed by the winner.

3 Fight without breaking, and either side will not be defeated. This is in the interest of the 2 Chaos Undead. As they join the stiff side, the Epoch Skeleton is not easy to escape, or can only escape.

And they join the side of the Epoch Skeleton, and the Epoch Skeleton unites with them to counter the stiffness. Mao’s stiffness is still combatable and retreatable in a short period of time, but if he fights dead, he will end up losing.

And if Mao Zedong and Epoch Skeleton unite to deal with these two Chaos Undead first, then they will be bode ill rather than well.

However, once they have been swallowed up, the growth of stiffness, and the details, may exceed that of the Epoch Skeleton. It is estimated that the Epoch Skeleton is not willing to develop into that.

Therefore, when you have thought, you can think ahead and think about things.

If the brain is simpler, first destroy 2 Chaos Undead, each devouring one, the strength becomes stronger, and then consider how to fight. Even if you can’t win the stiffness, the era skeleton can still escape.

Improving yourself is the most important thing. Is the highest priority. As long as the Chaos Undead is eliminated without being directly destroyed by Mao, the Chaos Undead can be devoured.

It is a pity that the skeleton of that era, after all, has been sleeping for a long time, it seems to have high wisdom, but in fact the brain is not very bright.

At this time, the three parties face off.

Suddenly, there was another scream in the distance.

The spirit howling of the undead can only be heard by the guy with strong spirit strength.

I saw another chaotic undead floating out.

This one, similar to the previous human-shaped black hole, is completely dark and will devour the surrounding space. But it’s much weaker than that human black hole.

The chaotic undead floated over in the sky, pondered for half a second, and hadn’t moved yet, Mao stiffly rushed over, and he quickly stood with the other two chaotic undead.

The hairy sneak attack was unsuccessful, and 3 Chaos Undead gathered.

Mao stiff looked at the 3 Chaos Undead, then looked at that era skeleton, and cried, growling.

Then, it was unclear how they carried out the spiritual exchanges, and only one retreated.

Grandiose retreat vigorously.

Because, where Mao Zedong and the Epoch Skeleton have passed, the void is constantly crumbling, although it will still be closed, but the broken void and law, continuous millions and millions li, chaos everywhere. It looks like chaos rather than real chaos, chaotic.

And the 3 Chaos Undead pass by, and the void is also distorted, as there are many laws breaking down, and various forces are surging.

They turned around and moved towards the direction of the humanoid black hole.

It seems that there is spiritual communication, but the black-hole-like humanoid waved its hands and ignored them. There seems to be no interest in cooperation.

The three chaotic undead continue to entangle, and the humanoid black hole rushes towards them, and in a moment, some of their power is torn off and swallowed.

3 Chaos undead quickly fled.

Some power has just been lost. Although the loss is not great, they are also surprised.

“Interesting… The behavior is similar to a normal deity, but with different power characteristics, different strengths, different origins, and different goals and objectives.

“As for the human-shaped black hole… actually have thought and consciousness?

“However, He only needs to devour the void to be able to ascend. So, he is not interested in joining forces with Chaos Undead.

“Compared to Chaos Undead and Maozong and Epoch Skeletons, this humanoid black hole seems to be more dangerous. But his danger is to come behind… come slowly, but more ruthlessly.”

Ye Yang thought, and found that the stiff hair rushed to a human galaxy, where it was devastated, the humans who fled each and everyone, and other living species, were forcibly detained by him, and transformed into a zombie. Each one has hair on it, and it is moving in a cosmic vacuum and can fly around.

The specific strength is unclear.

And that era skeleton, also rushed to a galaxy, killing a large number of souls in the whole galaxy, there are wisps of Qi of Death converging, extracting the most elite wisps from them, and integrating them into the era skeleton with the body.

His injury is recovering.

“Can he actually heal this way?” Ye Yang’s face dignified.

The Epoch Skeleton devours souls, and its strength cannot be improved. Otherwise, it has been swallowed before. But it can restore the injury and supplement the lost strength.

If, in the following wars, other prisoners engulf the power of the epoch skeletons, the epoch skeletons continue to devour the breath of these mortal creatures to recover. That equivalent to the inexhaustible power was promoted to those prisoners.

It’s just that the strength of all beings in the universe needs to go through the era skeleton and then be swallowed by other creatures.

“The end of the universe…”

Ye Yang thought slightly.

In the ancient palace, Divine Item was made again.

With a wave of the hand, in the sky, one after another large and small spatial door is formed, and a piece of Divine Item flew out of it, and some flew directly into the inside space of the incarnation within the body of Ye Yang. The incarnation body contains another universe, equivalent to a small Plane World. A lot of Divine Item is hidden in it.

Ye Yang is surrounded by 3600 small disposable Divine Items. The golden light and the gray light are intertwined. The scene is very spectacular.

Taking one step, the void is twisted, and the pieces of Divine Item are split, the rune of mysterious power condenses under my feet.

The pattern of the avenue emerged.

In the next step, we actually shuttled the super long distance of nearly 100000000 million light years.

After the universe was suppressed by a three-and-a-half-step Daoist, almost no powerhouse could see such a long distance. Ye Yang did it easily. What is lost is that the usual accumulation of accumulated power constitutes a poor quality one-time Divine Item.

Next, appear out of thin air in front of the nineteenth galaxy raging by the era skeleton.

“Enough! Little Skeleton, you are too much.

“Stop, walk out and wait for the deity to teach you!”

Ye Yang extend the hand finger, gently ticked.

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