Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 908

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The era skeletons that are being destroyed are startled first, and then they are furious.

With a wave of his hand, a star compressed into a neutron Star Core was thrown out of the palm, and the split open space rushed towards Ye Yang violently in an instant.

Ye Yang’s figure didn’t move, right hand pointed, and dozens of Divine Item quickly flew out.

Ten Flying Swords, nine flying knives, six jade seals, three square parquets, an inkstone, a scroll, and a silver mirror.

These Divine Items burst open in an instant.

The mirror suddenly enlarged and turned into a super huge light film. The Primal Chaos Qi formed by other Divine Item quickly exploded into other Law Power in the void, which outlined one after another beautiful mysterious rune.

These runes are like little dark golden snakes, drilled into the mirror-made light film, transformed into beautiful texts for each and everyone.

Suddenly, the mirror surface glowed with light.

All this was too late, but it was extremely fast.

The era skeleton approached and was blocked by an invisible force, making it extremely difficult to advance.

Before it was like a flying arrow, but behind it was like a water fish stuck in a swamp.

In the vast universe, traveling 1000 light-years, looking far away, it seems that none of the arrows on the ground fly so fast.

The speed of the Epoch Skeleton is extremely fast, but the momentary stagnation is even more shocking.

He didn’t seem to be blocked by the light film, but rather a considerable distance from the light film, it slowed down and stalled.

The gods each and everyone released the divine sense, but they didn’t have time to feel anything at all, so each and everyone put away the divine sense, and some gods screamed.

The force over there actually has a strong rebound effect. And it is a retroactive causal rebound. Just like curse bounce and the like, ignoring the distance in space directly impacts the body of the gods.

I couldn’t tell what was going on.

But the gods also guessed that the light film they saw was fake. The real light film is in front of some places, invisible and invisible, blocking the era skeleton. The light film seen by the eye is just the illusion of the real light film projection, and it is only the illusion of stagnation behind.

Of course, these can only be guessed.

At this time, I only saw that the era of the skeleton’s double swords was waving, and there were countless cracks in the dog’s teeth. Each rift did not close for a long time, exuding twisted power.

But in the moment when he was stagnation while wielding his sword, in the sky, a piece of Divine Item in the form of a rope flew out.

His 2 feet, his waist, his ribs, his neck, and his 2 arms are all tied up by a Divine Item rope.

For example, there are 33 ropes wrapped around the left foot, each of which is a Divine Item, and the other parts are similar. It was the ribs, which were not successfully wrapped. Because of the invisible force field over him, the amount of violent violence disseminated the weak scum Divine Item cannot pass through the gap of his ribs.

In fact, the tangled skull feet and skull necks are actually blocked by invisible forces, and are not really completely entangled.

“roar! !!!”

The era skeleton made a thunderous sound.

The amount of violent violence spewing out of His mouth shattered the universe void, forming a violent energy impact. This force fluctuates and contains Mo Ming’s information. If there is a mortal instrument that collects this energy and converts it into a sound wave, it is a thunder and roar.

Ye Yang can’t understand his language, but as a god, he can still vaguely sense something. Like threatening.

“Damn rat!”

Probably so.

Then, the skeleton of that era struck hard, entangled one of His Divine Item ropes, shattered and turned into fly ash. It was like a tiny twine that flew out after the rope of the world was completely stretched by super giant force.

But here is more serious, not just broken, but completely broken.

The figure of the era skeleton suddenly rushed forward.

But the acceleration was less than 100000000 1/10000th second. After passing through the phantom of the light film and approaching Ye Yang, he suddenly stopped again.

On him, a gray rope entangled him.

Those broken Divine Item ropes are not broken! ! It’s not broken! !

It’s all Self-destruction! !

The full power of a Divine Item is sublimated at this moment. Divine Item which can use 10000 hundreds of thousands of years, Divine Item which can maintain 10000 hundreds of thousands of years and the formidable power is almost not weak, all burst.

It is similar to the final brilliance that the soul is sublimated and exhausted with all strength.

This piece of Divine Item, the power after the outbreak, is not disordered, so it is not pure destruction. They explode, and the resulting force is still trapped.

Each of the dark ropes contains 1000 to 100 different kinds of Law Power, and it constantly absorbs the surrounding Law Power, dying to bind the skeleton’s feet, arms, neck and waist…the bones in these places .

The laws of the universe come together, and some are teleported from a distance shuttling through the void.

The normal Universe Principle will also suppress the era skeleton, but it is an instinctive suppression of unorganized and undisciplined. Ye Yang These Divine Item blasted off the rope, but it was a regular and organized restraint.

He pulled him backwards.

At the same time, there are dozens of Divine Items on Ye Yang’s side that are bursting with intense rays of light. For each Divine Item, the power dissipated is not much weaker than the power condensed during the self-destruction of an ordinary deity.

Many forces come together.

Then, there are dozens of Divine Item Self-destruction again, gathering strength.

These forces are superimposed, condensing into a sharp gun with strong rays of light in the sky.

The power of the magic gun is already stronger than the power of Divine King.

However, this is only a blow, comparable to the strength of Divine King’s full strength attack. It will exhaust all the accumulated power.

At this time, there are more Divine Item powers integrated, and the condensed power has surpassed the peak of Divine King and beyond the level of ordinary god emperor.

All this, but only a short time of 2 seconds.

The skeletons of that era roared and roared, in an instant the figure shook, and the strange sound of bone collision was transmitted in the energy.

The black energy ropes exploded.

But what was surprising was that the broken rope became a thin thread. Nearly 40% of the power is dissipated, and nearly 6% of the power is turned into a kind of silk thread.

They are all imprinted on the bones of that era’s skeleton.

The forceful struggle of the era skeleton just made a weak spot appear in the invisible force field on him. Seeing the sharp gun, he felt threatened and desperately accelerated to break away, causing the defense where the rope was tied to become extremely weak.

A trace of black gas condensed smoothly on His bones and was branded. one after another black line, constitute each and everyone rune.

It’s like the Great Dao’s runes drawn with a brush on its bones.

Moreover, these runes are still extending towards other parts of the bone, but they are suppressed by its power and progress is slow.

The Epoch Skeleton hurried towards this side.

However, he found that the power in himself was more stable than before.

Ye Yang’s condensed sharp gun has been fired.

Nearly 2 100 pieces of one-time Divine Item were completely consumed and formed a shot of fiercely, fiercely blasted on the skeleton of that era.

He was too late to dodge. From the moment I was trapped until now, it has always been locked.

Therefore, the violent force washed out, and He flew out of the whole 1000 100 light years.

forcibly blasted one after another star, leaving a huge long trace in the void.

This speed far exceeds the speed of light. The normal expansion of the universe is not so ridiculously fast.

However, as soon as the era skeleton wobbled, he rushed towards Ye Yang.

It’s just that Ye Yang divided into two, 20% is 4, and it becomes a different silhouette of each and everyone.

Nearby, a piece of Divine Item combined into a small battle. 9 Divine Items form a circular light array. The light film of a circular light array like a mirror reflects the void.

They flew around, they attracted the power of the void, and they mapped the silhouette of Ye Yang, forming an incarnation of each and everyone, even the epoch skeletons.

Powerful, the price is extremely strong. 9 Divine Items are burning, and the blooming power can only be maintained for at least ten seconds or even shorter.

The power of 9 Divine Item is concentrated in ten or more seconds and completely exhausted. The effect of all the power is not to destroy or to do anything else, but just a phantom of projection Ye Yang. This phantom is extremely strong.

The era skeleton was cut out with a knife. 100000000 10000 blade light blooming.

each and everyone Ye Yang silhouette is cut off, but each and everyone new Ye Yang silhouette is presented.

He couldn’t tell which one was Ye Yang’s real incarnation.

In addition, a large number of one-time Divine Items spread out, scattered and orderly, looming to form a huge giant formation.

These Divine Items circulate around.

Suddenly, a huge fist slammed over, and the Epoch Skull was beaten and flew out instantly.

Then, dozens of one-time Divine Items disappeared.

It turned out that they had exhausted their power, and they just didn’t exist anymore, just left a phantom of a very small amount of power. This illusion can be seen even by mortals. It can be mixed with other Divine Items. It is hard to tell the truth in just half a second. It takes at least 3 2 seconds to see through, or they are exposed.

But they exhausted their strength to form fist strikes, less than ten 1/10000th seconds before and after. The strikes need less than 100000000 1/10000th seconds. That era skull was just smashed.

As the figure flew, a huge rope wrapped around him, and the end of the rope was a dragon head. He waved the knife and cut the rope in half, but more rope was entangled.

Skeletons of this era wielded out of the sword. However, these black lacquered ropes were exploded directly near him. The main purpose was not to trap him, but to explode, forming a large mist, making it difficult for him to sense the surrounding conditions.

Outside the mist and fog, he kept waving his sword.

Ye Yang wandered around, and one-off Divine Item flew out, detonating directly.

Each one-time Divine Item detonated formidable power is comparable to the ordinary deity Self-destruction. But the Primal Chaos Qi that burst out is much stronger than the power of ordinary gods.

Skeletons of that era were blasted to the left, to the right, to the front, and to the back.

Like a sandbag, hanging in the void.

The gods who looked at this in the distance were dumbfounded.

“The deity is blind?”

“Yes, right? That era skeleton was actually beaten?”

“No, the era skeleton was not at all hurt, but just charged.”

“But this is terrifying enough. If there are other gods cooperating and consolidating powerful forces in a group, it may be possible to devastate that era skeleton.”

“Yes, his control is extremely strong, and he actually controlled the era skeleton in an area. It is that the attack power is insufficient.”

“This alone is amazing.”

As I was talking, I saw that 100 Flying Swords formed a formation in the sky, and then gathered together quickly, transformed into a sword that looked quite familiar.

“Broken Sword?!!!”

“Actually it’s Duan Yujian… No, it’s fake, it’s simulated.”

“The power generated by the ordinary Divine Item Self-destruction can actually simulate the form of Duan Yujian. How can this be done?”

“It’s just a form simulation, but it’s easy, but the power exuded, the power, is exactly the same as the real Duanyu sword.”

“This is terrible too. Even Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can be simulated. And it is still known as the most powerful Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.”

“There should be only one blow. At the cost of completely burning up and depleting 100 Divine Item Flying Swords, it is comparable to the source of the depletion of the body of 100 ordinary gods. It does not include the power of Divine Kingdom at this cost. Can only get the power of a blow comparable to Duan Yujian…”

“That’s amazing.”

However, is it just to simulate the power of Duan Yujian?

Not necessarily.

The sword was cut out, and the era skeleton hurriedly blocked it with the Bone Blade, but in an instant, the Bone Blade was cut off and flew out.

It didn’t hurt.

But that sword, leaving a sword mark in the void, surrounded by 100000000 10000 sword energy, will not disperse for a long time. Every wisp of sword energy can easily kill non-divine creatures, but this is just the remnant of the sword just now.

Obviously, the simulated sword contains Ye Yang’s other laws and insights. The combination of other laws is stronger than the normal attack of Duanyu sword, which is stronger and more restrained.

The skeleton roared in the sky.

Ye Yang’s repeated attacks, making it like a ball, a toy, come over and hit the past.

“It’s amazing. Who are you?”

“Unclear, but it’s amazing.”

“Don’t be too optimistic, it seems that the skeleton of that era is hanging, but how many injuries are there on the skeleton? The injuries are not serious at all. And they can absorb the death of Astral Death Aura to repair. And although this god has many Divine Item, it is It was consumed in batches, and once it was exhausted and failed to defeat that era skeleton, it would be the god extremely unlucky by then.”

“That’s right. In exchange for the Divine Item from 1000 to 10000, in exchange for the opportunity to hang the skeleton of the era, it just hangs out and does not cause fatal damage or even cause too much injury. This is too expensive.”

“Well, it’s reasonable to think that 1000 10000 Divine Item is used up in exchange for such an opportunity. However, who can afford it? Even if it is a low-level Divine Item, count 1000 and 10000 so consumed… The ancient God Emperor’s Can you only use it once or twice? Even some gods who keep improving, only have a small amount of high-end Divine Item, there are not so many low-end Divine Item, if you want to play like this, you don’t raise.”

“The high-end Divine Item explodes and you can fly the era skeleton, but it is too costly. Who can afford it? Whether it is a small amount of high-end Divine Item or a large number of low-end Divine Item, it is used for such a battle… too extravagant and too wasteful That’s it. The deity is so cool now, and he will definitely have to suffer 10000 points afterwards. I regret it.”

a The god shook his head.

It’s just that they didn’t see that the places such as the arms and feet, neck and waist bones of the Epoch Skeleton, where the dark golden mysterious rune had been imprinted in gray before, had already cracked very, very tiny cracks, these places of the Epoch Skeleton ‘S bones seem to be weakened.

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