Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 909

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Ye Yang was at first first, just plot against that era skeleton.

The ropes originally tied to the Epoch Skeleton were not intended to trap it.

Ye Yang knows clearly that what impossible really trapped him is to delay that moment and prepare for other attacks.

But since it only takes a moment to delay, why not do more of it?

Therefore, the main force is cursed.

These forces condense together and can still form a temporary pull and bondage.

Of course, let them constitute the correct rune of each and everyone, or the result of Ye Yang’s remote control of these forces, otherwise how could it be so smoothly attached?

Now, with another great impact of power, the figure of the era skeleton regressed again, but he roared and rushed toward Ye Yang, stepping on the void, and suddenly the figure was stagnant, slowing down for a moment.

He finally found something wrong.

The skeleton’s leg bones were eroded and the flow of power was affected. Suppressed by the laws of the surrounding universe, He wanted to break the bondage of the Universe Principle around him, which was naturally more difficult than before.

It’s like an ordinary person’s hand. It usually doesn’t matter what you take is not too heavy. It doesn’t matter if it’s handed over several times. For example, the production workers on the assembly line constantly take things down for processing and then put them on.

But what if that hand is hurt?

It doesn’t even need to be too serious, even if it’s just a sprain, or if there is something wrong with the tendons, the hand movement will make it hurt. Or the hand was stabbed to the key part by some wood thorn.

The activity is not flexible. As soon as the key points are picked up, the muscles become tight and uncomfortable.

That’s how things are in that era skeleton.

He waved his sword, slashing into the void, destroying the space fragments formed by the void, all kinds of energy, turned into a storm and struck Ye Yang. He took the opportunity to cut the Bone Blade towards his bones.

2 When there is a strange noise, the rune is cut off, and its bones are cut by its Bone Blade.

However, without the effects of the gray-black rune brand, its bones are recovering quickly at the speed visible to the eyes.

It’s just that it was so slow that another sword swept down in the sky.

Duan Yujian!

However, there is only one Prestige of Strike that is formed by Ye Yang’s Divine Item aggregation.

As if a sword could break the universe, the era skeleton flew out as soon as it parried. Divine Item, which can constitute Duan Yujian, has shattered and exploded.

At this time, Duan Yujian condensed again.

But the structure is different from before.

In the past, Divine Item was blown into Chaos Energy fog and then Law Power was collected to simulate Duanyu Sword. Divine Item was built directly to form Duanyu Sword. It is now Divine Item that constitutes a round formation, and the movement of the formation simulates the power of Duan Yujian, forming a blazing sword, flying out of the round formation light film.

But as soon as the sword came out, the 100 Divine Items that formed the formation were completely destroyed and exhausted.

A sword pierced towards the skeleton of that era.

But at this moment, the epoch skeleton turned into 2 and turned into a physique, actually avoided it.

And recover a knife, slash the energy sword in the sky’s image of Duan Yujian.

“Unfortunately, after all, it is not a real Sword of Sword. The ability to lock the cause and cause at the target is too poor.”

Ye Yang shook his head secretly, and he saw that the era skeleton rushed towards this side with a roar.

But at this moment, a huge golden bell appeared out of thin air, the top of the bell was facing Ye Yang, and the mouth of the bell was facing the era skeleton.

It rushed into the bell before it could avoid it.

In an instant, the bell turned horizontally and became a huge golden bell suspended in the void of the universe.


A loud noise.

The surrounding space and time are frozen.

The space is frozen, the passage of time is frozen, but the next moment is restored.


Time and space froze again, and then the third sounding boom appeared directly, smashing the frozen and unrecovered void.

In 100000000 absolutely, the void became chaotic. The space completely collapsed, and the collapsed void could be seen communicating with the edge of the distant universe. Although I didn’t reach Chaos World, I could reach the edge of the universe directly from here.

However, the clock body also showed densely packed cracks. Moreover, in the next moment, the void closed quickly and was recovering.

At this time, the fourth sound came out, but it was not like the sound from the outside impact, like something was hitting inside.

The cracks of the whole clock body are more and more dense, and they are rapidly rotating at this moment.

The whole clock is super high-speed rotation, all kinds of Law Power of all directions converge.

The previous 3 bells ringing, freezing time and space is only a temporary side effect, and the real effect is that Law Power of Summon 4 comes over.

At this moment, around the entire bell body, a large chaotic piece of Law Power and various space fragments and various turbulent energies are violently rotating around.

“This is… Primal Chaos Bell?!!!”

“Why is Primal Chaos Bell here?”

“Simulated!! It is simulated.”

“What? Not only can Duan Yujian be simulated, but also Primal Chaos Bell?”

“If you want to simulate the appearance of these Divine Item, any of our gods can do it. If you want to simulate some of the power characteristics of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, a slightly powerful god can do it. But you can only cheat Unfamiliar deity. If you want to simulate it very similarly, it must not only be powerful and consume huge resources, but also have to be quite familiar with the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.”

The gods incarnation are very puzzled.

I am very familiar with Duan Yujian and the structure and operation of Primal Chaos Bell. Who is this guy who is the one to pick with the era skeleton?

The key to the construction of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure lies not in what is seen on the surface, but in the construction of the micro world level. It is possible that a small area of ​​Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure contains several millions of 100000000 million different positions in the micro world.

Of course, it is also possible that the number of positions is small, but they complement each other. Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure’s micro-level structure, not everyone has the opportunity to understand and see.

When the gods were in doubt, the high-speed rotation Primal Chaos Bell burst with a loud blast.

The era skeleton rushed out from the inside in a murderous-looking way, washed out by a powerful force, but instantly fixed his body and waved his sword to Ye Yang.

However, another Primal Chaos Bell appeared.

The Epoch Skeleton was not covered this time, but the clock kept spinning in front of it, blocking the way, and it cut off with a knife.

The bell blasted away, and it was also blown away by the violent force. This time it recovered quickly and moved towards Ye Yang.

At this time, Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure appeared, but it was a huge ancient palace.

“Oh my god, this is the ancient palace of the early days!!! Even the ancient palace of the early days has been simulated?”

“The power of 384 Divine Item is completely exhausted, and the temporary formation is simulated as an ancient palace?”

I saw this ancient palace fiercely moved towards that era skull smashed into the past and smashed it out of 1000 100 light years away. But that ancient palace was completely dissipated, turned into countless light spots, and vanished into the void.

The arms, waist, and neck of the Epoch Skeleton also cracked in places that were previously branded by the black gas rune.

But it ignored this time, one step shuttling through the void towards Ye Yang.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “There is more control over the field, and there is insufficient killing.”

Simulated as Duanyu sword, the formidable power is amazing, but it is not enough to cause real damage to the skeleton of this era?

Thoughts move, 1080 pieces of Divine Item flew out, and turned into a formation in the sky. Countless golden divine symbols flowed in the formation, which produced a huge round mirror-shaped luminous surface. All forces condensed into the formation, 1008 100 Divine Item were destroyed, and a huge Chaos Divine Demon came out of the formation.

2 huge curved corners, the whole body is dark, the muscles are tangled, looks like a curved black bull head troll, but Primal Chaos Qi is surging.

He waved a handful of chaotic giant axe moved towards the era skeleton and cut it down.

Clang! ! !

With a loud noise, the era skeleton was swept away by powerful force, and the Bone Blade collapsed. But Chaos Divine Demon also instantly withstands the suppression of the universe, turning into chaos and spreading out, and there is a lot of fog around. These chaotic forces, transformed into forms, turned into a dense mist of 1000 million li, which the outside could not see through.

But this mist is no longer Primal Chaos Qi, so it has not been suppressed by the Universe Principle.

The era skeleton jumped over like Xiaoqiang who couldn’t beat him.

In fact, his strength is still above Ye Yang’s incarnation. Ye Yang only consumed the power of Divine Item to repel it. So of course he was not reconciled.

At this moment, Ye Yang retreated, and a Primal Chaos Stone wore out of the fog, in monkey form, and rushed towards the era skeleton, but was kicked by the era skeleton.

“Unfortunately, the simulation was worse this time.”

Then, in the mist, a chaotic undead formed.

However, the formation failed.

The skeleton of that era traversed the void, slashed with a knife, and a Ye Yang phantom was destroyed.

“caught you!!”

The era skeleton roared and made a roar, not like language, but could perceive His thoughts.

He knifed fiercely moved towards Ye Yang and hid in the void incarnation.

At this moment, another era skeleton suddenly rushed out from behind Ye Yang, hugged the era skeleton, and fiercely bit it in one bite.

One bone was bitten off.

The era skeleton was furious. With a fist, the simulated era skeleton was blown out, and quickly chased and waved the knife.

However, the simulative era skull was broken and scattered, and a bone fragment fell inside.

Ye Yang sees laughed heartily: “This time you are lucky, you will be destroyed next time!!”

The broken pieces of bone were smaller than the pieces that fell from the era skeleton.

what does this mean? Means, the era skeleton was swallowed.

The era skeleton simulated by Ye Yang successfully devoured the power of the real era skeleton. It’s just that it’s useless to swallow, and it will burst.

This epoch skeleton was wasted with 1000 Divine Item before it was successfully simulated. It was simulated and transmitted in the mist.

It’s just that the simulated image is not so strongly suppressed by the universe and its strength is not so strong. But it can still knock the real era skeleton, and has the corresponding ability to swallow and absorb.

What surprises Ye Yang most is that through this absorption and devouring, He successfully obtained some information. It is the information obtained by devouring the bones of the skeleton of that era.

Equivalent to have more understanding of that era skeleton.

The era skeleton snarled and yelled toward Ye Yang.

Ye Yang burst into laughter and turned away.

One by one Divine Item flew over, transformed into the image of a common deity, one after another Self-destruction. one after another The great power scours, blocking the era skeleton.

And there is Divine Item to build a portal in the void, allowing Ye Yang to easily send away.

Then, the epoch skeleton split open space was teleported to the distance, but the silhouette of Ye Yang could not be found.

“Oh, why did the deity let the incarnation send away? That is to send it first and then wipe out the incarnation, cut off the cause and effect, so that you can’t find the ancient palace over here.

“Although I’m not afraid to find it, it’s better not to have a branch for a while.”

Ye Yang smiled, and other incarnations condensed out, shuttling through the void to the area in front of the war, watching the era skeleton madly waving his knife, roaring, venting.

“Unfortunately, it is easy to overcome and difficult to destroy.”

The strength of this era of skeletons is strong, Ye Yang is not his opponent at all. However, just as normal humans are not opponents of normal tigers, but humans can hunt tigers with weapons and equipment. The better the equipment, the easier it is to hunt.

Ye Yang also relies on foreign objects, just like humans rely on armor and strong bows and crossbows, and humans rely on vehicles such as vehicles.

In the same way, Ye Yang can rely on this large number of one-time Divine Item to hang the era skeleton.

Of course, it is easy to hang and difficult to kill.

“There must be a lot of one-time Divine Item, imitate the epoch skeleton, and swallow it in order to kill him completely. Moreover, the power after swallowing is not dissipated out of thin air, the information will be obtained by me, but more power It will spill over the universe and form a variety of very fine particles, which are very scattered and cannot be gathered together.

“I have to have more one-time Divine Item.”

In the battle just now, Ye Yang still had a lot of one-time Divine Item useless. And there were many one-time Divine Item reserves on the ancient palace.

But he had calculated that it was not enough to use this thing to kill the skeleton.

Moreover, it is too wasteful.

“A lot of data was collected during the battle just now. I couldn’t collect much information from the previous Skeleton Wars. I personally fought with him and collected important information and data, including the corrosion of his bones by rune, including it and me The power shock and various simulations of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure’s power shock, including the information obtained by devouring its bones.

“Take some time to sort out this part of the information, you can further understand his weaknesses. At that time, develop a tactics specifically for his weaknesses… Then only a small one-time Divine Item is not needed, Is enough to destroy him!

“Even, it is possible that the instruments form one symbol, and one symbol can suppress it. It is much more economical than it is now.

“And, from this, you can also study methods that may be able to target other void prisoners, such as simulating something, engulfing other void prisoners, and then destroying them by Self-destruction.

“However, it will take a while…”

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