Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 910

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Ye Yang has a kind of intuition, not only for the era skeletons, but also for the chaotic undead, or the strange “hair stiffness”, it is impossible to attack with the normal powerhouse.

Attacks on “consciousness” should be used.

For example, Spirit Attack, for example, soul attack, for example, Divine Soul attack.

Within the skeleton of the era, there may not be spirit, soul, Divine Soul, Primordial Spirit, etc., but there must be “consciousness”.

If you want to be able to directly attack this thing, it is possible that you only need dozens or dozens of Divine Item to construct a “Tao Symbol” or “spell scroll” depicting big runes, which can be easily eliminated.

The previous simulation forged “Primal Chaos Bell”, which buckled the era skeleton, where it swayed and vibrated, and the era skeleton could be punched out.

“Well, research and research in this area… the previous information and clues, sort it out, look back, and look for the era skeleton battle, to determine whether my research is correct.

“If it is feasible, then it is much easier to devour his consciousness without swallowing his body. Next, we will study other creatures coming out of the prison of the void. Through battles, gathering information, we judge that these creatures have What are the common points and what are the special points?

“This is the foundation of standing… yes, and the gods.”

Ye Yang intends to fight with normal gods and use this new fighting method to deal with it. However, compared to the epoch skeletons, ordinary gods can simply be slammed.

“But it still has to deal with ordinary gods. In this way, I can find the Divine Emperor, the gods of the “Immortal Blockade”, and track down to see what they want to think.”

The Void Prison is broken at the exit of each and everyone, this is the major event. But Ye Yang felt that this was not necessarily the real purpose of Divine Emperor.

Because, for them, not at all is too much interest.

Also, the gods influenced by Primal Chaos Law’s branding may not want these creatures in the Void Prison to show up. So, what is their true purpose? What major event do they want to block? This made Ye Yang also curious.

“When the strength is not good, curiosity should be suppressed. When you concentrate on doing your own thing, but when the strength is strong and the four sides are pressed, then you can wave, you can do what you want, and boldly. Go on an adventure.”

Ye Yang concentrates on organizing the information she has harvested.

At the same time, the skeleton of that era recovered the engulfed bone piece.

Ye also did not take it away, and there was no way to ensure that it was taken away without being tracked or found.

The Epoch Skull roared angrily and turned to rush towards a galaxy. The galaxy quickly turned gray, countless stars turned gray, the stars died out, and the planet with life became a dead star. Countless ordinary creatures die, Death Aura exudes confluence and condenses into one after another star-level death consciousness.

The era skeleton engulfs these forces and restores its injury.

At the same time, many incarnations of the gods flew to the area where Ye Yang incarnation and the era of Skeleton Battle.

“It should be here!”

A deity incarnation shot, grabbed the Law Power of the Void, and soon condensed into a beautiful golden crystal, which was formed by a powerful divine force, which contained a powerful spirit willpower, and a variety of Law Power. Inside, there was a very fine gray substance sloshing.

That particle is a bit larger than the hydrogen atom and much smaller than many molecules.

But when it hits the miniature formation, the black light that blooms actually has a size of a few microns in diameter.

This brightness, light coverage is much larger than hydrogen atoms with a diameter of only 1/10000th micron. However, if it is an ordinary creature, there is still no way. Only the powerhouse, Demi-God and even the deities among the divine creatures can be clearly seen.

“It’s so beautiful… Power is beauty! Power is beauty!” the god incarnation murmured.

On the other side, a god incarnation appeared in a small galaxy. Drill into an asteroid belt near a star.

Stroke his hands, tens of thousands of small stars converge towards him, the largest diameter is more than 10000 kilometers, and the smallest is only dozen dozen meters.

These celestial bodies quickly squeezed and condensed in Him, and finally turned into a fist sized cluster of things. The density is not even as good as a neutron star. But it was strong enough to be heavy.

As soon as He rubbed his hands, this mass of compressed and condensed material quickly exhaled powerful energy.

The invisible energy continues to spread, and the compressed star shrinks and shrinks. Many atoms disappeared out of thin air.

In fact, it is not really gone, but transformed into energy.

Almost 100% of the mass-energy conversion is amazing.

The blazing light continuously emerged and shot towards the four sides, but soon, even the blazing light was compressed, only the invisible and phaseless energy of one after another grandiose diffused.

Only when it hits other stars, will it produce rays of light because the other stars are torn by energy, and then will it be able to detect the surge of power.

The things in his hand quickly compressed into a crystal, basically composed of energy, but also contained his divine force, blessing spirit willpower, and a small gray simple thing was sealed in it.

The little thing was constantly struggling, and it was chasing around in four places.

The god incarnation smiled: “Your body can’t be beaten by the deity, it can’t even get close, but a particle dropped by your body is only one particle of the size of 80 million 100000000 of your body size. If the deity can’t suppress it Live, it’s like killing yourself!”

At the same time, another piece of void not too far away, a deity grabbed with one hand, a huge divine force caught a flying comet in his hand, quickly suppressed the seal, and the ice dispersed , A lot of material was destroyed, and a particle inside was also sealed.

But there was a god next to him who swept his sword.

“what are you doing?”

“This thing was discovered by the deity first. Actually, the deity first took half a second to capture this thing? You shameless! Hand over the thing.”

“It’s ridiculous, if you find out first, how could it be so long behind the deity’s shot?”

“The deity is cautious before hesitating.”

“Hmph, start with the strong first, this thing falls into the deity, is the deity.”

“The deity doesn’t talk nonsense with you, the deity is eyeing this thing. Only the deity has robbed other people’s things, and no one has dared to rob the deity. Don’t think that you first took this thing and it is yours. You hand over the things. Come on, otherwise Hugh Blame is welcome.”

“Oh, get out, you can grab it if you have the ability, and get off if you have no ability.”

“Damn, you are courting death!”

2 gods incarnation hit big shots.

There are many similar situations.

A new deity, led by an incarnation of a Divinity Venerable Level deity, flew across the void near here.

“This is how it feels to cross the universe? This is the first time that the deity personally crossed the void of the universe with his own strength and went from one planet to another planet.”

“Hehe, the first time you really enter the universe, there is always a novelty. But if there is more, it feels nothing, it’s all the same.”

“Oh, over there, there seems to be a God Senior fighting? What are they doing?”

“Just snatch things.”

“Snatch things? Will the gods also compete for cultivation resources?”

“Yes. It’s just that this time it wasn’t cultivation resources, but something that didn’t belong to the universe under normal circumstances.”

“What it is?”

“The skeleton powder particles on an outrageously powerful skull!”

“What? skeleton powder of the skull?”

That’s right, the powder that grabbed the bones of that era’s skeleton.

Under normal circumstances, there is nothing to grow.

The deity will not just let his body fall. Even if it is just a hair. As strong as the Epoch Skeleton, of course not.

However, the “fake era skeleton” simulated by Ye Yang devoured one of his bones, and finally left some. Where did some go?

Of course, it did not evaporate out of thin air, but transformed into other substances and energies, integrated into the “fake era skeleton” within the body disguised by Ye Yang’s Divine Item.

Then, this fake era skeleton explodes and disperses, and these forces will be scattered randomly throughout the universe. Even if the Epoch Skeleton is collected, it is useless. For example, a piece of sugar with a big fist is thrown into the sea. Do you want to retrieve the sugar molecules that were previously incorporated into the sea in the whole sea? Who is so boring?

The same is true for the era skeleton. Fragment of the shell is lost, but it can be recalled. But how to recall ultrafine particles that are so small that they are only one-tenth of the body’s size of 80 million to 100000000 million? Sensing is hard to get.

These particles, as well as energy, are scattered throughout the universe. Those energies can’t be recovered, but the particles will still be guessed by the gods using prophecy magic to one 2 and then collected.

Even the smallest, it contains power beyond this universe.

Under normal circumstances, the power beyond this universe is only the Power of Primal Chaos, Primal Chaos Qi and Primal Chaos Law.

The power of Grand Dao in the universe is even more powerful than Primal Chaos Law without Chaos Controller.

Apart from this, there is no other force beyond the universe.

But now, the prison of the void is opened, and the epoch skeletons drilled in it are incompatible with this universe. How are they not interested?

“If you can use this power, let alone fight with the skeleton of that era, at least, you can use this power to restrain other gods.

“Even, if good luck might control such power, become stronger, and then it may swallow the era skeleton.”

Of course, whether it can be done is not delusional, it is not easy to say. At least, for the overwhelming majority deity, even if it is the existence of Divine Emperor peak, trying to devour the power of the era skeleton is almost impossible.

At this time, in the universe, the struggle for microparticles continues.

Many laws dominate incarnation, and some come to watch. There are even pretending to be ordinary gods and robbing.

They also feel that using this special force that is in serious conflict with the Universe Principle can prevent them from being suppressed by the universe, or destroying the invisible walls of the previously indestructible land, then they can get out of trouble It is even possible to exert the true full strength in other parts of the universe.

Of course, there are also many masters, staring at the “wall” outside the indestructible land. Because of what to consider.

Outside the universe, most of those Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures are still unwilling to return to the universe. A few of them devoured chaos, chasing around, and some Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, attracted here, flew out of Primal Chaos Abyss. There are also a lot of Chaos Divine Demon, also wandering around those Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, watching curiously.

The vast universe, time goes by…

“Yes, the number of one-time Divine Items accumulated at this time is enough for my want to use. Besides, new one-time Divine Items can be continuously saved in the future.

“Even in the battle before the Epoch Skeleton, the consumption of Divine Item is faster, I can support it for a long time, unlike the previous one, it is easy to win and extremely difficult to kill.”

Ye Yang looked at the large number of one-time Divine Item surrounded by him, feeling somewhat satisfied.

Suddenly thoughts move, a piece of Divine Item flies up, many pieces gather around, forming one after another different spells, and a different scroll of rules.

Then, these symbols and scrolls actually spread out again and became a one-time Divine Item again.

“Closed for a period of time and gained a lot. As long as it is not used, these Divine Items can be restored to their original form after they become symbols or scrolls.”

There are different Divine Item paper, silk, pen, ink, ink, pot, etc. floating around Ye Yang. It looks like a “artifact” and is not suitable for fighting, but in fact… these Divine Items are combined, formidable power can suppress the body of God Emperor Peak. Although it may be a moment, it is enough to kill them in seconds.

“The Epoch Skeleton can also be temporarily suppressed, but the suppression is easy to control and difficult to kill. The temporary suppression is easy, and the long-term suppression is difficult.

“I have studied the battle data before and vaguely understood some of his weaknesses. However, it still needs to be verified during the battle.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, is preparing to send incarnation to fight with the era skeleton again.

However, He felt a sense of anxiety faintly.

In the vast universe, a weak incarnation that has only been observing and not doing things, eyes opened moved towards the distance.

Then I saw a prison in the void, the gray breath was flowing, and the plumes were spilling out.

Inside, a black silhouette came out.

The image gradually changed from hazy to clear, and walked out of the mist.

“This is… Era Skeleton?!!!”

Ye Yang gasped.

The silhouette changed from dark to gray.

Very similar to the era skeletons of the previous war.

But it can still be distinguished that it should not be the same skeleton.

After all… He also sees now, the other side of the galaxy, suddenly there is an era skeleton rushing out, looking to the side of the void prison. The era skeleton that had just rushed out of the galaxy was the one he had fought against the enemy before.

“Is the second epoch skeleton appearing? The head is big. It is difficult to deal with just one, another one… I hope they are hostile, not the same gang.”

Just thinking, there was a silhouette out of the void prison.

Epoch Skeleton! !


Then, 4th, 5th…

A total of 5 era skeletons came out from inside.

Similarly, they are suppressed by the Universe Principle.

They all easily disperse and suppress their Law Power, forming a violent energy shock spreading 4 squares, and the power of gray and black paint continuously spreads spreading 4 squares.

The gloomy “eyes” emerged from the skull and glanced coldly for 4 weeks.

In an instant, I stared at the first epoch skeleton that appeared in the universe.

Then, they had 5 epoch skeletons, actually moved towards the epoch skeleton that had fought Ye Yang before.

6 people gathered together.

This time, even the strange “hair stiffness” of the chaotic undead and the unknown identity were disabled to bear, and each and everyone appeared and stared nervously at the six concentrated era skeletons.

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