Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 911

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6 An era skeleton, glaring at the chaotic undead and the “hair stiff” at the same time.

Although the skulls have no eyes, their orbital parts of the skulls reveal a faint green light, exuding a chill, and the gods can feel the murderous intention in them.

In an instant, “Mao stiff” growled, but the sound did not spread out, and he turned around silently, his eyes not focused on this side.

And the two chaotic undeads also quickly escaped into a nebula of a galaxy, and it was difficult to see what happened to them outside.

“Hiss~ ~~”

6 Show off one’s military strength with the era skeleton and wave your fist or chaotic bone ribs in your hand.

But, not at all rushed to the past and concentrated in a galaxy.

“Good counsel.” Ye Yang muttered.

He really wanted to see the “hair stiffness” and the undead chaos, working together to deal with 6 era skeletons. Then there will be a good show.

Whether or not they will swallow each other, at least, there is a battle to be seen.

But what surprised him was that after the “hair stiffness” and chaotic undead were stared, it was so easy to counsel.

As far as Ye Yang knows, normal undead creatures have either no thoughts or emotions, or pure reason without any personal feelings of honor and disgrace. Or, that is, they still retain their thoughts and emotions, but they are very extreme and cannot tolerate a little infringement. Simply put, the body contains a strong negative will and negative emotions, all kinds of negative forces, burst at one point.

However, the hairy and chaotic undead were stunned.

Moreover, when there was only one epoch skeleton before, they had retreated after half the battle, and they had no intention of dying.

Now that 5 era skeletons are out, you should know that the earliest era skeleton has been swallowed, but there is no joint effort to deal with that “hair stiffness”? This is also weird.

Is it possible that, the earliest epoch skeleton, did not tell his information to the six epoch skeletons behind?

“Ai, I can’t figure it out…and it’s in trouble.”

Ye Yang feels nodded big.

Originally wanted to go out and fight the era skeleton, if he can destroy him, then he will destroy it. Not only can you play a majestic way to erect the majesty, but you can also take the opportunity to learn more about the Epoch Skeleton.

“Six…all got together…”

Ye Yang felt that if he went out to single out with that era skeleton, the result would probably be that they were singled out by a group of them, and the group ~~ was beaten.

“It’s irrational, and there is no chance of winning. But, trifling an incarnation, some one-time Divine Item, can it be wasted?”

Ye Yang hesitated for a while.

The cautious thought made him temporarily impulsive.

Will the new era skeletons have new special abilities?

For example, the ordinary skeletons that Ye Yang used to control had some melee capabilities. But some have abilities that can release lightning, fire, ice, and so on.

Will the Epoch Skeleton be the same?

Each epoch skeleton looks like that strength, but what about the other five epoch skeletons? Will it be stronger? Will it have other special abilities?

6 Will there be new special powers when the epoch skeletons are combined? For example, mortals and gods can set up arrays, army arrays, battle arrays, and arrays, each with different strengthening abilities.

If these 6 skeletons have new special abilities, such as retroactive causal disregarding distance and directly locking the body of Ye Yang, it is difficult to cut off this retroactive causal attack, then it will be troublesome…

Of course, it is also possible that these 6 era skeletons. The new one is much weaker than the old one.

If so, it may explain some doubts-why the color on their bones is a little different. Why did the 6 of them join forces and haven’t avenged the stupidity, nor did they fight against the 2 Chaos Undead.

“Perhaps, they are incapable of strength and can only scare people? Is it really not much stronger than the original era skeleton?”

Ye Yang moved again for a while.

If the guess is correct, it should still be done.

“Well, try it out?”

The more I think, the more my heart will move.

Because this guess is very reasonable, if the first era skeleton is a small boss, followed by a small soldier, is this not normal?

“Okay, then give it a try!! Today, I am going to do this feat to pick 6 and fight 6 era skeletons!!!”

Ye Yang summoned up the courage.

Outside the incarnation, his eyes moved towards 6 with the direction of the era skeleton.

Look at shatter void and travel through space.

I saw 6 epoch skeletons rushing out of that galaxy and then rushing into another galaxy, quickly killing many creatures on that new galaxy. But this time is different from before, there is no further migration, but a strange method to drive one after another planet.

Not one after another, but one after another. The gravity of the void is distorted, and many planets carry out Space Jump and converge towards a place, which seems to transform a galaxy.

“What are they doing?”

Under normal circumstances, the power consumed is very huge. The gods want to send some planets to a distant place, but it is still okay, but they want to make a big adjustment to an entire galaxy. The stars in different galaxies range from 1000 100000000 to 10000 100000000. It is difficult to count the large planets. Location, such a great generosity, is difficult to support.

“They are strong, and Space Law in the universe is now weaker, and space is not as stable as before…but in any case, they do not look like a good thing.”

Ye Yang hesitated for a moment and didn’t plan to watch it again. No matter what they are going to do, destroy it. If you can’t destroy it, you have to hit it again.

So, somewhere in the universe is distorted, Ye Yang’s new incarnation is sent out. It is much more powerful than the incarnation that observes the universe in the outside world.

One by one Divine Item is also sent out with the missile.

All this, speaking slowly, is actually just a moment. The portal behind is closed, and it is almost impossible to trace the Ye Yang ontology.

But Ye Yang had just appeared, and the 6 skeletons were staring far away in the distance.

However, they glanced at Ye Yang incarnation, no longer paid attention to.

It seemed that Ye Yang was afraid to attack them.

Can’t beheaded one-on-one, let alone one enemy 6?

“Hehe, today the deity is going to…”

Ye Yang was thinking, suddenly, the nearby void swayed.

A circle of weird ripples emerged from a distance and spread towards this side.

Ye Yang thought that there was an attacker, quickly alert, and many Divine Items surround the body.

But when he looked at the place where the volatility bloomed, he realized that it was actually a strange void. As if there was a huge entrance of a different dimension space appearing here. The channel entrance was blocked by a transparent substance, and the outermost layer was like a transparent transparent film.

Through this channel entrance, you can see that there is a familiar silhouette opposite.

The silhouette’s eyes swept over to make Ye Yang heart trembled.

“Master of the Eastern Pole League!!”

The powerful existence formed after the fusion of the gods of the Eastern Pole League.

In other words, it is a powerful existence that differentiates many forces to form the Eastern Pole League, which constitutes most of the deities of the Eastern Pole League, and then merges into one.

The power in him is very unstable, and can be seen through the film.

He also saw his silhouette swept through the void, and a giant foot fiercely stepped towards him.

He dodged instantly, and then another giant fist fell. He dodged a bit, resisted a little, and was flew out.

This scene made Ye Yang look silly.

Many gods incarnation in the vast universe can’t see in the distance, but in the vicinity, they have discovered this situation, and they can’t help but dumbfounded.

Even the 10000 Demon Emperor was easily beaten in his own nest.

Ye Yang can’t eliminate him by combining many rules.

This middle-aged man looks like a powerful master, and his strength is imaginable.

But nowadays, it looks like they are chased and chased?

Thinking about it, the translucent film became hazy and blurred, and the strange and heterogeneous channel entrance, like a moment, became empty and unreal.

At this moment, a silhouette with glowing glow jumped out. Like a monkey, 2 fists were peng~ peng~ peng~ to move towards that translucent film.

Ye Yang hasn’t responded yet, the “film” over there has been smashed.

But what is shocking is that the place was only revealed after it was cracked-it was not a film at all.

The cracks formed after the smashing were full of gray breath. The cracks were too fine, and the gray gas was too thick. What was behind was completely invisible.

“Void Prison!!!”

Ye Yang’s heart jumped wildly.

He recognized it.

Although this crack hasn’t expanded, it’s impossible to see the situation there, but the twisting power of that crack conflicts with the laws of this universe, and it’s a special Space Crack channel that doesn’t fit into this universe. It looks so familiar. …

He is 95% sure that it is a new exit to the prison of the void! !

“Splash monkey, dare to dare!!”

Ye Yang was furious and flew over there instantly.

The monkey-shaped humanoid is obviously the previous Primal Chaos Stone fetus.

If left unchecked, this guy doesn’t know how many crack channels will be made to communicate with the Void Prison.

His appearance is very bizarre, and the origin is unclear. There seems to be a great secret behind it. Probably related to the prison of the void.

Moreover, He seems to contain the secret of how to use the “brand of the previous generation Chaos Controller”.

With these two points, Ye Yang can’t let him go.

Compared to the Epoch Skeleton, this eccentric monkey is worth a battle!

So, in a moment, Ye Yang has rushed to the front.

The monkey was still punching the void film, but at this time it was a fierce zero, suddenly turned around and stared at Ye Yang, contorts one’s face in agony, roaring angrily.

But in front of him, it is a Flying Sword.

Ye Yang’s body hasn’t flew yet, it’s already a piece of Divine Item split open space.

Countless Flying Sword shoots in, and the monkey is angry, and his mouth spits out a lot of Primal Chaos Qi.

This kind of breath has not been greatly suppressed by the universe. In other words, although some parts are suppressed, the invisible law is blown up and blown up by this aura.

Many Flying Swords of Ye Yang converge in an instant, like the tips of many swords stab at one place at the same time, the tips of the swords touch, but the tails of the swords are moved towards elsewhere.

Bang!! ! !

The violent force exploded the void and swept away all Primal Chaos Qi. The blasted area formed a twisted black hole, which produced a strong suction force. The Primal Chaos Stone tires were all sucked to fly there.

These Flying Sword Divine Items are not exploded for the impact of blasting, but the internal power of Law Power and the surrounding Law Power are exploded to simulate the formation of a black hole, which is stronger than the black holes of normal cosmic objects. Black holes… Special engulfing rules devour black holes in space.

The Primal Chaos Stone tire squeaked, and the whole thing was sucked up before the sound was heard, but it was swept back again in an instant.

At this time, Ye Yang’s many Divine Items flew over. Surrounded one by one, forming a formation.

A huge rune, like a scroll, like a huge rectangular picture, contains images such as chaotic changes, the beginning of the universe, and the new galaxy of the galaxy. It is a continuous and dynamic picture.

The huge picture scroll collapsed into the void and was suppressed towards the Primal Chaos Stone tire.

The monkey-shaped creature screamed and punched into the void scroll.

However, the picture scroll was originally a powerful pressure, as if the substantial wall was rolling down, it suddenly turned into a virtual at the moment, but it produced a strong suction.

The Primal Chaos Stone was unnoticed for a while, and he was drawn into the scroll. It seems to become part of a painting.

The entire scroll suddenly turned into a cylindrical scroll that was rolled up.

At this moment, the entire picture was violently shaken.

Bang!! !

The Primal Chaos Stone tire burst the entire scroll, but numerous cracks appeared on the body.

Like the fine marks left by the sword cutting.

Then, it is each and everyone’s dark or dark golden rune, each of which is not as large as an ant, densely packed all over him.

These runes reveal rays of light, strands of light like chains running from one rune to another, like countless small chains binding the Primal Chaos Stone tire, and these chains are also interlaced into a net.

In the sky, a piece of rope-shaped Divine Item flies, golden rope, the mouth of the rope is like a dragon head, and the rope body is like a dragon body.

Quickly bound to the Primal Chaos Stone tire.

He was rolling in the sky, snarling.

But there is no way to break through each and everyone rune. These runes that were branded on him locked most of his strength, and were then entangled in golden ropes, simply unable to get out.

“Hehe, see where are you jumping? Today, you are dead!”

Ye Yang thoughts move, many Divine Items flying, a Flying Sword, a throwing knives, blooming Primal Chaos Qi, burning chaotic flames, various Law Power spews, burning, sublimation, rainbow, various kinds of different light emerge .

Many Flying Sword flying knife moved towards the monkey, but he quickly rolled towards the black hole one step ahead.

The black hole exploded, producing a powerful impact. He suffered a lot of injuries, and this impact tore the rope on his body, and slightly blocked the Flying Sword flying knife, slightly delaying the time of being stabbed.

But when he was about to avoid it, it was too late, and many Flying Sword flying knives were stuck on him.

ding ding dong dong, a Flying Sword flying knife rebounded, exploded, and various forces spewed out.

But the rune and the thin chain on his body have been torn apart by the impact of the black hole’s power and his power. Some parts of the body can actually block the penetration of some inferior Divine Item. But there are still many places where a sword and a flying knife are plunged into it.

Ye Yang is about to die again, but just when Flying Sword and the flying knife pierced the Primal Chaos Stone, a strong sense of crisis flooded into my heart.

Silhouette suddenly withdraws in the sky, and then senses a series of blasts. Many Divine Items surrounded by themselves were detonated by the force of the impact from a distance… 6 era skeletons have actually passed through the space and killed them.

The epoch skeleton that ran the fastest just hit the Divine Item surrounded by a circle around him, which triggered the Divine Item Self-destruction and blocked his impact.

“Actually wanting profiting from somebody’s misfortune?”

Ye Yang was very angry.

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