Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 912

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Ye Yang waved his hand.

In an instant, many Divine Item boom~ boom~ burst out.

in the sky Primal Chaos Qi is surging, but it has been transformed into a variety of different laws.

The gods incarnation saw with their own eyes that there was a wave of black appearing out of thin air.

Void like a instantly turned into a sea of ​​oceans.

The dark sea, the dark waves,

A wave of waves washed away frantically, forcibly washing out that era skeleton.

The Primal Chaos Stone tire wanted to escape, and one after another waved big hand like a water column caught him.

He struggled to break a big hand, and there was another big hand outside. In exchange for breaking one after another, one after the other, making him unable to break through.

Then, Divine Item densely packed from 1000 to 10000 flew over. There are many phantoms, but it is said that there are more than 1000 real Divine Item.

They burn and turn into glowing light. A Divine Item condenses a ray of light that blooms as the universe was born. The sword shape formed by the interweaving of many glowing lights, fiercely penetrated into the Primal Chaos Stone fetus within the body, and he would not move in a flash.

The gods incarnation watched from afar, each and everyone gasped.

“really strong ……”

“Trench!! It’s so trench!!”

“It’s true…It’s sulking. The deity looked sad.”

“How many Divine Item? Void sea, forcibly scour and retreat 6 era skeletons by one’s own strength, looks so handsome, but even more handsome, burns 10,008 100 Divine Item in one fell swoop… It’s daunting Trembling.”

“The suppression of the Divine Sword of the Primal Chaos Stone fetus, the deity also sees clearly, 1800 36 pieces of Divine Item’s power is completely consumed, and the Divine Item materials are no longer dissipated, at the expense of a might of a single sword …… too exaggerated.”

“The deity can’t help thinking that long ago, incarnation became a mortal, entered a Mortal World, and played a game in it. There is a trick called throwing money, the more money that is thrown out, the more damage. The most of it is thrown away in a few clicks. Net worth…Who can afford this?”

a Divine incarnation is amazed, not so good.

Ye Yang incarnation laughed heartily.

This method, a normal deity, is not forced to the limit and will not be used indiscriminately. Moreover, it is not the existence of Divinity Sovereign Level of the ancients, who want to play such means are not qualified. Can’t afford it, I can’t get so many Divine Items. Even if it is called a one-time Divine Item, it can’t take out so many at once.

But Ye Yang can afford it, and can use such a method as a conventional one.

“What’s more than 10000 Divine Item?”

With a wave of his hand, the Divine Item with a count of 1000 exploded in the void, and it was not Primal Chaos Qi that burst out, but it had been transformed from Primal Chaos Qi into a little golden light before the burst, and fell into that dark ocean. In the sea.

This power is to maintain this vast ocean and not dissipate so quickly.

Many epoch skeletons rushed from a distance angrily, waved the Bone Blade, and cut towards the sea.

A normal ocean will, of course, be split apart.

However, this ocean is different. The violent tide surged up, and forcibly rolled a few era skeletons to wash out far away.

At the same time, the tide on the other side also entangled the princely wounded Primal Chaos Stone tire. Many waves turned into power and merged into the wound penetrated by the dissipated Divine Sword. Coupled with other Law Energy waves forming a light cocoon, the Primal Chaos Stone tire was completely trapped.

From a distance, the condensed energy makes the monkey trapped like a stone tire without a broken stone.

With one finger of Ye Yang, another 100 Divine Item flew away, and a Divine Item turned into a small spell. Counting 100 pieces of divine talisman attached to the stone tire, equivalent to counting hundreds of deities to form a battle to suppress the Primal Chaos Stone tire.

On the other side, the vast ocean washed by the era skeletons dissipated violently.

In a moment, more than 30% of the power is scattered into the void.

If you do not use power, you may be able to maintain it for quite a long time, but once the power is used, you cannot maintain balance and it will quickly dissipate.

However, Ye Yang thoughts move, pinch with both hands, spirit willpower through the incarnation of the handprint to form a magnifying effect, remote control those sea waves, the entire dark sea, suddenly compressed and condensed into 6 talisman.

However, during the process of cohesion, the sea has nearly 20% of its power to dissipate. Therefore, half of the equivalent to the power of the ocean and the ocean condenses into these 6 symbols.

However, Ye Yang is worried that this power is not enough. At the moment of 100 100000000 fraction of a second, 6 characters were moved towards one of the era skeletons at the same time.

He recognized that the one was the earliest epoch skeleton that had fought against him at that time, and probably the strongest of the six. But Ye Yang knows him best.

After countless calculations, multiple collections of information, and multiple transformations, this symbol has become very restrained and very targeted at the weakness of this era’s skeleton.

I saw a few fuyi stickers, and that era skeleton could hardly escape. I avoided 5 photos, and was stiffened in the 6th post. The other 5 photos were also posted.

After another instant, 6 characters appear simultaneously in rays of light.

rays of light blended into the body of the skeleton of the entire era.

He had a tear-off symbol, but his movements became slow and his strength weakened. Laws around the body erode. His ability to fight against the Universe Principle became weaker. Therefore, those symbols cannot be torn apart at all.

It’s too late to say that it’s fast, all 6 characters are completely pasted, it will melt in only 1/10000th second, and 0.1% seconds will completely cover the entire skeleton.

I saw its stiffness and stagnation in the void. About Mo stalemate for about a second.

In the eyes of mortals, it is extremely short, but in the eyes of gods, this one second time is already very long at the critical moment of battle.

Then, I saw that the skeleton of the era exploded.

Pieces of bone flew away.

Another 5 era skeletons saw it and rushed over to grab the bones back. It’s unclear if I want to put it together or think differently.

However, these bones actually smashing voids piece by piece, traveling through space. Not flying far away, but flying back to the place where the skeleton of the previous era stood.

One block of bones hit another, and 360 bones hit each other.

Yes, the normal human body is 2 100 zero 6 bones, but this era skeleton is 360 bones.

These bones glow with light, resulting in powerful devouring strength, and even some metaplasias have mouths that bite on other bones.

Swallow crazy! !

While eating other bones, it was bitten and swallowed by other bones.

The bones of 360 epoch skeletons devour and fight each other. The bursting power, one after another, flocked to the 4th side like a wave. It’s just that there is almost no substantial wave of energy.

The other 5 era skeletons saw it and stopped in shock.

“You are convinced that this power is not contagious? Wouldn’t it be like the Mortal World plague, with 2 2 spreads in one pass?”

As soon as Ye Yang said this, the 5 Epoch Skeletons froze, daring not to step forward.

Although, I think Ye Yang’s words are probably fake. But what about 10000? just in case it is real?

Even more how, in front of me, there is another piece of Divine Item around Ye Yang.

There is a bell, a bell, a chime, a violin, a jazz, a flute.

The sound waves of these Divine Item blooming, Tearing the Void, cause surrounding space distortion, sometimes accelerating and decelerating from time to time.

It is estimated that it will be difficult to break through the distorted time and space formed by this sound range.

In addition, there are more sword-shaped Divine Item, which surrounds Ye Yang, densely packed, like the stars arching the moon. It was shocking to watch.

“How come there are so many Divine Items?”

“Too trenchy, too rich!”

Many gods incarnation can not help but stunned, let alone those era skeletons.

This made them more hesitant.

At this moment, the previous era skeleton, 360 bones, suddenly huddled together. Each bone became flexible like a gel, and many bones squeezed into a huge sphere, and then exploded with a bang.

Turns into bone powder.

Ye Yang waved his hand quickly, Space Power was twisted, and many bone powders were scattered and sent far away. Several skeletons of the era also quickly shot, forcibly sucking a part of the bone meal. Travel through Space Transmission to near them.

One piece of Ye Yang’s Divine Item flew over.

They quickly retreated.

But they found that the nearby void was blooming rays of light.

The void that seemed empty and empty before, even a branch of Divine Sword appeared. This is the Divine Item previously laid out by Ye Yang, hidden in the vicinity.

Since these epoch skeletons pay too much attention to the front, even these Divine Items are not found.

However, they quickly shot, slashing 4 squares with a Bone Blade, hitting a body void, fast speed, and strong power. Ye Yang has not yet been able to seal them up, and all these era skeletons escaped. Too.


Ye Yang said it was a pity, but the corner of his mouth was smiling and smiling.

He had no intention of leaving these era skeletons. Because I’m not sure.

The bone meal rescued in the past has lost its abnormal power and is no longer guided to devour itself. Gradually condensing the skull of an era skeleton. The bone powder in other flying universes is not very safe and needs to be purified.

“However, it is so happy to be able to fight against many era skeletons…hehe.”

Ye Yang is convinced that he has now stood at the peak battle strength level of the universe again.

Of course, it was not really at the Peak level before. It’s still not cream of the crop. Can’t beat those 3 and a half steps into Daoist. But with this kind of tactics now, he dared to fight any powerhouse in the universe!

not afraid! !

If you lose, you will retreat and you will win.

Although there are many Divine Items in reserve today, they are not many. Although the number horrified many gods, Ye Yang felt that it was not enough.

“When I accumulate a few thousand thousand, a few 1000000, a few 10000000, or even a few 100000000! At that time, even if I become a Daoist in half a step, I dare to fight!”

How about becoming a Daoist in half a step? If there is 200000000 Divine Item, every 120,000 9600 Divine Item is simulated to construct a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, then each Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can play the full formable power of the real Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and More than one blow may release several blows. Count 100 Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, half-step into Daoist also suppress.

Before using only 1000 100 Divine Item, you can simulate the shape of the broken Yujian, equivalent to a Prestige of Strike after the broken Yujian. If it is 120,000 9600 Divine Item, the simulated one is afraid of the formidable power of the most peak state of Sword of Sword. One sword is enough to tear the universe.

Many Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, enter or attack, retreat can defend, both offensive and defensive, whether it is Law Level energy level or spiritual soul level, are not afraid.

“Now is just a small step. When I have 1000000 Divine Item, I can have a real right to speak in the present universe. With 5,000,000 Divine Item, I dare to expose my true identity just and honorable. 200000000 Divine Item. I dare to be true Walking out of the ancient palace at the beginning, dare to suppress the universe alone.”

It’s just that it’s not that simple to want to cast 200000000 Divine Item. Not to mention casting a few 100000000 million Divine Item.

“Dream always needs to be there. Will 10000 succeed? 10000 succeed…hehe, as long as it is not a battle with Chaos Controller in Chaos World, what should I do?”

Ye Yang’s power is also chaotic, which is why he dared not fight Chaos Controller. It is a pity that there is no other power to provide unlimited quantity, otherwise, use other power to create a one-time Divine Item unlimitedly, and can be controlled by the arm, then Chaos Controller is not afraid.

Chaos Controller may not be as powerful as Dadao Will. Yuwai returns to Yuwai, Yuyu returns to Yuye. But Ye Yang was just restrained by the power of Chaos Controller. The universe is insecure and insecure. This is why Ye Yang has to be a Chaos Controller.

At the very least, it has the strength to resist Chaos Controller.

“Now… study first.”

Ye Yang waved his hand, and the suppressed Primal Chaos Stone tire flew over. Reapply palms to impose multiple bans.

With it, quickly fly to the edge of the universe.

Many Divine Items cover the void, and Ye Yang sends the Primal Chaos Stone fetus out of the universe.

“If it is an ordinary deity, even if it is at the level of the emperor, it may not be possible to see through my actions, but the rulers must be able to see through.

“But what about that? Divine Item battles, a lot of Power of Primal Chaos surging. The clever god expected the deity to be related to chaos. Guess the deity is Chaos Divine Demon or the chaos incarnation that previously claimed to be heads-up with the Eastern Pole League. .

“Therefore, there is no need to conceal it deliberately. It is good to be able to conceal, and not afraid of being exposed.”

This Primal Chaos Stone fetus cannot be researched in the ancient palace of the early days.

In the early days, ancient palace, no matter how powerful it was, was only a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. Even if Ye Yang is in control, there is no guarantee that the Primal Chaos Stone tire will be suppressed.

If it breaks out, let’s not explode the ancient palace at the beginning, some strength and so on, and overflow, the interior of the ancient palace at Ye Yang will be impacted, the trading platform and the like will be seriously affected, Ye Yang’s identity will also Exposure, let people know that he is this sulky god.

But if the Primal Chaos Stone fetus is sent out of the universe, even if it is seen, it will only guess that he is Chaos Divine Demon, or Chaos Divine Emperor, and will not directly guess that he is Ye Yang.

Even more how, it is easier to study Primal Chaos Stone tires in chaos.

“But there is still a feeling of death. Studying the brand of Chaos Controller in chaos…hehe, won’t weird happen?

“But with my strength, Chaos Controller can’t deal with it. But if the brand of Chaos Controller can’t be suppressed, it might as well be a head to death. I have studied it before.”

Without being suppressed by that innate characteristic, the trifling mark is nothing but a breath of power that can control chaos.

However, when Ye Yang sent Primal Chaos Stone tires, there were many Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures sent over and intercepted.

I don’t know what it means, and I don’t know what its purpose is.

Before, they seemed to be quite far apart, but now they are shuttled in a flash, which is more free and easier to shuttle than in the universe.

“Damn, are these guys fully adapted to Chaos World?”

With a wave of his hand, many Divine Items flew out, boom~ boom~ to explode those Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, Primal Chaos Stone tires have been transferred to Ye Yang in the incarnation territory outside.

Many Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure chased it, but they dared not break into it.

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