Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 913

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“Hehe, why didn’t you come in?”

Ye Yang stayed in his Primal Chaos Domain, holding Ye Die in one hand, while squinting with contempt for the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure outside.

There are some Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure that just fly around and shake, like unconsciously instinctively want to chase the Primal Chaos Stone fetus, and instinctively fear Ye Yang’s side. There are some Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, but there is a translucent silhouette manifested. It is clear that Artifact Spirit has already been produced, and Artifact Spirit has the wisdom.

“Boy, what is your relationship with the kryptonite player outside?” Duan Yujian burst into a voice.

“Kryptonite player? Haha, this title, the deity likes it.” Ye Yang smiled authentically.

Then, the expression suddenly became cold: “Either, come in a battle, or, get out!!”

The words fell, and Duan Yujian suddenly cut out a powerful sword energy, scoured towards Ye Yang.

But just in between, the vast Primal Chaos Qi surged out of Ye Yang’s territory like a wave. Many Primal Chaos Qi have been compressed into a liquid of chaos.

A huge liquid giant hand was slashed toward the Duanyu sword, and a giant hand was chopped by sword energy into two and a half and broken, but many were just chopped and not broken, and became a half and a half The palm of his hand gripped to the Duanyu sword.

Countless Chaos Liquid tentacles quickly entangled in the past, Naoyu sword waved 100000000 10000 sword light, quickly backwards. But these chaotic fluids formed tentacles extending past, and suddenly exploded to form 100000000 10000 flying arrows.

Each arrow is a ray of chaotic liquid condensed, impacting around the sword of Duanyu, or its body. It turned into one after another. The great power appeared. Or the formation of Chaos Fire, Chaos Thunder, Chaos Light, Chaos Erosion.

Duan Yujian made a choking noise, and instantly retreated millions and millions li. And as soon as he turned around, he fled towards the distance and fled.

Ye Yang’s attack, because it was too far away, made it difficult to pose a real threat to it. He took the giant hands and tentacles from one after another chaotic liquefaction back into this chaotic territory.

The left hand is like a cat, stroking Ye Die’s hair.

Turned his head and stared at a Chaos Divine Demon in the other direction. There are Chaos Divine King and Chaos Divine Emperor, each and everyone glare like a tiger watching his prey, I wish to rush directly into Ye Yang’s territory, but hesitated again.

Ye Yang repulsed Duan Yujian before, that was the show of power, that was killing the chicken to warn the monkey.

Everyone can see that in Ye Yang’s territory, a large amount of compressed and condensed chaotic fluid has accumulated, which is much stronger than Primal Chaos Qi. Moreover, once an invader enters Ye Yang’s territory, he will be suppressed. Except for the chaotic power of his within the body, no outside power can be called. However, Ye Yang can use the chaotic power in the territory and all kinds of external forces at will.

Therefore, if they are not sure, they will not dare to invade.

Speaking of true strength, Ye Yang is stronger than other incarnations in the universe.

Primal Chaos Qi here is endless and endless. As long as it can be gathered into this territory, this power belongs to him. Completely controlled by Him, no other Divine Emperor can take it away. Primal Chaos Qi outside the territory, if not interfered by other Chaos Gods, will also be controlled by His will.

In Chaos World, Primal Chaos Law not only was not suppressed, but also had an effect of increase. Coupled with the endless power of chaos, in this respect, it is more reasonable than Ye Yang in the universe.

Of course, the shortcomings are also serious. First of all, here, Primal Chaos Qi wants to transform into other laws, it is difficult. Other laws have been severely weakened. Therefore, countless changes and so on are far inferior to Ye Yang in the universe. Many of the various methods are not suitable for use here, or are weakened.

Secondly, using the chaotic power Primal Chaos Law, the effect will be much weaker against other Chaos Creatures that can also survive in Chaos World. It is like using a strong current against aquatic organisms. Although it has an effect, it is much weaker than other terrestrial organisms. It is also less effective than other means on land against aquatic life.

Again, Chaos Divine Emperor Mutually Mutuality If there is a Chaos Controller at 10000, Ye Yang’s power will be overcome and he will be completely controlled.

This is not as good as Ye Yang in the universe.

Each has advantages and disadvantages.

But no matter how, Ye Yang here is strong. Capturing the territory of other Chaos Divine Emperors is far from sufficient. Capture Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure? As long as the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasures are watching and helping each other, there is no chance, unless the setting is stuck and then singled out.

But if you just keep this place, the strength is more than enough.

“Youngster, don’t be too arrogant, don’t be too arrogant. The madness of today, the disaster of the coming day, there will eventually be a day of liquidation.” A Chaos God Sovereign Dao.

Ye Yang coldly said with a smile: “Don’t zhi zhi so much crooked, either hit in or shut up. Don’t dare to do it, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Junior, do you dare to come out against this deity?” a chaotic god emperor angered.

“The deity believes in you, so many powerhouses are staring, and it is possible to lay siege at any time around the surroundings and kill if you have the ability. The deity relies on the territory from the ability condense to control this place. Why can’t the deity take advantage of geographical terrain? Yuren mortal They all know how to make use of geographical location, build battle forts, and use all kinds of weapons to conquer enemies. Er et al. also know how to hide in the territory and incarnation to go out. Why are you saying that let the deity leave the territory and fight with you? Are you too stupid or Are you stupid enough to be as stupid as you?”

The chaotic god sovereign aura was yelling, but Ye Yang ignored him.

If you really want to go heads-up, Ye Yang can really win.

Not blowing.

Because Ye Yang is close to the territory, you can always draw on the strength here. There are also a large number of disposable Divine Items. But what about the other party? The cultivation base is similar to Ye Yang. Although it has gone through countless years of matting, it can still be the peak of Chaos God Emperor, or Divine Emperor, but it is no different from God Emperor.

There is no essential difference from Ye Yang’s cultivation base. But as said before, these guys dare not go out in person. Many chaotic gods nearby are hostile to Ye Yang, but they will also be hostile to that chaotic god. They are hostile to each other. For several years, they have been a little bit in love, but they also have deep hatred.

Dare to attack Ye Yang with the body together? Unless it is a special situation in a special period. Otherwise, you usually dare not let the body leave.

The body stays in the territory and the incarnation goes out, similar to the deeds of the gods in the universe. This is normal behavior.

Of course, there are a few people who have no brains and only know how to rely on power. These are noumenal activities. But these guys, although strong, have the powerful chaotic power accumulated within the body. But the tactics are not flexible and the brain is not smart. Although it is difficult to fight, it is still easy to succeed if you count it.

Staying here, it is useless to swear, and it will not really fight if you want to fight. Therefore, Ye Yang only waved his hand, inducing chaos to form a huge defensive curtain, covering the outside eyes, but ignored it.

The eyes of the chaotic gods were swept away. Among Chaos Void, a few beautiful butterflies dancing lightly and gracefully. Fight a few in the past.

Then, these butterflies, daring to appear here, are not ontologies. The old nest moved back to Ye Yang’s territory. Their bodies fly in the chaos of chaos, and occasionally come into contact with some Chaos Divine Demon, but the impossible bodies directly go to the place where many chaotic emperors converge. Therefore, Chaos Divine Demon is not easy to vent its anger.

In the territory, Ye Yang has walked in front of Primal Chaos Stone.

Shi Tai’s closed eyes widened, and a dazzling glow radiated from his eyebrows.

As soon as Ye Yang approached, he heard countless murmurs, like many very large voices coming from very distant places, which became vague and similar to murmurs. There are various words that confuse the human voice in the voice, persuading Ye Yang, how and so on.

“Oh, it’s strange to be suppressed? Use your spirit willpower to motivate the Chaos Controller’s branded messages?”

There are two uses for that information. One is to visualize what is contained in the information through energy visualization. Like architecture, like life, like a force. Use these manifested forces to attack Ye Yang or to trap Ye Yang.

Another use is to use mysterious information beyond comprehension to lure confusion or shock to deter Ye Yang and make him into chaos.

It is a pity that Ye Yang ignored it and slapped towards the Primal Chaos Stone fetus.

At this moment, Primal Chaos Stone tires bloomed rays of light, actually forcibly jumping back.

The spells of each and everyone on it actually burned and exploded and shattered.

“Oh? I can control the Power of Primal Chaos a little… use Primal Chaos Law to dispel these spells and make their power trajectory distorted. But unfortunately… this is not the Chaos World free zone. If it is outside, you are Primal Chaos Stone tires may be able to control Primal Chaos Qi, which is not weak. The power is continuously. But in the realm of the deity, you can settle down!”

When Ye Yang pressed the palm of his hand, the Primal Chaos Stone fetus would be motionless in the void. ,

Then, the shell of the whole stone tire exploded, revealing a silhouette of the monkey inside. But the difference is that most of the monkeys have become human-like, more human-like than before.

Except for some hair on the face, some hair on the hands and feet, other places are already similar to people. It looks a little handsome.

Evolving so fast?

Ye Yang smiled, thoughts move, the invisible suppression of the void was stronger. Invisible Primal Chaos Law, crushed down. More and more chaotic forces around it, like an invisible rope, entangled the monkey.

The monkey stared at his eyes, struggling hard, but it was extremely difficult to move.

“Relax, the deity does not hate you maliciously, what you want is the branding information related to Chaos Controller on your body, how to use the branding to obtain information.

“If, in the universe, the opening of the prison of the void is your true intention, then you should kill it. If you are induced and bewitched by the information branded by the Chaos Controller, then the deity cannot let you go. One horse… allow you to be a resident of this territory.”

The monkey was just gnashing teeth, staring at it.

Ye Yang right hand presses on its skull. divine sense and Primal Chaos Law penetration.

Brows slightly wrinkle, and folded his hands again, his index finger gently towards the monkey’s seal hall.

In an instant, a huge divine might emerge, and a translucent silhouette emerged. It looks like a very huge rare beast, various tentacles and various sharp claws, various tails and wings, as well as a sharp tooth and a strange eye.

No matter how you look at it, I think the image is distorted and ugly.

“A former Chaos Controller, is this image?”

Ye Yang flashed the thought, and the silhouette had rushed towards him.

The left palm was quickly shot, and with a bang, the translucent illusory shadow had exploded, and a little fluorescence diffused for 4 weeks.

As soon as Ye Yang pupil light blew, this little fluorescence was sucked in and integrated into him within the body.

Quickly cross your knees and close your eyes to receive this huge messy message.

A few points at the monkey’s eyebrows have disappeared. But there was a blush in the place where it disappeared, condensing into a drop of red dots.

It fainted for a moment, eyes opened, looked at Ye Yang and looked at Ye Die next to it.

Ye Die’s general nervous appearance, the monkey grinned: “This elder sister, is this evil god imprisoning you here? Dominated by the dignified law, he is subject to him, isn’t your heart unwilling? Now he dares to absorb it Chaos Controller branded information. The negative will and thoughts of the 100000000 10000 era will make him confused, difficult to accept, and unable to wake up in a short time. This is our great opportunity.

“As long as elder sister lifts my bondage first, I will kill you outside this territory with you, and you will be free again. You don’t have to look at this evil god’s face.”

Ye Die ponders for 2 seconds, nodded.

With a wave of his hand, a lot of chaotic forces came around, entangled the monkey, a sliver of black silk, intertwined and intertwined, into a thick black energy cocoon.

Moreover, there are many members of the Chaotic Butterfly family of gray, plain and black paint flying, flying around the monkey, faintly forming a certain situation, attracting Power of Primal Chaos to suppress it.


The monkey’s eyes widened and he couldn’t believe it.

Seemingly angry, angry and angry, gritted his teeth and said: “Why…why?”

Ye Dieyan smiled and looked at Ye Yang, ignoring the monkey.

The power of chaos in this territory is vast. There are countless arrays in 4 locations. If Ye Yang had given Ye Die some control authority earlier, she would not be able to use the chaotic power here. But once the authority is given, even if she doesn’t understand Primal Chaos Law at all, she can control the chaos here. Even if she can’t use Primal Chaos Law, the laws here will be used by her as well as power.

“Dignified Unet rule, do you want to be willing…”

The monkey was about to continue to persuade, but Ye Yang had already opened his eyes.

The expression on the monkey’s face was dull.

“Very good, Chaos Controller…so that’s how it is. The deity has another glimpse of Chaos Controller’s secret.”

Ye Yang muttered.

The monkey couldn’t believe it: “Why did you wake up?”

Ye Yang pressed a palm to the head of the monkey, divine sense penetrated into it. It screamed and fainted.

Ye Yang closed his eyes for a long time, and the eyes opened: “Chaos Controller branding did not bring much information, but at least, I know how to use other Chaos Controller branding to suppress the seal. If you take all the branded information, go The dross and its usefulness, then, maybe I can use some Divine Items to simulate some of the power of Chaos Controller? Then I will make a profit.”

Muttering, he looked at the monkey.

Ye Yang smiled strangely.

More than 10000 Divine Items flying nearby.

These Divine Items are hidden before, and are not seen by monkeys.

Now, more than 10000 low-level Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, flying, condensed into a hoop.

“When I saw this Primal Chaos Stone fetus, the unable to bear remembered some of the mythological stories I saw before in the mortal era. Um… yes, it’s pretty.”

Ye Yang hung the hoop on the head of Primal Chaos Stone’s tire, locked its Primordial Spirit, and locked its core of consciousness. Even if the consciousness is unshelled, this hoop cannot be rid of.

“You take good care of Him first, and the deity will be closed for a while.”

Ye Yang instructed Ye Die, and quickly took out the crystals formed by the previous crackdown seal Primal Chaos Law dominating the brand. These are at the body, but they are sent to here. Although they are wasteful, the means are a bit complicated, but they are not difficult.

“Let’s see first, the laws in this crystal dominate the brand, what information does it contain? Watch in a dream-like way…”

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