Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 914

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Ye Yang suddenly felt dark in front of his eyes, and his heart could not help jumping violently.

“Fat trough, this is…not good, be careful!”

Ye Yang clearly sensed that part of his consciousness was dragged into a strange dark void.

“Is this a dream? Some of my consciousness is involved in a special spiritual space.”

Ye Yang is nervous.

He clearly understood that this is a temporary spiritual space formed by the combination of Chaos Controller’s brand and external forces. His consciousness is likely to relive the historical traces recorded in the brand. Like entering history personally, personally sensing past history.

Just like mortals entering the so-called “virtual world”.

But the difference is that no matter how powerful the brand is, it is only a brand, and no matter how powerful it is, it is only the power Ye Yang gives it. It can only involve part of Ye Yang’s consciousness. As long as Ye Yang is struggling a little, she will be able to struggle completely and her consciousness will be free from it. It may even be possible to directly explode that spiritual space directly, striking a brand.

However…absolutely not!

He has a strong intuition that he most likely only has this time.

A brand, at most one opportunity to show such a scene. Anyway, next time, will not have enough brand marks and residual marks, enough to support a “dream back to ancient” scene illusion.

Once accidentally broken, this opportunity will be lost.

The reason why Ye Yang is nervous is here.

Like a strong man holding 10000 Jun, cautiously holding an egg with a slightly broken shell, to avoid crushing with force.

Ye Yang is afraid that the illusion he entered is too real and has a strong danger. When the subconsciously erupts, the entire illusion will disappear, and you will not have to play. The chance will be gone.

If it does not erupt, this part of your own consciousness may also be directly killed.

Therefore, without sufficient preparation in advance, the situation is a bit awkward now.

“The scenes I hope to see are not enough to affect my split consciousness.”

Everything sensed by this consciousness is shared with the ontology, which is almost the remote control of the ontology. Therefore, the retroactive causal attack here will hurt the body. If there is a dangerous outbreak here, the will of the body will bless it and destroy everything here.

Ye Yang looked at the void around him with a bit of “heart lifting”.

Quickly, see the fog and mist.

The dark mist of chaos in the front condenses. Gray and compressed nearly black, the mist is compressed into a chaotic turbid liquid, surging like Wang Yang.

Those mists, moved towards a certain direction to condense.

It looks like vortex.

Later, I gradually discovered that it was a huge silhouette of a very great shore, motionless, without any trace of cultivation because he was sleeping. But the body instinctively sucked up the surrounding chaos.

In 100000000 absolutely, there is no space, and chaos compresses into liquid, forming a vast ocean of millions and millions of li. These liquids keep pouring into his within the body.

And He also swells continuously and bigger.

“At first, I felt that I was very small, and then I discovered that it was because he was too big…”

A pore, a hair growing out, is also formed by the crystallization of chaos. But this hair, for Ye Yang, is comparable to a very high mountain. And it is a super peak with a diameter of more than ten kilometers and a height of several hundred kilometers or even several thousand kilometers.

At first glance, it was amazing and disgusting.

But if you quit 1000 and 100 light-years away and stare at a distance, you may find that this is just a beast that looks “cute”. The hair on the body is also “thin” and “soft”.

But because he became too large, the originally very thin and cute fluff actually looked like a very huge peak.

“This is… Chaos Controller?”

Ye Yang faintly produced a hint of fear, but forcibly suppressed this feeling.

He knew that this was a natural instinctive fear of the lower one against the upper one. It is not the upper and lower division of power status, nor the difference between upper and lower positions caused by strength, but the difference between upper and lower positions of Life Level.

It seems that the gap between plants and animals is like the gap between ants and giant dragon. The young mouse feels when it is facing the evil cat that has become a demon.


At this time, I have to be grateful that I stayed at the crack of the universe and felt the gaze of the eyes transformed into each and everyone. There, facing the pressure of chaos Controller level and the pressure of fine divine might make your spirit willpower transform.

Otherwise, it has just been out of control. If it is not frightened to “wake up”, exiting this scene is that the spirit willpower who is scared by the power of terror is blessed, and the power of scared incarnation comes together. The entire dream will be shredded.

Ye Yang’s strength is far better than this brand, and it can easily crush this illusory world. However, this does not mean that it is useless to Him. It is not that illusions are not as strong as He is useless. If the same person can easily tear up a treasure book containing the secrets of peerless cultivation, it cannot be said that because this book is not as strong as that person, the knowledge in it is useless to that person.

Just as an adult can easily defeat a child who knows peerless martial arts. It’s not that because the child’s strength is not as good as that of the adult, the martial skill he masters is totally undesirable. After all, he can’t beat the adult. It is very likely that what the child knows is of great use to the adult.

The same is true of the current Chaos Brand, and so is the illusion.

“10000000 Don’t let the illusion break. Such a real illusion, with useful information, is extremely rare. My mental suppression is weaker, and I can’t make the illusion feel unreal because of too much spirit…”

Ye Yang thought, his eyes were greedily staring at the silhouette of the Chaos Controller in front, watching.

At first glance, it was a huge beast that looked lovely from afar. But if you look closely, you will find that it is very hazy and fuzzy, and you can’t see its real image at all.

It was the vast chaos around him that distorted and changed His image. The image he saw was not necessarily true.

But Ye Yang gazed at it carefully, but still took down the silhouette.

Just like the gods and buddhas that have a successful cultivation base, some mortal cultivators, even if they only see the true face of the Buddha True Body, contemplate meditation on the image of the god Buddha, or even just draw the Buddha True Body mysteriously. Scrolling and contemplating meditation may make the cultivation base more advanced. I am constantly adjusting and becoming stronger while being inspired by the imagination.

Ye Yang now also wants to visualize the real body of Chaos Controller.

“Write down, must write down! Every thread of aura is running, every hair is every inch of skin, the agitation of the subcutaneous Bloodline, and the fluttering of the hair are all in harmony with Primal Chaos Law, which is 1 billion 100 100000000 light years Chaos resonates… this is the authority of Chaos Controller! This contains the information of Chaos Controller authority!”

Ye Yang is concentrating and taking a closer look, and then the whole scene is broken.

When I was awake again, I realized that I had a piece of divine force crystal in my hands and it was destroyed. The brand of Chaos Controller that once existed in it has been completely disappeared.

There was a situation laid out by Ye Yang around, and there was no warning.

There is Ye Die nearby, and has been not far away. With her dignified law, controller level vision and gaze, she didn’t see anything that she had escaped from.

“That is to say… such a powerful and miraculous Chaos Controller brand, many chaotic gods can’t rise up to resist at close range, can’t produce the idea of ​​rebellion, many of the gods in the universe can’t resist. But… I actually consume it Lost?

“Using the method of mental resonance into dream perception, would it be consumed as a resource?”

Ye Yang did not gain any strength gains, no mental gains, but some memory fragments.

There is a lot more memory information inexplicably.

“Interesting…Interesting. This memorized information, based on seeing and retelling, is impossible with such detailed details, only to fall asleep and experience everything that the brand has sensed.”

How is branding formed? The impact of power is condensed into the void somewhere, and will not disperse for a long time, it is the brand. Ye Yang is now equivalent to the void that bears the impact of power.

“Come back!”

Pick up another piece of divine force crystal, which is also sealed with a brand of Chaos Controller.

Use the previous method again and fall into a dream.

Dreaming back to ancient times, I personally felt what had happened.

The Chaos Controller in the brand, each and everyone is different.

There is sleep, there is cultivation, there is fighting. I even saw Chaos Controller fall and incarnation became a terrifying scene of a new universe. You can also see that Chaos Controller has not turned into a new universe, but it has become a new creation god, wielding an axe to open up the void, then suppressed by the power of the void backlash, and has to be hard, and finally crushed by the power of the backlash. Bao Tuo Law Power released by himself and backlash back.

The fallen god of creation is part of the new universe.

In addition, I also saw Chaos Controller creating many incarnations, and suppressing 100 chaotic gods. Not at all, just a single thought, many Chaos Gods in the distance were directly suppressed.

Terrifying strong. The difference between 2 different Life Levels, heaven and earth’s difference to separate.

Of course, Ye Yang suspects that this Chaos Controller is at the peak level, and has become a powerhouse for the new universe in half a step. Otherwise, although the new Chaos Controller is strong, it can easily kill Chaos Divine Emperor with one hand, but it will not wipe out a group of Chaos Divine Emperors in the distance after a few light years.

“It’s an amazing sight…”

I don’t know how long it has been in the past. All the crystals of the Divine force in the hands of Ye Yang are branded by Chaos Controller.

Ye Yang’s expression is astonished.


Most of these master branding fragments are not from the same Chaos Controller.

Each piece of information is not enjoyable, and I want to get information from the next piece to make up for the shortcomings here and solve the doubts. As a result, the more you read, the more doubts you have, and the more puzzled you are.

It seems that I have learned a lot, but when I think about it seriously, there are a lot of pieces that cannot be put together, and it seems that there is not much benefit.

“Under normal circumstances, using a large number of computers to calculate data and exhaustively solve these doubts. However, according to my estimation, Chaos World is not constant, in the very old and long years, Constantly changing.

“Because of the constant development and destruction of the universe, 100, 100000000, 1000, 100000000, 10000, 100000000, or 1000, 1000000, 100000000 million will destroy the universe once. Numerous 1, 1, 1, and 1 million years, chaos has experienced several cosmic eras, Chaos World will be affected accordingly, and will definitely be There are different changes.

“The Primal Chaos Law held by a Chaos Controller in the past is now out of date, and it is estimated to be outdated. Some of them do not work anymore. However, the Primal Chaos Law of today has been put into some past years, but it is likely to have a lot of uses. If it cannot be played, it will be suppressed and may not even work.

“Therefore, different Chaos Controllers use different forces in different eras to form different brands and record information.

“Although I have obtained this information, I want to speculate on the commonality of Chaos Controller based on these, and study the promotion path, I am afraid it is extremely difficult…”

Ye Yang sighed slightly.

If it wasn’t the ice master who waited for several half-steps to jump out of Daoist, then Ye Yang didn’t have to worry about it at all. Just wait for several decades, accumulate and accumulate, and the reputation is recognized by many uninhabited souls, and get corresponding feedback, it is possible to open the door to Chaos Controller realm.

But it is a pity… the universe is different in the past, and the way of promotion has become different.

“that’s all.”

Ye Yang picked up his mood, the incarnation here remained silent, and the incarnation elsewhere remained silent. In the beginning, the body in the ancient palace closed its doors and considered the recent gains.

“Several crystals of the divine force with Chaos Controller brand should be left, don’t run out at once. Leave some, maybe it will be useful in the future. But a pity…”

Ye Yang shook her head.

time flies.

Ye Yang retreat, the situation in the universe, the surface is as usual.

Many Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure still want to return but cannot return. The power ruled by many laws is limited to the indestructible land, and the incarnation of out laws cannot exert true strength at all. The indestructible land still has no different phases as before, and the rulers have not gained much from it, they can only get shelter from this place.

The Holy Night Palace was silent long ago, and it is still silent. The deities of all parties are still busy with their own affairs.

The void prison in the universe is still steady, neither expanding nor closing. Without Primal Chaos Stone, there will be no new entrance to the Void Prison, but there is no way to bring this thing together.

As for the chaotic undead and gross stiffness, it is still to avoid 6 era skeletons. The 6 Era Skeletons have also been low-key.

“That stiffness is not an ordinary stiffness, but a half-step of the previous cosmic era became Daoist. It is almost the same as the current ice domination. It is only one step away from the acquired mortal cultivation success as one of the cosmic avenues. , Become one of the origins.

“Even if it is unsuccessful, it is from the cultivation of mortals to the level of rule of law, which is remarkable.

“The name is out of the question, but the existence of a period of sleep is unknown, and it is only now recovering. Within the body of the long-haired zombie, it is not his own thoughts and consciousness that was born.

“It is only known that its name is’Canggu Feijin’. It is a powerful existence left over from the Canggu universe era.”

However, it is useless to know the name. That stiffness was also counseled recently.

Up to this day, on the surface, it looks no different than usual, and the universe is still destroyed by each and everyone galaxy. The speed of destruction did not become faster or slower. There is no deity to stop.

However, on this day, according to the ancient palace timing method, in the afternoon, suddenly, the entrances of many empty prisons burst into dark golden rays of light, and the gray breath continuously spewed. Then you can see that with an era skeleton, neat and tidy lined up.

I also saw that a translucent ghost-like thing, similar to those of Chaos Undead, was also neat and tidy lined up.

In the same way, there is also a stiff ~ ~ corpse, many with long hairs, but unlike the current Canggu Fei stiffness, these newly emerged stiff ~ ~ corpses look very rigid, inflexible, and do not distribute special Strong power fluctuations counterbalance the suppression of the Universe Principle.

Before and after, but within half a minute, in this universe, nearly 100 Jiji skeletons were added out of thin air, and nearly 100 chaotic undeads were unintentional. There are more than 20 creatures similar to Canggu Fei stiff.

They don’t look like one group at a time, but one team at a time, one team at a time, like a small corps, like a soldier.

Seeing this scene, the gods in Unet were all terrified.

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