Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 915

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“This … so much?”

“End… finished!”

“Is this the rhythm of the universe going to the end?”

“It has always been said that today’s universe is already the end. Compared with the prosperous civilization of the entire universe of Early-Stage in the previous universe, it is now comparable to the ruins after the end. Only the embers. But obviously… the real end, now It’s coming.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, run away, find a way to migrate!!”

There is no god who dares to face those era skeleton team, chaotic undead team, and Canggufei zombie team.

In the world of the universe today, it is said that the rules of the masters join forces and can easily suppress an era skeleton. This is a conservative statement, and many people believe that the rule of law, if it is not suppressed, is enough to suppress an era skeleton, and it is enough to win.

However, it is really only Ye Yang who defeated the Epoch Skeleton thoroughly.

But even Ye Yang, now seeing these era skeletons, scalp tingling for a while.

He can deal with one, and even 4 5 6 are not afraid to come together. If the accumulated number of Divine Item is larger, you can win if you come over a dozen, and you will not be afraid if you come together with 20-30 items.

However, haven’t you accumulated enough Divine Item yet?

Moreover, this is not only a problem of 20-30, but nearly 100 epoch skeletons, nearly 100 chaotic undead, and more than 20 Canggu stiff.

How to fight this?

Not at all.

Once in a siege, it is difficult to escape.

Even more how, will there be more similar things in the future?

“too terrifying.”

Ye Yang looked dignified.

Looking towards the indestructible land.

There are rules governing you.

They are likely to become the hope of this universe. It may also be the last hope.

In fact, not only Ye Yang thought so, but other gods also thought so.

Therefore, each and everyone groups of gods quickly moved towards the indestructible land and flew away.

There is an invisible wall, but these walls only prevent the powerhouse inside from coming out, not the outside. Of course, it must be a powerhouse with sufficient strength, and the strength is not enough. Those walls are still blocked. Even if those invisible walls can’t stop, there will be gods here.

“What are you doing? What do you want to do?”

“We are going to enter the indestructible land!”

a The deity is very angry.

But near those walls, one after another golden silhouette emerged.

The ancient god emperor, God Emperor Level powerhouse, and many Divinity Venerable Level and even weaker level gods who were drawn by them.

Most of them are incarnation. Here, only a few noumenons appear.

Many gods came here, only to find that there are actually built fortified battle forts here.

It looks similar to the mortal war fortress, a star is a powerful war weapon. However, these all are transformed and reinforced by divine force. A planet-level war fortress is a powerful Divine Item.

The level is not necessarily very high, but the comprehensive battle strength is relatively strong.

The gods scolded loudly around them, and one of the gods even shot, igniting the Law Power, and merged with the Divine Item to form a lance, shooting towards the god who guarded the surrounding wall in front.

In an instant, an inattentive deity was seriously injured.

At this moment, the war fortress stretched out a gun barrel, and the fiery rays of light penetrated.

In less than a blink of an eye, the god of sneak attack, the god of spear shooting, was directly detonated in the void and turned into scum.

The gods were stunned.

The god deity glanced and said, “Cause and effect show that its body is extinct.”

“What?” The gods were surprised.

For a time, the group was excited.

Such a god is destroyed, not enough to deter many gods. Instead, it stirred up the anger and anger of the gods.

“Kill them, kill them!” a roar came.

“Good, kill them, break this wall, so that the rulers inside can come out.”

“Yes, only a large number of law masters come out together now, we can be saved outside. If we cannot let the law masters take care of each other, at least we must also be able to get in and out of here freely, we can go in and get the refuge of the law masters, we can enter inside. At the beginning of the ancient palace, there is no need to be afraid of being ruled by the laws inside. In this way, we can be truly safe.”

“Was this wall built to stop the lords from letting them out, or from us from getting inside?”

“It must be to block us. They blocked this place, neither letting you rule out, nor letting us in. What was that idea? Isn’t it just wanting to deal with us? Exploitation from us, fishing for benefits, and fear of being inside The rule of the rulers came out to stop. So they didn’t let us in.”

“Hateful, the universe has been turbulent recently, and many strange creatures have emerged, maybe they have made them out. Otherwise, why do they have to block this place? They don’t want the rulers to intervene, they want to Do it for us!”

each and everyone roared.

The gods have not paid attention, the gods who guarded the invisible wall said coldly: “The god of chaos, the god of cause and effect, the god of soul, you three, you don’t need to phantom incarnation and hide among the gods. If you have the ability, just and honorable stand up and hide behind the gods, so what?

“What? The god of confusion? The god of cause and effect…and the god of soul?”

When many gods heard it, they were a little confused.

“Don’t pay attention to them and want to change the subject? Ridiculous. Quickly let the wall open and let us in. In the future, it will become smooth and let us in and out, otherwise, don’t blame me join forces and fight hard! “A deity roared.

The gods are clamoring, and they are about to fight.

Ye Yang watched secretly, there was a silence.

In the depths of the starry sky over there, there are many epoch skeletons, chaotic undeads and Cang Gufei stiffening out. However, they have not yet come over.

I haven’t come to find these gods to settle accounts, but these gods have been confused first.

Shout, scold, fight, attack.

However, this is also a common situation in the universe.

Even if you don’t fight here, the gods will fight elsewhere.

So, Ye Yang just took a look, and he didn’t pay much attention.

“Those epoch skeletons…including Chaos Undead, Canggu Feizheng. After all gathered together, teamed together to destroy each and everyone galaxy. The purpose seems to be not only to kill the people, but also For the power radiated by all beings when they die. The power radiated by many stars when they die.”

If you attack one of the era skeletons, as long as it is not a spike, the other era skeletons will come to aid. Of course, in addition to Ye Yang, other gods, want to attack these era skeletons, 99% is the end of the anti-kill.

“They didn’t pay attention to the gods at all, didn’t rush to deal with the gods, only deal with these galaxies first?”

Ye Yang didn’t understand it a little bit.

Extermination of gods, the income is also quite a lot?

As each and everyone’s galaxy is destroyed, Law Power in the vast universe seems to be weaker.

Order in the universe decreases, chaos increases, and Law Power also weakens.

But when the galaxies counted 10000 100000000, each and everyone is destroyed, when will it be destroyed? In contrast, it seems faster to destroy the deities.

But these era skeletons don’t care whether the gods are destroyed. Step by step, obediently and honestly, each and everyone in the galaxy is eliminated.

The other chaotic undead, Canggu Feijin, are also the same.

Ye Yang observed for a while, turned around and flew away into the distance.

Search 4 places in the universe.

“It was finally found.”

Many gods built walls to enclose the indestructible land.

What do these gods want to do? Are you not afraid of those era skeletons?

This question has always existed.

It was difficult to find them before. But now, the gods want to break into the indestructible land, and the gods of the protective wall appear to intercept.

Ye Yang traces the cause and effect based on the thread of cause and effect on these people, searching for the connection direction of the other end of their thread of cause and effect.

If it is just and honorable retrospectively, of course it is easy to find. But if you don’t directly pull the causal threads, but stare in the direction of these causal threads to search, it will not be easy to find.

There are many causes and effects for the gods. The cause and effect between God and God, and the cause and effect between God and mortals, are various and messy.

If you search along the thread of cause and effect, you may find which mortal galaxy you may find, and you can see many mortals, powers, cultivators, divine creatures, Demi-God, and other strange creatures with deity bloodline.

But searching along the general direction of the gods’ cause and effect threads, Ye Yang still saw the gods’ bodies.

A galaxy full of nebula and fog on one side, looking outside, can’t see the inside.

Ye Yang approached quietly, but about 1000000 light years away from the galaxy, I felt like I was touching an invisible shield.

Very thin and light. Even mortal power can easily wear this protective cover. However, it is the kind that does not wear, one place is broken, does not affect the other parts of the protective cover. And it will be automatically repaired if it is broken.

This kind of protective cover…Ye Yang understood at once that he hit the cordon.


A silhouette of a god incarnation suddenly appeared in front of Ye Yang, blocking his way: “Stop it, it won’t work here!”

“Why?” Ye Yang asked.

Opposite a god in the image of a handsome young man wearing a white clothed head wearing a golden crown said: “How can there be so many why? This is us…”

The voice was not over yet. Another god next to him wearing a dark golden crown and saphire blue clothes said: “There is no need to explain so much. The gods here are so remote, and no one will come here on purpose. And you have to break into the interception. Obviously, the comer is not good.”

The white clothed man expression turned cold: “In this way, I found this place on my own initiative and broke in deliberately? Then, don’t leave!”

Before, Ye Yang had to leave, but now he had to forcibly capture Ye Yang.

A silhouette of a god near one after another emerges.

“The second time, except for the god of cause and effect, this is the second god to find our land.”

“The god of cause and effect and the god of chaos cannot be accepted by us, nor have we been captured and escaped smoothly. It has caused us to have to relocate our base for stealth. Now this, but absolutely can’t let go.”

There was a strong feeling of Xiao Sha around him instantly.

Ye Yang discovered that there were actually 12 deities who stopped him, one of them was suspected of Divinity Sovereign Level and three suspected of Divine King level.

Obviously, this strength is not weak. For other deities, this strength is high-end.

At the same time, it also sensed that there is a line of sight in the distance to pay attention to this side. If these gods still cannot clean up Ye Yang, I am afraid that there will be gods reinforcements.

Ye Yang sees this, expression grave.

Of course, he was not afraid, he was deliberately pretending to be expression grave, and said, “You are really those bastards who built walls outside the indestructible land!”

“Hmph, did you find it from there? It’s really bad comers. Do you want us to do it, or obediently surrender?” The white clothed deity stared at Ye Yang and asked coldly.

Ye Yang said: “You block the indestructible land and don’t give you the rules to intervene in this universe. Now even if the era skeleton team emerges, you don’t show any traces, and even let the gods in distress, don’t give The gods enter the indestructible land. But you do not take the initiative to receive and control those gods. What is your idea? What conspiracy tricks do you want to play?”

“It seems that you are not as scared as it seems. What kind of bottom card do you have to dare to come here alone?” the white clothed god opposite asked.

The two sides asked each other and said that they did not answer each other’s questions. The attitude is very strong.

“Okay, now the surrounding voids are about to be blocked. You will be late if you don’t surrender. Finally, you will be given 3 seconds to consider. The countdown, 3…”

The white clothed god was alert while talking about the countdown.

Other gods are also cautious, fearing that Ye Yang will shoot when they count down.

Ye Yang looked at it and smiled: “The indestructible land can only capture your incarnation and some small fish and small characters. But here… but you can capture some big fish. You should be able to ask the deity. Known answers to doubts.”

Without saying half, the countdown over there was almost over.

There is a Flying Sword shot on Ye Yang, but at the same time, there are a lot of Divine Item flying out one by one.

When the gods saw these Divine Item, their eyes widened.

After Ye Yang finished speaking, there were 10000 Divine Item floating around the body. The opposite side no longer threatened.

“Actually you?!!!”

a God expression is solemn.

Countless gods quickly flew out of the planet filled with nebula and mist, and surrounded nervously.

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree.

Ye Yang, an incarnation, did not reveal his real name. However, the low-level Divine Item from 10000 1000 to 10000 can be released at any time, which is already the symbol of Ye Yang.

Just now the surrounding void has been blocked, Ye Yang can still release so many Divine Item. Obviously… there are some Divine Items stored in this incarnation beforehand. And these Divine Items can be burned out at any time, at the cost of forming a teleportation array, sending more Divine Items from the body of Ye Yang to come over, with more numbers and more types, and the strength will be stronger on the whole.

Ye Yang used incarnation to win the era skeletons, and then defeated multiple era skeletons with one enemy, one of which was suspected of being destroyed.

This made the gods around me nervous and cautious.

“This Senior, we are no complaints, no hatred with you…” The blue clothed god across from him seemed to persuade, and he didn’t want to fight.

Ye Yang burst into laughter: “Just now, who was shouting and killing? Now I’m saying no complaints, no hatred to the deity?”

The gods were silent for a while.

“Don’t let the deity leave just now, now want the deity to leave? Late! Either, a battle, or, answer the deity’s question!!” Ye Yang loudly said.

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