Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 916

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The gods looked ugly.

A cautiously authentic way: “What question does Your Majesty want to ask?”

Ye Yang swept the gods lightly and said, “Would you like to answer the question of the deity?”

The gods hesitated.

Some begin to stir, but seeing the rotating piece of Divine Item floating around Ye Yang, each and everyone’s scalp is numb, and they dare not move.

In the dark, there was a deity thought: “Gods in the back, should we prepare early?”

Can only pin hope to other gods in the nebula area.

They talked to Ye Yang here, delaying the time, the other deities quickly gathered up some things that were inconvenient to disclose. This is a good thing.

“Answer the words of the deity!!” Ye Yang said sharply.

“Senior, please, we will answer.” a deity said.

It’s no longer called God, it’s called Senior.

Ye Yang said: “How about you?”

“But if you know something, you must say it all.” Other gods hesitated and responded with brace oneself.

“Very good…you guys, what’s the purpose here?” Ye Yang asked.

“This one……”

The gods looked at each other in blank dismay, but there was no sound.

Ye Yang smiled: “What are you doing here, are you unclear? Don’t say what you are doing here!!!”

The gods looked at each other, and a god said: “The deity just received the task, saying it was to be kept secret, coming in and out, waiting for orders.”

“Yes, the deity… No, the same is true for Junior. Junior is also ordered to come in and out here, and then get paid. It is not clear what Junior does.”

“Junior just takes orders.”

each and everyone said so.

Ye Yang right hand waved, one piece of Divine Item flying in the void, surrounded by a burst, a beam of different light shone down and landed on the gods.

Ye Yang said: “Distinguish the array. This is a position familiar to all gods. The deity uses these Divine Items to arrange the position, and the effect is more increased. But the specific functions are still similar. You, repeat the words just now? “

The voice was cold, but there was a smile on his face.

There is naturally killing intent in laughter.

The faces of each and everyone changed suddenly, and the atmosphere did not dare to gasp for a while.

“Why don’t you answer, or do you want to delay the time?”

A piece of Ye Yang’s Divine Item blooms rays of light, which is closer to the body, and turns into a guardian posture, slowing down when running. Farther away from the body, it turns into an attack and runs faster.

“Damn, yes, we just don’t want to answer your question, how?!” A deity suddenly roared to unable to bear.

In an instant, the sword light burst, the void was torn by huge sword energy, dignified deity, and directly cut into two and a half.

Divine Soul screamed in the sky disappeared.

The faces of the gods changed suddenly: “You, how dare you kill the killer?”

“You guys, you can give it a try. The Divine Item sword of the deity is not good. Or else. Try to see if the deity’s attack means can catch up with your speed!” Ye Yang said.

Either fight to see if you can stop Ye Yang. Or, run away and see if Ye Yang can chase it down.

No matter how big the secret is, is it as precious as your own life?

If it is a mortal, perhaps for ideals, for loyalty, for loyalty, for loyalty, for various other reasons and factors, he does not hesitate to give up his life. The so-called choose honor over life is also.

But for the gods, this is not the case.

Your own life is important.

Just like a mortal country. For the prosperity and continuity of the entire country, what kind of ideals, loyalty, faith, and the like cannot be compared to the continuation of the national lifeline.

Gods are more powerful than a nation, and even more prosperous. Of course, impossible puts things like so-called faith and ideals above their own lives.

Of course, the deities also have things to value.

For example, some deities value reputation and dignity.

But that’s also because, as long as the deity’s reputation remains unbroken, its reputation remains, then it will be considered a death, and it may return from a long time in the future.

Moreover, dignity is about nature, which is nature and difficult to reverse. Regarding faith, it will affect the future resurrection.

If you lose your dignity and lose your reputation, you will no longer be heard by the world, and you will die forever.

Therefore, certain deities’ choices do not necessarily attach importance to life and death.

But that should be a minority.

Ye Yang said: “You have to think about it.”

murderous intention Awe-inspiring.

With his present strength, he overthrows a large galaxy, but it is not difficult to wave into the galaxy and destroy the gods in front of him.

But Ye Yang’s current strength is not difficult to construct an array of prophecy with these Divine Items. Secretly calculate that if you force yourself, there is probably not much gain.

This makes Ye Yang a little alert.

If this is not the real nest of the wall-building gods, it is just a passing node, and there are only a large number of Transmission Formation hidden in it.

To intimidate them, give them the opportunity and hope that they will not easily destroy the Transmission Formation. Secretly, the prophetic magic technique speculates and makes predictions based on the remaining information of various things that have not been destroyed. There are data and causes, and it is easier to calculate.

“If we reveal the secret here, it is also destroy both body and soul, forever unable to reincarnate. But if we keep the secret strictly, even if we die, we may not be able to be resurrected. Moreover, not all of our gods have an ontology here. There are some hidden elsewhere, not afraid of you. Even if you can defeat the Epoch Skeleton, you can trace the cause and effect directly to the source, and I am not without confidence.

“So don’t force us!”

Opposite a god with white hair white beard made a noise.

Ye Yang listened and smiled: “Forcing you? Not forcing you, the deity can’t get the news you want. Forcing you, even if you don’t get the news you want, you can vent your anger a little, is it more cost-effective?”

The gods complexion greatly changed.


each and everyone divine sense quickly moved towards other deities sound transmission, and then, moved towards the different directions to escape from the escape.

They dare not fight against Ye Yang, nor dare to stay here to kill Ye Yang. They also dare not escape alone. Fearing that she had escaped too conspicuously, Ye Yang would be slain first to stand up.

Therefore, the other gods were encouraged to flee together, and then instantly moved towards different directions and flew away.

But at this moment, in the sky, the pieces of Divine Item explode and the void is distorted.

The rolling chaotic mist, mixed with space fragments, transforms a lot of Law Fragment and energy mist, like the original ghost mist, which is controlled by Ye Yang’s will.

In an instant, 100000000 10000 sword glow bloomed.

Pieces of Primal Chaos Qi are pieces of sword glow.

There are true and false, but each wisp is extremely fierce.

a silhouette of the gods was stabbed in the sky, a ray of sword glow was not enough to kill. But the number of 10000 hundreds of thousands of ray of sword energy was cut to a deity at the same time, the body shield was cut, the divine force enchantment was pierced, and the body was punched into densely packed small holes, and then the whole was exploded.

a The god screamed, the figure became multiple, and there was a piece of Divine Item flying away to kill those sword energy.

More than half of the deities were wiped out in a wave of attacks, but many successfully escaped this wave of attacks.

Outside there is more sword shadow, Flying Sword wraps around to a god.

At the same time, there is a situation formed by Divine Item, which turns into a huge sky covering all directions in front, back, left, and right. a The deity broke into it as if the wood had fallen into the mud.

There are many sword shadows flying around, and each and everyone is beheaded.

With a wave of his hand, Divine Soul flew towards Ye Yang.

However, some actually self-destructed directly. Only a few of them fell into the hands of Ye Yang.

“So stiff? No, not stiff, but… their Divine Soul has long been controlled.”

Ye Yang’s face was dignified, and the Divine Soul fragments were captured, divine sense swept away, and some simple news was obtained from it.

These gods are not very powerful, and none of them has reached Divine King level.

Ye Yang used such a powerful trick that he used a slaughter knife to kill chickens.

But it is also to prevent 10000 one, to avoid the escape of big fish among these gods.

Although Ye Yang’s Divine Item is of great use, the production speed is extremely fast, and now there is no need to be stingy to the point of not using it at all.

“Unfortunately, it’s just some cannon fodder that is controlled by Divine Soul. I only know that there will be a major plan. But what is the major plan… Some gods are not clear at all, only know that it is enough to survive in the last days, there are some Although God Shen knew, the related memory was actually sealed. Or it was destroyed by the blast just now.”

The information in Divine Soul was completely destroyed. The means of destruction are brilliant and Ye Yang has no choice.

At this moment, his eyes turned to the lumps of Divine Soul in his hands.

divine sense penetrated into it.

Divine Soul exploded.

“Sure enough… These Divine Souls were a little more advanced in their lifetime. They will not be remotely controlled by Self-destruction, but if they are read by Soul Soul, they will be Self-destruction.

“There are still some, but incarnation is here, and the body is elsewhere.”

Ye Yang coldly snorted, throwing away Divine Soul fragments and slamming into the nebula-covered area.

But as soon as he entered, Ye Yang felt very strong pressure.

“At least more than 120,000 positions are working together! The power of countless stars, many Law Power, are blessed in these nebulas, like the ocean tide like a sandstorm, suppressing me.”

Ye Yang inwardly shiver.

These nebulae, known as the Chaos Nebula, are completely different from Primal Chaos Qi.

These nebulae are nothing but the basic materials that make up stars, and all particles can be found elsewhere in the universe. But with the blessings of various laws, the formidable power generated is amazing.


The sword light of Duan Yujian emerged.

A large number of Divine Item was destroyed and turned into Duan Yujian’s full strength attack.

As a result, the nebula opened up, and the sword cracked 30000 light-years apart.

Very powerful terrifying sword.

In the light of Jianguang, not only 30000 light-years were torn apart, but also many stars nearby. The two Divine Kings and several generals who were just on the road were cut into pieces and thrown away.

Several Divine King and God Emperor’s incarnation retreated sideways in horror.

“Is it really so powerful?” said a powerhouse suspected to be the emperor.

The Divine Emperor, one of the Emperor incarnations who had seen and participated in the attack on the ancient palace in the early days.

Just now it seems to doubt Ye Yang’s strength. I think Ye Yang can defeat the Epoch Skeleton, using clever methods, and bullying that the Epoch Skeleton has a low IQ, so it is a bit arrogant. But now, it was scared.

Ye Yang stared at this god in an instant, Divine Item flew quickly, and turned into a crushing force.

But the emperor coldly snorted, a wave of his hand, a long whip lashed over.

A closer look reveals that the long whip is a powerful ancient Divine Item. It is actually a one after another star compression and condensed to build a Divine Dragon. Recompress Divine Dragon as a whip.

If there is no Artifact Spirit, this is nothing but many neutron star-level strength strikes together. It is enough to explode the low-level gods that Law Power is not strong. According to the gravitational law of neutron star, suppress and kill gods and gods below.

But for a series of powerhouses like Ye Yang, it is of little use.

However, this ancient Divine Item has Artifact Spirit, it is different. This makes the whip comparable to God Emperor.

In a single draw, the 2 forces stack and Ye Yang’s many Divine Items explode.

Divine Item, which constitutes a situation to suppress the incarnation of the Divine Emperor, is not only suppressed by the larger formation in the surroundings, but also struck by the whip, which naturally cannot be supported.

Ye Yang glanced at the god emperor and looked around again.

Only then did I find that a large number of stars were transferred away in this galaxy. In the most central area, a huge long-distance Transmission Array is formed by countless stars, but at this time the array has removed the key parts, just like the stars in the core area of ​​a super-large galaxy, it can not play the role of transmission.

In this area, the Foreign Domain is a surging cloud.

Between the center of the galaxy and the outer nebula, there is only a few incarnations suspected of being the ancient god emperor, and many Divine Kings are here. Those Divine Kings are not necessarily ontologies. They may be puppets created by external force that are comparable to the ontology, and then Divine Soul projection will settle in.

Then there is a large group of ordinary deities who have no time to evacuate, but Divine Soul is not there, only incarnation.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “It’s a pity…”

“It is a pity that you can easily trace back from our Transmission Array and find the direction we are going to.” The emperor incarnation said, whipping.

Ye Yang’s many Divine Items are formed into a large array, forming a huge ten-two star array, with a light film in the middle, and a huge tower shield appears in the light film, blocking the front.

This operation is quite complicated and should take more time. But all Divine Items are prepared in advance, and there is a pre-judgment, and it is actually too late for Ning Shield to block that whip.

Although the deity impossible chased that momentum again to find the place you want to go, but you have both the ontology and the incarnation to stay here, which is a big gain for the deity.

He didn’t believe that all the Divine King and all other causes and consequences were cut off? There is no reason, impossible.

Immediately, countless Divine Item flew, and in the sky a huge Primal Chaos Bell emerged, rumbling. Broken Sword splits the void, slicing to the gods.

I have fought against the Epoch Skeleton, and believe that the strength of the battle is not inferior to the rule of power. At this time, he tried his best to compete with the rule and crush the gods.

Although there is no dimensionality reduction strike on Life Level, the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure made up of many Divine Items, with just a few hits, will blow up the Divine Kings in front of you.

“so easy……”

With a burst of laughter, Ye Yang grabbed a bunch of Divine Soul, and quickly suppressed it, not giving Self-destruction.

Then, divine sense one after another penetrates.

“Huh? This emperor really knows the news…Unfortunately, this is not his Divine Soul, but a false soul. It is a group of simulated Divine Soul, equivalent to an inferior copy of an intelligent system contained in incarnation.”

However, it is not important. What is important is that there is still a trace of news enough to shock Ye Yang.

“Opening up the second universe…the prototype of a new universe?!!!”

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